Unusual Dinner Party


"Oh god," she panted, making no attempt to cover up. "I can't believe this is happening."

Neither could I. Here was my wife -- a distinguished and respected woman -- lying over her husband's lap with her ass exposed, awaiting her public spanking. I slapped her lightly. Everybody stared intensely at her bare ass. To make it wiggle for the audience, I slapped up along the curve of her ass rather than straight on. From their fascinated stares, I could tell they appreciated the effort.

After a series of swats, I stopped and caressed her ass. It was an erotic sensation to fondle her naked ass in front of our friends, and as I heard her pant, I knew she was getting turned on too. I was tempted to continue her spanking, but I was also curious to see if someone else might be daring enough to pick up where I left off. I pulled down my wife's skirt and helped her to her feet.

She was blushing as she took her seat. The atmosphere was thick with anticipation as everybody silently ate their cake. I could tell that all our guests wanted to watch my wife get spanked again. Erica had an impish smile, and I decided it was my turn to nudge her.

"So Erica, how did you like my wife's dessert?"

"Oh, it's good," she said, and then stopped herself before putting another bite in her mouth. She placed the plate on the table. "But it's a bit dry."

Ann lifted her finger, looking like she was going to tell her friend off for being rude, but it only took a raised eyebrow from Erica to stop her. The redhead was confidently leaning back against the couch, her long legs uncrossed as a bidding for my wife to lie down across them. Ann hung her head in defeat a moment before getting up.

We all stared expectantly as she silently lay down over her friend's lap. Erica didn't disappoint us. She placed her hands on Ann's thighs, and slowly moving her palms up over my wife's cheeks, she pulled the skirt up. Ann was compliant, lifting her hips slightly to let Erica move the skirt up around her waist. It was extremely sensuous to watch my wife over another woman's lap. The eroticism was emphasized by the way Erica caressed her smooth cheeks. I knew Ann had a bi-curious past, and from her heavy breath I could tell she enjoyed the touch. Subconsciously, she pushed her ass up against her friend's hands. Over Erica's lap, her ass was directed at the rest of the guests. She tried keeping her legs together to protect a bit of modesty, but I guessed that they got at least a peak at her pussy as she raised her ass. To my surprise, I realized that I actually hoped they had.

Ann gasped as Erica surprised her with a slap. The sound of the swat rang through the silent room. Soothingly, Erica caressed the spot where her hand had landed. She continued, alternating between slapping and caressing Ann's ass. My wife always liked it that way, and her body moved with her heavy breath. Before letting my wife go, Erica took a moment to fondle her ass, making it wiggle for our gratification.

"There you go," Erica said as she pulled down Ann's skirt.

She patted Ann's ass one last time before helping her up. Ann looked humiliated, but very turned on. She headed for her seat but stopped when Erica addressed her husband.

"What about you, darling? Can you think of a reason why our hostess deserves a spanking?"

You could almost hear the machinery of Fred's brain as he desperately tried to come up with a reason. I smiled as I noticed my wife still standing. She knew he would think of something.

"Well..." he began, pausing as he looked at me and Erica. "Maybe the fact that our hostess has been walking around without any panties is a good enough reason?"

I nodded approvingly. "Uh-hu, a very good point indeed."

Ann didn't object. She just silently walked over and to lie down across his lap. He stopped her briefly, only to point out that he was left handed. She turned, again keeping her ass towards the rest of the guests as she lay down over his lap.

"Bare ass, right?" Erica suggested.

"Of course," I agreed. An alliance had been formed.

Fred pulled up her skirt, and just like she had done for Erica, Ann raised her body. Perhaps I should have been jealous by the fact that my wife was laying with her naked ass over another man's lap, but I wasn't. My wife may have been calm on the outside, but I knew she was raging with emotions inside. The spiral of sexual thrills and embarrassment was escalating inside her, and I truly wanted her to fully experience the roller-coaster of sensations she was on.

But it wasn't just for her pleasure that I wanted this to continue. As Fred began spanking her, I felt my cock stir in my pants. The third person view of her round cheeks swaying was mesmerizing, and I wasn't the only one enjoying it. Glancing around, I could see our guest gazing at the scene with lust in their eyes. Their desire for my wife's spankable ass turned me on even more. When Fred stopped and covered her ass, I knew I had to let this evening progress. Erica, naturally, had the same idea.

