tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUnwanted Obsession Ch. 02

Unwanted Obsession Ch. 02


Foreword: last edited december '08, for better sentence structure, grammar etc.

This is not sweet reluctance, this is creepy, dark, non-con, and a work of pure fiction.


Ronald crawled off his victim and the bed. He walked round the bed and bent to open the cupboard below the night-stand. It was filled with dish towels. He grabbed the top towel and straightened his back.

Looking up at him, Louise still lay on her back as he had left her with her head at the side of the bed where he now stood. Apart from turning her head while following him with her eyes, she hadn't moved. She had half expected him to take a weapon out of the cupboard, the dish towel didn't look lethal though.

'Maybe he will just clean up and let me go.' Louise almost regretted being agnostic, not having a god to direct a prayer to. 'If something is out there, please keep me safe. I don't want to die!'

Ronald - 'Joe' - unfolded the dish towel by grabbing an end of it and allowing the rest to fall. He draped the open towel over one hand and used it to remove the condom and sweep semen from his cock in one calculated, practised movement. He folded the towel round semen and condom and then wiped his cock more thoroughly with the folded cloth.

Motionlessly, Louise watched the whole process. Her rapist seemed very accustomed to performing this particular procedure. He took less than twenty seconds to get clean and dry.

Just prior to going on vacation in USA Louise had obtained her masters degree in molecular- and cellular-biology. She was used to working in laboratories under stricter than sterile conditions and couldn't help but notice how there was at all times a piece of towel between 'Joe's fingers and his cock, his semen never got directly in contact with his hands.

'His hands never get in contact with any side of the towel that has been in touch with the skin on his cock either,' she also noticed. 'No transference of semen. Joe is thorough.'

Planning ahead as always, Ronald had placed a bin next to the night stand, prior to bringing Louise to the cabin. Now, he dropped the sperm and condom containing dish towel in that bin.

Back when he had decided he wanted Louise to be his target for this hunt, he had told her he owned a cabin in this area. That had been a lie. Actually most of what he had told her had been lies. This cabin was rented, he had rented it after convincing the young woman to spend a weekend at 'his' cabin.

Ronald had paid for the cabin under the name Joe Paine, the car he travelled in was rented under the name Joe Paine too. All paid in cash, though. Joe Paine didn't exist. The address he used as 'Joe' was a long-term paid hotel room.

When renting cars he wrote a fake social security number with illegible writing. The lack of social security number and long term temporary address would often give the police quite a bit of trouble establishing whether or not the name he assumed with a victim, was false.

The expensive cars he rented always had many different GPS tracking systems. For that reason most of the rental companies considered checking the ID of customers a negligible safety precaution. It did happen on rare occasions that a car rental firm refused to rent him a car without seeing his drivers license. In spite of his grieved explanations of being in a hurry and having forgotten it at his hotel. But it wasn't often, especially not after flashing one-hundred dollar bills.

He wasn't sufficiently unworldly to believe that every time one of his victims chose to report, the police would chase a fake name till they forgot the case. It was just a small extra safety precaution. As long as they were looking for a man who had abused under his real name, they wouldn't suspect a serial rapist.

He never used the same name for more than one hunt, and there were a lot of rapists out there, other criminals making his actions less visible.

Whenever local law authorities suspected a crime to be of a serial nature, they would send the case on to a nation-wide agency. If that happened too many times then a federal agent might one day see too many shadow pictures resembling Ronald, to have any doubts regarding the 'serial' nature of the reports in front of him.

The FBI took serial quite seriously, even if it was rape and not murder. Mostly because they had this notion that serial rapists tended to be serial murderers-to-be.

'I've hunted at least thrice a year for the last twenty-five years,' thought Ronald, smiling at the irony, 'sometimes more. I still have no inclination to stake women with anything other than my cock.'

Ronald made sure never to hunt in the same or neighbouring states twice in a row and sometimes he hunted in foreign countries. He was always extremely careful and so far he knew for a fact that no shadow picture resembling him had made it to nation-wide spread amongst law-authorities.

He turned his attention back to 'Lowish'.

