tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUnwilling but Able Ch. 04

Unwilling but Able Ch. 04


It was a few minutes to five, and I sat in the dank little cubicle in the basement of my firm's archival levels, hating myself.

This was the room where I had committed all my sins; this was where, outside of office hours, I would sit night after night and download pornography, upload pornography, and masturbate like crazy. This was where my boss, No-Vadge Valerie, had caught me doing exactly that; and now this was where I would have to seduce my good friend Janine, in order to keep my job, keep my house and keep my wife.

My instructions were burned into my memory. "You are to wait for Janine in the records room," Valerie had told me, after summoning me to her office. "And when she gets there, you're to tell her what you did; you're to tell her what you've done by my instruction, how you've humiliated yourself and submitted to my whim and will; and then, you have to fuck her."

I had boggled at Valerie when she dropped that on me. "What? How?"

"That's up to you," Valerie shrugged. "But that's what you've got to do. You have to fuck her, right there in that room, so I can watch."

I stared at her. "You'll be there?"

"In a fashion," she leered.

"But how?" I asked, more of myself than of Valerie.

"Find a way. Seduce her. Win her with your charms," she sneered. "If that fails: pin her down, and do it to her until she enjoys it."

I shuddered at the very thought. "I could never do that."

"Then you'd better be at your charming best," grinned Valerie, derisively. "Because I promise you: if you fail to fuck her, the jig is up. I'll expose you, and fire you, and you can watch your world crumble around you. Howzat sound?"

That sounded pretty shit, in my opinion. "Understood," was all I said. "Can I go now?"

"Yes, most certainly -- get cracking!" Valerie commanded. "Start working on your 'game plan'. I can't wait to see how you'll go about it... and I can't wait to see how you're going to look, while you're fucking that skinny little bitch," she added, with a leering sneer on her face.

So at a few minutes to five, I was waiting for Janine, filled to overflowing with the thickest, blackest kind of self-loathing. Up to this point, everything I had done for Valerie and with Valerie was not exactly kosher -- far from it, what with the stripping of clothes, the masturbatory performing, the mutual masturbation and bouts of oral sex -- but at least it hadn't hurt anyone.

It had been, in fact, been done on my part to avoid hurting anybody else; if I had refused No-Vadge Valerie's demands she would have had me fired, she would have destroyed my career before it had even begun, she would have torn up five years of study at University, she would have left me with no options and no prospects; my wife would have found out about my addiction to pornography and my relationships with other women over the internet, she would have divorced me; and with my reputation destroyed, I would have lost all forms of income, my wife and I would have defaulted on the enormous mortgage and we would both be financially ruined. I had tried to justify it to myself, that my actions were all to protect my wife, to spare her the humiliation and betrayal and disaster that she did not deserve, that would all have been due to my failings. I could either cheat on her with Valerie, or destroy my wife -- it was a case of choosing the lesser evil.

But now, Valerie was intent on dragging poor young Janine into it. Janine was such a sweet young thing; a friend of my wife since before I had met them, she had always been kind, bright, bubbly and friendly, and we shared most of our classes together while studying Law back in University. Though she was a very attractive girl -- slim and slender, but athletic, with sizable breasts for her frame, tight curves and an awesome gym-toned rump -- I had never seriously thought of her in lecherous terms, treating her more like a friend, even a sister. But the way she had looked at me, when she found me naked and hard and wanking in Valerie's office, the way her eyes had drunk me in, staring and unblinking as she watched me cum...

She was interested. There was an attraction for me, which I in my dumb unseeing way had never noticed in all the years I had known her. Janine's attraction for me had not escaped Valerie's notice; and the evil harridan now intended to rope Janine into our tangled web, to what intent I hardly dared to imagine.

I was torn. I was beside myself with guilt and self-directed hatred. It was no longer clear, where the greater evil lay: if I warned Janine off, or if I failed to get into Janine's pants, Valerie would destroy me. If I managed to seduce Janine, Valerie would somehow use that to her advantage, either as further evidence to damn me or perhaps, perhaps she would do worse...

I wouldn't let myself think on it. I already knew what I was going to do; regardless of whether it was right or wrong, I was going to try my damnedest to bed Janine. I was already in too deep, it was far too late to try to do the right thing now -- all I could hope for was the least dreadful outcome, that nothing worse than Valerie secretly getting her kicks out of somehow watching me and Janine get together, would result. Though even now, as I heard footsteps approaching my basement cubicle, I had no idea how Valerie intended to watch us...

