tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUnwilling but Able Ch. 03

Unwilling but Able Ch. 03


The next day came, and looming over everything I did in my day-to-day duties was the knowledge that I was to meet Valerie -- my boss, tormentor and mistress -- at five o'clock on the dot, down in the cubicle hidden away in the basement archival sections of our law firm.

It was not long after lunch, however, when one of my fellow interns -- a nice young girl named Janine, a friend of my wife's whom we had known since our Uni days -- tracked me down with some bad news. "Hey Jeremy: No-Vadge wants to see you," she informed me.

My blood ran cold, as though I had been injected with liquid nitrogen: it seemed 'No-Vadge Valerie' was not content to wait til five o'clock. "Fuck," I breathed.

"You okay, Jerry?" Janine asked me, with genuine concern. "You've gone all white."

I shook my head, and tried to laugh it off. "You know old No-Vadge," I shrugged. "The evil bitch is sure to have some kind of hell in store."

"Well, good luck," Janine called, as she hurried off on another errand. I watched her go, wishing she could know how very dearly I needed the luck she wished me...

I hurried to Valerie's top-floor corner office. I didn't want to get there in a hurry, but I was worried if she had to wait too long for me it would provoke her to ever-more unkind acts.

I approached Valerie's office with dread crawling all over me. She had one of the coveted corner offices with a gorgeous view over the harbour, separated from the rest of the office by full floor-to-ceiling-length glass panelling with a door right in the middle of the panels, the door fashioned from some ornate kind of wood -- oak, or cedar, or some such. It allowed her to keep a watchful eye over the goings-on of the plebeians with their desks scattered across the general floor-space of the upper level, and it also meant that she could always see you coming when you answered her summons.

She spotted me very quickly, and even from across the floor I could see the smug, evil look on her face -- a face that held terrible portents for my pathetic self.

How I hated being in the position I was, how I hated being under her control, being her bitch... though I couldn't help but admit, when the heat was on and she had me doing terrible, depraved, humiliatingly sexual things to myself, it riled me up like nothing else. I didn't understand it and it worried me like hell, but it was the truth. I hated it... but I loved it, too.

I opened the door and entered her office, shutting the door behind me. "Hello Jeremy," she smirked, unkindly.

I chose to say nothing, merely awaiting my fate.

She seemed amused by my defiant silence. "So I was thinking to myself: 'how I do love toying with that Jeremy.' It's such a lot of fun; everybody needs a bitch, I reckon," she grinned, evilly. "It's a great way to work out your frustrations, putting your bitch down like only a bitch deserves."

I maintained my silence, wondering how many times she could pack the 'bitch' word into one sentence.

"So I was feeling bored, and it occurred to me: why should I wait til five o'clock?" she went on. "After all, I'm in charge here -- you have to do as I say, when I say, or I'll fire your sorry arse and destroy you forever. You do know I can -- and will -- destroy you, if ever I feel like doing so..."

An answer was required, so I nodded. Just once.

"Very good," she praised, hollowly. "Okay then: strip."

I blinked -- I was unprepared for that, and I hesitated.

"Go on..." she urged, with a smirk, as though she was encouraging a precocious puppy to relieve itself in the back yard. "Get those clothes off."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. She wanted me to strip? Right there? In her office, with the glass walls, in full view of everyone...?

"Go on!" she repeated, less kindly this time. "Step back, step hard back against the door -- you stay close enough to that door, there's less chance someone will see you. They might see you, if they come close enough... but I don't get many visitors, people round here don't seem to enjoy my pithy banter," she grinned, as though she took pleasure in her ball-busting, get-ahead-at-all-costs reputation.

My shoulders fell: she wasn't joking. She was serious. She would have me strip, right there, in her office... the wooden door was wide and high, it would shield me from most of the people out there, but there was always the chance someone might walk up, someone might see me... and if they did: what then?

The jig would be up, I foresaw. It would all be over. Valerie would cry innocent, she would accuse me of bailing her up in her office and performing lewdly and against her will, and if I wasn't fired on the spot I would instead be charged with indecent exposure and hauled off in chains. But if I didn't do it... if I disobeyed Valerie... she would fire me, or instead make me do something even more humiliating, she would make me strip and run naked through the office, or worse...