Louise noticed her rapist's cock making a small jumping motion. She didn't realise it was because its owner was looking at her.

'He is taking a long time to go fully flaccid after ejaculating,' thought Louise, focusing on the biological detail to not think about her situation.

In reality Ronald's cock had, unnoticed by her, been a bit more deflated right when he took it out of her. It's current half-sized state was not a slow movement towards flaccid. It was a slow development of a new erection.

Ronald turned, walked round the bed and went across the room, straight to the chest of drawers where he had taken handcuffs and chain earlier. In those drawers he had arranged this hunt's bondage tools.

'Maybe he is fetching the keys for the handcuffs,' thought Louise, remembering he had taken the hand-cuffs from there.

Hope grew in her.

'Maybe he will unlock the hand-cuffs and let me go now.'

She drew her arms down, from above her head, and scurried slowly to the side of the bed, not wanting to appear aggressive towards her rapist. She had no intentions of pissing him off, especially not now that she hoped to be released.

Ronald opened another drawer this time what he took out was not a key.

Louise's hopes of being released vanished when she saw leather and more chains in his hands. She couldn't discern exactly what it was, other than that it was obviously meant for further bondage.

She got on her feet, new panic rising in her stomach. 'Joe' rushed towards her. The split-second his movement began her body decided to try to run, faster than she could even calculate the bad odds for such an attempt. He instantly caught her and threw her back to the bed. Louise landed on her back. 'Joe's actions were swift and practised. Disoriented from the manhandling, Louise didn't even struggle as he flipped her over on her stomach, and straddled her back pinning her completely.

"You aren't fast enough to stand a chance, girl," stated Ronald, in an informative tone.

Louise only whimpered in return. Her hands had landed below her when he flipped her over. Now her body pressed the sides of the hand-cuffs into her hurting wrists. Ronald's weight on her back made it worse and also made it impossible for her to move her arms without making the pain even stronger.

Ronald had dropped the new pieces of leather and chain on the bed while shoving 'Lowish' back to the bed with his body and one arm. Now he picked up the leather allowing the cold chains, attached to it, to dangle down on his own thighs and the upper part of his victim's back.

The biggest leather part was basically a belt, but it had no buckle. Instead it had one hole at one end and multiple holes in the other. All holes big enough to fit the open long-bowed 'close to lock' padlock that already hung in one hole.

Two chains were attached to the belt. One of them close to the one-holed end, the other a bit from it. At the end of each chain a leather cuff was fastened.

Ronald made sure the chains were untangled before draping both to one side and leaving the open belt stretched across Louise's upper back. He leaned forward and moved his crotch slowly down over his victim's ass. After his cock had travelled the full length of the crack between her cheeks, he laid his upper body down on top of hers. Bondage belt between them.

"Are you comfortable, Lowish?" he mocked, he understood very well that her wrists had to be very unhappy right then.

Louise started sobbing and began pleading again.

"Please let me go, please, Joe."

Those words made Ronald's new erection grow to full.

"You get to choose between one or two belts, Lowish," said Ronald, as enigmatic as any fortune teller. "If you lay still and behave, you get one belt. If you misbehave and make me have to fight, you get two belts."

Ronald smiled, his mouth next to Louise's ear. He liked his own form for humour and didn't mind if his victims disapproved of him laughing at his own jokes.

"Do you understand what I mean?" he asked.

"No. I don't understand, Joe. Please stop hurting me. I won't tell anyone, please let me go."

Her pleas sent further shocks of lust to his cock. He was tempted to fuck her again immediately.

'It would be so easy to just press my legs between hers and get at it,' he thought, but then chided himself. 'Get a hold of yourself. At this rate she will never get properly chained.'

"Well, Lowish. There is one belt on your back. That is the one you are getting either way. The other belt you are already familiar with."

He felt a shiver go through her body below him at the referral to the belt he had beaten her with earlier. To know that he could scare her simply with words, turned him on.

"Please don't hurt me, Joe. Please don't," she pleaded, before thinking, 'Begging won't help.' Louise resumed her sobbing, momentarily giving up further pleading.

