tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUntitled Ch 02

Untitled Ch 02


She moaned as the cock in her pussy stretched her and hit all the right spots. She gripped the bed as he worked himself in, his hands on her hips and caressing her ass. One hand pressed at the base of her spine and ran up the length of her back and back down, making her purr.

He pushed in that last inch, filling her completely. Looking down at her cunt, he realized he wanted that ass. Pressing a thumb against her ass hole, he pushed his hips into her, making her moan. He slid his thumb into her ass, holding it there as she squirmed and cried out at how much his thumb increased the sensations in her pussy.

Slowly he began to work his cock, saturated by her juices. He watched it as it stretched her, drawing a moan from her soft lips each time he penetrated her. Her cunt was soaked and she braced herself on the bed to keep her up on her knees. Her hips shook as he fucked her slowly, teasing her, crawling towards orgasm.

He pressed his thumb further into her ass, making her cry out and push her hips back to him. Out of nowhere he started fucking her faster, slamming into her. His hips slapped against her ass and he moaned. "Fuck, baby, your pussy is so tight, it feels so good."

She moaned loud against the bed, her ass up high as her orgasm drew closer. He fucked her ass with his thumb as his cock buried itself in her pussy over and over again, increasing her sensations even more. His plan had to be executed perfectly, and he knew he could do it. He knew what she would do, how she'd react, with each throaty scream she let out. Her orgasm was coming, she could feel the tightness low inside her.

"Please," she screamed. "Please make me cum!"

He grabbed her and pulled her backwards until they fell onto their backs. Without losing his rhythm he fucked her reverse cowgirl as she reclined on him, his hand instead finding her clit and rubbing it furiously. The other arm pinned her arms against her chest and kept her from sliding off of his body. Her orgasm was coming, it was so close. She screamed and squirmed on top of him as it got closer...

Her orgasm thundered through her body. She arched in his arms and he took his cue, pulling out of her pussy and lining his cock up with her ass, all the while keeping her orgasm going by rubbing her clit.

Through throaty screams she begged him not to. "Please! Not my, oh! Not my ass!"

He pushed all the way into her ass and held her there, still rubbing her clit and helping her ride her orgasm. Her screams got louder when he was again sheathed inside her, stretching her even more than her pussy had been. As she screamed, her orgasm helped her lose the pain of his cock suddenly in her ass. He felt her muscles relax around him as she came down from her high, and started fucking her again.

He held her just above him as she moaned from the new stimulation, and she tilted her hips to get maximum penetration. His cock pistoned in and out of her ass, turning her moans into screams in a matter of seconds.

"Fuck, baby, your ass feels so good. Tell me it's mine," he demanded as he thrust into her.

She kept moaning, without a response. He slowed his thrusts and pulled out until just the tip was still inside her stretched asshole.

"No!" she cried. "It's yours! My ass is yours!"

"You fucking bet it is," he growled in her ear, slamming his cock all the way back inside and picking up his tempo again.

She screamed and struggled in his arms to no avail. He thrust deep and hard into her ass, his fingers still working her clit and sending waves of pleasure through her body. Low in her body she felt the pressure grow as he worked her towards another orgasm. He, too, felt his orgasm swelling in his balls and lifted her legs to get a deeper angle. He let go of her arms and she held herself over him, angling her hips to meet his cock as they both moaned loud. Her head fell back, her hair on his chest as her ass tightened and she came, squeezing his cock so that he couldn't hold on anymore. His cock erupted with his orgasm, getting milked out by her ring of muscle, firing deep into her body. He let her fall onto his body after they were done, breathing heavy and covered in a fine sheen of sweat.

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