tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUnwanted Visitors Ch. 02

Unwanted Visitors Ch. 02


Erin laid there on the couch trying to catch her breath. Her legs were still sprawled open wide showing her gaping pussy with Dave's cum slowing seeping out down the crack of her ass. She wiped the cum from her eyes and wondered how her body could still be so deprived of sexual satisfaction. The breathtaking climax had lasted a few minutes, but her body was still tingling all over sending signals to her throbbing pussy that she wanted to be fucked again. Her pussy was raw and sore because she had never been fucked by such a huge cock, or for that matter, never had experienced that kind of pounding in her pussy before, yet her pussy was still craving another massive cock. I must be a slut she thought to herself. How can I want these complete strangers to still fuck me? But that is exactly what she wanted. Giving in to her sexual desires, she closed her eyes and began fingering herself and tweaking her own nipples.

Mark noticed Erin masturbating and decided it was his turn to have a plunge in that pussy of hers. "It is my turn now." he said, handing the camera to Dave. Mark was even better hung then Dave. His cock stood out proudly showing off the 6 1/2 inch girth and 9 inch length. He watched as Erin's pussy lips spread wide to accept his massive head of his cock. He pushed harder, spearing her pussy with his cock, her pussy lips spreading tightly over the head, almost choking it. She gasped with the initial pain of having her pussy being stretched even widen then before and let out a scream as he continued to ruthlessly push his entire cock in her ravaged pussy. Her screams only enticed Mark to continue to forcefully thrust his raging cock in and out of pussy wanting her to feel the pain of his cock. He changed angles of his cock, forcing it to hit her cervix, her body jerking in pain as he continued to fuck her.

The banging on her cervix was sending shock waves of pain up Erin's body. She cried out, "AHHHH, stop, you are tearing me up inside!" Her pussy was battered and bruised, yet through the daze of her pain her pussy started to involuntary clinch and unclench Mark's cock milking it with each gut-wrenching stoke. Mark moaned in pleasure.

"Your body is telling me other wise." he said huskily.

As much as Erin wanted to deny it, it was true. Somewhere deep inside her, her body was again responding to the pain and it was turning her on sexually. She could not comprehend all the feelings running through out her body nor believe she was performing these lewd sexual acts with complete strangers. Yet, her body craved it and even if she wanted to, she would not be able to stop them from making her cum. And she didn't want them to stop it was like she could not get enough of it. She enjoyed the feeling of her pussy being stretched to the limit and feeling the pressure of the fullness of a hard throbbing cock deep inside her.

Mark grabbed her nipples between his fingers and pinched hard, squeezing the blood into the tips painfully. He then loosened his grip, letting his fingers move ever so gently over her throbbing breasts. Erin moaned in pain and arched her back and began to push her breasts into his hands again, urging him to inflict the same discomfort on them again.

"See how you yearn for the pain? You don't understand it, but you just know you get pleasure from it." Mark told her as he continued to pull on her nipples, stretching them out, pulling her tits out into shapes of cones as he did.

"AHHHHH, yes," she cried as she felt the radiating pain in each swollen nipple. This only heightened the feeling of ecstasy from Mark's massive cock driving in and out of drenched pussy. She grunted and groaned as she starting thrusting her hips to meet his raging cock screaming, "Fuck me, oh yes, fuck me!"

Dale and Frank had gotten hard-ons from watching the pounding Erin was taking from Mark's cock. They both started rubbing their cocks around Erin's mouth teasing her. She eagerly started stroking each one with her hands and took turns sucking and licking their heads tasting their wetness. She noticed as she was licking Frank's head how much larger he was then the other men. She didn't even think her mouth could stretch wide enough to even take his head into her mouth. There is no way my pussy could take this she thought to herself, yet she secretly wondered how it would feel stretching her pussy beyond anything she had ever experienced.

As though reading her thoughts, Frank said, "Don't worry slut, I plan on plummeting this hard cock of mine into your hot pussy, but right now I want you to suck it."

