tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUnwanted Visitors Ch. 04

Unwanted Visitors Ch. 04


I got the idea for the next two chapters from a reader. Sorry it took so long to get it on paper. I hope you enjoy it. Keep the comments cumming!

Erin slowly awoke and again wondered if the last few days had been a bad dream. However, the large hand teasing her left nipple quickly diminished that thought. Almost immediately her nipple responded to the rough fondly of it, and she moaned in pleasure. She pressed her naked ass against the body behind her not even knowing who had been sleeping in the bed with her. She felt the hard cock pressing up against her ass and judging by its' size, she knew it must be Frank. How vile she thought to herself that she knew who it was because of the size of his cock!

"You ready for another hard fuck slut?" he asked.

As much as she wanted to deny it, her pussy was already seeping with wetness in anticipation of just that. She didn't answer, hoping the spreading of her legs and the rubbing of her ass against his protruding hardness was all the answer he needed.

He roughly twisted her left nipple causing her to scream out. "Answer me slut, you want a hard fuck?" he asked again.

"Yes, I want a hard fuck!" she retorted.

Erin felt so degraded yet again, begging to be fucked by this prick, but her damn body was taking over and she needed sexual relief. Without any warning, Frank plunged his mammoth cock deep into Erin's wet pussy forcing his entire 10" and 7 ½" girth into her. Erin had not been fucked at this side angle before and she screamed out in pain as she felt him hit new areas of her swollen, bruised pussy.

"AUGGHHHH STOP! You are hurting me!" she yelled through labored breath. She tried moving away from him to force him out of her, but he quickly wrapped an arm around her slim waist pinning her in place.

"You said you wanted a hard fuck bitch, so here it is!" he told her.

He pulled his enormous cock out, giving Erin a moment of relief before he forced his throbbing cock deep into her pussy again. Being in this pinned position, only heighten the pain that was searing through her pussy sending waves of nauseousness through her. Frank ignoring her pleas continued to hammer her pussy smashing his massive balls against Erin's ass. It felt so good to find a slut that could really take his huge cock.

Erin moaned in pain as her pussy stretched wide to take the continual pounding of Franks' colossal cock. With each forceful thrust he slammed into her cervix sending shock waves of pain up her spine. Like so many times over the last few days, the pain slowly began turning her on. She wondered like the hundredth time since this weekend had started, why could that possible be? Why does my body demand to be treated like this she thought to herself? She felt the tingling through out her body as the pounding continued. With each thrust, her pussy began to massage Frank's cock sending waves of pleasures through both of them.

Frank felt the change too and smiled to himself. Man, I sure know how to pick them he thought. He changed angles a bit, knowing this would further heighten the hammering against Erin's cervix. Sure enough, she screamed out "Ahhhhhhh FUCK YES!" the pain giving her intense pleasures through out her body.

The other three had been watching the whole scene on the monitor downstairs thanks to the tripod and decided it was time to join in on the fun. They walked into the bedroom with their cocks ready for action. Erin's body was on fire and was ready for the action too. She remembered all the intense climaxes she had had over the last few days when every orifice of hers was being pounded by a cock. She moaned in anticipation unaware that the men had talked about doing something different today before her surprise outing.

Frank pulled his cock out of her soaked pussy not wanting either one of them to reach a climax just yet. Pulling Erin by the back of her hair, he told her to get on her knees on the floor. The four of them surrounded her, their cocks standing out proudly waiting to be sucked. Erin greedily began licking and teasing each of their cocks tasting their pre-cum. Dave grabbed the back her head and forced his 8" deep into her throat pressing her nose into his pubic hair forcing her to continue to swallow and hold his hard cock deep in her throat. She gagged several times and tears sprung from her eyes but she kept her throat opened and relaxed. He pulled out and began face fucking her, holding his cock deep inside her throat about every other thrust for several seconds before withdrawing it. Erin was like a pro now, through muffled gargled sounds she expertly took his massive cock all the while she was giving hand jobs to Dale and Mark.

Each man took his turn cramming his cock into Erin's mouth. The room filled with the sounds of her gurgling, gagging and moaning as she continued to suck on each of their cocks. Frank, as always, was the hardest to swallow because he was so damn huge and he got great pleasure holding her head tightly against his oversized cock to the point where she could hardly breathe and almost passed out. This only intensified the pulsing sexual urges that were soaring through Erin's body from head to toe. She had no idea whose cocks she held in her hands, but the odd man out was having fun cruelly twisting and pinching her already sore nipples making them rock hard and enlarged. She let out large muffled moan but silently wished the abuse on her nipples continued.