"Oh, look. Your stockings have ripped," she said and pointed to a small tear above my wife's knees. "I guess you just have to take them off."

My wife didn't even try to object; she was under the submissive spell. She took off her high heels and placed one foot on the couch table. It was sensuous to watch her roll down her stockings, all eyes glued to her smooth legs. The notion that we had moved to removing her clothes made it even more luring to watch. As she sat down next to me, I felt a strong urge to have her take off more.

"You would have many reasons to spank your old mentor, right?" Erica said to Linh.

"I don't know," Linh replied. "It was usually a pleasure working for her."

I smiled at Linh's inability to be rude to my wife, even under these circumstances. I decided to give her a nudge.

"I'm sure that's true. But didn't you think she was a bit unjust to blame her new assistant for the stuff-up today?"

Linh smiled nervously, the corner of her mouth twitching as she looked over my wife. "Maybe."

"Well, that's settled then," Erica concluded, turning to Ann. "Come here sexy, your assistant needs to give you a little punishment."

Watching my wife getting spanked by either of our guests came with its unique exciting flavor. But watching Linh do it was probably my favorite. The contrast between her petite frame and my wife's curves was alluring. I wanted to emphasize the contrast. As Ann meekly walked over to Linh, I stopped her before she was about to lie down.

"I think you're getting your blouse all wrinkly, honey."

She turned and stared wide-eyed at me, perfectly aware what I was hinting at.

"Would anyone mind if she removed it?"

It was a poor excuse, and everybody knew it. But of course, no one objected.

"Here, let me help you," I offered.

Her top button was already undone, and I was pleased to see she had five more to unbutton. I smiled at her as I undid the second one. She looked adorable as she stood there, her chest heaving with excitement. I leaned in and softly kissed her cheek.

"Let our guests help you with the rest," I instructed, and she inhaled deeply as she mentally prepared herself for what was about to happen. "Fred, do you want to do the next one?"

I saw him exchange a glance with his wife, and then stand up. He grinned impishly as he reached for Ann's blouse. Her heavy breath was trembling with excitement, and as if calming her, he leaned in and kissed her on the other cheek. She smiled nervously at him, appreciating the tender gesture.

"Who's next?" I asked. I wanted each of the guests to undo a button, signifying their participation in the unrobing of my wife. "Mark? Linh?"

"I'll do it," Linh said and jumped up.

She was now an eager participant. I noticed Linh brush against Ann's chest as she fiddled with the button, and it clearly wasn't all accidental. She grinned nervously at my wife's cleavage as the button flung open. She gave Ann a peck on the cheek before sitting down.

"Your turn," she said, nudging her boyfriend.

As much as he tried, Mark couldn't help gawking at Ann's tits as he worked on the next button. He was quick to get it open. Just like his girlfriend, he hastedly kissed Ann on the cheek before returning to his seat.

Erica grinned widely as she stood up. Skillfully, she undid the last button of my wife's blouse with one hand, using the other to press Ann's face against her lips. Her puckered lips left a red mark on Ann's cheek, and she looked pleased with her creation. She walked behind my wife, and ceremoniously lowered the blouse off her shoulders. Everybody stared at Ann, standing there with her tits overflowing her white lace bra. The crimson spots on her chest were a clear sign she was turned on by what she was experiencing.

I was pleased that each of our guests had been part of the disrobing. We were all in this together now, unified by our craving for my wife's erotic embarrassment. But their kisses also signified their affection, making it clear that the people doing this to her were a group that cared for her.

She was about to sit down when I reminded her what she was supposed to do. "Weren't you about to lay down in Linh's lap, honey?"

Her tits swayed in the confine of her bra as she again walked over to Linh. As she assumed her place, we all marveled at the sight, my blonde wife in just her short skirt and bra, lying across the lap of her Asian friend. The scene got even more alluring as Linh raised Ann's skirt, once again exposing her ass. She caressed Ann, running her dainty hand over my wife's smooth cheeks. She was getting bold. The wine probably helped, but that wasn't the only thing she was drunk on.

She started administering the spanking, and just like Erica had done, she altered between slapping and caressing Ann's ass. Over Linh's lap, my wife's head was lying next to Erica. The redhead scooted over, allowing Ann to rest her head on Erica's thigh. As Linh continued spanking, Erica stroke my wife's hair. The gesture was both patronizing and loving.

