Unwanted Obsession Ch. 01


"This is the real deal, Lowish," he said tonelessly, "Do you feel like trying to knee me in the balls?"

She shook her head, then stared into his dark eyes.

Her fear rounded eyes reminded him of how a rabbit would freeze when caught in the light-beams of a moving car's headlights.

Except for their colour.

'Emeralds,' he thought, 'and right now they are all mine. She is all mine.'

He shook his head to get rid of the strange thoughts. He didn't usually stop to think poetically when toying with a victim. Not once he was past the seduce and lure phase, not once they were in chains and there was no need for sweet words.

He pressed his lips against hers in a mock imitation of a kiss. A small part of him hoped she would respond. She didn't, she didn't try to move her head to the side either. She was too scared of him now to try to fight him in any way.

He slipped behind her, holding her to him with one hand. His other hand he moved to one of her breasts to play with its nipple. He enjoyed the feel of nipples. Hers were hard.

'From being naked,' he assumed. The room wasn't cold, but it wasn't a sauna either.

Louise hadn't expected to feel lustful sensations again, not after the beating she had received, but when he twirled her nipple between thumb and index finger, surges spread through her body and made her clitoris pulsate. She didn't believe she could be horny as scared and hurting as she was, but she was too afraid to really care whether she was horny or not.

He played with her other nipple too, before moving his touch from her breasts to explore more of her upper body. He caressed her soft skin. He was used to women who had the muscle tone of models. He usually preyed on women who made a big deal of their appearance. Beautiful women, who wore perfect make-up and fashionable feminine or directly sexy clothes.

Most of his victims were half professional bimbos, women who had spent most of their adult life seducing wealthy men to be awarded with jewellery or other expensive gifts.

Sometimes he went after self confident business women instead.

Before Louise all his victims had been women who took great pride in keeping their bodies fit. Women who spent lots of time on fitness, swimming, jogging or even dancing.

He wasn't sure why he had chosen Louise. He hadn't been in a rush. She wasn't his type. There had been something about the way she had watched him with those blue-green eyes. But, back then, her eyes hadn't reminded him of emeralds, so he wasn't convinced that had been his reason for picking her.

He didn't regret his choice now though. When he pressed his fingers against her stomach, he felt a soft, but not thick, layer of female fat. Somehow it made him feel good to touch that rather than a rehearsed muscle tone. It made him want to touch her more.

Ronald always did whatever he wanted to with his victims.

Ronald started using both hands to touch her. Letting them travel where they wanted to on her body. His hands seemed to want to go everywhere, for a while completely uninterested in causing pain.

No longer held back by force, Louise slowly moved back to where the chain would be looser. At first too grateful to be allowed to do so, to be bothered by the groping hands. At first even grateful for the groping itself, because it seemed to give her a further pause from the beating.

She was still sore every place that had been hit by the hard round of lashes. Compared to the pain she had experienced when being lashed, the dull throbbing soreness now was easy to ignore. Too easy maybe. At first she had been happy about his groping hands, because a hand couldn't swing a belt while groping. But as they kept moving she noticed his touch more.

During the whipping Louise had been too scared and in too much pain to feel anything else. Now, that he was just feeling her up, she felt violated. She had never been raped for real, never been abused beyond her consent, never even been hit outside of pretend games.

His hands caressed her body, softly and searchingly like a lover's would. Right then, his touch very much reminded her of normal intimate cuddly sex, which she hardly ever practised.

Back when she was nineteen normal sex had begun to make her nauseous, especially intimate almost non-sexual caresses like the ones 'Joe' were indulging in now.

She had realised with time that the nausea hadn't come from fear of intimacy, as she had thought at first. It had come because normal sex didn't satisfy her and the frustrations of often having sex but never satisfaction had gotten to her. Normal sex had begun to feel like abuse; during normal sex guys would get off on her while she just felt empty.

Rape games didn't feel like abuse, they just turned her on.