The door opened, and with the utmost dread I turned to see... it was Janine. "Jerry..." she breathed, pausing wide-eyed as she saw me.

I looked to her with the utmost regret and apology in my eyes. "Janine: I am so, so sorry..." I told her.

"Hey: it's okay," she assured me, suddenly full of care and concern as she approached me, stopping at a short distance.

"I... I'm sorry you had to see me doing that..." I went on.

"Jerry: I told you, it's okay," she said again, and I saw a smile playing about the corners of her mouth, betraying the fact that in some ways she quite enjoyed what she saw of me, naked, engorged, cum streaming hotly out of my cock...

I sighed, feeling defeated. "Thank you, Janine," I murmured. "Thanks for being so good about it. You could have gone and got me fired, or you could have gone and told Melinda..." I stopped, and genuine tears stung my eyes. "Janine, I hate myself so much, for what I'm doing behind her back..."

Janine's face was a picture of sympathy and understanding, and she leaned forwards to take my hands in hers. "Oh Jerry..." she said. "Talk to me. Tell me all about it."

So I did just that. I laid out as much of the truth as I dared: I told her of what I got up to after-hours, how I spent seven hundred hours in six months downloading and uploading pornography on the very same computer in the room where we stood, and how Valerie had been informed by IT and on her way to fire me she had found me much as Janine had found me earlier that day, naked and abusing myself... and I told her how, instead of firing me, Valerie decided to hold it over me and blackmail me into performing for her will, how she made me do things for her and to her in order to save my job and my marriage.

"That evil bitch!" Janine commented, on receiving the full story. "That is so wrong! I can't believe she's doing this to you... Jerry, I am so, so sorry!"

"Oh Janine: don't be," I told her, glumly. "Don't pity me. I'm not worth it. I deserve what I'm getting; I deserve every second of it, and worse."

"Jerry, no!" Janine scolded, taking me aback slightly. "Don't talk that way! Don't you dare think that way! You're a good guy, Jerry," she assured me, releasing one of my hands to rub me on my upper arm; it was a gesture at once supportive, and mildly suggestive, and as I looked to her I saw in her face not only her usual warm expression of friendliness and encouragement -- once again, I saw something more.

"Really, Jerry, you are such a wonderful guy," she said again, and she took a half-step closer. "For as long as I've known you, Jerry, you've been nothing but a stand-up bloke. You're smart; you're funny; you've been so good to Melinda through all these years, she's so lucky to have you..." and there it was again, she was looking to my eyes, putting herself out there and looking to me, searching in me for a response.

I was hesitant. I liked Janine; I really liked Janine. Though part of me didn't want to do this to her, didn't want to bring her into my hell, didn't want to take advantage of her most-flattering affection for me... there was another part that responded to her advances, a significant part of me below the beltline that was already swelling and growing, as though responding to the pheromones in the air; my heart pounded against my chest and my nostrils flared as I sought for extra air, struggling to breath through my mounting excitement.

But I fought it all down, if only for the sake of not coming on too strong. It had been ages since I had seduced a woman; Melinda and I had been together for what already felt like an eternity, and like many married people, I missed the hunt, I missed the allure and the excitement of enticing a woman into my arms. I had to do this right. My job... my marriage... everything depended on winning this woman. In some ways it seemed easy, she was making a clear and obvious pass at me and a bit of action was definitely was on the cards; but, being the clumsy oaf that I was, far too many times in my life I had stuffed up and destroyed even the easiest of opportunities. That I somehow managed to bag Melinda, sometime in the dim and distant past, was something of a minor miracle...

Because I wasn't saying anything, Janine spoke on. "You don't deserve this, Jerry," she said again, speaking low and soft, which made me lean in towards her -- all the better for hearing what she said, of course. "I mean, sure, you've made a few mistakes, you've been a bit of a bad boy..." and she was grinning when she said that, clearly thinking back to what she had seen, how much she had seen of me back in Valerie's office "...but nobody's perfect, Jerry. We're all entitled to a bit of 'fun'..."

Oh damn -- the look on her face when she told me that could have lit a room full of candles, such was the heat hiding behind her smouldering brown eyes.