Linh took her time, and no one complained. Both women were breathing heavy when Linh eventually let Ann get up. My wife pulled down her skirt, attempting to cover herself.

It was hard to comprehend the desire I felt, but it was burning intensely inside me at that moment. I usually don't ask my wife to flaunt her body, and she rarely acts exhibitionistly. But now I desperately wanted my wife stripped before our friends. I wanted them to see her naked body. And above all, I wanted her to experience the humbling sensation of being naked, surrounded by her completely dressed friends.

"You know, honey..." I began. "Your skirt will get ruined if we continue this way. It's better if you just take it off, don't you think?"

She didn't reply. She just stood there, taking in what I was asking her to do. Eventually, her trembling fingers reached for the zipper of her skirt, but I stopped her.

"You might as well take off the bra too. Why don't you start with that one?"

Taking a deep breath, she reached behind her. Everyone was silent, and I could hear the unclasping of her bra. She didn't let it go, holding it against her chest as if holding on to her dignity.

"Go on, honey, no one minds."

It was an obvious understatement. All our guests were gazing at her chest, their pupils dilated to take in every bit of her. Slowly, she let the bra fall from her chest, exposing herself. Her pink nipples poked out invitingly for her audience. She meekly dropped the bra to the floor. She forced herself not to cover up, halting her hands as they instinctively moved up towards her chest. Our guests greedily drank in the sight of her exposed breasts.

"Good, now the skirt," I instructed.

She hesitated, and I decided to help her out. I stood up, trying my best to conceal my growing erection. Making sure she was in a spot where everybody had a clear sight, I got behind her. The sound as I lowered her zipper made her shiver. Hooking my thumbs inside her skirt, I slowly pulled it down over her hips. She moaned softly as it traveled down, exposing her pussy to our guests. She was smooth, treating our guests to all the details of her sensuous folds. Naked, she stood there as they admired her.

Absorbed in lustful shame, my wife seemed unsure what to do. In lack of a better option, she started clearing the couch table of desert plates. I'd normally help, but watching her do this naked was enticing.

"Very nice cake, honey," I complimented, acting like nothing was out of the ordinary.

"Thanks," she said, and I noticed how fragile her voice had gotten since last she spoke. "Can I get anybody something else?"

"What do you say, Fred? Shall we try that whisky you brought?"

I wasn't particularly interested in fine beverages at the moment, but watching my naked wife serving drinks was appealing, to say the least.

"Sure," he said.

"Do you want one too, Mark?" my wife asked.

"No, I'm good with just the beer, thanks."

We all watched my wife's swaying body disappear into the kitchen. Moments later, she returned with two glasses, handing one to Fred and the other to me.

I frowned. "Honey, you know you're not supposed to put ice in a fine whisky like this."

"Oh, I'm so sorry," she apologized. "Let me fix that for you."

"All in due time," I said. "But I'm sure you agree you need to be spanked for this lapse."

Ann hung her head. "I know." Her eyes darted between me and Fred. "Who first?"

I wasn't sure whether the mistake with the ice was on purpose or not -- I guessed she didn't know herself anymore -- but she was clearly willing to be spanked for it. Who first? Why choose?

"Let's do it together," I said. "Here, honey. Get on the table."

I placed a pillow on the couch table for the comfort of her knees. Holding her hand, I helped her up. Needing no further instructions, she leaned over, kneeling on all fours. It was an incredible sight, my naked wife displayed like this before our friends.

I stood on her left side, caressing her naked back, letting my hand travel down over her ass. Fred needed no further hints. He got up and stood on her other side. I noticed he too was excited. But sporting an erection wasn't offensive at this point. On the contrary -- anything else would have been an insult to the eroticism of the moment.

He followed my lead, fondling her other cheek. Unanimously, we slapped her ass, making her moan. We alternated between spanking and fondling, her tits pendulating invitingly beneath her. I let my hand wander up along her stomach to fondle one of her breasts. Fred copied my motion, reaching underneath her for the other one. Together, we groped and spanked my naked wife, the scene captivating the three people in the audience.

When we were done, Ann was getting ready to get up, but Erica stopped her.

"You might as well stay there, hun" she said, and then turned to Linh. "Did you notice how she only offered whisky to the guys?"

