tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUnwanted Obsession Ch. 04

Unwanted Obsession Ch. 04


This is not sweet reluctance, this is creepy, dark, non-con, and a work of pure fiction.


"Isn't this nice?" asked Ronald.

"Yes, Joe," replied Louise, hoping she had chosen the proper way to address him this time. He kept changing his demands in that area.

'Joe' moved below her. Louise fought an urge to cringe. They were cuddling. Pretending to cuddle at least. She lay with her cheek on his chest, her legs between his, and he was holding her tenderly.

Louise was struggling to keep her fear-fueled nausea at bay and her breathing calm. Today is Sunday. Last day is Sunday. Weekends ends with Sundays. One way or another an end was approaching.

Saturday morning, her wrists had been swollen. 'Joe' had taken off her handcuffs and had bandaged her wrists and hands. Since then, the bandages had become the primary bondage for her wrists. Right then, her bandages were bandaged to each other.

'Joe' ran a hand up and down her upper arm. Louise felt a tear building and concentrated to withhold it.

This was the fifth time they did 'cuddling'. Louise was counting Joe's activities. During the weekend, Joe had threatened her with the knife thrice. He had bathed her twice. He had scolded her for harming her wrists seven times. He had raped her uncountable times. He had played "If you don't come, I won't beat you" twice. He had...

The second time 'Joe' had played "If you don't come, I won't beat you", Louise's body had been drained and hadn't responded to his touch. At first she had been glad for that. By then, she had already felt like one big bruise, and the prospect to pass on even one beating had looked good.

Joe had taken her passivity with good humour. "Does this mean I've already satisfied you thoroughly?" he had asked with a grin on his face. The grin had passed, however, as his continued efforts had dried her out, instead of lubricating her.

With growing fear, Louise had watched his face, while he had continually increased his efforts at pulling some kind of response from her body. Over half an hour, Joe's face had contorted into a constant grimace of frustrated anger, Louise had been afraid that if she didn't come, he would snap.

Louise was fairly sure that Joe snapping would be very, very bad for her, so she had faked it. Well, she had tried to fake it.

That had been a mistake.

Louise tried to push all thoughts of what had happened next aside. Every activity seemed to have its own rules, and right then they were doing cuddling. When they were cuddling, 'Joe' didn't want her to shiver with fear.

This really does feel good, thought Ronald, enjoying the warmth of Lowish's body against his, even enjoying her weight on his stomach. Maybe I should get a girlfriend. I can afford a high maintenance woman. Shouldn't be hard to find one that won't complain about affairs and long work hours.

This was Sunday. Louise had been with 'Joe' since Friday evening. She had learned several things over the weekend, most of them about 'Joe'. Like 'Joe's different ways of being angry.

There was 'pretend angry', like when she had orgasmed the first time 'Joe' had played "If you don't come, I won't beat you." 'Joe' was a good actor, he really was. If he hadn't already been playing with her mind uncountable times prior to that game, Louise would have believed him to really be angry.

His anger had been pretend then, but her fear had been real, as had the beating. 'Joe' really liked using the belt on her.

When 'Joe' pretended to be angry, Louise was scared because she knew pain was coming. But 'Joe' pretending to be angry was not half as terrifying as 'Joe' actually being angry.

It's Sunday, thought Louise, but tried not to. She still wasn't sure what the end would be.

The end had almost come Saturday evening, though, when 'Joe' had caught her faking that orgasm.

Some things he wants me to fake, Louise reminded herself, still struggling to hold back that same tear. Some things he wants me to fake, some things he doesn't.

Louise had closed her eyes while faking it, so she hadn't seen his expression change.

"What the fuck was that?" he had asked.

"I'm sorry," she had lied, "I tried to hold it back. Please don't beat me. I'm sorry."

"Did you really think I would fall for that?" he had asked. His voice had been... "Did you really fucking think I would fucking fall for that," he had screamed at her, flipping her to her stomach. Then he had let the belt talk.

'Joe' hadn't been pretend angry then, he had been real angry.

Louise had screamed with terror and pain under the assault. But, it hadn't lasted long. Compared to the other lickings he had served, he only gave her half a beating.

He lost his temper, thought Louise. That was what it was, he lost his temper.

The whipping had ceased and 'Joe' had crawled onto her back. Without a word he had spun the belt around her neck and had tightened it till she couldn't breathe at all.

