"Unwrapping" Mommy


The kiss was strangely intimate. Her tongue exploring my mouth and her continuous moans echoing through my head even as I walked... carrying her to the bedroom, feeling her bounce her cunt forcefully on my dick with every step.

I broke the kiss so I could see where I was going as she asked, "Are you taking your Mommy to your bedroom to fuck her?"

"No," I corrected her, "I'm taking my Mommy to her bedroom so I can fuck her."

"Mmmmmmm," she smiled, my cock still in her cunt and hard enough to often support her entire weight... the walking and her synchronised bouncing a powerful way to fuck her.

Reaching her bedroom, a little tired, I rested her against the wall and kissed her again, while slowly bucking my hips as I fucked her a bit more gently while our tongues each explored each other's mouths. I wasn't sure what our respective roles were in her eyes, but I was treating her as I would anyone I was fucking: urgent, passionate and dominant.

Her hands were on my back, her legs were wrapped around me and her tongue was as aggressive as mine was. Never allowing our lips to part or my cock to slip out of her, I carried her to the bed.

I lowered her onto it and as our lips finally broke she said, "God, Devon, I want you so bad."

"I want you too, Mom," I said, never wanting anyone or anything more in my life.

"Now I want you to use Mommy like you do your Shannon. Face fuck Mommy's throat, slam that big dick in Mommy's cunt and if you want, plow Mommy's back door," she listed, having already done two of the three, although the fucking Mom's cunt was only recently started. Yet the idea of fucking Mom's ass, which she'd mentioned twice now, something I'd never done to a woman, although I was sure Shannon was game if we kept dating, was the ultimate turn-on.

I warned, "I can be rather dominant."

"What part of fucking the living shit out of Mommy and using her as a three-hole bimbo fuck toy was unclear to you, my masterful son?" she purred, as she moved her feet to my cock and began giving me a foot job. "I'm a submissive slut son, always have been, and I need a man who can use me as such. Your father is no longer that man; fuck, he'd probably be submissive to you, so are you that man?"

There was an implication in that question that gave me pause. I could definitely be that man for my Mom, but did she mean for dad too? I'd gotten one blow job from a guy last summer, it was pretty damn good, but I was drunk and really embarrassed about it the next day. Yet the idea of fucking my father was weird. Could I? Would I love it or hate it? I tabled those thoughts for another time and instead I focused on the immediate question as I responded, her silky-clad feet masturbating my cock, "For you I'm definitely that man, Mom. But once I take you and make you my slut, you'll always be my slut and there's no going back." There it was: my attempt to claim my mother as more than a Christmas miracle... as more than a maternal fuck buddy but as my obedient, devoted slut... my own It's a Wonderful Life except Mom would be my angel instead of Clarence and all the life-changing, surreal experiences would be sexual ones.

"Promise?" she responded, letting me know she too wanted this to be not only a dominant submissive thing, but permanent.

"I'll want to be woken up properly every morning with a nice soothing blow job," I said, that only happening once before and I'd sure loved it.

"I do like some cream in my coffee," she answered, before adding, "Although sometimes I may wake you up by riding your cock."

"I can allow that," I smiled.

"Anything else?" she asked, seeming to like this game we were playing.

"You will always wear thigh highs and always be sans any underwear so I'll have quick, easy access to your fuck holes whenever I need a place to deposit a load," I said, the idea of walking up behind Mom as she made dinner or shoving my cock in her mouth as she was on her iPad popping into my head.

"Yes, son," she nodded. "My cunt will always be available to you and whenever it isn't because of Mother Nature, my other hole down there will always be lubed and ready."

"Does Mom like a cock in her ass or is she just obedient?" I asked.

She moved her feet away from my cock and answered, as she rolled briskly over to the side of the bed, opened a drawer in her nightstand, grabbed a bottle, tossed it to me and offered as she got eagerly onto all fours once again, "Why don't you open my rosebud and find out how quickly you can make me moan?"

"Oh, God," I groaned, staring at her perfect ass, as she pulled her ass cheeks apart and proudly showcased her tiny puckered asshole.

I poured anal lube between her ass cheeks and some on my cock as Mom asked, her nasty language making my raging rod flinch. "Has my son ever slammed that huge pecker in a tight shit hole?"

"No, never," I admitted, as I moved behind her, before adding, "but that's about to change."

"Good, Mommy wants to be your first ass fuck," she said, wiggling her ass.

"You'll also be my first three-hole fuck toy," I added, as I positioned my cock at her inviting asshole.

"Your twenty-four seven three-hole Mommy slut fuck toy," she elaborated, as she backed up and my cock slowly disappeared into her rectum.

I groaned at the utter tightness of her ass... a sensation that was far different from a mouth or a pussy.

She moaned as she took my entire shaft up her butt, "You're so much bigger than your father."

Once all in, my Mom's butt cheeks leaning against my legs, I grabbed her hips and asked, "Does my Mommy want her ass fucked hard?"

"Pound the shit out of Mommy," she responded, looking back at me and making eye contact. Yup, she loved this!