Mark pulled out of Erin's quivering pussy and told her to get up on her knees and face the back of the couch. She let out a cry of anguish as he pulled out from her body. Wanting to feel the fullness again deep inside her, she quickly did as she was told, spreading her legs wide and leaning over the back of the couch exposing her ass and opening her pussy to Mark.

"What a nympho you are turning out to be. By the end of the weekend, you will be a pro!" Mark told her.

Mark then continued to drill into her body, forcing his cock in, pulling it out, then back in again, stabbing deeper inside her slamming his balls up against her ass. With each massive thrust, her pussy tightly grabbed his throbbing cock massaging it. He felt his head hit her cervix and Erin screamed out in pain and satisfaction. "Of fuck me, this feels so fucking good!" she yelled.

Frank came around the back of the couch and said, "Now open up that sweet mouth of yours and suck my cock."

"I can't take it all the way in my mouth, it is too big. Please don't. " she grunted out in between each thrust of Mark's cock. Frank's cock was huge. She did not think she could even get her lips around it, let alone have him push it down her throat.

"Ah, but you can, now lick my head and get it nice and wet. Then I'm going to fuck your face until I cum in your mouth."

Erin ran her tongue over his massive head as Frank pushed his cock into her mouth. It felt as though her mouth was tearing due to the massive size of it. She gagged and chocked bringing tears to her eyes, but continued to suck as directed. Her lips were wrapped tightly around the cock as it pushed relentlessly in and out of her mouth, fucking her face.

"That's a good slut. Now take it deeper." Frank said. He grabbed a fistful of Erin's long blond hair and pushed the back of her head forcing his cock deep down into her throat. He pulled out of her mouth long enough for Erin to suck in air and plunged deep into her throat this time smashing his balls into her lips.

Of course Dave was getting all this on tape. I don't think this slut is going to call anyone after she views this tape he thought to himself. And like the other sluts who turned out to be so damn good, we will probably be able give this nympho another visit and do more filming. He watched her body jerking forward with each thrust of Mark's cock forcing Frank's cock further down her throat, gagging and chocking her. What a great scene!

Erin's entire body was tingling all over and glistening in sweat. Her pussy felt as though it was on fire and about to explode due the hammering from Mark's cock. He was also pulling and pinching her sensitive tits as though milking a cow sending mix signals of pain and pleasure. The cruel ravishment of her mouth by Franks' cock making her chock and gag only seemed to heighten the elation of her feelings running through out her body. Oh please let me cum she thought. Finally, her body convulsed with pleasure as Mark thrust one last time before he unloaded his cum deep inside her pussy mixing with her own cum. Frank pulled out of her mouth long enough for her to scream out in pleasure "AHHHHHHHHH FUCK YES!"

She clinched and unclenched her pussy tightening and massaging Mark's hard cock forcing the last of his cum inside her. He groaned in pleasure as he felt her pussy convulse on his cock milking the last of his cum. It had been sometime since he had a good fuck like this.

Frank plunged deep back inside her throat chocking and gagging her one more time forcing her to swallow him shooting his cum directly into her stomach. He pulled out and shot his next load of cum directly into her mouth. Before she could even react, Dale came up and shot a load of cum into her mouth as well. Cum began to drip out of her lips onto her chin as her mouth was overflowing with cum. She gulped and swallowed the salty mixture filling her stomach now with two full loads of cum. She felt sick to her stomach due to all the cum she had just swallowed. She tried to move, but Dale said "Hold on, you still have one more load to swallow."

"Please no, I am about to be sick as it is." Erin said, still trying to move.

Mark roughly grabbed her tits making her scream out. That was all Dale needed to shoot his second load of cum deep into Erin's throat. She had no choice but to swallow it. The last of his load ended up on all over her face. The camera moved slowly over Erin's naked body showing her with cum all over it. It was dripping down her face into her long blonde hair, over her tits, and down the inner part of her lovely thighs. She couldn't even open her eyes. What a lovely site!