"Janine..." I said; I hesitated, unsure how to approach what had to be done, and I decided on playing a bit coy. "Janine, I want to thank you for being so good to me. Thank you for being so supportive. If you had done something else today... if you had gone to the bosses, or if you had gone to Melinda..." and, as much to my own surprise as to Janine's, I found genuine tears brimming in my eyes.

"Oh Jerry..." she said, with a wry smile at my silliness -- as though the fears I held over how much I had to lose were silly trifles. "Come here," she instructed, beckoning me in for a hug, and I did just that.

We held each other for a while, electricity crackling in the air. We were so hot for each other, the chemistry crackled between us, and we both knew it. It was there; it was up for the taking; but something held me back. I couldn't quite bring myself to make a move -- I could have, I could have kissed her there and then, I could have had her as simple as that, but I simply couldn't do it. Something held me back.

But she was determined. She pressed herself close, she pressed herself hard against me, and I had to turn my hips slightly to keep the bulge in my pants from making itself known against her belly. "Jerry..." she whispered, her breath hot against my neck and sending a tingle across my skin, up to my scalp and down to my toes. "I've always been so jealous of Melinda, Jerry... I've always wished I could have a guy like Melinda's, a guy like you, just like you..."

She was egging me on, and it was tearing me to pieces. Everything south of my beltline was crying and screaming for release, for me to just jump on her and do it already; but my head and my heart still held me back. It was a combination of not wanting to cheat any worse against Melinda than I already had -- sure, Valerie and I had done a lot, but at least I hadn't yet stuck my dick into her, which I knew would happen if I gave in to Janine -- combined with a will, a will strong yet dwindling, fading fast, to keep Janine clear. To keep her innocent of any wrongdoing, and out of Valerie's clutches.

But Janine was there, she was right there, in my arms; she was so warm, she smelled so good, her heat was thick in the air and it filled me up, it made my mind go light, my heart race a mile a minute, my cock stretch and rile against my pants as though it sought to reach out and poke her...

I had to do something, I had to vent, I had to have some release. I did as little as I dared, as little as I hoped would offset my pending heart attack yet somehow do enough to sate Janine's unmissable desire: I leaned back and kissed her, gently on the forehead, in as tender and caring and appreciative a fashion as I could manage; I wanted not to make my desires known upon her, but instead to let her know I appreciated her, I appreciated her support, I was so thankful for her being there for me exactly when I needed somebody, more than any other time in my life I needed someone there to understand, to tell me it was okay, to tell me I wasn't a monster, to remind me I was a victim...

"Thank you," I breathed. I kissed her again on the forehead, saying "thank you" again, and then again a little lower, kissing her on the cheek, and barely had I opened my mouth to say "thank you" again: Janine darted in and kissed me, hotly, on the mouth...

...and it was on. There was no holding back the release that poured out of me: I took her strongly in my arms, returning her kiss with change. I let all my pent-up feelings, emotions, worries and guilt simply pour into an internal chamber where they mixed and swirled and turned into pure liquid desire, and I then let that desire pour out of my lips upon hers, I let it pour through my hands all over her body, I let it pour out through my hips as I pinned my throbbing erection between the two of us, pressing it hard and with heavy intent into her, and she responded most positively.

She moaned, she mumphed and she groaned with exquisite delight as we kissed, and kissed, and kissed some more. I let my kisses wander down her face, down her neck and as her button-down shirt suddenly became unbuttoned in a flurry of our hands and fingers, I kissed her along her shoulders and about the soft, creamy-coloured flesh of her chest.

"Jeremy..." she breathed as I kissed her, and I revelled in hearing her use my name, thrilling as she released my name as a sigh of long-awaited content: "Jeremy, yes... oh Jeremy, I've wanted this, I've wanted this for so long..."

We kissed some more, I went back to kissing her again on the mouth, as though I had rather not hear what she had to say. But she shortly broke off, sneaking around to bite me on the earlobe, and fighting back a resigned sigh I sank my lips into the tender hollow of her neck as she spoke again...

"Jeremy, I have wanted you for so long. Almost since the time you and Melinda first hooked up, I wanted you... you're so handsome, and sexy, and funny, and genuinely nice -- you're such a rarity! An actual nice guy!"

I cringed secretly at that -- and I hoped, I desperately hoped and prayed, that wherever she was, No-Vadge Valerie couldn't hear us right now... oh, how she would snigger if she heard Janine calling me a 'nice guy'.

