tagBDSMUp Against the Wall

Up Against the Wall


Sometimes you just get an idea in your head and act on it. No hesitation between thought and deed. That’s the way it was the other day. I was on the bed in shorts and a T-shirt watching an old cop show on TV when Renee came out of the shower. She was still moist despite the fact that she had a towel on her head and another one wrapped around her body using the ancient top-secret “boob-tuck” technique that every woman on earth instinctively masters at puberty.

I jumped up from my position lying propped up by the pillows and met her at the foot of the bed. Expecting a hug and a kiss as I came close, she closed her eyes and parted her lips slightly. She was startled as I grabbed the towel and ripped it from her body. She was more startled when I grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her to me roughly. Her eyes opened wide in awe, and she gasped. For a second, she tried to pull back. Then I kissed her on the end of her nose, and smiled.

Thinking I was playing around, she laughed and said, “That was a good one,” and reached down to pick up the towel. I reached for the towel on her head and pulled it off with one hand, exposing her long raven hair. With the other hand, I reached under her armpit and pulled her back up.

“It gets better.” Using the hand under her armpit I spun her around. She gasped again, but this time there was no reassuring smile to set her at ease. Instead, I pushed her forward toward the wall. When she tried to turn around, I held her in place by her shoulders about three feet from the wall. Taking her left arm with mine, I put her hand up against the wall, like a cop preparing to frisk her. Then I did the same with her right arm.

“What are you…?”

“Shhh…you’re only going to make it tougher on yourself if you resist,” I whispered in her ear as I came up behind her. Putting my hand on her stomach, I pushed her ass back towards me and started grinding my hips against her. She moaned and threw her head back to rest against my shoulder. I reached under her arm with my free hand and stroked her exposed throat, at the same time kissing the back of her neck.

Taking a step back, I kicked her feet apart, just like on the cop show. “Spread your legs,” I told her, in my roughest, harshest voice. She started to turn her head to look back at me. I stepped directly behind her and whispered menacingly in her ear. “Don’t look at me.”

There she stood, legs parted just past shoulder-width, hands against the wall, bent slightly forward at the waist, and just waiting for what would come next. I glued myself to her body once again, snaking my left hand down her stomach, just past her navel, and just short of her neatly-trimmed triangle of dark pubic hair. Reaching again under her arm with my right hand, I slid up and squeezed her luscious full C-cup breast, finishing by tweaking the hardening nipple just roughly enough to be a little painful. She moaned loudly, though I couldn’t be sure if it was pain or pleasure that had brought it out of her. I continued moving my hand up her body from her breast, until I was gently stroking her cheek and chin. She shuddered at the intimate touch.

“Get my fingers wet,” I whispered in her ear. Once again she moaned, and dropped her head down to take my fingers into her mouth. “Suck them. Suck them like you would my cock,” I said.

She was greedily sucking on my fingers then, and I could feel the vibrations against them as she moaned. She had begun to grind her ass back against me as she sucked and licked at my fingers. They were thoroughly coated in her saliva in a matter of only a few seconds. After a few more seconds I pulled them out of her mouth, lingering briefly to brush her lips with the moistened tips. She gave them one last kiss before I started to move my hand down her body.

I snaked a wet trail down between her breasts, slowly grazing over her nipples and then her stomach with just the slightest moist touch. I brought my other hand up to squeeze her breasts, the two hands nearly meeting just below her breast. I once again tweaked her nipple hard, and as she was reacting to that, I slid my wet fingers between her legs. She reacted yet again, gasping, and going up on her toes as though she was trying to escape my invading digits. But I knew better.

Using my index and third fingers, I spread the lips of her pussy. ‘Fuck the romance’ I thought as I roughly slid my middle finger inside her with no warning or foreplay. She pushed back against me as if scalded and moaned loudly. I just as quickly pulled my hand from between her legs, and she thrust her hips forward, trying to keep my finger inside her.

“Oh, baby, you are so hot right now,” I whispered in her ear. As I did so, I shifted my position slightly. Now instead of being directly behind her, I was beside her, with her left leg positioned between my two legs. My cock was in contact with her left hip now instead of grinding against her ass. My left hand rested on her inner thigh, just out of reach of her hot, wet pussy. My right arm was around her waist, my right hand resting on her right hip. “You like this, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes,” she hissed.

“You want me to keep going and make you cum, don’t you?”


I slowly moved my hand up her inner thigh and let it rest just above her mound, feeling the fuzz that she left to grow above her shaved pussy lips.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, please keep going,” she practically panted.

