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Unwelcome Promotion


I work as a mid-level manager in a large company. Until a couple of weeks ago I was miserable. The hours were long, and after four years, I had received two measly raises, and not even a single promotion. My frustration with my job was making me cranky and short-tempered and was hurting my marriage.

I was on the verge of quitting, when I decided to try one last thing. I invited my boss, Jack Green, to dinner. My wife, Kelly, spend several hours cooking a nice meal, and I busted my ass making sure the house looked perfect.

The evening started off badly. Mr. Green showed up more than forty minutes late. he didn't apologize, and didn't even bring a bottle of wine. He snorted as he walked in, and demanded a drink. When I brought him a Scotch, I smelled his breath and noticed he'd already had a few.

For a while I tried to strike up a conversation, but he was surly and sarcastic, and finally we ended up sitting in silence. Just before dinner Kelly joined us. Mr. Green immediately perked up, but I wasn't sure if I preferred him that way. He leered at Kelly boorishly. I am used to men looking at Kelly--she is striking, five-seven, with long brown hair, big blue-grey eyes, and a voluptuous 37-24-36 figure--but Mr. Green was looking at her like a hungry animal.

He stood up and gave her a big hug, and then he pulled her down onto the couch next to him. He talked exuberantly, and rested his hand on her thigh. Kelly gave me a questioning look, but I was too surprised to react, so Kelly just went along. She laughed at his silly jokes, and tolerated his pawing.

At dinner, he totally ignored me, and concentrated on Kelly. As the evening wore on, I got more and more upset at Mr. Green, and I have to admit I was a little peeved at Kelly for not saying something. After all, I could not tell him off, but she certainly could have said something. Anyway by the end of the evening I knew my experiment at getting along with my boss had failed, and that I was probably going to quit the next day. My mind was finally made up when as he walked out the door, he gave Kelly a wet kiss on the cheek and gave her ass a firm squeeze.

Finally he was gone.

"Honey, I'm sorry," I offered.

"You owe me," she said laughing.

I was surprised. "You don't seem bothered."

"What? About your boss? He's harmless. And anyway, why should I care? If my husband doesn't mind seeing his boss grope me, why should I?" her voice had just a tinge of bitterness. She turned and went back to the kitchen.

I was surprised at her reaction, but I was preoccupied with my own anger. That night we went to bed in virtual silence. The next morning, I told Kelly that I was planning to quit.

She frowned. "Are you sure, Bob?"

"Yeah, I need to get out, I could probably get another job, and I bet I could be making as much as I am now pretty soon."

Kelly seemed disturbed by that. My present job really wasn't enough to keep Kelly living like she'd have liked, even with her also working, and the thought of a cut in pay seemed to really worry her. "Well, look you're still angry about last night. Give it a couple of days."

I paused, but then I realized she was making sense, so I agreed to consider her arguments.

The following Monday, I went to work, and at about noon, Kelly appeared at my office. She was dressed to kill, and looked like a million bucks.

"Wow, what's up?" I asked surprised.

"Oh, just thought I'd look my best to see my husband."

We chatted for a while, and then went to lunch nearby. Kelly was insistent that I not quit for a little while. I finally relented, and Kelly seemed relieved. For the rest of the lunch, Kelly seemed a bit distracted. After we finished, Kelly insisted on walking me back to my office, even though it was out of her way. Finally, around 1:30, she left, and I went back to work.

About an hour later, Mr. Green suddenly showed up in my office. I was still upset, and looking for an excuse to get into a fight. However, he was kind and genial. He thanked me for dinner and complimented my wife. And then suddenly, out of the blue, he offered me a raise and a promotion. I told him I'd think about it, but I knew I'd accept. The next day I did.

For the next two weeks, I cleaned off my desk before beginning my new job. Finally I was ready to move into my new office. After I got set up, I invited Kelly to see my new digs.

She needed to get some work done in the morning, but she came by in the early afternoon. Again she was totally put together, and I had a little trouble believing she'd been hard at work that morning. I showed her around, and she acted suitably impressed. After about a half-hour, Kelly said she had to leave.

A few minutes later, I realized I need to go speak to Mr. Green, so I went upstairs to his office.

Before I could say anything his secretary smiled, "Oh, that explains it. Go right on in, he must be expecting you."

I was perplexed, but she waved me around the corner, and I assumed Mr. Green must have tried to reach me as I was walking to his office. What a coincidence, I thought. Still, dubious I rapped on the door very lightly. From inside I heard a muffled voice, and I assumed I was being invited in. I gently opened the door, and closed it behind me. Mr. Green had a big, l-shaped office, and I was standing out of sight of his desk.

I was about to walk in further, when suddenly I heard a woman's voice, Kelly's voice. "Oh, Mr. Green, you're so warped," she giggled.

"You're one to speak," he responded cheerfully.

The next sound was chilling. Kelly suddenly let out a long, deep moan the likes of which I never heard outside the bedroom.