Someone threw her a towel to allow her to wipe herself off a bit. She sat there numb as reality set back in. Her body ached all over and her pussy felt like it had been stretched to the point that it would never go back to being normal ever again. Her mouth and throat were raw and she felt sick to her stomach due the massive amounts of cum she had just swallowed. She became conscious of her nakedness and tried to cover herself which only made the men laugh. "You might as well accept the fact that you are a horny slut. This video proves that." said Frank.

"It was that shot you gave me. It wasn't me. I am not like that!" she retorted.

"That shot only brings to the surface your true sexual drive. Trust me, very few respond like you just did. You are a slut to the core; you just were unaware of it. By the end of this weekend, you will crave to be someone's slut."

To prove his point, Frank pulled back the hood of her clitoris and started tweaking her clit. That was all it took, her body immediately responded and she lay back on the couch and moaned loudly. Oh please, don't get me started again she thought. Could Frank be right? Is this how it is going to be for me from here on out? Her body again started tingling all over, her pussy aching, yearning to be stretched yet again.

Frank started stroking his cock and it sprang back to life. Erin's eyes widened in awe as she saw his 7 ½ inch girth and 10 inch length pompously stand out. He pulled Erin off the couch and instructed her to put her hands on the walls and lean over. As she did, he started rubbing up against her, grabbing her gorgeous tits and squeezing them painfully. Erin let out a moan, and immediately spread her legs wide exposing her throbbing pussy. "Tell me what you what slut." he whispered in her ear.

"I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me hard." she responded.

He continued to tease her pussy, rubbing his hard cock between her swollen pussy lips and clit while he roughly pulled and twisted each nipple. "Tell me again whore, what you want."

"I want your hard cock deep inside me -- FUCK ME NOW!"

He pushed the massive head of his colossal cock into Erin's pussy. She screamed in pain as her vaginal opening was being stretched to accommodate the large piece of flesh that was entering her body. The pain brought her out of her trance momentarily and she cried for him to stop. "You are tearing me open, please fucking stop!"

Frank ignored her, and continued to slowly and painfully push his throbbing cock forcing it into Erin's pussy inch by inch. Tears were streaming down Erin's face as her pussy was being penetrating by his massive cock sending shockwaves of pain through out her body. Surely it will come out of mouth she thought through gritted teeth feeling it slide deeper and deeper insider her. She let out a blood curling scream as her pussy swallowed the last of his massive cock as it banged painfully against her cervix.

Frank immediately pulled all the way out and thrust his gigantic cock back into her pussy. This thrust literally lifting Erin off her feet. She again cried out, "Please stop. It hurts too much!"

But Frank continued to force his 10" cock in and out of her pussy. The camera getting a close up of her ravaged pussy being stretched way beyond anything it had even been.

With each thrust her body seemed to crave the pain and it began to feel good. The painful stretching of her vagina to accommodate Frank's gigantic cock was offset by the fullness that possessed her sex. She would never have believed she would be able to take something this big inside her without tearing her open, but that was exactly what she was doing. Her body relaxed a bit, and when the next thrust of Frank's cock hit her cervix, she screamed again, but this time she didn't want him to stop. Her body wanted, craved, and even demanded the hard fucking to continue. And Frank did just that, he continued to ram his oversized cock deep inside her.

His thrusts were so powerful that Erin's feet continued to be lifted off the ground allowing him to continually force his entire cock inside her drenched pussy. With each thrust, Erin felt his large balls smacking against her ass and felt his head bang against her cervix. Through gritted teeth she just kept saying "Fuck yes, oh fuck yes."

Frank reached under her and started pulling on her tits roughly twisting them as they swung heavily back and forth with the hard fucking she was enduring from him. He pulled on her nipples and said in labored breath, "Dale, get out the nipple clamps with weights and attach them to this slut's nipples."

Dale cruelly pulled each nipple down and attached the clamps tightening them, cutting off the circulation to the tips. Erin moaned in contentment as her tits were pulled down due to the weights. Each thrust sending pain as well as pleasure to her nipples.

