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Unwanted Visitors


Erin was in the middle of her workout when someone rang her doorbell. She wasn't expecting anyone and due to the remoteness of where she lived never had solicitors come to her house. She looked out her window and noticed a van that appeared to be from the cable service. She went to the door and opened it, leaving the chain in place.

"May I help you?" she asked.

"Sorry to bother you, but we are in your area checking everyone's cable box to ensure you have the most recent receiver box. You may have seen the announcements on the T.V. It will only take a minute." he said.

"Is there a charge for this?" Erin asked. She noticed his uniform had Frank stitched across the left front pocket.

"No mam and again, it will only take a few minutes" he said.

"Hold on" and she closed the door to unlock the chains. "Come in" she told him. She missed the thumbs up signal Frank gave the other man in the van. As she turned to close the door, he grabbed her from behind. She screamed and tried to kick him.

"You can make this difficult or you can make it easy Erin. The choice is yours" he whispered in her ear. She then felt the knife up against her throat. She immediately stopped struggling.

"What do you want? My husband will be home soon. You will not get away with this."

At that he laughed. "First, you should know what we want" grabbing her left tit and squeezing it. "Second, we know you have no husband. We have been watching you for sometime now. Third, yes, we will get away with this and fourth, you will enjoy it!"

Erin's mind went into whirl. She was taking a long weekend just to relax by herself. She made no plans with anyone and no one was expecting her back at work until Tuesday and today was only Thursday. She lived out in the middle of no where. Closest neighbor was 2 miles away. As though reading her mind, Frank said "Yes, we have a nice LONG WEEKEND to get to know you very thoroughly. And you can scream all you want and no one will hear you."

At that moment, three other men entered her house. Oh shit, this cannot be happening to me Erin thought. Her heart was pounding so loud, she just knew they could hear it. Her chest was heaving, emphasizing her 36 D tits. Both nipples showing very pointedly from her exercise bra. Of course it didn't help that Frank was taking his thumb and constantly rubbing over each nipple. All three men stared at her chest and one said, "Look, she is already getting horny for us!" Another one ran his hand up Erin's shorts and slipped his fingers under her panties and said "Dale, you win the bet. Her pussy is shaved and she is already wet. What a fun slut you are going to be this weekend."

Tears streamed down Erin's face. She had fantasies of being taken by several men, but not this way. She was terrified, yet her body was responding to the constant nipple rubbing. She blushed in shame.

"I think we need to see our prize guys, don't you?" said Frank. "Take your clothes off" he told Erin. She started shaking her head and he showed her the knife again. "Take your clothes off" he told her again.

He released her and she looked at her captures. All were well built over 6' feet tall and all had enormous bulges in their jeans. She closed her eyes to try and block their stares and started taking off her shorts. She knew she had a good body. Hell, she worked hard enough for it. She was 35, yet still could pass for someone in her twenties. She was 5' 8" with long blonde hair. Her nice large tits were emphasized even more with her narrow waist and flat stomach.

Someone commented on her long slender legs and how they would look in stockings with high heels. There was a general agreement amongst the guys and some one remarked about having all weekend and to be patient. She tried shaking her head hoping this was a dream, but it wasn't. This was really happening to her.

"Come on, take the rest off" someone said. She opened her eyes to find all four men rubbing themselves, their hard-ons even becoming more pronounced. Trembling, she took off her exercise bra and immediately there were hands on each tit. Squeezing, twisting and teasing each nipple. Frank started sucking and biting her right nipple which sent shock waves down her stomach toward her pussy. She thought, please body, don't respond to this, but to no avail. As rough hands continued squeezing her left tit and the right one being sucked and bitten, it only made her pussy get hotter and wetter.

She moaned, and the men around her laughed. "See, I told you she would be a slut." Frank said. She then felt her panties being pulled down her legs. That seemed to break her out of her trance and she tried to pull away screaming at them to leave her alone. This only seemed to entice the men more. She felt a hand spread her pussy lips wide and start fingering her, while another hand pulled roughly on her clit. Her body was burning with pleasure and pain. She could her hear the slurping of her wet pussy as first 2 fingers went in and out followed by 3 fingers going in and out.