She had struggled. Of course she had struggled. But, it hadn't made a difference. None at all. She had panicked. That hadn't made a difference either.

He had made no sound apart from his own breathing. The last sound Louise had heard, had been 'Joe's laboured breathing. Laboured from anger. Laboured from exertion.

She had thought she was dying.

After I passed out, he must have decided not to kill me after all, thought Louise. The tear escaped her eye, rolled across her nose, and dropped to 'Joe's chest. Louise's breathing halted. Please don't notice that. Please don't.

Cuddling was a frightening activity. While it lasted, it was harmless, a pause from the continued abuse. But, Louise had learned something about cuddling from the first four times. She had learned that 'Joe' really enjoyed it. Woe to anyone who would dare ruin the moment. Anyone, being her.

'Joe' didn't respond to the single tear, nor to the second and third, which Louise couldn't stop either.

This has been the best hunt ever, thought Ronald. It really has. He was still trying to pinpoint exactly what made the difference. All he could say for sure was that it was something about Lowish. I've been limiting myself too much for too long, going for specific types. Variety is a blessing.

He moved his hand from Lowish's upper arm to one of her breasts.

It has been a great weekend. Blood surged to his cock as Ronald remembered how hoarse Lowish had sounded during her most recent orgasm and how wet and hypersensitive she had been afterwards. He had fucked her then, and she had whimpered slightly at his every stroke in.

That was one of the things he liked about Lowish, he guessed. She often responded to threats and force as his normal lovers responded to praise and soft caresses.

Her breast was soft under his fingers. He ran his fingertips across her nipple. It was puffy and soft. With one fingertip he circled the areola enjoying the change in feel as Lowish's nipple slowly hardened for him.

Sunday afternoon and her body still talks, thought Ronald, smiling contentedly.

Lowish wasn't as responsive as she had been, of course. Covered with blue and purple bruises, she looked as worn as any of his victims did, come Sunday. She was exhausted, physically and mentally. Yet, she hadn't gone completely zombie on him.

Usually, around this time on the last day of the hunt, Ronald was bored with his prey. Usually at this stage, his prey would be in very tight bondage for easy fucks in between his preparations to round off the hunt.

With Lowish it was different. He was trying out new things with Lowish. Things like cuddling. He hadn't been unfamiliar with cuddling, many random lovers had managed to squeeze him into a cuddling position after sex, but cuddling on a hunt was new to him.

Absentmindedly, Ronald kept caressing Lowish's nipple, while thinking about the pleasures of the weekend. His cock grew to full size against Lowish's hip. He moved slightly giving his cock the extra space it needed.

I need to start preparing soon, thought Ronald. I've got a lot of work ahead of me cleaning this place. As usual, he had been thorough about which surfaces to touch, and which not. There would be fingerprints in the cabin after he left --depending how good the cleaning lady working on this place was. But, there wouldn't be any of Ronald's.

He didn't feel like preparing, however, he didn't feel like ending the weekend at all.

When did I last take a real vacation? Something longer than a hunt? The nipple he was toying, had gone puffy again, unresponsive. If only I could give Lowish a good eight hours rest, then I think her body would be ready to really fire up for me again.

Ronald sighed. In eight hours he needed to be on his way. At least that was the plan. What's the point of being rich and in charge, if you can't take some extra time off? Ronald switched to Lowish's other nipple, trying to wake a response from that one.

His cock jumped expectantly as the second nipple hardened almost instantly. Before that weekend, Ronald had never really realised how much he preferred a woman's own juices over lubricant while fucking.

Ronald slowly rolled, rolling Lowish with him, till they both lay on their sides, him against her back. He rearranged her a bit, moving her arms away from her breasts, and pushing one of his legs between her knees providing just enough access to work on her clit.

"Just relax," he whispered.

"Ok, Joe," said Louise.

He moved his finger in small circles on her clit. "I like how easy it is to make you wet for me," whispered Ronald, truthfully, glancing at the lube bottle he had left on the drawer. He had used less than half the amount he usually did on a hunt.

"You like it when I make you wet, don't you?" asked Ronald, and smiled against her neck when she didn't reply. "Lie to me, Lowish. Tell me the sweet words, you think I want to hear."

