tagSci-Fi & FantasyUnwise Purchase Ch. 01

Unwise Purchase Ch. 01


Holly Jenkins was 23. She hadn't gone to college, as neither she nor her parents could afford it, and had been working the same dead-end job working the register at a bookstore since high school. She knew that she was gorgeous, and she had been told—frequently, and often loudly, by strangers in the street—that she had nice tits, but she was too proud to make a living off her looks. She had striking green eyes, silky dark hair hanging past her shoulders, and a dazzling smile. And she also had, as of a few days ago, a cursed ring fused to her hand.

Holly twisted the ring on her finger, or at least tried to. When it moved, it brought the skin it touched with it. The damn thing was fused with her, and it had been for five days now.

She'd gotten the ring online. It was supposed to be a migraine cure, and admittedly she hadn't had a migraine since she'd gotten it. Her insurance had stopped covering her real medicine a month previously, and she couldn't afford to pay for it out of pocket, not with her shitty retail job. The person selling the ring had claimed that it was magic, and migraines were only one of the many things it was said to cure.

Holly had immediately dismissed it as a scam, and had scrolled down to see what ridiculous amount the seller was asking for this piece of shit. It cost a penny. And so, because Holly was drunk and because the shipping was free, she bought it. No use not trying, she figured.

The box came in the mail the next day. The only thing inside was a tiny engraved wooden jewelry case. The instant Holly opened the case, the hangover she'd been nursing since getting up vanished. The headache went away with such abruptness that she dropped the little box. She stooped to pick it up, cursing, but stopped. The ring was already on her finger.

After a few hours of prying at the thing, it became very clear to her that it wasn't going anywhere. To take her mind off of her growing panic, she booted up her dinosaur of a laptop and checked her email. She had a new message from the seller of the ring, and she read through it with growing horror.

Dear buyer,

I thank you for quite literally taking that horrible thing off my hands, and apologize for what it will probably do to you. The only thing I can offer is this warning about the ring's effects, and I hope that it will keep you safe until you can foist it off on some other unlucky bastard. The ring will, as advertised, cure most ailments. For as long as you have it on your finger, you will be ageless, immune to all sickness, and numb to any serious pain. All injuries will heal at a rapid pace. That's the good news.

The bad news is that as long as you wear the ring, you will be unable to disobey any demand or request made of you between sunset and sunrise. Nighttime is now your enemy.

The only way to rid yourself of the ring is to give the box to someone and have them accept the ring as theirs. This is harder than it sounds, and you may feel guilty for doing it, but it is better them than you just as it is better you than me. Once again, I am sorry. Do not try to contact me, as I will never check this email address again.

Holly sent a few furious emails, but there was no response. She wanted to believe that it was all some sort of weird prank, but it was hard to disbelieve in the magic of a ring imbedded in her finger, especially after she gave herself a paper cut and watched it seal up in a manner of minutes. So she stayed inside and stopped answering her phone after dark. She put the stupid ring up for sale online, with the same pitch and price that had nabbed her, but so far there were no takers. And so she had managed to go almost a whole week without talking to anyone at night. But she had a late shift scheduled for Wednesday, tonight, and she couldn't afford to turn down hours. She steeled herself and headed to work.


It was several hours later, and Holly hurried along the sidewalk, nervously glancing from side to side. She had avoided trouble at work, but now it was quite fully dark out, and that worried her. Walking city streets at night was dangerous enough for a young woman under normal circumstances, and even more so in her current predicament. The predicament, she was coming to realize, that she would be in for the rest of eternity if she couldn't get someone to take the ring off her. The thought made her head spin.

She shouldn't have offered to work late, that had been very stupid. She had managed to avoid talking to anyone after dark so far by sequestering herself in her apartment, but of course that was never going to last forever. Unlike this curse.


No, no, no. Shit.

A group of rowdy college guys had come around the corner across the street, and one of them had spotted her. "Hey sexy! Woo!" they were all whistling at her now, and she walked faster. If she could just get out of earshot before...

"Show us your tits!"

The curse came into effect for the first time. A shudder ran up her spine as something sort of silky moved inside her head. Obviously these were nice guys, and giving them a bit of a show wouldn't hurt anything. She was already unbuttoning her shirt as she turned back to face the group.

