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Unwelcome Visitors


I was out in the garden naked as usual and feeling extremely horny I'd just stroked myself to a very pleasant orgasm when I heard the sound of a vehicle coming up the lane. With semen still dripping from my penis I walked down towards the house and watched as an unfamiliar car approached and turned into the farm yard, it was 10am and I certainly wasn't expecting visitors. I began to feel a little nervous and for the first time in a long while I felt vulnerable about being naked, yet at the same time a feeling of excitement stirred from within.

The car stopped about 50 feet away from me and I could see that there were three occupants, two men in the front and a woman sitting in the back. All three were sitting and staring at me as if waiting for me to move. After a short while they emerged from the vehicle and as they approached me, I was very conscious of the semen dripping from the end of my penis. The woman led the group with the two men following close behind her, all three were dressed very formally and look like officials of some sort, this heightened both my nervousness and excitement.

As the woman approached me the expression of disgust on her face was clear, she quite obviously wasn't impressed at my state of undress, and I got the impression I was in trouble. She was a tall woman with short blonde hair, quite attractive with a rather familiar face; her colleagues behind her were both equally tall and looked at me expressionless. The woman spoke first.

"I am Detective Sergeant Golding and my colleagues are DC Wilson and DC Buchanan," as she said this she held out an ID card to confirm who she was.

I didn't reply and just stared at the three of them feeling very conscious of my nudity and the fact that my penis was shrinking rapidly. DS Golding looked me up and down with a further look of disgust.

"Perhaps you would like to put on some clothes sir," she said rather disdainfully.

I shook my head nervously.

"No I'm fine like this," I said rather shakily.

As the words came out of my mouth I wasn't at all sure that I actually meant it. The exhibitionist in me was taking control.

After confirming my identity DS Golding suggested we go inside, I declined and pointed to the garden chairs and table.

"Over there, I prefer to be outdoors," I said.

The four of us made our way over and sat down at the garden table.

"Is there something I can help you with," I said still a little shakily.

"We are investigating reports of a naked man who has been exposing himself to women in the local countryside and on the beaches," said one of the men.

"You wouldn't know anything about this would you," said his colleague, "We know that the local police sergeant has had reason to talk to you on two occasions and he suggested we visit you."

I shook my head.

"I'm sorry I know nothing about it," I said a little unconvincingly, "I am strictly a private nudist and keep myself to myself, as I explained to Sergeant Buchan."

The woman raised an eyebrow and looked at me quizzically.

"So you never venture naked outside your own property or anywhere in public," she said, in a manner which made me think she didn't believe me.

I shook my head in response and wondered where this was leading, particularly as my nude lifestyle was almost public knowledge in the area. The three of them looked at me in silence, then DS Golding spoke.

"Well we need to jog your memory a little back at the police station in Docherty," she said.

I started to protest but in a moment her two male colleagues had taken me by the arms and as I stood in front of DS Golding they handcuffed my wrists behind my back. The feeling of total exposure as the woman looked at me caused a stir of excitement and I felt my penis starting to stiffen.

Sitting naked in the back of a police car with my wrists handcuffed behind my back was an uncomfortable experience and reminded me of the previous occasion many years ago. I was more than a little concerned that I hadn't been given the opportunity to put some clothes on before being cuffed, even though I had initially declined to dress. I was beginning to wonder just what was in store for me, particularly the matter of me being taken into the Police Station naked. Next to me was DS Golding, looking very prim and proper and occasionally glancing at me with a look of disgust and then making a point of staring directly at my penis which was fully erect. The effects of the vibration of the car as we traveled down the rather rough surface of the lane and the feeling of being totally exposed meant my penis was fully erect and was attracting further looks of disgust from DS Golding.

We traveled in silence heading towards Docherty and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get my penis to go down, in fact quite the opposite was happening and it was getting harder as the head was pushing out and forcing back the foreskin. The effect of this was to keep me rock hard and soon precum was oozing from the tip. This had not escaped the attention of DS Golding and she was spending more and more time staring at my swollen penis, in fact at one point I could have sworn that she licked her lips.