"I like it when you touch me," lied Louise. "I love the way you make me feel, Joe."

"You hate it when I make you talk to me," said Ronald, still moving his finger in small circles. "It turns you off. I can feel your clit shrinking every time. What do you think that tells me, Lowish?"

"I don't know what that tells you, Joe," replied Lowish. He could tell she was crying.

"It tells me that you can't get off unless you think of it as rape," whispered Ronald. "You enjoy being raped by me, just as much as I enjoy raping you."

Lowish didn't reply.

"Tell me about that fantasy again, Lowish," demanded Ronald.

"Which one?" asked Louise, blinking away tears.

"The second one I made you tell me, yesterday afternoon. The one I liked."

"I have this fantasy about waking up in a stranger's arms," said Louise.

"Yes, that one," said 'Joe', still constantly circling her clit.

"And not knowing who he is or where I am." Louise paused trying to remember exactly how she had told it last.

"Keep talking."

"He holds me tight, so I can't escape," said Louise.

"You are one very sick kitten, Lowish," said 'Joe'.

"In the fantasy I am gagged so I can't scream for help. Can't even tell him to stop."

"You should be ashamed of yourself," whispered 'Joe'. "What kind of woman gets off fantasising about rape?"

Louise went quiet.

"Keep talking," ordered 'Joe', rolled away from her and got off the bed.

Louise didn't need to look, to know he was headed for his condoms.

"And he touches me," continued Louise. "He makes me come."

"I liked it better when you told it yesterday," said 'Joe'. "You used more juicy details then."

"He would pinch my..." began Louise, trying to repair.

"Enough about your imaginary rapist," said 'Joe', rolling the condom on. "Let's talk about me."


"After I've let you go, will you be fantasising about me and the things I've done to you, Lowish?"

No, thought Lowish. If I get out of this alive, I'll never want to even think about sex again.

"Maybe," she said. "I don't know."

"Too tired to think up a more interesting lie, are you?"

"Yes," admitted Louise and wept harder.

"Then give it up and just tell me how afraid you are."

"I don't wanna die," said Louise. "I just don't wanna die. Please don't kill me."

Ronald crawled back onto the bed. Lowish's pleas aroused him as if it were Friday evening and not Sunday afternoon. She kept pleading while he pulled her to her back, pushed her legs apart and got in position.

"Look at me while you beg," he ordered.

She obeyed. Her eyes were red.

"Please don't hurt me, Joe," she whispered.

"Let's do the president thing one last time," said Ronald.

"Please don't kill me, Joe," sobbed Louise.

"Do you want the belt again?" he asked, narrowing his eyes.

"I love you, Mr. President," sobbed Lowish. "I love you, Mr. President."

"That's better," said Ronald, and started pumping.

"Your cock feels so good, Mr. President," sobbed Lowish.

"Switch to first name basis," ordered Ronald.

"I love you, Ronald."

A rush went through his body. Say my name, he thought, but managed not to speak it out loud. Say my name again.

"I love you, Ronald."

Another rush. Every time she calls me Ronald.

"I love..."

"That's enough," interrupted Ronald, he wanted this round to last more than thirty seconds longer. It was Sunday afternoon, yet he hadn't had enough of her by far. Below him, Lowish went quiet.

There isn't enough time left, thought Ronald, staring into her eyes. He wasn't done with her. There were so many things he wanted to do again before letting her go. Far too many.

It doesn't have to end today, thought Ronald. I can keep her another day. Her pussy felt wonderful around him, even if it was only slightly oiled. I can keep her another week. The thought was arousing.

I can keep her. He pumped faster. I'll keep her as long as I bloody like.

"Say it again," he ordered. He didn't have to hold back and savour, when there were plenty moments to come.

"I love you, Ronald."

Ronald stared into her eyes and imagined that she really meant it.

"Again," he whispered.

"I love you, Ronald."

His eyes rolled into his head and he remembered what she felt like when coming around him.

"I love..."

His lower body moved on its own, grinding against her in a primitive pattern.




Never let her go!

The sensation building in his stomach was unbearable.

I'll never let her go, decided Ronald. She's mine. He clenched his jaw, biting his teeth together against the sensation building in his body.

He couldn't take it anymore.

"I love..."

It just felt too good.


If it didn't end soon he'd die from it. One can only take so much pleasure at once.


