tagGroup SexUnwinding After a Long Day

Unwinding After a Long Day


I work long hours during the day and often come home to an empty house with lots of time to unwined before my husband and son come home. I am a young mother of one, having Rick when I was all of seventeen years old. I have kept my young figure and love it when my son, who is on the high school football team, has all of his jock friends over. Often times I am the center of attention, as I am still the knock out blonde that I was in my teens.

After another long day at work, I arrived home exhausted. The first thing I did was open a bottle of wine and poor myself a glass. Two to three glasses later I was feeling pretty good . Then the doorbell rang. It was one of my oldest son’s best friends looking for him to go out for the evening. Damien was a senior on the football team and had a very athletic and strong body. I was surprised to find myself getting wet just looking at him. But there I was, getting turned on by my son’s best friend.

I told him that my son was not home yet but he could make himself comfortable if he wished. He obliged and I opened the door for him. He then sat on the couch, never taking his eyes from me, and turned on the TV. After some small talk, I went to the kitchen for some more wine. My panties were now getting wet from watching him take in my curvaceous body, my 36D breasts, and my long blonde hair. His erection that he was trying to hide was growing, along with his confidence to sweet talk me.

Then, out of nowhere, I felt two strong hands feeling up my ass. Before I could think, my short skirt was up over my waist and there was one finger stroking my now hot, wet pussy, and another finger probing my anus. He pushed himself against me. My resistance was useless as my hunger for sex soon took over. I let him do what he wished, even though I knew my son and my husband would be home soon.

He began to play with my huge tits through my pink skimpy sleeveless t-shirt. I reached down and messaged the bulge in his crotch through his tight fitting jeans. All of a sudden, I felt my panties fall to the floor. I knew what was coming next. In the next moment, his pants and his boxers were off so quick I didn’t even see it happen. Then, he finally let turn and face him. He kissed me fast and hard, darting his tongue into my hot mouth. By this time, I was showing no resistance at all and was in fact encouraging him to continue. I fell to my knees and took his huge shaft into my mouth and proceeded to suck his hardening cock, gagging on the first stroke. After he was good and hard, forced me to my feet. I bent over and he began to fuck me doggy-style. He was hardly gentle, pounding my pussy so hard that it hurt at first.

I must not have heard them come in, because I looked up to see two more of my son’s friends, Kim and Tanya, by the kitchen door, with a look of shock on their faces.

One a blonde and the other a burnet, they were both hot, with large breasts and gorgeous bodies. Tanya was beautiful oriental girl, and was obviously aroused by what was happening. I was about to cum and couldn’t stop fucking Damion’s huge cock despite the fact that I knew better.

Tanya, reached over and started squeezing Kim’s nipples. She squirmed at the touched. Soon they were locked in a passionate kiss and were quickly naked and on the floor in a sixty nine position. Then, of all things, my son Rick came in. With a huge grin on his face he took out his cock and sat on one of the kitchen chairs and began stroking himself. After five minutes of this, he knelt down beside Tanya, who was fucking Kim’s soaking pussy with her tongue. He forced his dick into Tanya’s little mouth and fucked her face. I was so excited that I had another orgasm. Damien said he wanted to fuck my ass so I let him. It felt sooo good. My son had had enough and needed a fuck. He took his rod out of Tanya’s mouth, told Kim to get on all fours, and entered her hot love hole.

Kim was stilling licking and sucking Tanya’s swollen clit, and it was not long before all three came.

Then, my husband finally came home. At first he could not believe what he was seeing, but then he started to become intrigued and even aroused. He reached down and started masturbating his penis. Soon he too was naked and looking to get a good fuck.

My husband, Rex, took Tanya and forced her up against the frig. He entered her and fucked her hard. After he came, it didn’t take him long to get hard again and started to fuck Kim from behind. Kim began to scream and yell that she needed to be fucked up the ass. Rex had no problem with this and gave her anus a good pounding. Kim was sucking my son’s cock while getting her ass fucked by his father. It was too much for me to watch and I came with several more orgasms while Damien shot his hot juice up my ass. My son and my husband came all over Kim’s face and tits, and Tanya hungrily licked it all up.

When we were done, I cooked dinner and we relaxed from all the activities. We then fucked each other all night.

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