We were about two miles outside the village when unexpectedly the car started to slow down and we turned right off the main road heading in a direction away from Docherty. I glanced at DS Golding next to me.

"Where are we going," I asked with an edge of concern in my voice.

She smiled at me.

"We thought we might jog your memory a little," she said.

Shit, I thought to myself, these people are serious, and as I looked ahead along the road I had a pretty good idea as to our destination. A few minutes later we turned into the car park at Red Deer Wood and as it was a Saturday morning there were quite a few cars already parked, none of which I immediately recognised. I had no idea what the Police were intending to do or how they intended to 'jog' my memory but it was either going to excite me or scare the living shit out of me, either way I would soon find out.

Chapter 28: Humiliation

The Detective Constable parked the car at the far end away from the other vehicles and very close to the path I had frequently used before, it was as if they knew exactly where to bring me. DS Golding turned to me as the DC got out and opened the door next to me.

"OK get out," she said rather sternly.

My penis had softened due to my nervousness and it flopped as I struggled out of the car and stood up facing the DC. DS Golding walked around the rear of the car and stood facing me, for the first time since we met she smiled and looked down at my shrunken penis.

"Not quite so cocky now are we," she said.

I grinned and shrugged my shoulders.

"It's the fresh air," I said rather unconvincingly as the warm sun bathed my naked body.

"What now?" I asked.

DS Golding indicated that I was to walk along the path into the woods, something I had done naked on many occasions but never in the company of the Police.

"As we said we are going to jog your memory, perhaps find a few witnesses to your escapades," she said.

I started to walk along the path, followed by DS Golding, and the other two a short distance behind her. Walking with my hands cuffed behind my back made me feel very exposed, particularly since the head of my penis was still fully exposed with the foreskin pulled back; I wasn't exactly in a position to do anything about it unless someone offered to do it for me, which was unlikely.

I walked cautiously fully expecting to meet someone on the path ahead, as I approached a bend I slowed down only to be slapped on my bare bum by DS Golding who urged me to keep on going. The slap actually felt nice and my penis stirred appreciatively in response, although I am certain that was not what was intended.

As I rounded the bend the path lay straight for about 50 yards and ahead I could see a young couple walking towards me with their dog. I stopped and immediately I got another slap on my bum to keep going, I felt totally unprotected as I walked towards the couple who had now stopped on the path and were watching me. I was feeling just a little concerned about what the dog might do, particularly as I was not able to afford my genitals any protection. The couple were about 10 yards ahead of me when DS Golding instructed me to stop; both the man and the woman stared at me intently and must have been wondering what kind of strange entourage they had come across. As I stood facing them DS Golding walked past me and approached the couple, taking out her ID and introducing herself as she did so. The woman was smiling and kept glancing at me as DS Golding explained to them both that they had just arrested me for exposing myself in the woods and they were seeking witnesses, I couldn't believe my ears, this was a blatant lie and stunk of a set up just to get me convicted. I was just about to say my piece when the two policemen behind me each put a hand on my shoulder to restrain me and told me to stay quiet.

DS Golding turned to me and beckoned me to approach the group, the two DC's released me and I walked over with my penis swinging gently. I faintly recognised the woman who was obviously enjoying my display; her male companion wasn't quite so amused and stared at me in obvious disgust.

"Do either of you recognise this man," she asked them both.

The man shook his head, all the time avoiding any eye contact with me or my genitals, the woman on the other hand gave a big smile.

"Oh yes I recognise him, he is the male nude model from our WI art class," she proclaimed as she looked me up and down.

I remembered now, she was one of the quiet ones at the back who spent most of the session giggling with her friend. I never actually saw what she painted but I suspected it was more pornographic than fine art.

"I see, and have either of you seen him around the woods here today," the policewoman asked.

The man looked at me in disgust and then to my complete surprise and horror made a completely false statement.

"Yes I saw him skulking around behind the bushes back there, obviously playing with himself; bloody pervert."