"Beg for it," I insisted, loving to see proper looking and acting women, like my girlfriend and now my Mom, turn into insatiable cock hungry sluts in the heat of the moment.

"Please fuck Mommy's tight asshole with your big dick, pound Mommy's shit hole with your long shaft, ream Mommy's arse with your Mommy dominator," she listed, each sounding so hot coming out of her schoolteacher mouth.

I began fucking her ass, which was more work than a cunt as it was really tight, even with the lube... but as I pistoned in and out of her, her ass loosened up and she got more animated.

"Oh yes, you dirty Mother fucker, ram that massive snake in my asshole, be the man of the house," she moaned wickedly, clearly enjoying being roughly reamed.

"Keep talking, slut," I ordered, loving her wicked tongue, loving being called a Mother fucker.

"You like Mommy being your three-hole bimbo slut?" she asked, as she began bouncing back to meet my forward thrusts.

"God, yes," I moaned as my balls began to boil for a second time... this intense tightness, this incredibly surreal situation, this voluntary act of incest was too much.

"Come in Mommy's asshole, son, fill me with your seed," she demanded, really bouncing back and taking all my cock up her poop chute.

"So close," I groaned, as I allowed her to fuck herself on my cock... her asshole milking my cock with desperate urgency.

"Fill up your Mommy-slut's ass with your cum, baby," she moaned. "I want to feel you explode up my asshole."

"Oh fuck," I grunted three or four strokes later as I definitely exploded my second load of the evening in my beautiful mother.

"Yes!" Mom screamed, "fill Mommy's ass with your cum," as her hand went to her pussy and frantically rubbed out another orgasm herself.

As I pulled out and flipped her onto her back in one aggressive move, wanting to eat her cunt again and taste her cum, I froze, staring at her inviting cunt when I heard a voice that wasn't Mom's.

"What are you two doing?" my older sister, Amy, asked, although her tone didn't sound accusatory, which wasn't surprising once I realized she'd just entered her parents' bedroom wearing nothing but thigh highs (again one red, one green) and a strap-on cock.

Mom replied, "Creating a second new Christmas tradition."

I stared at my hot, naked, sister as I processed that she was wearing Mom's other mismatched pair of nylon stockings.

"You already replaced me?" Amy asked, as she walked towards the bed.

"Just adding a real cock," Mom answered with a wicked smile, as I sat there bewildered between Mom's legs, now on my knees.

"Ever double penetrate anyone, big brother?" Amy questioned, as she got onto the bed and looked at my cock.

"N-n-no," I stammered, this somehow even more shocking than everything else, unable to take my eyes off my sister's impressive huge tits.

"Lie down," she ordered, as she clarified, "Mom was my slut first, weren't you, Mommy cunt licking slut?"

"Yes, Mistress," Mom nodded, even as she looked at me.

Mistress? I thought to myself as I rolled onto my back while Mom moved over, before straddling my again hard cock... the mystery of who'd wrapped Mom suddenly obvious. What I didn't know was how long she'd been nearby.

Did Amy watch me face fuck Mommy? Eat Mommy? Fuck Mommy?

Did Amy play a knowing role in Mom becoming my Mommy-slut?

Had Amy been here the entire time?

Could I fuck my college sister too?

How long had Mom and Amy been having lesbian sex together?

How did dad fit into this? Or did he?

All these questions would have to wait as she ordered, moving behind Mom, "Now let's double team Mom and start another Christmas family tradition."

"It can actually be an any day of the week family tradition," Mom pointed out, as she ground her cunt on my cock.

"True enough," Amy laughed, as she pushed her strap-on inside Mom's well fucked ass. She noticed my handiwork as she said, "You really gaped Mom's shithole, big brother."

As Mom moaned, now filled with two cocks, I finally spoke, regaining my confidence, "I can do that to you too, big sister."

"Or I can do it to you," she smiled wickedly before adding, as she began fucking Mom's ass, "I was supposed to be taking dad's anal virginity tonight, so I'd love a volunteer."

My eyes went wide at her implication, as Mom took me off the spot by moaning, "Double team your Mommy-slut and then let's show your brother what we did last Christmas while the boys were out getting a tree."

"Best Christmas ever," I moaned, as I participated in Mom's double penetration.

"Oh, it's just getting started," my sister promised.


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by Anonymous

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by Ripala052711/05/18

Just the Idea

I enjoyed it immensely! You're an excellent writer and your thoughts and mind are very deep.

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by HotForLit09/07/18

Oh, come on...

You can't start a story like that and not continue it ;-)

Brilliant as usual!!

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by wordbutcher08/20/18

Nicely wrapped story

Bring on another Merry Christmas! My kind of holiday tail (sic)!

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by GirlWatchin04/23/18

Brilliant erotica

I totally loved your story, even though it reminds me more of a young guys fantasy than anything thar could ever happen in real life. Syill, it is a worthy submission

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by blackknight31403/17/18

OK then.

This was way hot, except I would prefer loving sex to dom/sub stuff. Dad is really missing out. Good job with this girl.

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