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(Note: This is a story about nonconsent/reluctance. If this type of story bothers you—STOP READING!)


Justine held the postcard in her hand, studying it for several seconds. The seconds turned into minutes as she looked at the nature scene, with all the shadows and intersecting lines and bewildering background. It was all wrong, she decided. She could do so much better.

Her passion for amateur photography had grown to a point where it nearly consumed every free moment she had. Justine took pictures of everything, everywhere, at all hours of the day and night. The subject matter didn't matter to her. She was always after the perfect photograph.

The twenty eight year old graphic designer often had lots of time on her hands. She worked as a contractor and her work came in spurts as some of her regular clients needed help on a project. Justine was fine with this arrangement. She wasn't the type that needed loads of cash to be happy.

Justine lived in a small condo in a medium size rural community in Pennsylvania. She was within easy driving distance of her big city clients and an even easier drive to the desolate countryside she loved so much.

She was single by choice. When asked to describe herself by online friends, Justine often said she looked like Megan Fox...from the neck up. And she was being honest. She was strikingly good-looking with her jet black hair, dark eyes, thick eyebrows, and strong facial features. The rest of her body was, well, very un-Fox like. Whenever Justine filled out an online profile, she felt very comfortable putting a check next to 'Average' for height and weight. Because she was.

In fact, Justine would have been a professional photographers dream. There was almost no light she wouldn't look good in and she could go from a beaming, happy young woman to a scowling bitch faster than a shutter opening and closing.

Justine was proud of her independent, 'I'm in charge' persona. But underneath was still a somewhat insecure woman who was unsure of her place and her control over men. There was even a hint of a woman Justine suppressed that might have wanted to be controlled by men.

The postcard triggered her craving to spend a warm, spring day in the country taking pictures of whatever caught her eye. So, Justine threw on a lightweight sweatshirt and jeans, packed up her camera equipment, and headed for one of her favorite spots.

It took about forty five minutes on curvy two-lane roads to reach her destination. Justine pulled off onto the unmarked, gravel and dirt path she used so often. She drove through a familiar patch of wooded terrain and finally arrived within sight of the pristine little lake. She parked the car and gathered her stuff.

Immediately, the relative silence of the area reminded her why she liked to come here. Only the sound of birds and her own feet disturbed the solitude. Justine tried to avoid making any more noise than necessary, knowing that the occasional deer were sometimes found at the edge of the lake.

But today only presented her with stunning sunshine and colorful spring foliage. It would be a day full of panoramic shots and macro photography of the tiniest plants and animals, without interruption by phone or human visitors.


Jason was having a particularly bad day, even by his standards. His latest girlfriend, like all the ones before her, was avoiding him at all costs. His boss, a woman, was threatening him with termination if he screwed up another assignment. He'd just about had it with all women.

Not that his male friends were totally supportive. The few he had frequently joked among themselves that Jason was a very appropriate name for the ill-tempered, unpredictable thirty-something man/child. Like the movie character, Jason was not somebody to mess with, but still held it together long enough and often enough to live an ostensibly 'normal' life.

Jason, in all probability, wasn't crazy. Yet, if he ever went on a rampage and the media questioned his acquaintances, they'd use terms like 'loner', 'different', and 'intimidating.'

He wasn't quite six feet tall, a little on the thin side, and strangely eye-catching. Not in a gruesome, ugly way. He wasn't that. Jason was...different.

A run in the county would settle him down. It always did. Away from people, especially women. Jason changed into his running shorts and a tank top. Yes, it would be cool at first. But that also meant more energy for the run. This would be good for him, he decided.

Jason closed the door behind him and took off at a steady pace down the small road. As usual, there wasn't a car in sight. Country living sat well with Jason and he soon forgot most of his troubles, concentrating instead on the rolling landscape and ever-greening plant life.

After a couple miles, he took his usual shortcut in the direction of the lake. Jason liked to run a lap around it before heading up the dirt path to another road that would circle back to his place.

It wasn't until he was nearly out of the woods and into the clearing near the lake that he saw the unexpected movement. Jason was used to scaring deer ahead of him. But this wasn't a sudden bounding away of a lithe animal. This was a more gradual movement; like the way a person walked.