The guys fell silent as her black lacy D-cup bra came into view, but for a few mutters of "Holy shit." She finished with the buttons and reached up to her cleavage, popping the front clasp and setting her breasts free of their confines. Her nipples, large and pink, hardened as they met the cool night air. She flashed a grin at the stunned partygoers, then spun around, stuffing her tits back in and trying desperately to button up.

The ring was real. It was real magic. She'd known that already, of course, but now it hit her like a wave. She'd obeyed the demand without thinking. It had seemed like the most natural thing in the world. She wondered, not for the first time this week, what the hell she had gotten herself into by buying that horrible ring.

She could hear the guys whooping behind her, but the sounds were moving off. That at least was a relie--

"Hey, tits!" stopped her dead in her tracks.

A man had stepped out of one of the houses lining the street, leering at her with crooked teeth. He was probably forty, and although he was in good shape there was a quality about him that was vaguely and unpleasantly greasy.

Holly pretended not to hear him, but there was no plausible way she wouldn't have, and he was blocking her path. She tried to scoot around him, but he reached out and spun her around by the shoulder. "I saw you flashing those kids out my window. That was pretty hot, tits. Mind giving me a show?"

Well, not now that he'd asked, she didn't. She'd buttoned her shirt wrong , anyway. She undid the shirt for the second time in the last two minutes. Again her nipples hit the night air, and before she had a chance to clasp her bra again the man had reached out and taken a handful of her left tit. She recoiled and clutched her shirt closed as the asshole guffawed. "How much you want for sucking my dick?"

This was just a question, and so Holly was able to reply angrily. "I'm not a whore."

"Just a slut, huh?" He didn't wait for her to answer. "Come on in, I'll show you a good time you'll never forget."


"Sounds like fun." She said, suddenly warming to the idea of heading inside.

"Dang! You are a slut!"

The greasy douchebag led her into his equally greasy apartment. It was a duplex, and the house that had been split had been hardly big enough to live in even without being divided in half. The door opened directly into the living room, and Chucklefuck headed straight for the sofa. He gestured to the floor between his legs and started fumbling with his belt. He worked at it for a moment, then threw his hands wide and wondered aloud, "Why am I doing this? Get over here and get my dick out, Tits."

Holly put her purse down by the door and slid worshipfully to the stained carpet, where she started undoing his belt. She had never gotten around to doing up her shirt and bra, so Chuckles reached down and gave her nipple a pinch. As Holly got to work on his zipper, the guy leaned over and pushed her shirt and bra over her shoulders. Without thinking, Holly shrugged them the rest of the way off, and kneeled there topless as she finally got the zipper down.

Chuckles wasn't wearing underwear, and his fat cock popped free with no assistance from her. it was greasy, like the rest of him, and she didn't relish the thought of sucking it, which was what he now ordered her to do, meaning that she did relish it now. She tentatively wrapped her lips around the head, and immediately she felt hands in her hair as Chuckles started fucking her face. His cock tasted musty and salty, but she didn't mind at the moment.

After about a minute of being used like a fleshlight, she found her head being pulled away from his crotch, trailing saliva. His hands moved to her waist, and she was impressed with his deceptive strength as he lifted her up to his lap. She was straddling him now, and once he had shoved her skirt up to her waist, she could feel her own saliva soaking into the fabric of the boy-shorts she always wore when she wore skirts. Chuckles sneered at them with contempt.

"The fuck are those? Girl with a body like yours got no business hiding behind boxer shorts. Girl like you shouldn't be wearing undies at all."

Suddenly the very notion of underwear was repulsive to Holly. She was glad she'd already shucked her bra, and she was filled with gratitude towards this man as he flipped her over onto her back on the couch and tore those horrible shorts from her body.

She was now naked but for her shoes and her bunched-up skirt, and the greasy man's eyes immediately went to her swollen pink pussy. She saw what he was thinking, and was about to object when he said it. "Get back up here and ride my cock."

He didn't fill her up as much as some of her exes, but he damn sure tried his hardest to make up for it with enthusiasm. He bounced her up and down on him so hard that her tits hurt from bouncing, and she fell off several times, which only prolonged the experience. After a few minutes he rolled over on top of her on the couch, yanking her legs up over his shoulders to give him a better angle as he mercilessly pounded her.