I slid my hand down and plunged my index and middle finger into her waiting pussy, and flicked at her clit with my thumb. Her knees started to buckle, and I grabbed her around the waist with my right hand to help hold her up.

“Oh, John,” she moaned, regaining her balance. And now my right hand was free.

The flesh-on-flesh smack seemed ungodly loud as I swatted her bare ass. She nearly jumped out of her skin as she felt it, despite the fact that I hadn’t really slapped her all that hard. As she started to pull back, my fingers were expelled from inside her, and she once again nearly lost her balance. Using my right hand in the small of her back, I pushed her forward. Her hands were still on the wall, which kept her from falling.


“Quiet,” I said, and plunged my fingers back inside her wet pussy. Once again she moaned as my thumb brushed back and forth over her clit, and I slid my fingers in and out of her like a cock. She was up on her toes again, and threw her head back, arching her hips forward onto my hand.

Once again I swatted her on the ass, this time even harder. Her head snapped forward and she gazed at me, glassy-eyed from the stimulation of my fingers, but also questioning the swat from my hand.

“Do you want me to keep going, Renee?” I asked, as my fingers kept working their sensual magic on her pussy and clit. I could see her emotions warring as her hips bucked in rhythm to fingers. I abruptly withdrew them, at the same time pulling my right hand back in preparation for another swat at her exposed ass.

“Do you want me to keep going? You can’t have one without the other,” I said. My left hand, slickened by her saliva and natural lubrication, was resting on her thigh, while my right hand was ready to strike again at her already-tender flesh. “Tell me what you want,” I said authoritatively when she refused to answer right away. “But you can’t have one without the other.”

“I want you to keep going,” she said, through half-closed eyelids rimmed with her lust.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, keep going.”

Again without hesitation, my right hand struck at her ass. She bit her lower lip and winced, then moaned as I plunged my fingers back inside her. I worked my fingers quickly in and out of her, with my thumb flicking quickly back and forth across her clit. With my little finger, I began rubbing her anus when my fingers plunged insider her pussy. I could feel her pussy clamping down on my fingers as they slid into her and spasming to hold them inside her when I pulled them out.

I continued smacking her ass at the same time every few seconds with my right hand. The loud slaps against her ass were turning her cheeks a flaming red, and I could tell they would be burning for a little while after we were finished. I was getting turned on by her movements against my hand and her now almost constant moaning as she came closer and closer to orgasm. I started rubbing my hard cock against her hip, loving the delicious friction as the cotton of my shorts slid up and down against my cock.

“Are you getting close, baby?” I whispered in her ear.

“Yes, I’m close. Don’t stop,” she moaned.

“You want me to keep going?” I asked again as another loud slap sounded against her now flaming cheeks.

“Yes…don’t stop…I’m so close,” she said between clenched teeth. She had a look of rapt concentration on her face as she was in her own little world as the orgasm approached. I was rapidly plunging my fingers in and out her now as I rained rapid but smaller slaps on her ass.

“Come on, baby. Come on,” I whispered over and over in her ear.

Suddenly she went up on her toes and her whole body seemed to tense up. She leaned forward until her forearms joined her hands on the wall and she dropped her head and rested it on the wall as well.

“OH, GOD, JOHN, OH, GOD, NOW! NOW!” she screamed as I plunged my fingers inside her as deep as they would go and held them there. I wrapped my right arm around her waist and helped support her weight as she bucked her hips against my hand. Once again her knees started to buckle, and I held her there for about thirty seconds as she moaned and came and came. I could feel her pussy spasming against my fingers for several seconds, before it started to subside.

When she stopped moaning and started to calm down, I helped her stand up straight. She pushed herself back from the wall, but kept her hands there to support her weight.

“Are you all right?” I asked her, smiling.

“I’m more than all right,” she said, laughing.

“Come on, let’s go over to the bed,” I said. I wrapped my right arm around her waist and she put her left arm over my shoulders and we made it over to the bed, where she collapsed in a heap. I lay down on my side a few feet away, propping myself up on my elbow to look down on her. I reached out and stroked her cheek. She smiled up at me, and, taking my hand in hers, kissed my palm. Then she closed her eyes, and I thought she was drifting off to sleep.

After only a few minutes, though, she opened them again, and fixed her gaze on me.

“That was great,” she purred. “But it also hurt, and it was mean. Very mean.” Then without another word she sat up, pushed me onto my back and proceeded to repay me for my wicked behavior...

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