Jason slowed, squinted through the trees, and focused on the figure in the distance. He stopped.

Justine hadn't heard anything because of her own feet snapping twigs as she repositioned herself for some more pictures. She had taken a few shots out in the open spaces around the lake. Now she was working her way back towards the border between the woods and the grass. There were far more flowers here and she was intently looking for the best angle.

Jason watched her. Justine's black hair hung below her shoulders, tousled occasionally by the lightly blowing breeze. Her athletic figure shifted gracefully, sometimes bending at the knees with a camera to her eye and sometimes standing with one hand on her hip while she studied something. He was too far away to make out her face.

An unwelcome anger grew in the pit of his stomach. Yet another woman was intruding on his space and disrupting his routine. Jason felt his head begin to pound. He stepped behind the trunk of a tree and watched.

Justine entered the woods, progressing very slowly in constant exploration of the perfect shot. Birds and squirrels chirped their disapproval. Underbrush crackled with each step.

Jason looked for a route that would get him closer to her without being observed. They were maybe thirty yards apart now. If he moved to his right and she continued on her path, he could stay behind her most of the way. The annoying pressure he felt inside his ears when his boss yelled at him was back. The same irritation his girlfriend caused was oozing through his body. Jason needed to confront this woman and find out why she was trying to destroy his day.

He made his way from tree to tree, gaining a few feet on Justine each time. At one point, he had to hide completely as Justine turned his way. After a short wait, he peeked around and saw that it was alright to continue his approach. Jason was now within ten yards of her and his heart pounded with excitement.

Justine was thoroughly occupied with an attempt to capture a shot of a mushroom when she heard the first clue that she wasn't alone. She started to turn without even standing up. Jason took three giant steps toward her.

Justine screamed at the same time Jason came crashing down upon her. He put a hand on her mouth.

"There's nobody within miles of us," he told her. "So calm down."

Even while he spoke, Justine thrashed on the ground, attempting to grab her camera by the strap so she could fling it at the man on top of her. Jason saw the danger and ripped the camera from her hand before it became a weapon. Once it was out of reach, he concentrated on subduing the squirming woman beneath him.

Soon, he had both of Justine's wrists and was pulling her arms back. She squealed loudly.

"Shut up!" Jason shouted. "I'll hurt you if you don't shut up."

"What do you WANT?" Justine said. "Get off me!"

Jason tugged on her arms. "I want you to shut up."

"There's money in my car," Justine said through the pain.

"I don't want money. I want to know why you are here screwing up my run. I came out here to be alone."

Justine sensed the frustration in his voice and decided to take a calmer approach.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I'll leave. Just let me go and I'll leave."

Jason allowed his body to relax and settle down directly on Justine's back and legs. He let her arms fall to the side. Then he felt it for the first time...the sensation of his cock resting on her ass. He pressed just a little bit harder to intensify the feeling.

"Not yet," he said softly. "Not yet."

For a brief moment, the only sound in the woods was Jason's and Justine's panting. Then Jason said, "Turn over."

Justine was anxious to get the man off her, but she wasn't thrilled with having to face him, on her back, and being so vulnerable. She had no choice when Jason leaned up, took her by the arm, and forcibly turned her over.

Their eyes met. Justine's glowed with rage. Jason stared back with curiosity. He wiped some dirt and grass off her forehead while sitting on her legs, and then brushed aside some hair that was stuck on her cheek. He was quickly captivated by her beauty.

"Don't hurt me," Justine said in a near whisper.

"Oh, I won't hurt you," Jason answered.

But she saw the wheels turning inside his head; behind the wicked eyes. Was he insane? A murderer? Rapist? Would she ever be found?

"I won't hurt you. You're far too beautiful for that," he said. "But you shouldn't be here, should you?"

Justine's first thought was to argue. Instead, she shook her head silently.

"You came here for pictures?"

Justine nodded.

"Well then. I think we should take some pictures," Jason said.