Chuckles hadn't included any orders about her enjoying the experience, and he certainly wasn't going to great lengths to ensure it. After ten minutes of jackhammer pounding, he made a face like a sneezing weasel and shuddered as he came inside her. It wasn't a problem, since Holly was on the pill and was fairly certain she couldn't get STDs anymore, but it was still insult to injury to feel him jizzing inside her.

Chuckles was still lying on top of her and gasping when the doorbell rang. Cursing, he jumped up, stuffing his flaccid cock back into his fly. It was still dripping cum, and droplets spattered across Holly's stomach. Holly hurriedly pushed her skirt down to her knees again, reaching down to snatch her shirt up before he stepped on it. "Can I, uh, use your bathroom?" she asked quietly.

"Yeah, sure, go ahead." She scuttled to the hall door as Chuckles finished buckling his belt. From the bathroom she could hear muted male voices, and she cursed under her breath. She got her shirt back on, buttoned right this time, and made a halfhearted attempt to flatten her skirt. It was badly wrinkled, and there was cum on it.

Thanks to the man's earlier comments about how she shouldn't wear underwear, it hadn't even occurred to her to pick up her shorts or bra, and her nipples stood out through the thin black fabric of her blouse. She definitely looked like she'd just gotten fucked. She contemplated climbing out the little bathroom window, but the keys to her apartment were in her purse by the door.

Sighing, she rolled her skirt back up and dabbed at her pussy with a wet tissue, mopping up the cum that had spilled out of her. She dabbed at the cum on her skirt, too, but only succeeded in smearing it around. She sighed and slipped out the door. Making her way tentatively down the narrow hallway, she could hear the conversation more clearly.


"It's the truth, swear to god. Just came in off the street and went straight for my dick. It was like she was hungry for it."

They went quiet as she entered the room, then one of them gave a low whistle. He was pudgy and black, with a patchy moustache. The other guy, skinny and nervous-looking, chuckled, "Goddamn, Bill! You weren't lying! This bitch is hot! She's a hooker, right?"

"Nope, wouldn't even let me pay her."

"Gotta be a tranny, then, right?"

Chucklefuck—or Bill, apparently—just grinned.

"Nah. Show 'em your pussy, Tits."

Holly reached down and rolled up her skirt, exposing her damp, slightly reddened slit. The skinny guy leered appreciatively. "Damn, this bitch really is a slut."

Holly blushed and dropped her skirt.

"Um, I have to be at work early in the morning, so, um, if I could just..."

The fat guy laughed. "I dunno, it doesn't seem fair that Bill's the only one that gets any action tonight. You can go after I blow my load on those sweet titties."

Holly dropped to her knees in front of the large man, but he shook his head. "Turn around. Gonna fuck you first. Doggy style."

Holly turned, raising her ass and planting her hands on the floor. Her skirt was yanked down to her knees, and she felt a resounding slap land on her ass. There was the sound of a zipper, then some rustling as something alarmingly heavy nudged against her ass crack. Another slap landed on her ass, causing her to moan. "Spread your legs, bitch."

She complied, and then let out a small scream as the thickest cock she had ever felt rammed into her. It wasn't the longest thing she'd ever had, maybe six inches or so, but it was shaped like a beer can, and she felt herself stretching to fit it.

Unlike Bill's rapid-fire assault, the big guy actually had some technique, and after only a minute of skillful thrusting, Holly found herself having the orgasm Bill couldn't give her. For a moment, her arms collapsed, and she moaned into the filthy carpet as the big guy began spanking her. Each slap burned like fire, and it only served to intensify her orgasm. When she was finally able to raise herself back up on shaky arms, she found herself facing the knobby, mushroom-like cock belonging to the only man in the room she hadn't fucked yet.

"Suck it, bitch."

She guided the misshapen prick into her mouth and did her best to focus on what she was doing despite the waves of pleasure from her pussy and the waves of pain from her reddened, stinging ass. Quickly, though, the skinny asshole became impatient with the distracted blowjob he was receiving and started fucking her face in earnest.

Behind her, the pudgy guy seemed to get bored with punishing her ass and leaned over to maul her tits. Slipping his fingers between the buttons of her shirt, he gave a hard pull. Buttons went bouncing across the floor, and her swinging breasts were exposed once again.