"Oh, that's true!"

Erica smirked, pleased with Linh's enthusiasm. "Come on, let's spank her together."

They got stood on either side of her. It only took seconds before Linh's wandering hand found its way to Ann's dangling breast. As Erica slapped Ann's ass, Linh did the same, but it seemed her primary focus was on my wife's breast. She played with it, feeling its weight in her petite hand. She made it wiggle, even to the point of slapping it lightly.

Erica spanked my wife a few times, but inspired by Linh's actions, she too focused increasingly on Ann's tits. They threw in the occasional spanking, but it was clear this had turned into a sensual groping session. I marveled at the sight of two dressed women feeling up my completely naked wife. She squealed with pleasure as her friends lightly pinch her sensitive nipples.

To signify she was done, Erica gave Ann a series of hard spankings, making her groan. As Erica took her seat, Linh remained standing. She turned to Mark, looking for an excuse to get him involved.

"Didn't Ann often make you work late," I hinted. "Maybe it made you miss the occasional dinner with your boyfriend?"

"Yes!" she said. She tried to look stern. "Come here, Mark. Let's punish her for that."

He was quick on his feet. I smirked as Linh switched side, making sure she'd get a chance to feel up my wife's other breast too. Together, they spanked her, Mark copying his girlfriend and groping my wife. The young couple grinned at each other, bonding over their excitement of this unusual experience.

Linh seemed reluctant, but eventually she stopped and returned to her seat. Mark did the same. Ann looked around, unsure if it was time for her to get up. Her ass was pointed at Erica, and the brazen redhead didn't refrain from embarrassing my wife further. She stared straight at Ann's pussy.

"Looks like you're enjoying this, you dirty girl. You're dripping wet, hun!"

I couldn't see from where I was sitting, but I was sure she was right.

"I'm surprised she hasn't touched herself yet -- she usually can't help herself," I said, adding to my wife's embarrassment.

Ann stared at me, her eyes simultaneously begging me to stop and carry on. Increasingly turned on, I knew which appeal to adhere to.

"Is that true, sweetie?" Erica grilled her. "There is no need to hold back on our behalf, you know. Right Ben?"

"Certainly not," I agreed. "Fred, can you throw me the blanket over there?"

I held out my hand to my wife, helping her off the table. I threw the blanket over it, creating a suitable center stage for her. She didn't protest the slightest when I motioned for her to lie down on her back, her legs too shaky for her to stand up. I placed the pillow under her head for comfort.

"Go on, honey," I urged her. "Our guests were nice enough to help with your spanking. Show them how much you appreciate their effort."

Laying there, the naked center of attention, my wife glanced around. She was so turned on she was trembling, and moaned softly at her own touch as she caressed herself. With her legs curled, her feet rested on the edge of the table. As she reached down between her legs, she parted her knees. It gave Erica a clear view straight at her naked pussy, and I noticed Linh leaning in for a better view.

Unhindered by their prying eyes, Ann gently caressed her smooth folds. She moaned sensuously as she found her clit. As she usually did when touching herself, she let the other hand caress her breasts. She kept her eyes open, not allowing herself to escape the reality of where she was doing this. She pinched and pulled softly at her nipple, and her other hand responded by rubbing intensely at her clit. Occasionally, she moved her fingers down to dip them inside herself.

The decadence was unprecedented. My wife was masturbating naked on her makeshift altar, surrounded by her dressed friends and husband. All eyes were peeled to her performance, and she knew it. She was moving quickly into ecstasy, moans building as she furiously circled her clit. It didn't take long before her body started shaking, and she screamed out uncontrollably with pleasure.

"Very nice, hun!" Erica complimented. "That's what I call quality entertainment!"

Ann was blushing as she regained the control of her body. She sat up and glanced around the room, bashful and adorably cute. I think part of her expected this to be the end of her predicament, but the rest of us were still high on excitement. Our desire to watch her humbling experience wasn't over just because she had come for us. Erica made that clear.

"Now that you've had some relief, maybe you can get us ladies another drink?"

My wife had trouble collecting herself. "Oh, OK... Right. So do you want a whisky then?"

Erica smirked. "No, just wine thanks."

"For me too," Linh added.

"Right, and whisky without ice for you two I suppose," Ann said to me and Fred. "Do you want another beer Mark?"

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