'Seems she is done talking for now.' Ronald was almost relieved. 'A few more 'please don't's, and I wouldn't have been able to delay the next fucking further.'

He lifted himself to his hands and knees above Louise and moved a bit further down, to seat himself on her upper legs. He took the bondage belt and placed it on her lower back.

With his weight off her back Louise lifted her upper body with her elbows to get her sore wrists out from under her body. She moved fearfully, prepared to freeze in position if her rapist should express displeasure. She knew she couldn't fight her way loose just now and wasn't ready to expose herself to his anger.

Ronald used the opportunity to push the multi-holed end of the belt halfway under her with one arm, and pull it out from under her with his other. He closed the bondage belt by pushing the bow of the padlock through the single hole at one end of the belt and through a suitable hole near the belt's other end, and finally clicking the padlock to lock.

By this time Louise had moved her hands out from under her and pushed her elbows ahead of her, to keep her hurting wrists out of harms way.

With his right hand, Ronald took a strong hold on the belt. He unstraddled 'Lowish' to reposition himself. Moving his right leg between hers, he easily pushed her legs apart; she wasn't fighting.

"Good girl," he complimented. "I kinda got the impression you weren't completely stupid when we first met."

He kept a good hold on the belt while moving his other leg between hers too.

"Of course, I had to change my mind about your intelligence just recently, when I saw you allow a stranger to chain you up without putting up the least fight." He grinned a bit at referring to himself in third person. "You really aren't a good judge of character, are you?"

Louise's sobbing had become the quiet shaky kind. She clearly heard every word he spoke. 'He is right. I am such an idiot. Why am I such an idiot? How could I be this stupid?'

Ronald kept a tight grip on the belt with his right hand, while gliding his left hand down her left leg - from hip to ankle. At her ankle he moved his hand under her foot and lifted it towards him, bending her leg. He then held her lower leg in place in the crook of his left arm, in order to free his left hand.

He released the hold on the belt with his right hand, and instead grabbed the leather cuff attached to the left-most chain. Using both hands he put the cuff on her ankle. Once it was properly locked, he let go of her leg. Louise's lower leg swung a bit back when he let go, but the chain was too short for her to extend her leg.

Ronald was satisfied with the result and repeated the procedure with her right leg.

Usually when Louise played sex-games with her lovers, she would feel a special surge of lust sweep through her body when the last of her free limbs was bound. The knowledge that she had become truly helpless always struck her at such moments.

She hadn't expected to feel that surge in this situation, but when 'Joe' let go of her right leg, and it bounced back, and she felt the cuff pull at her right ankle too, then the old surge she knew so well swept through her body. She felt it clearly even through her fear.

'No, not possible,' stipulated Louise. 'I am not turned on by this. I could never enjoy real rape. It's just more fear. I'm not like that.'

She got time to think more such statements to herself while 'Joe' moved off the bed to fetch a new condom. Ronald was so horny now that his hands almost shook while he removed the rubber from it's tinfoil cover. He was too accustomed to applying condoms to be slowed by such minor inconveniences, though.

Focusing very hard on convincing herself that her body was not responding sexually, Louise kept her eyes closed. She had been so immensely scared for so long that her body had taken a break from the fear - without asking her permission. Without the fear to cover all her other emotions she suddenly had other things to worry about, such as shame.

Ronald was almost done applying the condom. He turned his eyes back to his victim while rolling the rubber ring the last half of the way towards his crotch. Automatically evaluating how 'safely' she was bound.

'While she is on her stomach, I won't need to worry about her cuffed hands or flailing arms. Doubt she is able to offer a decent scratch with her short nails, not after what she did to her wrists.'

His eyes went to her legs as he walked around the bed again to approach her from the rear. He smiled at seeing her close them as he approached. He enjoyed that particular type of leg bondage very much. The bent legs made the victim unable to make those bone-breaking kicks, the ones he had learned to be wary of the hard way, but in this bondage the victim still had some freedom of movement and that often enticed them to struggle.

