tagIncest/TabooUnwanted Sex Becomes Desired Ch. 02

Unwanted Sex Becomes Desired Ch. 02


I'm leaving my last class of the day at college when Kerry, the gorgeous blond, blue eyed cheerleader with a body suitable for the swimsuit issue, sees me and calls out, "Hi, Greta, do you have some time right now?" I knew that I would have to face Kerry again sometime but had hoped to put it off as long as possible. It looks like this is as long as it's going to be.

If you were going to create an angel, you might come up with someone who looks like Kerry. Blond hair. Almost white blond hair that looks died but isn't. I know because her pubic hair is the same color. Beautiful face. Fantastic body, great breasts, almost no waist, firm strong ass, shapely legs. Her pussy even looks like an angel's might. Sort of a pink powder puff with a slit in it and some white blond hair above it. Of course, she isn't an angel. She's, well, I might as well admit it, a slut. I don't have hard evidence but my understanding is, she's fucked half the class by now. I met her while Jack was fucking her. I can't blame Jack, although I thought we were an item. I was off cheating on him at the same time he was fucking Kerry and he knew it.

I had just had my first sexual experience with another female. Unexpected, but it turned out that I was as actively involved as the other woman and really enjoyed it. It bothered me that I enjoyed it but I can't deny that I did. So when I saw a naked Kerry with that luscious body right after I had just had a couple orgasms with another gorgeous woman, I jumped right in and sucked her breasts while Jack fucked her. I then sucked his cum out of her when he finished and she had me move around so she could get at my pussy while I worked on hers.

Now, here she is again. Can I get VD or AIDS or something from just licking her, swallowing her cum? Because if she doesn't have any of that yet, I bet she will. She's not that picky about who she's with. I mean, she doesn't know anything about my sexual history and she's here. On the other hand I had sex with a porn actress and a porn actor with a cock the size of my forearm, so how can I claim any purity? Fuck it. She has a gorgeous body. Might as well enjoy it all while I can.

As some background, my Mom, about twenty years ago, married a man who proceeded, in her opinion, to rape her often and repeatedly. It was a horrible experience that she managed to escape. Raising the resulting daughter, me, on her own, she has tried to explain the horrors of sex and how evil men are. It took years but Jack, who I had been friends with since kindergarten, finally convinced me to experience sex and now I love it. Jack and I have sex as often as possible. We're sophomores in college, so we haven't got that serious but I think we'll marry eventually.

Having discovered the glories of good sex, I would like to convince my Mom that sex is actually terrific. I mean, she's only 39 and pretty attractive. She could have a lot of good sex years ahead. So I picked out a nice looking college instructor as the tool. Use him as a gigolo. But in the process I end up having sex with the instructor, which is not what I anticipated. I didn't know it but he's involved with the porn film business and hopes to lead me into that business as he had other coeds before me. Both Jack and him seem to think I'm pretty attractive. So, while we're having sex, a very attractive porn actress and a male actor with what might be the largest human male penis in the world come in with us and I end up having sex with both of them.

Well, I got out of that situation very conflicted about how much I enjoyed sex with a female. So, I head to Jack to describe what had happened and work things out with him, likely by having a lot more sex with him. I find him fucking this same Kerry and for whatever weird reasons might be in my head, end up jumping in and having sex with both, including being mutually involved with Kerry.

So I respond carefully to her. "Yeah, I was just headed home but I have no immediate plans to do anything."

Kerry grins big, her eyes sparkling. "Well, I really loved being with you the other day. I was surprised that you were that good at sex and I hope we can get together again. Right now, maybe?"

"Oh." What do I do now? "Well, Jack is having a meeting this evening so this probably isn't a good time." Maybe that will get rid of her.

"Having a nice cock involved is terrific but just the two of us would be great. I really, really would like a couple orgasms. It will help me sleep better this evening. I haven't had any today yet and really, really need to. Can we go to your place?"

"You and me. Just you and me?" I ask her.

"Yeah. Girls have an advantage. Guys have to recover after they cum and it can take forever sometimes but girls can just keep on as long as they want. So, it might take two or three guys to give me enough orgasms but one girl can be just as good. "

Shit. I really don't want to become a lesbian. I love Jack but multiple orgasms? It sounds pretty good. And she really is the sexiest girl on the planet. One more time can't hurt. "Okay, we can go to my room. My Mom will be home but if we're not too noisy, she won't bother us."