I was speechless, it was all I could do to shake my head and as I looked at DS Golding she smiled at me.

"Well well, we seem to have got our man then," she said with obvious pleasure.

My penis shrunk visibly and my balls were retracting as I realised I really was in deep trouble. She turned to the couple, took their details, told them the police would most likely be in touch and then thanked them as they went on their way; I heard them bickering as they went down the path, apparently the man was unhappy that she had been painting a nude male and didn't like the way she had stared at me.

"You didn't have to keep looking at him," I heard him say.

I started to protest my obvious innocence to DS Golding when she turned towards me, held up her hand.

"Don't waste your time, we have witnesses now, let's go," she said in an authoritative manner.

She indicated we should return back to the car park and the two DC's turned me around to head back down the path. As the path opened out onto the car park I noticed a group of young women emerging from a car, they saw me immediately and started shouting and whistling.

"Hey nudeynuts have you lost something," I heard one shout.

Then as they noticed my arms cuffed behind my back and the police escort, they went silent as it dawned upon them I was most likely under arrest.

DC Golding pushed me towards the group and we walked over to where the four women stood, they stared at me as I got closer and my penis was responding to their attention.

"What have you been up to nudey," the tall blond one closest to me said as she glanced down at my stiffening penis.

"We've just arrested him for exposing himself in the woods," said DS Golding, who proceeded to introduce herself and her colleagues.

"Well we can certainly see that," laughed one of the other women, "Looks like he's enjoying it too," she said, pointing at my now fully erect penis.

DS Golding ignored both the comments and my erection, which was more than could be said for the women who were all staring and making whispered comments. I was warming to their attention and for a short while I had forgotten about the serious predicament I was in.

DS Golding stared down at my erect penis and then at me with a look of serious disgust.

"Ladies have any of you seen this man before and more importantly have you seen him in the woods here, naked of course," she asked.

I heard a few coarse remarks about what they would do if they had seen me but they all agreed they hadn't seen me before. Then one of them spoke up.

"Yes I've seen him before, walking naked through the car park near the old watch tower. Oh and he does nude modelling for the WI art class, put on quite a performance last time," as she said this she glanced over at me and gave me a cheeky smile.

Bugger this I thought, I am getting stitched up here.

"Thank you," said DS Golding after taking details from the young woman, "We will be in touch further if necessary."

Then she turned to me.

"You've been getting about a bit," and then looking down at my penis again said, "Excited are we."

A few minutes later I was sitting in the back of the car again with DS Golding next to me, we appeared to be heading towards the coast and my guess was we were going to Scotshead Beach. I was starting to get a glimmer of what was going on here and I intended to enjoy it regardless of the trouble I was apparently getting into.

What happened next took me totally by surprise and did nothing to dampen my visibly heightened state of excitement. DS Golding grabbed my penis very firmly and slowly started to move her hand along my shaft just stopping short of my purple head which by now was oozing precum. She stroked gently but firmly all the time avoiding the exposed head of my penis. I looked over at her and she just stared ahead with an expressionless look on her face as if nothing was happening. She must have sensed my penis suddenly stiffen and twitch, and very gently ran her fingers over my tip at the end of each stroke. I lost complete control at this point and a hot white jet of cum spurted from my penis landing all over my chest and on her hand, the next few spurts landed everywhere including the back of the driver's seat in front of me. I looked at DS Golding as the last of my cum ran down the shaft of my erect penis, she was watching with open mouth and it was evident she had watched the whole spectacle of me cumming with intense enjoyment. I could also see that her other hand was between her legs and moving beneath her slightly raised skirt, revealing stocking tops and a small amount of bare flesh. Without acknowledging me she turned and stared ahead again, removed her hand from between her legs and rearranged her skirt. I was more than a little confused and as I looked ahead I caught the drivers eyes in the driving mirror, he was obviously watching the goings on with some interest. We continued in total silence, my penis lay limp now with a dribble of cum slowly running down my leg and onto the seat beneath.