The odd man out was Dale, who decided it was time to move on to some serious fucking. He laid back on some cushions that had been thrown on the floor and started massaging his cock getting it nice and hard. Frank pulled Erin up onto her feet and said, "It is time for you to straddle some cock."

Erin's pussy was oozing with wetness and she was quite anxious to do just that, however, as she began to lower herself down on top of Dale, Frank instructed her to turn around and face outward instead of facing Dale. Hell, she didn't care which direction she faced as long as she got that throbbing cock inside her drenched pussy. So she turned around and again began lowering herself on top of Dale. Again, Frank stopped her and said, "No, not your pussy just yet, your ass needs fucking first."

Erin cried out, "No! Please, my ass hurts way too much." Just the thought of her ass being invaded again, made Erin want to get up and run. "PLEASE not my ass!" she pleaded one more time.

Ignoring her pleas, Frank took some lube and rubbed it up and down the crack of her ass thrusting a fat finger into her cute puckered asshole causing Erin to yell out in pain. "There you go, Dales' cock should slide in a bit easier now." Everyone laughed, but Erin.

Frank knew how hard this was going to be for Erin. It is one thing when you are laying still and having someone force his cock into your ass or pussy, but it is very different when you are the one controlling the entry of that cock and you know it will cause immense pain. You could see it on Erin's face. "Come on slut, ride his cock with your ass." he told her.

Erin slowly lowered her body down until Dale's cock was just touching her ass. Dale grabbed her ass checks and spread them apart exposing her delightful little asshole. The tip of his throbbing cock opened her anal sphincter and Erin cried out in pain. She immediately tried to get back up, but Frank was holding her shoulders down preventing her from doing so. She took a deep breath and lowered herself down a bit more until the head of Dale's cock was completely swallowed in her ass. She yelled out in sheer agony as she felt the pressure of his cock buried inside her. Again, she tried to get up, but Frank was pinning her down. "Finish taking him up your ass!" he yelled.

Trying to ignore the burning pain in her ass, she tried to relax and continued to lower herself slowly taking his hard cock inch by inch in her anal track. Her body shuddered in pain as she felt the pressure of the huge cock stretching her already sore anal walls. Her breathing became shallow and perspiration beads appeared on her forehead, as she endured the pain that she was self-inflecting. She grunted and groaned as her bowels began to cramp and throb. This upright angle was so much more severe than what she had experienced before, and she thought her ass hole was going to be torn apart. "PLEASE LET ME STOP!" she screamed out.

Laughing, Frank pushed her shoulders down forcing Erin to engulf the last couple of inches of Dale's huge cock. She threw her head back and let out an anguished scream as her ass stretched to take the final inches deep inside her rectum. She shuddered in pain and screamed, "LET ME GET UP!"

Frank released her shoulders and she quickly raised herself off of Dales' cock, but before her gaping asshole could even close back up, Frank pushed her shoulders down again forcing her to take the entire 8" cock deep in her rectum. "AHHHHHHHHH!" she yelled out through gritted teeth. Her body went rigid as Frank continued to allow her to get up, only to push her back down onto Dale's large cock forcing it deep into her anal canal. The continual ramming of the cock deep in her ass was sending shock waves of pain through out her body, yet, with each thrust, she began to enjoy the feeling of having her ass stretched open with a huge cock. She moaned loudly and began to lower herself down on Dale's cock even before Frank could push her shoulders down.

He smiled and said, "Now ride it slut."

Her body took over and so she did as instructed, lifting herself up and back down on Dale's cock squeezing her asshole to heighten the intense feeling and massaging Dale's cock. Dale couldn't contain himself any longer and began thrusting his hips to meet her which only intensified the pain Erin was already feeling. As before, the pressure she felt deep inside her ass was beyond description and her asshole burned with intense pain, but damn it was turning her on. Her pussy was throbbing and her body quivered with pleasure as she began rapidly riding his 8" cock up and down, up and down, up and down. Her pussy dripped with wetness and she reached down and began pulling and playing with her clit. She moaned loudly, "OH YES!"

"Does you pussy need a bit of relief too?" Mark asked her.