Nowadays, she didn't get nauseous from normal sex. Mostly because she no longer bothered to do cuddly sex with a guy who hadn't previously satisfied her for real. She didn't feel abused when such a guy got off from fucking her in a cuddly way, even though she still wasn't very aroused when having normal sex.

'Joe' had proven that what he was doing was abuse. His intimate caresses felt more like abuse than the touch of any other guy ever had.

'I wanna go home. I don't wanna be here.' Louise was so used to speaking English that she usually thought in English too.

"Please stop," she begged.

Ronald pretended to pay no heed to her words, but actually he liked it when they begged. He liked it when they protested too. He even liked it when they worded their despair as orders. It excited him greatly to not do what they asked him to.

His cock was again rock-solid. Ronald was a male nymphomaniac. He could get off more times a day than most women. He had to get off more times a day than most women seemed able to, simply to make it through the day. The only days he didn't wank at all were the days he played with a victim from dawn till dusk.

"Please let me go," begged Louise, and repeated the sentence over and over.

Every reiteration sent surges of lust to Ronald's cock.

"I'm gonna fuck your brains out," said Ronald.

The cliché stopped Louise's pleas. She didn't know he had already come in his pants. She didn't know there didn't seem to be a limit to how many times 'Joe' could come in a day.

'After fucking me, he will be done with me.' She wasn't too scared of the intercourse itself, she didn't think it would feel more violating to be fucked by him than to be felt up by him the way he was doing now. And, she was very sure it wouldn't be anywhere near as painful as being beaten, not sure it would be painful at all. She was still lubricated from the orgasm she had had before realising he was an actual rapist.

Louise was sure that after intercourse the rape would be over. When it was over, she figured, he would either let her go or kill her, and she couldn't guess which option he would go for.

Ronald let go of her and went to the bathroom. He wanted to clean the general area around his cock before fucking her. The whole area was smeared with sperm from his previous cum, which had been held in by his pants.

He always used condoms with victims. He had for years.

He was a serial-rapist. Leaving biological evidence might get him caught eventually. As Ronald Jackson his DNA-fingerprint was not to be found in any registers. He had never been convicted of a sex-crime. But he wouldn't rely on it never happening. He might be accused of something one day.

He never took risks in his own name, but people were often falsely accused of crimes. Especially wealthy men, like himself, who were able to offer large sums to have their names cleansed.

Better safe than sorry was Ronald's motto when it came to the aspect of retaining his freedom.

Many years back he had fucked victims condom-less on the first day of rape and switched to using condom on the second. Back then, law authorities had been unable to make a proper DNA-fingerprint of a rapist several days after the load was shot into a victim. Nowadays it was possible, but Ronald had ceased the habit far sooner than that.

He was a serial-rapist, not a serial-murderer. If one of his victims got pregnant by him, no few days could hide his DNA-signature.

Of course, condoms also solved the issue of sexually transmitted diseases.

Ronald Jackson took his clothes off and turned on the shower.

When Louise heard water running from the shower in the bathroom, she thought she had a chance to escape. She still thought the chain, which held her arms up, was weak. By pushing her shoes off, she managed to get her feet untangled from her pants and kicked the discarded clothing away, then looked up. Her wrists were badly bruised.

'This is gonna hurt,' she thought and jumped up.

To make sure all her weight would be caught by the hand-cuffs when gravity pulled her down, she bent her knees. Her plan succeeded, in so far that all her weight got transferred to the chain through the handcuffs around her wrists, but the chain held.

Her wrists held too, but the pain was immense. She immediately put her feet to the floor, barely able to refrain from screaming. She sobbed in desperation, fear and pain. Then Louise jumped again, with the same result as last. This time her feet made a thumping sound when she straightened her legs to put them on the floor again.

Ronald was only washing his lower region to get the sperm of. Not taking a full shower. When Louise tried for the third time he had washed the soap off and reached out a hand hand to snap off the water.

He heard a loud scream and a thumping sound the moment he turned the water off.