"Oh Jeremy..." Janine continued. "All these years, you've always treated me as a friend, as a person -- not just a 'chick', not just a thing, an object like most guys do. I've never even caught you perving on me, checking me out, I've never really known whether or not you ever thought of me that way, whether you've ever found me as attractive as I've found you... and Jeremy: that's only made me hotter for you."

I didn't speak; I said nothing, making as if I was too hot and heavy to form words and sentences. She seemed content with that, though she spoke more...

"And then, this afternoon when I saw you, in No-Vadge's office, all hot and naked and so big and long and hard...!" and she ground her hips against me, she worked herself into the tender, aching bulge in my pants, even as I tossed Janine's shirt away and worked to get out of my own shirt, taking a moment to drink in the sight of Janine topless: her breasts in a bra, simple in white cotton, but so glorious, so wondrous, and I pressed my chest as I bared it into her, to feel the gentle swell of breast against me...

"...when I saw you," she went on, "when I saw you with your cock in your hand, and with massive gobs of hot white cum jazzing across the room and dripping onto the carpet... oh, Jeremy, it was the hottest thing I'd ever seen," she confided, with a thrillingly wicked, dirty edge to her tone. "I... I could hardly look away from it, I had never before seen anything so beautiful, so big, so hot..." and she reached down to squeeze my cock through my pants, even as we pushed my shirt away and raced to free the thing "...it had me so distracted I didn't even realise No-Vadge was in there, and when she finally sent me away... Jeremy... I went straight to the bathroom..." and she leaned back, as my trousers fell to the floor, and she caught my eye to deliver the sting in her story: "...I went straight to the bathroom, Jeremy, and I fucked myself like crazy."

My mouth fell open at the news, and I could see it: I saw Janine, formerly in my mind all sweetness and innocence, I saw her now locked in a cubicle, her skirt pulled roughly up about her hips, her panties thrust aside, two fingers thrust deep into her sweet little cunt as she pictured my cock and she brought herself to orgasm, imagining how my cock felt inside her...

I almost fell on her, such was the new flood of my desires. I almost tore her bra off her, beating the clasps in record time and freeing her gorgeous, perfect little puppies, grabbing them, kneading them and squeezing them roughly, greedily; as I did so, she rid herself of her skirt and she was about to do the same with her panties, but I wouldn't let her. I stopped her, I grabbed her and spun her around, and before she could cry in protest I had my hand in her panties -- and my fingers landed directly upon her spot, making her snap backwards and freeze, her body arching stiffly backwards, her head tipping back as I immediately found her pleasure, as I landed expertly upon her button and brought her to a sudden gasping halt...

I was to be the boss. I was going to be the boss this time. I had had enough of being the bitch, of taking orders: here -- without going so far as to subjugating Janine, I liked her too much to do that to her -- here, I was going to take the lead, and show Janine the way.

I rubbed her, just once, to show her what I could do: a quick, firm little circle, right upon her spot, and it made all the air in her lungs escape in a long, drawn-out sigh. I waited until she had inhaled again, watching her breasts rise alluringly as she drew in an extra-large breath, and I did it again: another quick swirl on her spot, firm but not rough, and again it let all of her air slip free.

I held her close against me, pressing my aching girth hard into her; and as I toyed with her and played with her, she tried to return the favour, reaching behind her to seek out my long hard rod with her hands. She couldn't get to it at first, as I had it pressed so firmly into her, so she contented herself with exploring my body instead: running her hands down my muscly thighs, and up across my strong stomach, reaching back and upwards to trace the muscles of my back and shoulders, exploring the strength of my body with her hands.

Her ministrations felt wonderful, her appreciation of my body clearly telegraphed and most welcome; for the first time since forever, I felt appreciated, I felt wanted... I felt worthy. All my self-directed hatred, my feelings of worthlessness, they had all vanished on the breeze. In this beautiful, young, vivacious and generous young woman, I had found once again a sense of self-worth; and as I built her up to orgasm, I once again felt masculine, I felt like a man, and as I gently massaged her into a quiet, subdued orgasm -- as she tipped her head back onto my shoulder, as I took her breast in my free hand and as I rubbed her gently and lovingly, she came, she came for me with a quivering sigh of immense contentment and joy.

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