He put his hands at the bottom of her sweatshirt and inserted them until he felt the cool skin above her jeans. His fingers slid across her skin as Jason pushed his hands higher, the sweatshirt rising at the same time. He looked down on her exposed stomach.

Jason didn't want to scare her into panicking, so he only let his fingers ascend to the base of her breasts and then he stopped. Then, very slowly and calmly, he moved his hands around the sides of Justine's chest, cupping her tits softly before finally sliding his palms up and over them. He wasn't totally surprised that she wore no bra, based upon the way the sweatshirt rested on her body and the hint of uncovered nipples.

"No, please," Justine mewed.

Jason didn't say anything. He was lost in the incredible feeling of her tender skin molding to the shape of his hand and fingers. He felt the nipples, not yet erect but definitely stimulated by his touch.

The sweatshirt was still blocking his view of the tits. That was fine with Jason. He had plans.

Suddenly he pulled his hands out.

"Stand up," he said, rolling off Justine's legs. "And don't even think about running."

Jason was a little embarrassed at the bulge in the front of his running shorts. But in the process of reaching over for the camera and turning to face Justine, he was able to reposition his cock. Soon, he thought to himself, it wouldn't matter.

"Move over to this tree," he told Justine with a point of his finger.

She obeyed and stood directly in front of the largest maple tree within sight. The trunk was nearly as wide as Justine.

"Take off your sweatshirt," Jason demanded in a steady voice.

Justine made one last ditch effort to negotiate. "I'll pay you whatever you want. Please!"

The power Jason felt was new, and wonderful. This woman was begging him and he was in total control. He could influence every move she made for once and money was the last thing on his mind.

"No. Take it off."

Jason raised the camera at the same time Justine pulled up her sweatshirt. The moment she had it above her tits, he said, "Stop. Hold it there."

He took two pictures of her upper body while the sweatshirt hid half of her face. Justine's eyes were wide with foreboding as she watched.

"OK," Jason said, and Justine took off her sweatshirt.

"Don't drop it," he told her.

With the sweatshirt hanging at her side, Jason took more pictures. The contrast between her dark hair and light skin was striking. The dark areolas and pink nipples would have accentuated her chest even without the natural shadows, which appeared to give the tits a fullness that wasn't necessarily there.

Satisfied with his efforts so far, Jason said, "OK. Open the jeans. But don't take them off."

Justine's heart sank. She could think of no way to end this without being seriously hurt or killed. Reason seemed fruitless with this guy. She unbuttoned the jeans and pulled down the zipper. Jason took a new photo.

At first he thought she might not have panties on either. Then a tiny suggestion of light blue material appeared near the bottom of the zipper. Jason's cock twitched involuntarily.

"Now," he said unhurriedly, "push down the jeans just an inch or two and turn sideways."

Justine did the best she could with the vague directions. Jason stared at her flat stomach, her thin waist that led down to rounded hips, and her small ass. Even with the jeans beginning to sag, he got a sense of her luscious figure.

Following new photos, he told her, "OK. Take them off."

Justine was shocked at just how quickly she felt like the entire world could see her standing out in the open in just a pair of panties. It was an uncomfortably awkward sense of exposure. She was almost glad for the single, large tree she could stand behind.

Then she noticed Jason's eyes scanning her from head to toe. He began to circle her little by little, his gaze moving from her tits to her pussy to her ass. Once he was mainly behind her, he took a few pictures. Then he did the same from the side, and the front. There were no orders for her and Justine stood like a statue.

"Now the panties."

No large tree could make Justine feel any less naked this time. She pulled off the panties and put them with the rest of her clothes. She stood upright with her legs tightly closed and her arms crossed in front of her body.

Jason peered at her pussy and the thin strip of black hair rising above her clit. It was trimmed short and almost into a triangle. He marveled at the flawless skin.

"Turn around."

He said this partly to see her ass and partly to deal with his erection. It was painfully obvious and he had to decide how to deal with it, preferably with Justine facing the other way. With her delicious, round cheeks in clear view, he wrapped a hand around his cock and stroked it. By the time Justine saw it again, Jason would be prepared for what he knew he had to do.