As the large brown hands began pinching and twisting her nipples, giving her yet another orgasm, their owner sped up, pounding her stretched cunt. "Hey, Gene! You about done? I'm gonna fuck her tits."

"Shit, Carl, can't you just wait a couple minutes for me to get off?"

"No, man, I'm right on the... ugh, oh, god... edge. I gotta... oh, shit."

Carl's cock shuddered in Holly's pussy, and a feeling of dread filled her along with his cum. She couldn't leave until he came on her tits. Which meant she'd have to wait for him to get it up again. Which meant...

Her train of thought was derailed as Gene moaned and pulled abruptly out of her mouth. She looked up at him questioningly, but her question was answered in the form of a rope of cum splashing across her forehead and painting her cheek. Another glob struck her on the nose, and a third landed in her still-open mouth, followed quickly by the shrinking cock. "Clean me up, bitch."

While she did that, Carl pulled his own limp dick free of her, letting loose a flood of cum that poured down her thighs. He shoved Gene aside and presented her with his own cock for cleaning.

Even soft she had to stretch to fit her mouth around his monster. She tasted herself on him, along with his own cum, as he stroked her hair.

By the time she'd swallowed the last of the juices coating his thick slab of meat, it had begun to harden again. Maybe she'd be able to get him off now without having to get fucked again.

But before he'd resumed full hardness, hands grabbed her from behind.

"C'mere, slut. I wanna get me some of that pussy." Her shirt was pulled roughly from her shoulders, and she found herself straddling Gene's lap on the armchair next to the couch. She moaned as she was penetrated by the third cock that evening.

Gene's prick was definitely the longest of the group, seven or eight inches, thin and knobby. After Carl's thick slab, she expected to be hardly able to feel this skinny thing, but she was surprised at how tightly her pussy still gripped it. Gene was gentler than Bill had been, but had nowhere near Carl's level of skill. He was quick to start fondling and sucking her tits, though, and soon she felt herself approaching another orgasm.

Bill's voice came from behind her. "Hold her still for a second."

Gene paused and spat out Holly's nipple. "What the hell for?"

"If you're gonna get another go at her I want one, too. And she's still got one hole I ain't fucked yet."

Oh, no.

She felt her ass cheeks being pulled roughly apart, followed by the chill of spit being rubbed into her tight asshole. She'd never taken it in the ass before, let alone been double penetrated.

The stretching was painful at first, as Bill squeezed himself in, but once he and Gene had fallen into a rhythm she quickly orgasmed.

They fucked her in this fashion for what seemed like an eternity. After five minutes or so, Gene came, but as Bill didn't want to stop fucking her ass yet, Gene was soon hard and fucking her again. It wasn't long after this that she felt Bill's cock twitching in her ass, and he pulled out to shoot his load across her sore, red ass cheeks.

Carl tapped Gene on the shoulder. "Lay her down on the table. I wanna fuck her tits now." Holly was lifted up and placed on the coffee table, and Carl straddled her chest as Gene went back to pounding her pussy from a new angle.

Holly almost giggled when she realized that she was still wearing her shoes. It just seemed absurd as she pushed her breasts together around Carl's cock. He fucked her tits rapidly, and Holly was almost hypnotized by the sight of his bulbous brown cock-head popping in and out of her cleavage, which looked creamy white in comparison.

With a grunt, Gene filled her pussy with its fourth load of the evening and slumped back into the armchair, spent.

And, finally, Carl blew his load on her tits. She hadn't realized how much cum he produced when it had been in her pussy, but now his jizz drenched her. several blasts of it joined Gene's cum on her face, painting her lips and plastering one of her eyes shut, and as he lifted up off her chest, her tits were practically covered in the stuff.

For a while she just lay there, gently dripping cum onto the tabletop while the guys talked around her. She got up after a time and stumbled to where her skirt lay on the floor, avoiding eye contact with the leering men. Gene and Carl had used it to clean themselves up, and now it was more crumpled and cum-spattered than ever. She put it on anyway.

She found her shirt in a corner. It only had three buttons left, and it now exposed her cleavage all the way to her belly. It probably wouldn't have even covered her nipples if it hadn't been stuck to her body with the cum that was soaking through her garments at an alarming rate.

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