My Mom smiles and seems glad I'm with a girl instead of Jack and says hello to Kerry and we go up to my room. From my experience, just having naked bodies contacting each other in different ways is plenty sexy. Add in actually being given an orgasm makes it terrific. Which may explain why I'm here with a gorgeous body that plans on giving me an orgasm or two. Well, I'll also give her a couple too but that's still naked bodies working together and even more sexy.

So, while we're getting naked, Kerry tells me that she fucks a guy every day at lunch time and he wasn't there today so she has an even greater need than normal. She's apparently used to multiple orgasms every day. So, no foreplay, we were almost immediately on the bed. Me on the bottom, Kerry hovering over me, her pussy on my face and her mouth and fingers in my pussy.

Truth is, the bottom position isn't as good as the top. It's cramped and you're not really in control. I need to get my fingers to her along with my mouth and her thighs are in the way. I can't reach around them, my arms aren't that long, so I push my arms up onto me and pull her open, I get my tongue into her and lick around. She gets aroused very quick so it doesn't take long until she's engorged enough that she's open enough on her own. I get my hands up onto her butt and sort of pull her down tighter on me so I can seriously munch on her clit. She wants an orgasm, the clit is what I need to work on.

I'm not really as into this as I should be because half my mind at least is on my own arousal as she works on my pussy. I keep working my tongue in her and getting my lips around her clit and pulling on it a little. I can sort of suck her whole pussy as I get my mouth over her, then back to just working on her clit. I should probably also be finger fucking her but it's too awkward to get at everything so I just really suck and lick everything as much as possible and as hard as I can. I keep holding her too me with my hands on her lovely, firm butt.

I can taste her. She cums before I do. Maybe I'm concentrating on her too much and not on my own feelings. I just keep sucking and licking and getting her fluids all over my face and finally I cum, too. She keeps on working on me for a few moments and then lifts her butt up off me and moves completely off. She gets off the bed and goes to her purse. "I'll do you first," she says, "and then you can do me." Her perfect naked body moves back to me holding a sturdy looking silver dildo.

She sits next to me and leans over me to my breasts. "You have terrific boobs, Greta," she says and then starts licking a nipple. Her one hand is down between my legs and I can feel she has the dildo right against my pussy. I spread my legs to make it fit comfortably, and she starts sucking on my nipple as she pushes the thing into me, further and further. She moves her mouth to my other nipple and starts fucking me with the dildo, out and back in, out and back in. I was barely recovering from an orgasm when she started so this gets me back up there right away. It's terrific.

She moves around a little and starts licking my clit, right above where she's fucking me with that big silver thing. Wow, this is about as sexy as it can get. I love it when Jack licks me and I love it when he fucks me but he can't lick me and fuck me at the same time like Kerry is doing. I absolutely don't want to be a lesbian but I have to admit that this is great. I cum and cum and makes noises although I don't want my Mom to come in, wondering why I'm yelling so I hold it down as much as I can. Then she sits up some and pulls it out and licks it, sticking it in her mouth and using her lips to clean it. "You taste great, Greta," she says with a grin. "Now me."

She hands me the dildo and lays back next to me so I do what she did, get to her breasts, that are a lot better than mine in my opinion. And I get the sliver wand right at her pussy lips. It's surprising how easy it slides right into her, I thought she would be tighter. I guess she's well lubricated from her orgasm. I start sucking on her nipple while shoving the thing in and out of her. I move to the other breast for a short while then move down to her clit and start licking it as I fuck her. She starts getting loud so I use one hand to put across her mouth and I say, "SSh, I don't want my Mom to come in." She quiets some and I get my mouth back to her clit and I fuck her as fast as I can, pushing all the way in and almost all the way out each time. I keep it up until she sort of pushes me.

"Enough," she says. So I pull it out and, looking at her, I lick it like she did. I really do get the taste of her just like I did when I was eating her earlier. I suck on the whole thing a little to clean it off. I hand it to her and she takes it. "Greta, that was all perfect. You're really good at this and I love your body. I need to go but you've given me enough orgasms to keep me for a day or so. We need to get together often."