"Man, what a wet slut you are. Come on guys; let's get her to the couch. I need this bitch to take me in her mouth real bad" said the guy fingering her. Erin felt all hands drop from her body; she tried to turn and run, but was easily grabbed around the waist by Frank. He picked her up like she was a rag doll and slung her over his shoulder. She tried beating him with her fists but quickly got a smack on her ass. She let out a whelp.

He tossed her on the couch and it was then she noticed the duffle bags. He followed her eyes and said "Just a few toys the boys and I want to try out this weekend. As a matter of fact, Dave, get the rope. I think Erin here might try and fight us, so let's make sure she doesn't." Dave, who was the guy that had been fingering her, reached into the bag and brought out some rope.

"Please just go, I won't tell anyone. I promise" Erin said with tears still streaming down her face.

"Now what fun would that be? We have all weekend and have lots of fun planned. And you are right, you won't tell anyone" replied Dave. He then reached into the bag and brought out a video recorder. "Don't think you will ever want anyone you know to watch this video do you?"

Erin shook her head and thought again how could this be happening to her. Dave threw the rope to Frank and he pulled Erin's arms behind her thrusting her 36 D tits out even more in front of her chest. He quickly tied her wrists together. "Now, let's get down to business" he said.

Everyone, but Frank then striped from the waist down. Erin's eyes grew wide when she saw each of their cocks pop out. All still had a hard-on and all were enormous. They were about 8" with a girth ranging from 2 ½" to 3 ½". She knew she had never had any cock that big before. Her ex-husband and other men she had been with were all about average. Secretly though, she had always wonder what it would be like to have something stretching her pussy wide open.

Frank then stood up. "If you like those, wait till you see this." he said. He dropped his jeans and Erin could not believe her eyes. He had to have the largest cock on the face of the planet. It was massive. Stroking it, he said "Yeah, this baby is about 10" with a 4 ½" girth. By the end of the weekend, you will be begging to take it."

Erin just shook her head. "That will tear me up. There is no way I can take that."

"Oh you will slut, you will. And you will be begging for it before the weekend is over" he responded. Erin just shook her head and squeezed her eyes shut yet again hoping that all of this would go away.

"To help you along, we have a little something for you." Dave told her. Erin opened her eyes and saw Dave preparing some sort of syringe. She screamed and starting thrashing about on the couch. Frank grabbed both tits ruthlessly and twisted them, bringing tears to Erin's eyes. "Listen bitch, I promise you would much rather take the syringe than not ok?" She nodded and prayed whatever it was would not have any lasting effect on her.

Dave gave her the shot in the arm. He then forced her legs apart and starting teasing her clit by gently rubbing it with his thumb. Frank started squeezing her tits and pulling on each nipple. All of the sudden Erin's body felt like it was on fire. Dave starting flicking her clit and pulling on it. Frank continued to squeeze and pull roughly on each nipple. With each touch, her pussy got hotter and hotter and all she wanted was to be fucked and fucked hard.

She knew whatever it was they had given her had done this and she really didn't give a shit either because it felt so damn hot. She moaned and started thrusting her hips up and down on the couch. Frank whispered in her ear "Tell us slut how bad you want us". She opened her eyes and simply nodded her head.

Dale came up to her and started rubbing his cock around her mouth. "Suck it" he told her. And she greedily did. It was like an outer body experience for her. She had never enjoyed oral sex but she was now acting like a pro. She wanted to stroke it as she took it in her mouth but could not since her hands were tied. Reading her thoughts, Frank reached behind her and untied her hands. She immediately starting stroking Dale's hard cock with one hand and fondling his balls with the other as she continued to suck on the head of his cock.

"Oh man, did we ever pick a good bitch for this weekend" he told everyone. All Erin knew was that her entire body was tingling and she just wanted relief. She pulled her legs wide apart, but all Dave did was continue to work on her swollen clit. He could see the wetness glisten in her pussy. "Get a close up of this Mark. Erin the slut can hardly wait to have my cock in her pussy".

