Untouched Love


!!The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any persons (or sites) is purely coincidental. The characters used are property of Marvel Comics. This version of X-Men takes place in the Evolution universe. All characters are at least 18 at the earliest points of these events. This work was not created for profit and does not receive any. Please do not repost this on any other site without giving credit to the author. Thank you!!

This chapter contains voyeurism and masturbation.

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Looking at Point A from Point B

Hello to all you Jacks and Jills out there! It is I, Rogue, of course, here to leave you with yet another blog post to read when you could be learning how to do something useful. ;D Many of you have been with the site for quite awhile, even before there was a site I had a noticeable following of fans (whom I dearly love! <3). Even so, those veterans among you probably don't know how I got my start in this wonderful business. Sure you might know the sites and the videos, but what you may not know is the stories behind it all.

Over more than a few blog posts I'm going to share with you all the behind the scenes stories about some of my most famous vids and pics and everything in between!! Of course, if you don't care to read these walls of text, I'll make sure to pepper in some of the more regular posts for you to get your rocks off to ;).

The logical place to start is, of course, the beginning! Believe it or not, I was rather reluctant to start posting myself all over the web. In fact, my very first video I didn't even know I was in!! That's right, my first debut on the web and I had no idea. In fact, there were several videos of me posted online I had no clue about. It would be several months before I learned of their existence. It's very possible I would have never learned about any of this if it wasn't for one video in particular – the very first one; and all because it was just barely tame enough to put on to Youtube.

[Click here to see!]

Clicking the video takes you to a Youtube video you've probably seen a dozen times before, but that fact certainly doesn't stop you from watching. By now it's received millions of hits, but you probably saw it when it was in the thousands range.

The video starts, as most amateur ones do, with a Windows Movie Maker style title card. Light blue with a cheap animation that brings in some white text, stating "A SpykeCam Production". The background flips away just as quickly as it came into focus, and when it does what you see is a girl you're quite familiar with at this point.

It's a young girl, but most definitely in the legal spectrum of the teen years. You find out later she's 18 so everything is quite kosher with the vid. The quality is poor, shot between the cracks of her closet doors, and shakily held from inexperience and the nerves going crazy. After all, this was all being done without her knowing. Pure voyeur.

People would later learn the name of the mystery girl is Rogue, a student as the prestigious Xavier School for the Gifted. It explains how a teenager could secure such a posh and large room. For the first minute or so, she's just sitting at her computer, but already it arouses just with her as she is dressed. Her hair, a now iconic mix of brown with white bangs, hangs like bedhead. The distance is too great to tell what her face is like, but many would learn in later videos that she is quite stunning.

Rogue is dressed in a black tank top, one that stretches snugly around her most famous assets. Her breasts swell against the old fabric. The arm rest rises up just below her breasts, giving you a decent view of her exposed tummy. It's hard to tell at this point how well defined it may or may not be since she is hunched over in her chair, her eyes scanning the computer screen for something the viewer does not yet know about.

What allowed for the video to garner such fame is her lack of pants. Panties, of course, are worn, and carry a shade of black to match her top. Her legs aren't incredibly long but are toned and beautifully pale like the rest of her skin. To end the small dress code, she wears a pair of purple tube socks that reach half way up her calves.

Suddenly, music begins to play from her computer. The cameraman, Spyke, later edits the video to include the music as an overlay to be more clear as it originally didn't carry much sound quality the way it was shot. If you didn't know already, you can confirm with Youtube's information about music used in the video that it's Electric Six's "Improper Dancing." A fitting choice for what transpires next.

The song is too fast to allow for a sensual dance, and once Rogue is out of the chair she starts dancing quickly to the song's tone. Her short hair is being whipped back and forth as she shakes her head, in addition to shaking her hips back and forth. Her body is still facing the computer so it's the side shot of her mostly highlights how her curves stand so far from her body, namely her generous breasts and a bum that thrusts back gloriously.

The lyrics begin to instruct her on what she should do next, as they do for the rest of the song for the most part. The video turns a bit comical as her interpretation of the first lyrics "Everybody's doin', what they shouldn't be doin'...Everybody's movin' what they shouldn't be movin'..." translates to her sticking her tongue out at the screen, pretending to pick her nose, and then shaking her legs and arms in the air.

Once the song reaches the chorus of "Improper Dancing! In the middle of the street!" Rogue starts to turn up the heat. Her hips gyrate to the song and her hands run through her hair, moving it from her face and giving the briefest of glimpses at her pale, happy, face. Though only seconds, it's clear she's wearing a dark shade of eye shadow to match the shade of lipsticks on her plump, slightly parted, lips.

Soon the song starts talking about "freakin'" to which she responds with thrusting her hips forward at her chair, treating it like a girl bent over in front of her. Next comes the "showin' what they shouldn't be showin'" and Rogue teases everyone by lifting her shirt up over her breasts, but leaves it crumpled up just over her nipples. The act is enough to display the bottom of her tits, confirming their size as not the result of stuffing her bra (which is also confirmed to not being worn in the video, too).

The rest of the song continues like this, and she stops following the lyrics and more acts on the beat of the song. After some more frantic dancing, the song slows, and so does Rogue. Within that short time, Rogue has turned toward the closet, eyes closed and hands begin wandering over her swaying body. Her chest, stomach, and hips are all touched like a shy nun discovering her body for the first time. The beat picks up, however, and Rogue is back to rocking her body, and now you get a much better shot of her heavy tits bouncing upon her chest as she resumes the normal rhythm.