I see her to the door. My Mom must be doing something because she doesn't come out to say goodbye. What do I do now? I don't want to be a lesbian. I don't want to be with Kerry, it scares me that she'll get a disease or more and pass it on to me. She's too slutty. Although, who am I to talk. I'll call Jack and see if we can get together. Maybe he'll have something helpful to say.

"Jack, I need to see you," I say as soon as he answers. "Can I come by your place? Be sure and be naked when I get there."

"Greta, I'm just now leaving a meeting. It would be easier and quicker if I come to you."

"Great, I'll be naked when you get here. I really need you."

"O.k., see you."

I guess he must have said hi to my Mom as he came in and came up. As soon as he comes into the room, he says, "Whew it smells like sex. You've been fucking, haven't you?"

"Yes, Kerry was here, Please get your things off, I need a cock right now. Badly."

He started getting his clothes off while I was talking and as soon as he finished I was in front of him on my knees. I grabbed his lovely cock and started licking it, then got it into my mouth as it hardened more and more. He's looking down at me sucking him. "Kerry was here? You two did each other?"

I slipped my mouth off him but held on to his cock, "Yes. But I don't want to be a lesbian. I want you. I'm in a mess." I got my mouth wide open and around his cock again and started sucking and licking and sliding my lips back and forth on him, trying as hard as I could to get him to cum.

While I'm sucking him he says, "You're not a lesbian. I guess you're bisexual since you seem to like Kerry, too. But there's nothing wrong with that." I just keep on working on his delicious cock. I need a mouthful of male sperm to get the taste of Kerry out of me. He finally cums. I swallow and spend some time milking a little more out of him with my lips. I get up and go lay on the bed, spreading my legs so he can see my pussy and get at me if he wants. I hope he wants because I think I need him.

"I've got to stop being with Kerry. I mean, she's gorgeous with a very sexy body but she's a horrible slut and will end up with all sorts of diseases the way she fucks everyone that comes by and I don't want to catch anything from her." I look at him and raise my hips some. "Please eat me, Jack, and then fuck me when you're hard again. I need to be with you again and get Kerry out of my mind. So that's what he does. He's always really good at oral. It's obvious that he likes it. And then, after I orgasm, he's up and over me and pushing that lovely cock of his into me. I wrap my legs up around him as much as I can, holding him to me.

He fucks and fucks and I get another orgasm and he's not done so he doesn't stop. It's terrific! While he's pounding into me, he says, "If you don't want to be with Kerry any more, just tell her. Just don't be with her then. If you don't want me, just tell me. You don't have to have sex with anyone you don't want to."

"Oh, I want you, Jack, please fuck me as often and as long as possible."

By the time he cums, I've been moaning and lightly screaming with pleasure for many minutes. What's my Mom going to think, all of this going on under her roof. After, we're laying next to one another lightly holding each other. "Jack, I think I'm all screwed up. I know what I want and it's you. But I end up fucking Hitchcock and then the porn actors; Betty, who is really as gorgeous and sexy as Kerry in some ways and Peter, who has the largest cock in the world I think. And then Kerry. And then Kerry again. I mean, you proved to me how good sex can be and now I'm becoming a sex slut. I better not get my Mom interested like we planned because if I'm any example she might be better off staying celibate like she is than getting over involved in sex. "

Jack just grins. "Greta, we were never going to get your Mom involved in sex unless she's willing and we knew that. Your being with Hitchcock and the porn people was actually a little stupid. He was never really going to be needed. But it's done. It happened. Now calm down. You can depend on me. We can have all the sex you want, whenever you want."

I kiss him. "That's why I love you Jack. I'm a mess and you put up with me. Yes. I need to say 'no' to Kerry. I think I can. But I'm not sure, as time goes by, that I'm not going to do something stupid again when it comes to sex. I think maybe I'm a little over sexed or something."

He manages to get hard again so we fuck again. He lasts and lasts and we switch around to doggy and then I sit on him and ride him until he cums again. Then he has to go home.

The next day at breakfast, my Mom, who's looking at me oddly, says, "Greta, I brought up some cookies for you and that pretty girl and saw what you two were doing. I know what you say you do with Jack and I could hear you two were at it again after the girl left. You make love to another woman as well as a man?"