"Come on, Jizzy Jeremy," she cooed, tauntingly. "You know you want to..." and she nodded at my pants, which I realised contained a large and obvious bulge -- that damn cock of mine. As much as her orders scared me and humiliated me, my cock somehow took a perverse pleasure in my subjugation and grew hard at her merest command, swelling and slithering serpentine in my pants like a python on growth hormones.

Sighing in defeat, I started to remove my clothes, stepping back to nestle hard up against the heavy wooden door as I did so.

"Good boy..." she praised sarcastically, as my clothes hit the floor. "Now go on -- beat one off. I want to watch you make yourself come," she purred, evilly. "Better make it quick, too..."

That much we were agreed on -- I wanted to spend as short a time as possible, naked and exposed in her office, so I set to work on myself with vigour.

But it was hard going. Valerie, sitting behind her desk, did nothing to spur me on; she simply sat there, leaning back in her chair, an elbow up on the armrest and her chin cradled thoughtfully, amusedly in her hand as she watched. In our prior sessions she'd join me in masturbating, she'd gradually show me more and more until she was as naked as I, as we pleasured ourselves in front of each other and got off on watching the other -- but here and now, in her office, masturbating on my own, I couldn't make myself come.

How typical, I thought as I pounded frantically away. Exactly when I need to come straight away, it was going to take all day.

My orgasm was probably held at bay by the fear. I didn't want to get caught by anybody else. It would mean the end of my employment with the firm, for sure. There would be no coming back from that: busted, naked and aroused and masturbating in a senior lawyer's corner office... perhaps that was her plan. She had grown bored of me already, and wanted my downfall to be as spectacular as possible.

I was determined to triumph. I was determined to bring on my orgasm, and beat Valerie this time. I tipped my head back, shut my eyes and imagined; I put my situation and my surroundings out of my mind and I imagined sexy things, thinking sexy thoughts, bringing up sexy images and memories to kindle my arousal. And to my surprise, I found myself automatically thinking back on my prior sessions with Valerie...

...thinking on how she busted me, in this very pose, down in the basement in front of my webcam...

...thinking on how she made me continue, how she began to touch herself as she watched me...

...thinking on how she stripped down in front of me, exposing her nice long legs, her curvy hips, her surprisingly nice breasts and creamy white skin...

...thinking on the look on her face as she watched me wank, as she sank her fingers deep within her in seeking her pleasure: her teeth biting her lower lip, lids heavy, eyes unblinking as she refused to miss a second of my show...

"That's the way," I heard Valerie murmur, from where she sat. "It's getting bigger now... it must be coming soon..."

She was right; my imaginings were working. I could feel my cock swelling ever-more, my orgasm pooling and charging deep in my loins, and I took heart. I didn't open my eyes though, drawing instead on further images...

Valerie, fingers deep within herself, the fingers of one hand slipping in and out of her hot grasping cunt as the fingers of the other toyed and played with her clit...

Valerie, head falling back, chest heaving, breasts rising and falling as her mouth falls open and she starts to moan, to gasp, to scream as she came... yes... yes...

Valerie, falling suddenly and without warning to her knees, her mouth falling on my cock and swallowing me quickly and whole, drinking me up, taking every shot of my orgasm in her mouth... mmm, yes, yes...

Valerie, her mouth filled with my cock and my creamy cum, her eyes swivelling upwards to meet mine, submissive, seeking my approval, needing my validation... oh, so close, so very fucking cloooose...

"Oh my..." said Valerie, and I knew she knew: it was going to happen. I was going to come, right there, in her office, any second now...

My orgasm was brinking, boiling up, ready to spill, hanging by a thread, so close, so close, come on...!

...and it was right at that moment, there was a knock on the door behind me.

I stopped. I froze. Everything froze: time froze, my hand froze, my heart froze.

"Don't stop!" Valerie ordered, almost desperate. "Don't stop!!"

My eyes sprang open and I pleaded with her, pleading, please, no...

"You come right now, Jeremy, or you're fired!" Valerie snarled -- and I saw she had a hand buried beneath her desk, she must have been pleasuring herself too, she needed my orgasm to achieve her own...

...so I got back into it, pounding with a new fury, pounding and wanking even as the knock came again...

"Yes..." Valerie moaned, as she watched me work away and she looked around the door. "Yes..."

