Unusual Dinner Party


"That I am not."

"Come on then. We all know each other. Give us a bit of details!"

I wasn't going to let her get to me. She gave up on me and returned her attention to Ann.

"Does he just spank you whenever he feels like it?"

"No, only when I deserve it," Ann said meekly.

I was shocked by my wife's words, and so was she by the looks of it.

"But only because she likes it!" I defended myself.

I didn't want to come off abusive, but the way it came out just made all our guests laugh again. Erica was the loudest.

"I bet she does!"

As the laughs trailed off, Erica didn't continue her mocking for the moment. I had a sneaking suspicion it wouldn't last long, and decided to divert the attention.

"Let's move to the couch," I said. "We can have dessert there. I'll clear the table."

Ann stayed behind as the others went to the living room. Once we were out of reach from the others, I asked if she was OK.

"Yeah, I'm just really embarrassed. How could I mess up like this?"

I hugged her. "Don't be so hard on yourself."

She reached up and kissed me, her tongue vigorous. Responding to her passion, I let my hands wander down her back. I patted her ass lightly, feeling it jiggle under the stretchy material of her skirt.

"Now get back to your friends. I'll tidy up in here."

She smiled and turned to walk away, but stopped herself.

"You know, after a day like this, I will really need a good spanking tonight," she said and winked at me. I suddenly wanted our guests to leave early.

As I joined them, I found them all in a good mood. Our guests were sitting on our big sectional sofa, with the guys on one section and the women on the other. My wife had pulled up a chair by Erica and Linh, and they were engaged in conversation. I took a chair closer to the guys, and as we chatted away, it seemed like it might just turn into another pleasant evening with some friends. But Erica wasn't done.

"So, shall we get started?" she said, making all heads turn in her direction.

Ann looked nervous. "With what?"

"Your spanking, of course."

Ann rolled her eyes. "Yeah, yeah. Very funny."

"Oh, don't act all shy now."

Ann blushed and playfully slapped her friend's leg. "Stop it, will you?"

"Hey now," Erica chuckled. "You're the one asking to be spanked, not me."

Ann sighed. "You're not going drop this, are you?"

"All I know is that you sent around an email, asking to be spanked."

"That was meant for my husband," Ann said, hanging her head and covering her eyes.

"Aha, but you didn't just send it to him, did you?" Erica argued, sounding like she was making her case before the court.

"So what? Are you saying you want to spank me?"

Erica fetched her phone, and the room was silent as she fiddled with it.

"Here's what you sent," she said, and read my wife's email out loud. "I definitely deserve a spanking from you tonight. Now, what kind of friend would I be if I didn't give you what you deserve?"

I thought for a brief moment about stepping in to help my wife, but Erica was her oldest friend. If anyone knew how to shut her up, it was Ann.

"If I humor you, will you shut up about it then?" she said, pointing her finger at her friend.

Erica grinned. "Maybe."

My wife mumbled as she got up from her chair. "I can't believe we're doing this..." She stood before her friend and turned around. Her expression was hard to read. She looked annoyed, but was that really all there was to it?

"Oh, you're going to get it now, naughty girl!" Erica said, clapping her hands enthusiastically.

Everybody watched silently, and the sound of Erica's hand against Ann's ass echoed through the room. Ann flinched, but as the next slap hit her other cheek, I was sure I could see her bending over slightly, pushing her ass back against her friend's hand. Erica was gentle and playful as she repeated her action, spanking my wife five or six times on each cheek. When she was done she looked at me.

"So, do you want to have your go now?"

I studied my wife's reaction, and she looked like she expected me to take the bait. All this focus on spanking sure had me wanting this, and she knew it. But a light slap over her skirt wasn't what I had in mind.

"Nah, I think I'll save it for later and do it properly."

Everybody laughed, except for Ann. Erica turned to Linh beside her, and looked like she was going to say something. But she changed her mind and instead turned to Fred on the far end of the couch.

"What do you say darling -- is it your turn then?"

Fred chuckled. "Oh, I don't know if..."

"It's OK," my wife interrupted him, her ass shaking alluringly as she walked over to him. "Let's get this over with so your wife can shut up."

It was an unusual tactics for silencing her friend. If I knew Erica correctly, this would only encourage her. Fred looked at me, and I shrugged my shoulders. It was all just a bit of mocking around among friends.

"Go ahead, old chap. Be my guest."