I peered around the corner. Kelly was standing in front of Mr. Green as he sat in his big desk chair. He was leaning forward running his hands up and down her long legs. She fully dress, but I could see the outlines of his hands as he reached up and clenched her firm ass. Then I could see as he moved his hands between her legs. A moment later she let out another tantalizingly long moan.

"You are so hot and tight," he muttered.

She groaned and pressed his hands against her. "Oh God, if you keep that up you'll stretch me out," she growled.

"Oh, yeah, I'll stretch you out, and I know just the tool to do it," he patted his crotch vulgarly.

Mr. Green continued working vigorously on her crotch. She was moaning delicately. She was standing straight up, her eyes were closed, and a blissful smile was on her lips as she leaned her head back. Her arms were outstretched and resting on his head.

I was nearly sick to my stomach watching my sleazy boss molesting my beautiful, sweet wife. But they were just getting started and I was mesmerized. As I watched, Mr. Green moved his hands up around her waist under her skirt. Slowly his hands moved down and I saw that he was pulling down her thong panties.

He put her panties into his pocket, and quickly stood up. She opened her eyes, and he immediately kissed her emphatically jamming his tongue deep into her mouth. He grabbed her roughly, spun her around, and pushed her forward onto his desk. He lifted up her skirt, and rubbed her hard round ass. He quickly undid his pants, and let them fall around his ankle. His boxers followed a second later.

For a moment Mr. Green stood behind my exquisite wife. He spread her legs wide, and with one hand her he rubbed between her legs, and with the other he stroked his huge, thick rod. Kelly's butt was pointing in the air, gyrating quickly in anticipation, and looking especially appetizing framed by the straps of her garter belt. He removed his hand from between her legs and grabbed her shoulder. With the other hand he aimed his cock, and suddenly, viciously he hammered himself completely into her. His thrust lifted her feet momentarily off the floor and she let out a loud, "Umph!"

He fucked my hot wife mercilessly, and she squealed in delight at each thrust. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as he continued banging her box. Her face was radiant despite the his rough handling, maybe even because of it.

"Oh, baby, you feel so good," he growled, "we should do this more often." He slapped her butt hard to punctuate his point.

"Oow! No way, you get me one hour a week, that's the deal. Anyway," she continued with a smile, "I'm not sure I could take any more of your big, hard cock."

Mr. Green smiled at the compliment, and then replied, "Oh, don't play the innocent little virgin with me. It's just a matter of finding the right price."

She turned toward him, and they smiled knowingly at each other. They continued in silence for a while, the only sounds in the were their straining moans, and the loud slap of flesh on flesh as he reared forward and she thrust backwards to meet his cock. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, he gripped her hips tightly, and plunged himself deep into her. Suddenly his body seemed to shiver throughout and it was obvious he was filling her hot cunt with his cum.

He seemed to wither momentarily. He rested his arms on the desk and caught his breath. Kelly was doing the same, sweat running down her face as he body rose and fell in time with her gasping breaths.

Finally he seemed to recover. He stood up behind her, his cock dangling in front of him. He vigorously rubbed her twat, and Kelly started moaning again. After a couple of minutes he seemed to tire of that, and he sat back down in his chair. Kelly started to rise, but Mr. Green quickly leaned forward, and pushed her back down.

"No, stay as you are. I like looking at you in that position."

Kelly shook her head, "You are a sick man," she said with a chuckle.

"And you have a great ass," he looked at his watch, "and I have another forty-five minutes to decide what to do with it. For now, I think I'll just watch."

"You don't want me to do anything?" she asked incredulously.

"Naw, I just like seeing your pretty, little muff, spread out on my desk," he responded as he stroked his cock.

She turned to look at him. "You have a beautiful cock," she cooed.

"Aw, man, you have a beautiful face too. I don't know whether I want to stick it in your mouth or in your cunt."

"You're a pig," she said with a pout.

"Yep, and you're naked out on my desk," he answered with a smile. "What does that make you?"

"Stand up," he ordered after a pause. "Now come over here."

Kelly stood up and approached him. Deftly he undressed her. First, her skirt fell to the ground. Then slowly he unbuttoned her blouse and peeled it off. He ran his fingers across her firm stomach, and she shuddered slightly. He reached up and unsnapped her bra, sliding the straps off over her shoulders. She stood up straight, her hands at her sides as he proceeded to cup and fondled her full, firm breasts. She gasped slightly as he tweaked her nipples.

He grabbed her hands and pressed them to her muff. "Play with yourself," he commanded.

She seemed dubious, but he nodded at her, and she began slowly. At first she made little circles between her legs with her index finger, but then she rubbed herself more exuberantly. Soon she was spreading her pussy with one hand as she finger-fucked herself and fingered her clit.

She looked ravishing, her beautiful face and luscious body radiating with sexual energy as she became more and more excited. My boss certainly wasn't immune. His cock was rock hard again, and he was stroking it slowly. I took a good look for the first time, and truly realized its size. He was at least eight inches long and thick as a soda can.