As the unknown visitor knocked for a third time, I came; my load came racing and roaring like a torrent up my cock and I came, it came jazzing out of me, flying far across the room to land several feet in front of me on the thick expensive carpet. I kept wanking, I kept pounding, and I kept coming...

...and I heard a quiet exhalation, a subdued exaltation as Valerie came too, as she released a gasping sigh and a quiet, very feminine, very delicate little moan...

...and even as I kept coming, as my cum pumped and spilled hotly out of my cock and streamed all over the floor before me, I turned and saw -- looking at me through the glass wall adjacent to the door -- I saw Janine, mouth open wide with pure disbelief, watching me as I stood naked in Valerie's office with an enormous erection and an orgasm streaming out of me.

Our eyes locked. I realised my mouth was open, I was grunting hard, gasping without control as the orgasm gripped me. There was nothing in my head, there were no thoughts, there were not yet any feelings of fear or terror, nothing but the white noise of an orgasm occupied my thoughts. All of that would come later -- for now, I was coming, and that was all.

I observed, almost dispassionately in my abandoned state, that Janine wasn't moving. She wasn't turning away; she wasn't making to leave; she wasn't running to tell everybody what I was doing in Valerie's office, to rat on me and get my sorry arse fired.

She merely stood there, hard up against the glass, eyes flicking with disbelief from my cock to my face, her arms locked around a pile of documents that Valerie had probably sent her to fetch. That Valerie had probably sent her to fetch, with instructions to return at this very time...

Valerie. There she sat, behind her desk, a hand disappearing from view -- and though there were still a few hints of an orgasm about her own face, as she watched me come and watched me being discovered, the overriding theme on her face was one of vindictive glee.

I looked to her, the question evident on my face: 'what do I do? What do I do now?'

"Well, don't let her get away," Valerie instructed. "You'd better get her in here, nice and quick, before she goes and gets you fired."

I boggled at her, uncomprehending.

"Go on!" she barked, making me jump. "Grab her! Get her in here!!"

Orders from Valerie were to be obeyed, so I did just that: quick as a flash, I whipped the door open, grabbed Janine by the arm, dragged her into the room and slammed the door shut, pinning myself back against it to remain hidden from further prying eyes.

Janine had stumbled slightly at my rough treatment, but she turned around and beheld me with shock, as my cock gradually stopped pumping itself dry.

"Jerry?" she said, incredulously. "What are you doing??"

I had no answer for her, aside from the patently obvious, so I said nothing; I looked to Valerie for help, not expecting anything from her, but she surprised me.

"Jeremy has been a very bad boy," Valerie announced; Janine jumped, perhaps only realising now that Valerie was in fact in the room, and she took a step to the side so she could behold us both.

"He's been a very bad boy," Valerie continued, "and he has to do what I say, or I'll fire him. That is what he's doing."

Janine blinked. "Oh..." she said -- what else was there for her to say?

"Now then, Janine," Valerie continued. "You have two options, and I won't do anything to sway your decision. Either you can go and report what you've seen here to the senior partners, or you can keep it to yourself. Just know: if you do go and tell the partners, it will end Jeremy's career, end his marriage and destroy his life. I will make sure of that."

Janine took this in; bless her heart, I could see she didn't want that for me. "And..." she said slowly, the situation still taking time to sink in. "And if I decide to keep this to myself?"

"Then you're free to go," Valerie shrugged. "I can keep having my fun with Jeremy; Jeremy won't lose his job; and there'll be no trouble from me for you. You've done nothing wrong here, you're just an 'innocent bystander'," she added, with a smirk.

"Okay," said Janine; she took one last look at me, taking her time to look me up and down, drinking me in and lingering on my engorged, spent cock -- all of which surprised me greatly.

"Well, I've always liked Jerry," she went on, "and I don't want to get him in trouble. I'm going to just drop off these files, turn around, and go. Okay?"

"That's fine," Valerie nodded, as Janine left the files on her desk. "You're very kind, Janine. Be sure to thank her, Jeremy," she added, making it sound every inch the order it was.

"Thank you, Janine," I mumbled, burning with shame, unable to look her in the eye.

"It's okay," Janine answered. I snuck a look at her as she approached the door where I had remained, and found her once again staring at my cock; she caught my eye, and to my absolute disbelief, there was a hint of a smile about her lips... a very definite hint, of a very particular smile.