Fred looked quizzically at me to see if I was sincere, and then glanced to his wife. He sat silently for a few seconds, contemplating the potential of hidden ramifications. He took one look at my wife's ass, and then grinned slyly. It was at eye level as she stood before him, and she was pouting invitingly in his direction. There was no way he would miss out on this opportunity. Erica applauded him as he began slapping my wife's ass. It seemed this wasn't his first time delivering a spanking.

When he was done, Ann took a step over to Mark. I expected Erica would have suggested that everybody should have a go at my wife's ass, but Ann acted without her friend's coercing. Maybe she wanted to get this bizarre incident to be over as quickly as possible. Or was she was eager to let it to continue?

Mark looked perplexed, his mouth open as he turned to his girlfriend. She looked equally startled.

"Come on Linh," Erica said, her voice oozing with Machiavellian undertones. "Let him have some fun." She gently brushed Linh's knee as she spoke. "And you too."

All eyes were on Linh as she nervously fingered the glass in her hand. She broke out giggling.

"This is so weird!"

Erica laughed with her. "Oh, it's just a bit of fun among friends. She's not your mentor anymore you know."

Linh took a big sip from her wine. "Yeah, OK."

Mark looked at her with raised eyebrows, making sure he heard her correctly.

"Go ahead," she ensured him. "Like she said -- it's just a bit of fun."

He glanced at me, and I held out my hands in a gesture of approval. How could I sanction one guest and deny the other?

Besides, it was up to Ann to stop this if she was uncomfortable. She waited patiently with her back against Mark. I imagined it would have been awkward for her to stand there while her friends debated whether to spank her. She gasped as Mark started slapping her cheeks. As much as he tried to hide it, his face revealed just how fascinated he was by her ass as it moved before him.

It was Linh's turn, and she knew it. She looked like she was having second thoughts, staring wide-eyed at Ann's ass before her.

"Come on," Erica encouraged her. "It won't bite."

Like a kitten playing with yarn, she flicked one cheek with. Shocked by her own action, she shrieked and covered her mouth in shock. We all burst out laughing, and even Ann joined in.

"Here, do like this instead," Erica said and slapped the other cheek. "Slap it with your palm."

Linh hesitated a moment before imitating Erica. The redhead led the way again, slapping the left cheek, and Linh followed on the other. They soon worked up a rhythm, giggling as they jointly spanked my wife. Ann rolled her eyes, acting like the whole thing was stupid. But from the crimson patches on her face, I could tell she wasn't unmoved.

"Are you sure you want to miss out on all this fun?" Erica asked me when they were finished. "It's a good ass for spanking." She gave Ann one last swat on the cheek, making her 'ow'.

I chuckled. "I'm not debating that. But like I said, I rather do it properly when you've left."

"Oh, so we're not doing it right then?" Erica said with feigned offense. "Want to show us how it's done then?"

I avoided the question. "I think it's time for dessert."

I looked at my wife as I said it, and picked up a hint of disappointment in her expression. Did she actually want this to go on?

"Good idea," she said, at least sounding like she was glad it was over. "I'll bring it out."

As she went into the kitchen to fetch the desert, Erica made it clear that she still wasn't going to drop the subject.

"So, what were we missing?"

I knew what she was referring to, but acted like I didn't.

"What do you mean?"

"You know -- what do you do when you spank her that we didn't?"

She framed it factual, like it was just a normal diner conversation. Part of me wanted to shut her down, but I always wanted to be a polite host. And while Erica's attitude made me cautious, my wife's reaction was intriguing me. Ann and I looked at each other when she returned with the cake. She looked a bit nervous perhaps, but showed no signs of dissuading me from answering the question. She wasn't making any serious effort to stop Erica either. I could tell that Ann was embarrassed about the fact that her affection for spanking was the main topic of discussion, but could it be that part of her actually liked it? Now that she had exposed this side of her to her friends, did she secretly enjoy them talking about it? I had to test this hypothesis.

"Well, for starters I usually do it over my lap."

"Oh, stop it honey! You're embarrassing me!"

Everybody laughed again, and I joined in. Her words didn't ring true, and she giggled erratically herself as she started cutting up the cake. She served the pieces on dessert plates and handed them out to our guests.

"Are there any nuts in this?" Linh asked. "Mark is allergic, you know."

"Oh, I completely forgot!" Ann apologized and retrieved the plate she was just about to hand to him.