First, some pictures. He captured her in full length, just her legs, and just her upper body. All of the shots included her ass. That beautiful, little ass.

"Stand against the tree. Put your hands above your head," he told her.

Justine complied with his orders and he took more photos. Jason felt his cock thrust against his shorts at the sight of her body extended to its fullest, including a tightening of her already taut ass.

He put the camera down.

Jason walked up to Justine from behind and gradually let his cock press against her. Justine quivered at the first contact.

"Put your arms down," he said.

At the same time, he reached around and grabbed her tits. Now Jason was pulling her back to him, squeezing his cock between them until he thought it would explode. He compressed her tits some more and moaned as he pushed his body forward.

"Ohhhh God. You feel so good."

Justine thought his cock would impale itself in the crack of her ass even with his shorts still on. And when he pinched her nipples she couldn't restrain a little yelp of pain.

"Do you like that? Do you like your nipples squeezed?"

Each time he did it, she pressed her ass against him, unable to prevent the instinctive reaction. Her pussy shuddered and began to moisten.

"Does it make you wet?" he asked.

She wanted to scream out, 'No. Don't touch it.'

But Jason did. He felt her getting wet and he smiled. He drew the moisture up to her clit and Justine hissed, fearful that he would make her cum.

"Turn around."

Beads of perspiration made Justine's hair cling to her forehead and Jason thought she looked very frightened. This turned him on even more as his apparent power over her grew.

"I think we have enough photos for now," he said. "It's time to begin the real punishment for you messing up my day."

After a slight pause while Jason examined her body again, he said, "Pull down my shorts and take out my cock."

Justine allowed herself to believe that a blowjob might be all he wanted. The adrenaline rush she got from this brief respite overcame her natural inclination to refuse and she reached out for his shorts. She pulled on the waistband to give his erection enough room to spring free when the shorts fell below the head of the cock. As she lowered the shorts, Justine couldn't help but notice the size of his penis. New fears entered her mind if, in fact, he DID want more than a blowjob.

"Now get down and lick it," Jason demanded. "Then let me fuck your mouth and DO NOT do anything stupid. Understand?"

Justine nodded on her way to a kneeling position. Jason's shorts were still above his knees and she didn't want to make it any easier for him, so she kept them there while getting in place to lick his cock. She put her fingers on the base and tilted it higher, although it already pointed up at a forty five degree angle. Then she leaned forward and ran her tongue along the bottom of the shaft.

Justine instantly felt the cock react with a sudden twitch. She could feel the throbbing veins against her tongue as Jason grew even harder. The head was large and a deeper, darker red than the surrounding skin. He was huge, Justine thought to herself while she licked.

"Now put it in your mouth."

She didn't look up. Justine grudgingly spread her lips and took in the tip of his cock. Immediately, Jason pushed forward and drove the cock all the way to the back of her throat. She gagged, moved back just enough to get the thing off her throat, and then began sucking at the same time Jason began his rhythmic rocking.

Jason put both hands on the back of Justine's head and reveled in the sensation of his cock entering her warm, moist mouth for the next couple minutes. Justine was competent, if not energetic, in accepting her fate and Jason approached an orgasm twice before pulling out.

"God, I could do that all day," he moaned. "Stand up."

Now Justine was worried. He had not cum. He was rock hard. And he looked very, very desperate.

She saw him glance around them quickly. His eyes seemed to catch a low hanging branch just one tree away.

"Over here," he said, dragging Justine by the arm. Jason had trouble walking and pushed the shorts down his legs, starting to step out of them awkwardly just as they got to the branch. Justine made a split second decision, realizing it could be a life or death choice. She ran.

Justine heard him mumble something after her second or third stride. Then his footsteps could be heard along with her own. It sounded as though he was well behind her and Justine dodged trees and bushes in an indirect path to her car. There was open, grassy ground in one direction and the relative safety of the woods in another. Her nudity, of all things, tended to make her stay in the woods. It was a bad choice.

Justine was slowed by twigs, rocks, and fallen tree limbs. All of them delayed her more than Jason's rigid cock delayed him. He gained ground on her and she could tell. She turned in the direction of the grass.

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