With his left hand on his cock, he reached out and started rubbing her cunt with his right hand. She moaned as his hand replaced hers.

"Play with your tits," he ordered next.

She obeyed eagerly. She massaged her full breasts, concentrating on her swollen nipples. She looked down at my boss, and when she was certain he was watching her, she pushed her breast up and craned her neck so that she could lick her own nipple. Her tongue circled her nipple quickly, darting back and forth.

"Oh, baby, you are hot," he muttered. "I'd like to see that tongue circling my cock." Kelly paused a second. "You heard me, baby, on your knees," he demanded impatiently.

My sweet wife quickly complied. She enthusiastically licked his cock as he pulled her head into his lap. Thrusting his hips slowly, he pumped his huge rod past her full, red lips. He was grabbing her hair firmly, clearly in control. He leaned back, his eyes closed, as he continued fucking her mouth deeper and deeper.

"Oh, yeah, you have a great mouth. You know the minute I saw you I knew I'd be fucking you. I mean, there's no way Bob could satisfy a piece like you," he grumbled oblivious to my presence across the room. "Hey did you see his new office?" he asked Kelly. She gurgled an affirmative, it was the best she could do with her mouth stuffed with Mr. Green's cock. "Good," he continued, "I gave him the office right beneath mine. I like the thought of fucking his wife as he sits right beneath us." Kelly let out a stifled giggle.

Moments later he pulled her head away from his raging hard-on. She looked at him quizzically. But he had his own plan. Still grabbing her hair, he led her around the desk. For a moment, I thought he had seen me. I ducked back, but after a couple of seconds it was clear they were not coming toward me. I peered back around the corner. He had pushed her down on to her back in the center of the room. He kneeled between her legs and spread her wide. Their feet were pointed toward me, so I had a great shot of Kelly's luscious split beaver.

"I've always wanted to get laid right on this floor," he growled. "It'll make for fun memories during boring business meeting, especially, if I'm talking to your hubby." And with that he dropped onto his arms and plunged his huge rod into her wet hole.

She gasped as he hammered her cunt. He was nailing her like a wild animal, his cock looked like a piston pumping in and out. I was mesmerized by the sight of her cunt being stretched out by his huge rod. It seemed to go on forever. I couldn't believe she could take, and I wondered if I'd ever be able to fill her again.

Oddly, Kelly seemed to have the same though. "Oh, God, if you keep this up, you'll make me so loose that Bob'll get lost in there," she whispered through her moans and groans.

"Well, we can solve that," he growled. Quickly he pulled out, and with a swift motion he flipped her onto her stomach. Confidently, he rubbed his slick rod along the crack of her ass.

"Hey, I was just kidding," Kelly whimpered nervously, "you're not going to put that in my ass." Kelly had never let me butt fuck her, and as far as I knew she'd never been had that way.

"You guessed it, baby," he snapped, "and you don't have a damn thing to say about it." He looked at his watch again. "For another twenty minutes, and an hour ever week afterwards, I can fuck you any which way."

"Come on, be reasonable," she started, but her comment quickly turned into a loud screech as he buried his cock into her tight ass. I was sure she was loud enough to be heard in the outer office. Mr. Green must have thought the same thing, because before his next thrust he roughly covered her mouth. After that he reamed her ass hard. Kelly's muffled screeches filled the room, but they were sufficiently stifled that my boss could go on without fear of detection.

He banged her ass hard, but oddly Kelly's cries seemed to die down. Soon he removed his hand from her mouth, and let her submissive little squeals fill the room. He was seemingly tireless. Kelly slowly seemed to relax. She turned her face toward him. Her face was beet red, tears were running down her cheek, and obvious lines of pain around her mouth. And yet there was an underlying look of pleasure on her cheating face.

Mr. Green was grunting louder and louder. Her tight hole was apparently having it's effect after all. He gave her ass long deep strokes, and finally he tensed in obvious climax. He rolled off her, and lay on the floor for a moment as they both caught their breath.

Kelly stood up, and moved to get her clothes, but my boss looked at his watch, "Hold on, baby, I've still got five more minutes."

Kelly shrugged her shoulders, and came back to him. For the next five minutes, he rubbed her clit and her nipples, making sure she was hot and bothered before stopping suddenly leaving her high and dry. Finally he allowed Kelly to dress, and I decided I had to get out of there.

As I was about to creep out of the room, I heard Mr. Green's voice, "Kelly, that was great, but get ready for next week. I think I'll invite some of Bob's coworkers to sample your sweet cunt. You may have gotten him a raise and a promotion, but I'll make sure everyone knows the deal." He was laughing cruelly as I left the room.

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by Anonymous01/06/19

I can’t imagine any living creature liking something like this.
Decidedly, doing so is an indication of mental illness.
Fans of this, go get help. This is not ‘just a fetish.’ This is a self-hatredmore...

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1 star because I can't give less. You.must be a sad little twerp.

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by Anonymous03/09/18

Erotic quality of the story?

No matter how good the writing if the content matter sucks it's bad. ONE STAR.

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