'Oh no...' I thought.

But I stepped aside to let her escape, all the same; once she was gone, the door was closed and I was safely hidden once again, I shot Valerie a despairing look.

"Okay, go on, get dressed again," Valerie grinned. "Ahh, you do put on a good show," she added, sighing contentedly... and as if I needed anything else to put my head in a spin, Valerie lifted one of her previously-occupied fingers to her mouth and she tasted it, she tasted of herself, she ran the finger across her lips and then slipped it in to suck on it, greedily, hungrily, and with an incredibly steamy look in her eye.

I stifled a groan, but I said nothing more as I worked to set a new record time for getting dressed, ignoring the twitches in my cock that felt like the aftershocks following a magnitude-nine earthquake.

"I'll bet getting caught like that was a dirty little thrill for you," she spoke up, while she watched me dress. "And getting caught by such a good friend, too..."

I risked glaring at Valerie, as I wrestled my way back into my shirt.

"And you know: I rather think our Janine kind of liked what she saw," Valerie crowed, most maliciously. "Perhaps she has something of a crush on you, Jeremy? Hmm?"

I would stand silent no longer -- I had to speak my piece. "I don't think so," I told her. "She's a good friend of my wife's. She'd never think of me like that."

"Oh, I beg to differ," Valerie scoffed, grinning at my discomfort on the topic. "Well then, if you're so keen to argue the matter: let's find out for sure, shall we? Give me your email password."

I blinked: she wanted access to my email? Oh no... "No," I responded automatically.

No-Vadge Valerie's face hardened instantly. "Don't you DARE tell me 'no'," she hissed, dangerously. "You tell me 'no' ever again, I'll have the senior partners on line one and your wife on line two," she added, picking up her office phone. "We'll all have a merry little conference call, to bring everyone up to speed on your antics. How does that sound?"

I sighed, shoulders slumping in defeat; I spelled out my password to her, watching as she wrote it down.

"Right," said Valerie, in a business-like tone. "Time to see if we can bring Janine into the fun. Go on back and watch your emails; this is going to be a bunch of fun," she added, with her trademarked evil leer.

Having been dismissed, I left her office, my perverse little mind wondering who was going to clean up all the spilled jizz on the floor. I wandered in a daze back to my desk, clicking to my email program to watch for whatever sordid little message Valerie would send on my behalf... and I didn't have to wait long.

"Hey Janine," she wrote, in an email from me to the very same. "I'm so sorry you had to see that. I feel so bad. I hope you don't hate me for what you saw; I really can't stand what she's making me do, I hate every second of it. I'd love a chance to explain myself to you -- No-Vadge has got me busy all afternoon, do you think you can meet me in the archival records room down in the basement, about 5pm today? Please just come and let me explain myself... I'm sorry, Janine," Valerie wrote for me, in a surprisingly effective turn of creative writing.

Janine's response came back very quickly: "Hi Jerry. You poor thing! How did this happen? Why do you have to do that for her? I could hardly believe what I saw in her office... don't be sorry though, I'm sure you're innocent in all this. It wasn't that hard on the eyes, anyway," she added, and my heart sank as I saw she added a suggestive little ;) on the end.

So Valerie was right; she was more perceptive than I would have paid her credit. More perceptive than me, at any rate -- never once in my life had I suspected Janine may have had a thing for me.

"So yeah," Janine's email continued, "I'll definitely meet you this evening down in the basement. I'm so curious to know how this all came about... who knows, maybe we can put our heads together, think of a way to get back at her, eh? Poor Jerry. Cya at 5," she signed off.

I was aghast, utterly aghast. I couldn't let Janine be sucked into all this -- it would end in tears, I knew. Janine had always been a good friend to me and to my wife, she was such a lovely person; if my failings were to get her in trouble too...

I wanted to send her a reply. I wanted to write to her: "No Janine, it's a trap, stay away..." but before I could even put fingers to keyboard, an email came into my inbox from Valerie.

"You'll be there at 5 for Janine," she instructed. "Don't warn her off. Don't stand her up. Come to my office for further instructions."

My heart sank to its lowest ebb. 'Fuck,' I mentally cursed, as I rose to do her bidding.

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