At several points her back is turned to the camera. While she's not wearing a thong, her panties ride up enough to show the soft curves of her ass. The rest of the video continues in this fashion, with her turning about and dancing in a very hot manner, though she's not doing it for any other reason than to have fun with herself. Her globes get cupped and squeezed and even shaken by her hands. Her ass is spanked a couple of times, all before she collapses back on her bed at the end of the song. The video ends with some heavy breathing, and then fades to black.

Yup, that's the video that put me on the map. What most people didn't know was that it continues on after the dancing ends. No one knew my name (ikr, how sad :'( ) and so had no idea how to search for any more of my videos. Even if they did, the video that continues after the dance hadn't been uploaded yet. Spyke admitted that he fought the urge to upload it for the longest time, feeling guilty about it, but after some goading from his friend Kurt, he finally introduced my most intimate moment to the web.

[Click here to see!]

Another video you're quite familiar with, and in that fact you are not alone. Though it has not gained the number of views the first video got, this one is pretty damn popular. On the porn site its uploaded to, it ranks in the top 10 for number of all time views.

The video takes place directly after the dancing one. Rogue is still on her bed, panting from the heavy dancing, and there is no title card or music playing on this one. The audio is all original, and while it isn't clear, with enough volume increase you can hear the soft breathy sounds coming from the teenager.

Once she catches her breath, she sits up and looks around. This causes Spyke to fall back in the closet quickly but quietly, fearing he would be spotted. By the time he moves his camera back in place, Rogue has moved to the dresser. The shot shows her rummaging through one of the middle drawers, which puts her in a bent-over position and shows off her luscious rump.

Assuming she's alone, Rogue makes no disguises about pulling out a small purple vibrator from her drawer. Still, she looks around even knowing her roommate isn't there at the moment. Secure in her assumptions, Rogue tucks the four inch toy into the hem of her panties so she could use her hands to pull off her shirt as she walks. Spyke only catches mere seconds of her beautiful, bountiful breasts as the bounce free before she leaves the frame and falls back onto her bed. All that can be seen is her legs from the knees down.

The humming can already be heard, especially if you turned up the volume to hear her panting at the start. Her legs twist slowly, crumpling up the blanket she lays on. When her legs pull up and come back with her panties around her ankle, Spyke decides it's worth risking being caught to see more of this.

Thankfully for the camerateen, Rogue keeps her eyes closed for the entire masturbation session. Her moans come quickly and heavy, and so it drowns out the tiny sounds Spyke makes as he nears her more and more.

Several minutes of the video pass as Spyke grows bolder, getting closer and giving the viewers a better shot of the beautiful creature that lay before them. Laid out as she was, Rogue's body was much clearer than it was in the first video. While her body is obviously in good shape, she has more meat on her bones than most women who end up doing these kind of videos. By no means fat, but her curves are not just genetics. Her skin is pale, and not a blemish shows up anywhere on her naked body.

Her breasts are big and natural, and several times she cups and squeezes them lovingly. When Spike arrived, she was teasing her shaved pussy, rubbing the tip of the humming toy across the outside of her lips. Soon after, she began to drag the vibrator slowly up her torso, landing it between her breasts. She must have been fantasizing about something as her eyes never opened when she placed the phallic shaped item between her tits and squeezed them around it, enveloping it completely in pale soft flesh.

The camera moved to focus on her delicate face when her plump dark lips parted further and her tongue lapped at the tip of the object when it brought up to her face. She began to suck on it slowly, dangerously actually as she wasn't holding it with her hand anymore because her fingers were playing with her brown nipples.

He diverted the shot down to her now obviously aching pussy, her legs twisting, showing her desire to be filled. The toy she selected wouldn't serve that purpose, but it would certainly get her off all the same. While still focusing there, the purple toy came into view again, and slowly was inserted into her quivering sex.

It was pushed in and out in short bursts as her clit was rubbed hard. A wider shot now allowed you to see her body in full, convulsing and writhing on her bed. Rogue's back arched and threw her breasts up into the air. When she came back down, her arms pressed closer to press her tits together, creating fantastic cleavage.

Spyke had to back up quickly when she turned her body to face him, but thankfully her eyes remained close, in fact they were shut even tighter now it appeared. Not willing to keep the risk going, he moved to stand at the other side of her bed. There you can see her making thrusting motions with her hips, her ass following in kind. Her heart-shaped bum clenches slightly every time she thrusts forward.

Eventually she finds herself on her stomach, almost riding her hand as she bites into the mattress. The camera moves to show her from behind, standing at the foot of her bed. Her ass starts to rise into the air as she nears orgasm. It is now she lets out a few "oh gawd!'s" from her mouth, the firs indication to anyone that the star was from the South.

Like all good things, it came to a climax and ended with even more panting than the first video ended on. Spyke proves his luck further when she doesn't bother to move from her spot and instead, so exhausted you assume, pulls the blanket over her and drifts off to sleep. The video stops abruptly there.

Mmm, I have to admit, watching myself gets me pretty hot. I'll have to make another masturbating video in response to watching that again. Meta as shit, right? :3 Anyway, many people think this wasn't true voyeur because there's no way I couldn't have known he was there right? WRONG!!! It's true, I had no idea he was there. I was so lost in my own pleasure and fantasy that he probably could have moved a whole film crew into my room without my noticing.

So you're probably wondering, then, what was I fantasizing about? Better yet, WHOM was I fantasizing about? Heh, well, that juicy tid bit you're going to have to wait for in my next post. Until then, my little Jacks and Jills!

XOXO <3 Rogue

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