"O-oh!" Erica howled. "You're in trouble now, girlfriend!"

"I'm so sorry, Mark."

"Is she trying to kill your boyfriend, Linh?" Erica exaggerated.

"It's not that serious," Mark assured. "I'd just get a bit of a rash."

"No reason to defend her," Erica said, wiggling her finger. "She definitely deserves a spanking for this. Right Ann?"

Ann put her palm on her forehead, apparently frustrated by her headlessness. "I can't really argue with that. Where is my mind lately?"

"I think I reminded you only last week," Linh pointed out. Her accent had reappeared gradually with each glass of wine.

Ann sighed. "I know."

"So everybody agrees then!" Erica said enthusiastically. "Do you want to do it yourself Mark, or should your girlfriend spank her?"

I smirked at how guilefully Erica left out the option of nobody spanking my wife. I didn't call her on though. I was getting curios to see were this was going.

Mark looked baffled by the question. "Uhm, she can do it."

Linh seemed somewhat reluctant. But as she put down her wine glass on the table, her face turned into a coy grin. Maybe she still found the whole thing strange, but there was also a part of her that was intrigued. As Ann turned her back to Linh, the Asian girl didn't hesitate, and immediately raised her hand to administer the punishment. But Erica stopped her.

"Hang on -- it should be over the lap, right Ben?"

"I guess so," I said.

Ann looked annoyed. "Whatever. Fine."

She didn't give Linh a chance to weigh in on it, and there were plenty of snickering as Ann climbed onto Linh's lap. But once she was in position, the room silenced. I wasn't the only one who appreciated the sight. My voluptuous wife was lying across her petite friend's lap, awaiting her spanking. Her skirt rose up to show the laced top of her stockings, and she pulled it down to protect her modesty. The fact that she was in her office attire made it even more fitting that it was her former assistant who was going to do it.

Linh looked confused at first, holding her hands up like she didn't know what to do. But from the way she looked at my wife's ass, it was clear she wasn't going to back down. She bit her bottom lip as she flattened her palm, taking aim for Ann's round ass.

"Are you ready?" she asked, and my wife nodded.

Linh gave her a swat. It wasn't hard, but enough to make Ann gasp. Linh paused before the next one, and my wife poked her ass out. Was it deliberate? She gasped again as Linh slapped the other cheek. The petite girl gawked at my wife's round ass as it wiggled with the impact of her hand. And it wasn't just her. As she continued to spank Ann, everybody was transfixed on the action.

"Maybe that's enough," Linh eventually said, sounding like she just then realized what she was doing. She had gotten carried away, and now turned shy. She looked like she was trying to get rid of the evidence as she helped Ann to her feet.

My wife was flustered. "Right, where were we?"

There were a few chuckles, but the mood had changed. I could tell more of our guests wanted another go at her behind, and I couldn't blame them. I was getting increasingly eager to spank her myself.

"I think you were just about to get Mark something else for dessert," Erica said.

Ann looked apologetic. "Oh, I don't know what else to get you."

"Just a beer would be fine if you got one," Mark said.

Ann spun around and headed for the kitchen.

"Of course, coming right up!"

Returning, she poured his beer into a glass. She was too eager, and the foam overflowed, dripping onto the floor as well as Mark's pants."

"Fuck!" she said, a language that was unusual for her, at least outside of our bedroom. "I'm so sorry Mark."

"It's OK. It was just a few drops," Mark said, trying to wipe the beer off his pants with his hand.

My wife fetched a cloth and got down on her knees to wipe the floor. Her ass stretched her skirt, making it rise up just to expose the naked skin above her stockings. It was an alluring sight, and I noticed other staring too.

Erica laughed at her. "First he gets no cake, and now you spill the poor man's beer on him. I'd say you owe him another go at your ass."

Mark chuckled nervously, but made no attempt to dismiss the suggestion.

"Linh might not like that," Ann argued.

Linh wiggled her hand. "No, no. I don't mind." She actually sounded very positive to the idea.

My wife looked to me for support, but I just shrugged my shoulders. I felt a bit guilty, thinking I could have given her an excuse. But after seeing her over Linh's lap, I was getting increasingly curious to see her get spanked again.

"Argh!" she exclaimed in defeat. Rather than refusing outright, she had looked for a way out through me or Linh. Gaining no support, my wife was cornered by her own rules. She sighed and then lay down over Mark's lap.