Mark zoomed in with the camera on Erin's pussy and swollen clit easily picking up the wetness oozing out of her pussy. "Look in the camera and tell Dave how bad you want it Erin the slut" he told her. "Make it sound believable or he won't stick his throbbing cock into your wet pussy."

Erin moaned and again starting thrusting with her hips. She took one of her hands and started playing with herself. Dave instructed her to look at the camera and taste her own wetness and he then would relieve her by thrusting his hard cock into her wet pussy. Her glazed over eyes looked up into the camera and she starting seductively licking her own fingers that had her cunt juice on it. The men could not believe their luck. They had hoped they had found a horny one, but in all the times they had done this kind of thing there were only a couple of bitches that turned out to be real nymphos. They had struck gold with Erin and this video would make them a lot of money.

Let's see if she is ready for some deep throating Dale said to the rest of the group. Mark came around with the camera as Dale turned Erin's face toward his huge cock. "Hey slut, I want you to face fuck me okay? Not just take my head in your mouth, but take my entire 8" got it?" Erin nodded and greedily opened her mouth. All she wanted was to get some relief for her sex craved body.

Dale took a fistful of Erin's blond hair and started forcing her head back and forth onto his huge cock. Her mouth stretch wide open to take his 2 1/2" girth. Tears appeared in her eyes as she gagged as he forced his cock down her throat. He continued to move in and out of her mouth, she could hardly breathe, but she loved it. He was not getting his entire 8" into her mouth so he instructed Frank to get her head over to one of the arms of the couch and have her the back her over it. That way her mouth and throat would be at the same angle.

Erin easily complied with the move. She wanted that entire cock in her mouth. She knew how horrible this was but for some reason didn't give a shit. She vaguely thought it must have been that shot. But quickly forgot about it when she felt her mouth fill up yet again with Dale's hard cock. He now was standing over her head and thrusting himself in and out of her mouth. Erin was gagging and sputtering, tears running down her face however, Dale was now thrusting his entire 8" down her throat, his balls smashing into Erin's lips and nose.

Meanwhile Dave could not wait any longer contain himself. He plunged his huge throbbing cock into Erin's wet and waiting pussy. She moaned through her cock filled mouth. Her pussy had never had a cock that big before, but she enjoyed the feeling of her pussy being stretch around Dave's 3 ½" girth. As though on instinct, Erin started squeezing her pussy with each thrust of Dave's cock. He could not fucking believe it, she felt so damn good. She continued to meet his thrusts with her hips feeling her pussy getting hotter and hotter. She could hardly breathe with Dale's cock forcing his way into and out of her throat, but all she cared about was the pleasure and pain she was feeling.

Mark could tell she was about to climax and hoped the guys were too. Nothing was better on tape than a climax that was well timed! Erin thought her pussy was about to explode. She could feel the climax building deep inside her cunt and could feel Dave's cock getting hotter and larger leading up to his climax. She wanted to plead with him to cum with her, but could not due to Dale's cock plunging in and out her sore mouth. All she could do was make muffled moans.

It finally hit her and Dale on que pulled out of her mouth and she screamed "Fuck Yes". Her body went into a huge spasm, her clit was on fire. Dave at that same moment with one final huge thrust climaxed as well deep inside her pussy. He felt her contractions around his throbbing cock and it made him even cum more. As Erin continued to shudder with ecstasy, Dale thrust one last face fuck and climaxed unloading a shit full of cum down her throat. She again gagged and sputtered, but like the good slut she was, swallowed his entire load. Mark zoomed in on the camera to get the face shot of Erin licking the final cum off of Dale's cock as he pulled out of her mouth. His own cock was about to explode, but he knew his time was cumming!

However, Frank needed to unload and turned Erin's face toward him and did just that. He cam all over her face hitting it with his huge cock. She had cum dripping down her face into her eyes, nose and mouth. But Erin didn't care, she just laid there enjoying the sexual relief she just experienced. As the session ended, Mark got a picture of Erin's pussy seeping Dave's cum down her legs. He turned to the guys and said "I think we are going to have more fun this weekend than we have in a long time" They all laughed and nodded in agreement.

To be continued...

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