Frank continued to roughly fuck her for several minutes. All you could hear was the grunting and groaning from Erin as she continued to be rammed by his cock. Her body was covered in sweat. Her tits swinging wildly with each thrust forcing her nipples to pull even more due to the weighted clamps. They were now largely engorged and a dark purple. Dale every so often flicked one of her nipples making her scream in pain and delight. Her pussy was on fire and she new she was about to have another mind blowing climax. She felt Frank's enormous cock swell inside her and knew he too about to cum.

It had been some time since Frank had found a slut who could take his gigantic cock. He knew the first moment he spotted Erin that she would turn out to be one of their greatest finds. The way she seductively walked around the store, swinging that tight ass of hers, showing off her long legs. And those tits -- like she didn't know her nipples were straining against the top and her cleavage hanging out for all the men to stare. Well, the slut is getting what she deserves now. And wait until she finds out what else they have in store for her.

He felt her pussy massaging milking his massive cock and he moaned in pleasure. He knew she was on a verge of another major climax. With one final hard thrust he exploded deep in her pussy. She screamed in pleasure as her body went into spasms. Her pussy convulsing as Frank continued to unload his cum inside her. With one final shudder, he spurted the last of his cum deep inside her pussy. He pulled out and the camera immediately got a close up of her gaping pussy hole still having a few final convulsions with his cum and her pussy cum seeping out and down her legs.

Erin buckled to the floor totally exhausted and exhilarated. Dale pulled on her nipple clamps forcing her to her knees. "Now we aren't quite through here. One can never get enough of facial cum shots."

She shook her head. "Please no more, I can't take anymore." she pleaded in a low whisper.

Ignoring her, he proceeded to tie her wrists behind her. "Now sit up straight on your knees and push those nice tits out for the camera." he told her. He again, yanked on her nipple clamps making Erin moan in pain, she quickly got to her knees and pushed her tits out not wanting in more pain inflicted on her swollen nipples. He undid the clamps and started massaging the nipples forcing the blood back into them. She cried out in pain, but again enjoyed the sensation it was bringing to her. Oh what is wrong with me she kept saying to herself?

Dave came up behind Dale stroking his hard cock and said "I am ready. Open your mouth slut."

She tried turning her head away, but Dale stood behind her and held her head in place pitching her nose forcing her to open her mouth. Dave took aim and shot his first load of cum into her mouth. She had no choice but to try and swallow the salty mixture sputtering and coughing sending the last bit dripping down her chin. He shot his second load of cum all over her face. "Now, lick it clean." he told her, slapping his hard cock against her mouth.

She just wanted this sick pervasion to end, so she licked his shrinking cock hoping they would leave. He patted her on top of her head and said, "What a good slut you are."

She thought she could not be degraded anymore than this, but quickly found out she was wrong because Mark then stood in front of her and told her "Open up." He too shot his cum into her mouth and all over her face, but this time she immediately swallowed since her nose was now dripping of cum and she was having trouble breathing. He made her lick him clean as well. Her stomach was bloated due to all the cum she had just swallowed. And she felt as though she was going to be sick. Oh please, just let this be over she thought to herself.

Since Erin's face was so covered in cum, Dale decided to shoot his load all down the front of her tits, but he too, made her lick him clean. Cum was oozing out of the sides of her mouth mixing with her with her own saliva. She had it all over her face and hair. She couldn't even open her eyes. It was dripping down her stomach and off her nipples onto the carpet below. What a beautiful shot this is Frank thought as he took the camera up and down Erin's body lingering again on her pussy which was still seeping his cum and her own pussy juices down her inner thighs.

"I think we have an excellent tape here guys." he said.

Erin crumbled her cum covered body to the floor totally exhausted. Her entire body ached and she felt so ashamed and degraded for what she had just done. Barely audible she said, "Please just leave now."

They all laughed at once. Frank leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Slut, it is only Thursday. We still have many more tapes to make this weekend." And you have no idea what is in store for you he thought!

To be continued...

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