'What the fuck is she doing?' He grabbed a towel and marched out of the bathroom to check on his victim. Louise was still chained with her arms above her head, but she was whimpering with pain.

Ronald started drying himself with the towel while approaching her, figuring out what she had done to hurt herself.

'She either kicked the bed with her toes or pulled her wrists too hard on the handcuffs,' he concluded.

He turned his eyes to her toes, while drying his legs. 'She isn't standing like someone whose feet hurt, must be her wrists. Not broken, though,' estimated Ronald. 'If they were broken she would still be screaming. Hope she didn't damage them too much.' He enjoyed bruising a woman, but broken bones, streams of blood, or other excessive physical trauma was a turn off.

"Were you looking to get yourself some more chains?" mocked Ronald, "or did you change your mind about the three thousand dollars?"

Once his legs were dry, he dried his groin. Louise said nothing in return to his mockery. Once Ronald started drying his chest and armpits her whimpers had ceased to sobs, and her eyes were on him.

"You know, handcuffs aren't suitable for leaning any weight on." He grinned while throwing her own words back at her. In spite of his grin he observed her seriously. 'If she is desperate enough to risk breaking her wrists to get loose, she probably thinks I'm going to kill her. I'll have to be careful.'

In Ronald's experience the old nickname for rape as 'a fate worse than death' was quite erroneous. Women would mostly struggle very hard to avoid being raped, even if they didn't have a chance to avoid it. But such efforts were nothing compared to the frenzy a woman displayed when she was convinced he would kill her. Even the most feminine and slender leg could offer a quite severe kick if its owner believed she was in mortal danger. Fear of death in a victim had caused Ronald broken ribs on several occasions in the past. His left arm had been broken by kicks twice during his career as a rapist.

Once dry, Ronald threw the towel on a chair, put a condom on and moved closer to Louise. She was still watching him. He began to circle her before entering her kicking-range. Louise turned, as he moved, to keep facing him.

"Stand still, Lowish," he commanded.

Turning slowly Louise kept facing him. He stopped trying to circle her.

"Turn around, Lowish."

She was too on edge to comply, too scared of what he would do when she wasn't watching.

"All right, Lowish, we'll do it your way. I'll force you to do what I say." Ronald sighed in a false display of regret. His sigh was only half an act, though. He had only wanted to feel her up a little more before fucking her for the first time. He hadn't planned to beat her further immediately. Next beating was further down his time table. Like somewhere between the third and sixth fuck.

Louise watched as 'Joe' walked back to the bathroom. He was only in there a few seconds. When he came back he was holding the belt again.

"Please don't," begged Louise, when he again looped it around his wrist, "please don't hurt me."

Ronald lashed the air with the belt making a loud whip-lash sound, and walked towards her. After two steps, Louise swirled around to face away from him.

"Please don't hit me. I'll do anything you want. Please. I'm sorry I'll do anything you want."

"If you keep facing that way till I tell you otherwise. I will hit you less," promised Ronald. A promise he intended to keep if she obeyed, at least for now.

He hit her back-side three times in a row without pausing. She shrieked in between each lash. On the third her knees buckled and she screamed when, for a second, her weight was carried by her wrists. Her scream was replaced by fresh sobbing when she found her balance.

'Im sure she didn't break any bones earlier, but it does sound like she has strained something,' thought Ronald. His hard-on lost a little levity at that thought, but he was too horny for it to disappear entirely.

He covered the little distance between them and pressed himself against her from behind. Louise whimpered on top of her sobs, fearing he would push her forward and make the chain tug at her wrists again. He didn't do that, he just rubbed his cock against her ass-cheeks, while whispering in her ear.

"You look tired. Would you like to lie down on the nice, soft bed now?"

Louise nodded. That moment she feared pain more than she feared whatever would happen after the rape. Ronald moved away to fetch the key to the padlocks. Louise heard him open a drawer, rummage in it and close it again, but didn't turn to observe him. She was scared he would change his mind and beat her more if she moved, so she stayed entirely still. She even managed to stop making sobbing sounds. Her chest still quivered with every breath though.