Mark wasted no time. Aiming for the center of her ass, his big hand sent shock waves through my wife's cheeks. I heard her grunt with infliction, but it was a sound I recognized from our private spanking sessions. To others it probably just sounded like annoyance, but I knew there was more to it.

It was odd, but admittedly hot to watch her getting spanked by someone else. Mark was the one she knew the least of our guests. It had to be very humbling for her to lie over his lap, getting spanked as the rest of us watched. As Mark stopped after a few swats, I felt disappointed that the scene was ending.

Ann's face was bright red as she stood up and straightened her skirt. "Uhm... Right, who else wants cake?"

The tone in her voice had shifted. It was meek, like she was slipping into submissive mode. That's what spanking usually did to her. I started to suspect she no longer had the willpower to refuse another one if someone were to suggest it. It was up to me to hold things back at this point.

But she looked adorably cute in her embarrassed state. I had a growing urge to watch her get spanked again -- or to have others watch me do it. It was a classic situation of the devil and the angel on either shoulder.

"Are you sure you don't want to join in the fun?" Erica asked with a wicked grin. There was no doubt what manifestation the devil had taken tonight, her whole appearance suitably red.

But what about the angel? Could I count on anyone else to support the voice of reason? Not Linh. Erica had won her over by the looks of it. And certainly none of the guys -- they wouldn't miss out on another go at Ann's sweet ass. As for my wife, she was increasingly subdued. She wouldn't be able to put a stop to this, even if it meant she'd never be able to look her friends in the eyes again. No, I was alone in this. Only I could protect her from herself.

But wouldn't she also get a lot of pleasure if I let things to carry on? Sure, it would embarrass her tremendously, but that embarrassment would also turn her on. The spiral of shame and sexual excitement that she got from getting spanked in private was huge thrill for her. Wouldn't it be even more powerful if she experienced it in front of her friends? Who was I to deny her this? Maybe I could at least take another step and see how she reacted? The angel was fading.

"You know, honey..." I began, pausing to take a sip from my wine. "Our guests have been nice enough to spank you for your mishap at work, but you also made quite the mistake by sending that email around."

Ann knew where I was going. "Et tu Brute?"

Her stilted remark prompted some chuckles, but they sounded forced. Everybody knew this game was moving further away from innocence. They stared silently as I patted my lap as an invite for my wife. She assumed the position over my knees, making her ass the highest point of reference.

"So, are you going to show us the right way to do it?" Erica asked with a pleased grin.

"I don't know about that," I said, admiring my wife's ass. I knew Erica was trying to push my buttons, but I was becoming less inclined to resist.

"Come on!" Erica encouraged me. "Give us a little insight into your Friday night routine."

"Well, if no one minds, I suppose I could do it over the panties at least," I said and reached for the hem of Ann's skirt.

"Oh, you really shouldn't do that, honey!" my wife said, reaching behind her to stop my hand. I didn't find her voice convincing though.

Erica, naturally, backed me up. "Don't be so shy. Most us have seen you in your bikini, right?"

We all knew the connotation was very different, but I wasn't about to argue.

"It's just..." my wife started to object.

I didn't let her finished. Grabbing her skirt with both hands, I forcefully yanked the elastic material up over her cheeks.

And I was treated to a surprise. She wasn't wearing any panties! I had just exposed her naked ass to our guests. Browsing around, I saw a mixture of amazement and shock on their faces. Linh's look was priceless. As if she was watching a scary movie, she covered her mouth with one hand, and grabbed her boyfriend's hand with the other. She was startled perhaps, but she wasn't going to look away. Ann's ass demanded full attention.

The guys didn't have as good of an angle as the girls, and they stretched their necks to get a better view. Ann tried to pull her skirt back down. From the way I had yanked it up, it was wedged beneath her, and she only barely managed to cover herself.

"I was going to surprise you later," she said, her voice shivering with embarrassment.

I felt guilty, but that concern was dwarfed by the lush sensation of exposing her to our friends. I wanted more.

"Well, the damaged is already done," I rationalized. "They've already seen it now."

I spoke softly, and I felt as if we were sharing an intimate moment, right before the prying eyes of our guests. She put her hand on her skirt, preventing me from exposing her again. But she offered no resistance as I removed it. Slowly this this time, I pulled her skirt up again, revealing her round ass to our guests. Centered over my lap, it looked deliciously inviting, but I took my time. The anticipation was such a turn on, and I wanted everybody to take in the sight.

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