Oh fuck. There was even more pleasure and now it was releasing. Oh fuck. Now it was exploding. Oh, sweet oil. And it kept shooting. Lowish!

Panting, Ronald collapsed on top of Louise.

One more week, he decided, when he had enough air to think again. I'll keep her till next Sunday.

Louise wept quietly while he chained her thoroughly to the bed. He covered her with a blanket before he left the cabin and drove off.

Ronald had many safety-precautions, one of them was to never contact anyone as 'Ronald Jackson' during a hunt. But if he was going to keep Lowish another week, he had to make arrangements.

Men like Ronald Jackson couldn't just disappear for a week without notice. The only reason he could disappear, with notice, was that his associates thought he would be reachable in case of emergencies.

He wasn't.

The reason nobody had realised it was that Ronald's assistant had been sternly instructed never to interrupt Mr. Jackson's vacations for emergencies that would cost Mr. Jackson less than twenty million dollars during the remainder of his planned vacation.

Such an emergency had never occurred while Ronald was hunting. Ronald didn't hunt while such emergencies were likely to occur.

Ronald drove for three hours straight, putting a good distance between himself and the cabin before stopping at a pay-phone.

Louise fell asleep shortly after hearing Ronald drive off. She didn't wake until, six hours later, Ronald was unchaining her. Too tired to respond to his presence, she instantly drowsed off again. The weekend with 'Joe' had taken everything out of her.

"Wake up," ordered Ronald, and shook her. "The weekend is over, get dressed."

Ronald removed all the bondage and even cut her bandages off. He didn't have time to play it safe. He had lost half his fortune this hunt. A whole lot more than twenty million dollars. He had to act fast to have any hope of cutting the losses at that.

"Get dressed," he ordered, pointing at her bags.

Louise did her best to comply. He cut me loose, is he really going to let me go? Her legs were wobbly, she dared not risk trying to run.

Her hands couldn't grasp properly, her fingers wouldn't obey. Yet she managed to pull a T-shirt from a bag and pull it on.

She hadn't worn clothes since Friday. The soft, worn out cotton against her skin felt alien, it felt like hope. She dug into the bag, clumsily pulling out clothes while looking for a pair of pants.

"What the hell are you doing," yelled Ronald.

"Please don't hurt me," screeched Louise, cowering under her dysfunctional hands.

"I did not tell you to spray your belongings all over the place," snarled Ronald, by her hair lifting Louise to her feet.

"I'm sorry," whined Louise. "I'm sorry."

Ronald noticed her fingers were still curled as they had been under the bandage. Dammit, he thought, and threw her to the bed.

"Stay there."

Louise curled into a ball and stayed where she was. Shortly thereafter, Ronald dressed her and again pulled her off the bed. He dragged her outside and handcuffed her to a tree.

Hugging the tree, Louise sank to the ground.

"If he wanted to kill me, he would have done it already," whispered Louise into the tree, over and over.

Ronald took two hours cleaning the cabin. He didn't have time to clean his prey too. I'll drop her off near a motel, he decided. She won't be able to resist the urge to shower thoroughly before calling the police, if she calls the police at all.

It was a gamble, but then again, letting his prey go was always a gamble.

Any thoughts of keeping Lowish for another week, had left Ronald's mind. He had more important things to think about than pussy. Such as not going broke.

Once the cabin was clean, he packed the car, last of all he released Lowish from the tree, intending to usher her into the car too.

"This won't do," he thought, studying her wrists.

Ronald re-bandaged her wrists, and arranged a scarf around her neck, hiding the most obvious bruises. That was all it took. Long sleeves, long pants, bandaged wrists, a scarf, and no one could tell, just by looking at her, that she had been thoroughly abused for days.

"Get in the car."

Louise was silent while they drove. Ronald wasn't. The fewer of his victims that reported him, the smaller the risk. Ronald had found an old student ID in her wallet. While they drove, he held it in one hand, sometimes waving it while speaking. He spent the better part of half an hour, describing what he would do to her if she contacted the police.

"Have you ever heard of the American witness protection program?" asked Ronald, right after having talked about chopping her dead body to pieces and burning them in a stove.

"Yes, Joe," said Louise.

"Here is a little heads up. They don't do that for random rape victims. Especially not stupid foreigners who follows strangers to deserted cabins and literally ask to be raped."

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