Ronald went to the foot end of the bed and unlocked the padlock, which kept the chain anchored there. Still scared of moving, Louise kept her arms up, even as the chain went loose. Even when she felt 'Joe' press his body against her from behind again, she still kept them up.

His hands started groping her again. She didn't mind this time. She didn't mind his hard cock pressing against her either. She took both as a sign that he was ready to get the fucking done with. A sign that it would all be over soon.

Louise was right that Ronald was ready to fuck. Feeling up her soft female form made him forget her wrists. He had planned to chain her securely to the bed before fucking her, but when one of his hands travelled between her legs and he felt the wetness still left from her orgasm then all thoughts of caution left him.

He threw her to her back, on the bed, and crawled onto her, using his knees to part her legs. It was easily done as she didn't fight him. He only took seconds to get in position.

Louise closed her eyes.

He placed a hand on each side of her, easily keeping his upper body hovered above her. Ronald didn't just appear muscular, he was strong.

He didn't need hands to help his cock find its target. He was able to pin a tight dry pussy on a hysterically struggling woman, without using hands. Louise was laying still and her juices hadn't dried out yet, making her entrance a very easy target.

Louise felt the head of his cock probing between her legs. Her body gave a jerk when it found its way and pushed inside her in a clean slow sweep. It felt like a long time passed before 'Joe's pelvis met hers. When it did, she heard him moan with pleasure. She was grateful he kept his upper body at arms length. The whole thing felt less intimate that way.

She had more juices left inside her than Ronald had thought. She was as tight as most of his victims. Tight from not being horny. But she was still oiled and slippery from the time when she hadn't known what kind of man he was.

'Lover,' he thought incoherently.

Most likely a thought arising from the fact that she was as oiled as his random lovers, not like his chosen victims. He regretted the condom, without thinking clearly about it. He wanted to feel her oils against his skin, but her pussy felt too good for him to pull out, even for a second.

'Closed eyes.' The sight made him growl. He didn't care why. 'She is mine.'

"Look at me!" he grunted.

Louise opened her eyes and stared into his an arms length above.

'Rabbits, headlights. MINE.'

He didn't care what he was thinking. Her pussy brought him closer to ecstasy with every thrust he made. He lowered his upper body, to float with his face just above hers. That way her blue-green eyes came to fill most of his view. He barely noticed the extreme strain on his arms, from carrying the full weight of his upper body while bending at such an angle. He pumped faster.

'Mine.. Mine.. Mine.. Mine..'

The word flew through his head with every thrust into her, while he stared into her eyes. They looked green to him now.

'EMERALDS!' he thought as the build up pleasure suddenly exploded into pure ecstasy.

"MINE," Ronald yelled as he threw his head back and straightened his arms again. To pump with a severe frenzy while he shot his load.


This time the word came out as a scream, while the second half of his cum sprayed into the condom. Ronald wasn't even aware a word came out of his mouth together with the scream of pleasure.

He collapsed on top of Louise, drawing deep breaths in - and exhaling noisily. He was still dizzy from the extreme pleasure he had just experienced.

'Holy crap,' he thought, 'about ten shots every single day as far back as I can remember.'

He was able to think coherently now that the pressure was released.

'I thought I'd tried every single type of cum, orgasm, release or whatnot any man could experience.' Ronald laughed softly to himself. 'Sometimes it's great to be wrong.' He raised himself by his arms to look at his victim's face again. Looking back at him, she appeared scared and vulnerable.

"That's some great pussy you got down there, girl."

He broke into an actual laughing fit and collapsed on her again. His arms felt like jelly.

"I know what you're thinking," he said between laughing spasms. "You're thinking, I bet he says that to all the girls."

Ronald laughed on after that comment. Not so much at his own joke more because he felt extremely good and relaxed. When the laughter subsided he laid still a while longer. Enjoying the feel of being pushed slowly up and down by Louise's breathing below him.

'I should keep her for longer than a weekend. There is something different about this one.'


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