Shit. I should have known this would happen. "Mom, I'm all messed up when it comes to sex. I love Jack. I want Jack. But somehow, and it's too complicated to explain, I've ended up with a couple different guys and a couple different women. So I guess one answer is, yes, it's possible to make love to another woman as well as to a man. But I take back what I've said to you over and over about how you need to discover that sex can be so great. You're liable to do what I've done and get in over your head with sex. I mean. there's more to life than sex and I guess I need to back off and realize that."

"Greta, it sounds to me that you're just too young. You don't think things through but instead just jump in with both feet. It doesn't sound like you've hurt your self too much if you can manage to just pull back and sort of start over again. But you say you've been with a couple different guys. How did that happen?"

"I'm just going to prove I've been dumb about all of this, I'm afraid. First, when I discovered how much I loved sex with Jack, we decided - or probably it was just me decided - that I needed to get you to discover the joy of sex, too. So I picked out a guy, a teacher at school that's fairly good looking and about the right age, and went to see if he would be willing to have sex with you."

"This is all without your making sure that I wanted to have sex?"

"Yeah, that's why I say that I'm going to prove how dumb I am about all of this. Anyway, he suggested that if you had a bad experience before then maybe I should audition him to make sure he wouldn't just repeat your bad experience. I realize now that all he wanted to do was fuck me and try to recruit me for porn films but it all seemed to make sense at the time. So I had sex with him. He did everything Jack did but not with the same intensity or love or whatever. So it wasn't as good but I did have a couple orgasms so when he asked me to come back for more, I did."

"The next time, while he's giving me oral sex a very pretty girl came in. She's built about as good as Kerry. I learned later that she's in porn films and was recruited by the teacher that was licking me at the time. Anyway, she starts playing with my breasts. Then a guy came in. I learned later that he's also in porn films. He has a penis that must be the size of my forearm, just huge. Anyway, he ends up fucking Betty, the girl I mentioned earlier. I was fascinated watching them."

My Mom interrupted, " Greta, you don't' seem to recognize that you're every bit as attractive as Kerry, with just as good a body."

"You may be right," I reply. "Jack seems to think so and these other people did, too, I guess. Because the teacher then fucked me and when he was done, Betty jumped in and started sucking his cum out of me. It felt really great. I can even understand why she'd do that. I love to suck Jack and swallow his cum so if I could I would suck his cum out of me when we fuck. Well, anyway, she didn't stop at that but kept right on licking and sucking me until I had another orgasm. Then she backed out and Peter, the guy with the humongous penis, started pushing it into me."

"I should have complained because it hurt. Not a horrible hurt but he's just so big and stretched me so much that it hurt some. But it also was sort of fascinating to be taking in that monster that I had been watching going into Betty earlier. When he finished, Betty sucked his cum out of me and then took me into the bathroom to see if that big thing had hurt me at all. Well, in the process she's licking me to another orgasm. Then she has me feel her breasts and pretty soon had me licking her. Nobody forced me, I did it on my own and actually liked it a lot. We ended up on the floor, doing each other just like you probably saw Kerry and me."

"Well, I finally got out of there and was really conflicted. Still am. What am I doing having sex with anyone but Jack? What am I doing enjoying sex with another female? So I headed to Jack's, basically just to have sex with him but also to talk about what all had just happened. I knew Jack had been with other girls before, knew he had been with Kerry. Anyway, I got there and he's fucking Kerry. I look at that gorgeous body and almost couldn't control myself. I started sucking on her breasts and then her clit while Jack fucked her. When he pulled out, I started sucking his cum out of her and she had me switch around so she could get at me, too and we went at it just like you saw us upstairs today. You know everything else that's happened. I'm just screwing everything up."

"Greta, as I said before, you're young and jumping into sex too far and fast. You just need to ease up. You're probably not hurt by it yet. What does Jack say?"

"Jack's terrific. He tells me that being bisexual isn't wrong, that he still loves me and wants me. But I'm the one that's messing things up, not him. And sex with him is unbelievably great. I bet we're going to get married once we finish school and can support ourselves. It makes me think that I should probably stop trying to talk you into having sex and I certainly should not try and find someone for you to have it with. Although, you're only 39 and you're attractive, you could have lots and lots of enjoyment for the next thirty or more years."

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