'In tight bondage most of them go completely limp,' remembered Ronald, 'becoming about as interesting as a sun-warm melons with holes,' he mused. 'Well, maybe a bit more if using lubrication.'

Ronald enjoyed a good struggle. He liked to fuck them while they struggled too.

'It just feels more like rape, when they are actually fighting.'

Sometimes making them cease struggling by giving proper threats gave the same satisfaction. Ronald enjoyed variety.

Louise squeezed her legs together as hard as she could, though she knew it would be futile. She expected 'Joe' to come on the bed and forcibly spread her legs again. She squealed in surprise when instead he pulled her backwards till she was almost off the bed. He let go and gravity pulled her knees painfully to the floor. The chains kept her legs bent and her feet from the floor. After her unwilling backwards movement, her breasts and above were still on the bed. The rest of her body was not.

Ronald grabbed hold of the belt to prevent 'Lowish' from sinking herself to the floor. He was in good shape and the evening was still young.

He pushed a foot between her knees and kicked side to side to move them apart. Then he knelt behind her, between her flailing feet.

"Ready for some more of that rape-thing, Lowish?"

He held on to the belt with one hand while guiding his cock in place with the other. In this position he had to use a hand for that, with her knees so spread his cock was aiming too high when unaided.

'She is still soaking wet,' he thought with amazement. His victims didn't usually retain much wetness that long after a rape had begun. He pushed his cock as far in as it could get at this awkward angle, with her pussy being placed too low.

'No!' thought Louise, when she felt her pussy tense against the intrusion in a way that was everything but painful.

'That's not what it feels like. It's not.' Shame made her nauseous and the unwanted feeling almost washed away. Louise managed to convince herself that it was completely gone.

Ronald grabbed hold of the belt with both hands and lifted her by it till her entrance was at the same altitude as the base of his member, then he pushed his cock all the way in. It was heavy lifting with his arms so far from his body, so he only thrust twice before moving her forward, to place more of her weight on the bed.

The very unpleasant pressure of the belt around her stomach completely hid the sensations his cock woke inside her, and for a moment Louise again forgot her shame.

Ronald didn't push all of her upper body onto the bed. Her entrance would have been placed too high if he did. He only moved her forward till her upper thighs were about three inches from the border of the bed. That placement gave his cock good access. He could now press his cock almost fully to the hilt while entering her in an upwards angle.

Satisfied with the position he began fucking her steadily while holding her hips.

"Ahh," he exhaled pleasurably.

'No,' Louise thought again as the other sensation returned, 'not possible.'

"STOP," she screamed, and started struggling by moving her legs in random manners and trying to move forward on the bed by digging her elbows in the mattress.

Ronald kept fucking her, his hips moved back and forth and his cock slid easily in her with the motion.

'How can she still be this wet?' he wondered, too busy enjoying the sensation to care about the answer.

"SOMEBODY HELP ME!" yelled Louise as loud as she could, then screamed in rage while aimlessly struggling.

The futility of his victim's efforts excited him further, he began moving faster and harder. Every few strokes Louise got too far in on the bed, moved by the combined force of his thrusts and her attempts to crawl away. Each time that happened Ronald easily pulled her back in place - without breaking his rhythm.


"Nobody is... coming to... help you." Ronald spoke in huffs, physical exertion and lust eating his breath.

Louise ceased her attempts to crawl on her elbows. She believed him, she had known it was futile even before she began yelling. At this moment she hated her own body even more than she hated him. Her pussy was giving her sensations she couldn't acknowledge in this situation.

'I'm not like that,' she tried to convince herself and let her elbows slide in front of her again, so she could hug her own head with her arms. She started crying heavily and heartbroken.

Ronald was too deep in ecstasy to pay heed to his victim's change in attitude, he was preparing to shoot his load again. Sweat was breaking out all over his body while the bottom half of his stomach started to burn.

'I am winning this fight,' he thought somewhere inside the raging lust, not even noticing the young woman had already given up. He increased his speed a last notch. His vision was getting blurry, but he clearly heard the characteristic squishy sounds of a very wet pussy being rammed.

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