"FUCK YES!" she cried out.

Dale reached around her and grabbed her tits forcing her to lean back onto his stomach which exposed her wet pussy for easy access. Mark took his enlarged throbbing cock and without any warning, thrust his entire 9" deep into Erin's drenched pussy. Erin yelled out animal like scream "AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Her entire body shook as Mark began plowing his cock in and out of her swollen pussy. Shivers of ecstasy went spiraling through out her body. The pain was so intense; the pressure was unbelievable, yet, the desire to continue to be fucked in this manner burned deep inside her. She dropped her head back and screamed, "FUCK YES!" and began clinching her ass and pussy milking both cocks simultaneously. Both men moaned in pleasure as their cocks got massaged by this talented slut. It took all their effort not to cum.

Dave stood over her and took his cock and started face fucking her. Erin thought, here I am again with 3 cocks in every hole as she took his cock deep into her throat. This only turned her on even more and she felt her body on the threshold of another mind-blowing climax. She clenched down on Mark's cock and felt him swell deep in her pussy. Within in moments, he exploded shooting an enormous amount of cum deep in her awaiting cunt. She pushed Dave out of her mouth momentarily and yelled, "FUCK YES, I am going to CUM!"

Her body erupted in climax sending her pussy into spasms as it continued to clinch around Mark's shooting cock forcing load after load of cum deep inside her. "AHHHHHHHH, OH FUCK YES!" she yelled out again. Her body trembled with her own climax sending ripples of pleasure through out her body. She felt Dale swell deep inside her ass and he too blasted a huge amount of cum inside her. She shuddered in elation as her ass burned with his cum and she squeezed her ass together to help milk the last bit of it deep in her anal canal. The men moaned in gratification as their cocks were simultaneously massaged by Erin's pussy and ass. As her body continued to climax, she yelled "Fuck me some more!"

"Be careful of what you wish for slut." Frank said, massaging his own gargantuan cock.

Dale and Mark removed their shrinking cocks from Erin's sweet holes, cum immediately seeping out of both her pussy and ass. Frank went down on his back and grabbed Erin around her waist and pulled her down shoving his immense cock deep into her eagerly awaiting wet pussy. Erin let out scream of delight as she felt her pussy being stretched wide open to accommodate Frank's throbbing cock. She loved that feeling of her pussy spreading wide open to the point of feeling like it would tear. She moaned in enjoyment as she began to ride Frank's hard cock. Frank groaned in pleasure amazed once again on how Erin could take his entire 10" thick cock into her sweet pussy. He thrust with his hips as she came down on him, plunging his massive head against her bruised cervix.

"AHHHHHHHH!" Erin screamed out as the pain in her cervix sent shockwaves of tiny goose pimples up her spine. Yet she continued to ride him enjoying the feeling of the immense fullness and pain deep in pussy.

Erin's breathing started to increase and she felt her warm sweaty body getting ready to reach yet another mind-blowing climax. Frank sensed it too, yet he still had another treat for Erin and didn't want her to climax just yet. He reached around and grabbed Erin around the waist forcing her to lie back on his stomach keeping her from riding his cock. She let out an anguished cry as her body was stopped short of experiencing another climax. "What are you doing?" she cried out.

"Well since you seem to enjoy that sweet pussy of yours being stretched so, I thought you might enjoy a double-penetration." he replied.

Erin thought, what the hell did he think I just did with Dale and Mark? And then the light bulb went off in her head. "SHIT NO!" she screamed realizing that he was referring to double penetration in her pussy. She tried to wiggle free, but he only laughed as he held her easily in place.

"If I were you slut, I would try and relax before Dave shoves his cock into you pussy spreading you way beyond anything you have experienced." He pushed himself a bit deeper into her to emphasize that her pussy was already quite jam-packed with his cock already.

She let a sob, "PLEASE NO! You really will tear me open!"

"Help get her mind off her pussy Dale. Give her nipples a treat." Frank said ignoring her.

Dale leaned over and began to flicker his tongue over Erin's nipples making them immediately hard and pointed. Erin moaned as her nipples quickly responded to the stimulus of his tongue. He began to suck on them pulling them outward making the nipples large and engorged. Erin's body began to relax as she felt the sexual sensations from her nipples move downward toward her pussy. She was so enthralled with the nipple teasing she didn't even notice Dave move between her wide open legs. He pushed his bulging head of his cock into her awaiting pussy. More animal like screams erupted from Erin as her pussy was stretched to accommodate his cock. All the pain she had experienced thus far didn't even come close to the pain she felt radiating through out her body. She could hardly breathe due to the pain. Sweat quickly appeared on her forehead and she cried out through gritted teeth "AHHHHHHHHH, STOP OH PLEASE STOP!"