"Turn left here George," said DS Golding to the DC who was driving.

This intrigued me a little as we were no longer heading towards Scotshead Beach but up towards the Watch Tower which lay half a mile along the road we had just turned onto. We very quickly arrived at the opening to the Watch Tower car park and turned in. This was also a popular walking spot for a Saturday morning and as I expected there were quite a few cars parked, although there were no walkers in sight.

George parked the car in one of the few available spaces, DS Golding got out and walked around to my side and opening the door beckoned me out. As I wriggled out of the back seat and stood up my soft penis flopped down and a large drip of semen dribbled from the tip and on to the ground by my feet. Behind me DS Golding closed the car door and pointed me towards the path leading to the Watch Tower. As we walked I heard a car pull away, I stopped and as I looked over my shoulder I saw the two DC's drive away leaving me naked and handcuffed with DS Golding who patted me on the bum and urged me along the path.

"Where are they going?" I asked nervously.

She didn't reply and I kept on walking ahead of her feeling very exposed with excitement welling up inside me, not knowing what lay ahead. As I approached the bend in the path the Watch Tower gradually came into view and ahead of me a group of six people who I assumed to be three couples were walking towards me about 30 yards away. Behind them spread around the base of the Watch Tower were various groups of people enjoying picnics in the warm weekend sun. The excitement of being naked amongst so many people in public was overwhelming and very soon my penis was throbbing fully erect, and with my foreskin still pulled back I felt even more exposed.

The group ahead saw me immediately and stopped on the path watching me as I approached. Two of the women were grinning whilst the third had her hands over her eyes to avoid looking at me, she did however take the odd peek as I got closer. On the other hand the male members of the group who appeared to be much older than the women were glaring at me angrily which unnerved me a bit.

"What the hell do you think you are doing walking about like that? Where are your clothes?" shouted the elderly man closest to me.

I could hear one of the others mutter something too.

"Bloody pervert, he is obviously enjoying himself," I heard him say.

I assumed he was referring to my erection which was now enjoying the attention of all the three ladies; the shy one had allowed her curiosity to get the better and was now unashamedly staring at my penis.

As I stood in front of the group, one of the women moved behind me, probably to get a look at my bare bum.

"He's handcuffed," she called to the others in a surprised tone.

I expected DS Golding to intervene but there was silence and then the older man who spoke earlier spoke.

"What the hell are you doing handcuffed?" she asked.

"Ask the police woman behind me, I am under arrest," I replied.

They all looked past me to where I thought DS Golding was standing, there was no response and slowly I turned and looking over my shoulder I saw there was nobody there.

"Shit!" I muttered to myself, my heart sank and my penis started to soften too.

They all looked at me in silence as I tried to explain what had happened to me this morning then the man who had called me a pervert earlier spoke up.

"You are just a bloody kinky pervert, do you expect us to believe all this cock and bull about being arrested," he said, and promptly whacked me across the bum with his walking stick.

I grimaced with pain as memories of my first acquaintance with Mrs Glenn came flooding back.

"Bill don't do that you will hurt him," said one of the women angrily and then turned to me.

"Are you Ok? Are you seriously saying that you were arrested, taken from your home naked and then abandoned?" she asked incredulously.

"Yes," I replied, wincing with the pain from my buttock.

"It's unbelievable," she said.

"Bloody right it is, damned pervert," said the man who I now assumed to be Bill as he waved his walking stick dangerously close to my penis.

The woman who I believed to be Bill's wife quickly moved in front of me and acted as a shield against the walking stick which was threatening to whack my penis.

"Stop waving that damned thing about, you will hurt the poor man, can't you see he is in distress," she said.

The other two women voiced their agreement to this and joined their friend in front of me. This act of support from the women gave me a warm feeling and soon my excitement was rising again, visibly. As I stood shielded behind the three women I thought about turning and running but the excitement of the situation got the better of me. The men were backing off now and Bill in particular had gone very quiet. The women turned around towards me and all three of them immediately looked down at my erect penis.

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