Frank whispered in her ear, "Ain't going to happen slut, so try and let your body relax, concentrate on the sensations of your nipples." He knew if she could take both hard cocks in her pussy she would be worth more at the future gang bangs he had planned for her. And he had no doubt she could. He knew how to pick out a good dirty slut!

Dale intensified the playing on her nipples and Erin closing her eyes tried to concentrate on the wonderful sensations of her nipples trying hard to block out the extreme pain in her pussy. The pain slowly subsided as her pussy got use to the two cocks buried inside it. Frank felt her body relax again and gave a nod to Dave who slowly began pushing inch by inch his huge cock deeper into Erin's pussy. Erin groaned in pain as her pussy was stretched out to hold both enormous cocks, but the pain had become bearable. She was amazed that her pussy had not torn. The feeling of the immense pressure of stretching and fullness in her pussy was unbelievable. She glanced down and was not surprise to see her normally very flat lower stomach bulging out because of the two enormous cocks buried in her pussy. She shuddered with delight as the thought of how horny this was making her feel. She was successfully fucking two cocks at once in her pussy!

Dave slowly began to pump her pussy but never quite pulled all the way out so Erin never totally lost that overwhelming stretching and fullness in her pussy. Frank too began to slowly thrust with his hips. Both men moaned in pleasure as they enjoyed the feeling of their cocks being smashed together in Erin's tight pussy. Erin could not believe that her body was not only enduring the pain, but was enjoying it immensely. The constant stretching of her pussy was sending waves of pleasure as well as pain through out her entire body. She shuddered again with sheer ecstasy and moaned loudly "Ahhhhhhh, FUCK YES!" She pushed her body down with Dave's next thrust accepting his entire 9" deep in her outstretched pussy. All three moaned blissfully as they enjoyed Erin's pussy wrapped tightly around both huge cocks.

Dale began biting and sucking hard each nipple; Erin responded by thrusting her large gorgeous tits deeper into his mouth to enhance the feeling she was getting from the abuse of his mouth. Her entire body felt like it was being bitten by tiny fire ants, yet she didn't want the feeling to stop. Her pussy was in extreme pain from the constant stretching of having two massive cocks pumping inside her; however she was totally enjoying this sexual torture of her body. She no longer cared about the slut she had turned into she only wondered what would happen when the 4 of them left and how she could continue to get this pleasure over and over and over again.

Mark had gotten hard again watching this scene unfold in front of him and came around to Erin's mouth and said, "Suck it slut!" She eagerly began licking and sucking on his head, enjoying the taste of his pre-cum. Another shudder over came her as her body continued to enjoy the sexual abuse. Wanting in on the oral sex too, but not wanting to neglect Erin's nipples, Dale took two clothes pins and attached them to Erin's protruding nipples. She gasped in pain as each engorged nipple was roughly squeezed with the clothes pin but she made no attempt to remove them. Dale laughed and said, "You like that don't you slut?"

Erin replied with a muffled groan since Mark was now forcing his large cock down her throat. For the next several minutes, both men took turns face fucking her while Frank and Dave continued to thrust in and out of her swollen expanded pussy. Erin had completely given in to her body and was totally enthralled with the overpowering feelings sweeping through out her sweat covered body. Her nipples were now a deep purple due to the lack for blood flow to them and the bouncing of her tits caused by the thrusting motion of Frank and Dave was a sending a constant pang of pain to each nipple. Every so often Dale would flick the clothes pins heightening the pain Erin was feeling. However, she again, did not try to remove them. She enjoyed the discomfort and it was only enhancing the sexual experience.

Erin felt her climax building and she threw her head back and yelled "FUCK YES!" Even as stretched as her pussy was she still was able tightened it massaging both cocks at the same time. Both men moaned out loud as they felt her pussy tighten up even more. She continued kneading both cocks as she reached her climax. As if on cue, Dale removed the clothes pins and roughly grabbed each nipple quickly forcing the blood back into them just as Erin erupted into climax.

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