tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUp Dawson's Creek Ch. 01

Up Dawson's Creek Ch. 01


Chapter I

The woman was alone in the room, sitting in a black leather chair by the door: as if waiting for someone or something! Even sitting in the chair, you could tell she was tall and slim, with shoulder length black hair cut in a nouveau-style that accentuated the delicate features of her face. She was not model-beautiful, but was definitely attractive: her skin unblemished, soft and the perfect hue of white. First appearances suggested she was composed and alert, however closer examination reflected the vacancy in her sad brown eyes.

She was wearing a burgundy silk blouse that outlined perfectly her breasts, tucking snuggly inside the small waist of her black knee length skirt. She crossed her legs causing the splits in the skirt to fall open and displayed a pair of beautifully sculpted legs erotically caressed in black nylon.

The door opened, swinging into the room and the woman immediately looked up. A man entered the room and briefly talked to the woman before taking her hands and lifting her from the chair. They left the room and she was taken down a hallway to another room.

You could sense the excitement in the room when she entered, as the room was occupied by a group of men sitting on three couches forming a "U" in the middle of the room. Behind each couch were video cameras on tripods, strategically positioned; the men themselves either had cameras or camcorders at the ready.

The man led her by the hand, motioning for her to sit in a chair facing the men, before leaving and taking his place behind one of the video cameras. Once behind the camera he looked over at her, she nodded her acknowledgement and immediately got up from the chair.

Instantly camera flashes erupted in the room, as she responded to the multitude of poses being requested of her; front, back, sides, bending over, lying down on the carpet, or just standing in place . On occasion different men came to her, positioning her in a variety of sexy poses. Then just as quickly as it the session started, it stopped.

The woman sat back down in the chair, while two of the men rearranged the furniture and video equipment. They butted two of the couches end to end, while the third was moved off to the side and replaced with a chair similar to the one she was sitting in; and was placed directly opposite the couches, facing them. The video cameras were positioned at each end of the joined couches; the other was placed in front of where the two couches met. They were each positioned to be able to cover a variety of angles on the lone chair opposite.

The man who brought her to the room went over to her, leaning down he whispered something in her ear. His face remained close to hers until she looked up at him, and with a nod he motioned for her to stand up. She stood up beside him, watching as he turned the chair she was sitting in to face the men and cameras. Then he sat down in the chair and motioned for her to approach.

She walked towards him, his hand reaching out and taking her by the waist eased her towards him. Once again flashes and cameras started up as his left hand moved up to her breasts. She closed her eyes as his hand traced circles around her breasts, her nipples instantly hardening, pushing outward and denting the silk fabric covering them. While his left hand worked at her breasts, he looked up and mouthed something to her.

The woman never showed any sign of hesitation or reluctance to obey any of the requests demanded by him; it was as if she was an extension of the man. Moving trance-like, she positioned herself in front of him, facing the men on the couches. Then while standing, she bent at her knees until her hands could grasp the hem of her skirt. Then she slowly straightened herself upward; at the same time her hands lifting the skirt over her thighs to expose the creamy flesh above her black nylons. She didn't stop lifting the skirt until it was around her waist.

The man's free hand immediately moved to caress the inside of her nylon covered thighs, maneuvering in slow circles up and around until it found the exposed creamy flesh. She stood perfectly still, just standing there as his hand explored the soft white expanse of flesh before moving to her panty covered buttocks.

The room exploded in camera flashes as his exploring fingers dipped lower, sliding between her legs. Some of the men on the couch moved to floor, more flashes as his fingers were working at will between her legs; his thumb moving up around her buttocks, while his index finger parted the engorged lips of her pussy. She closed her eyes as her body began to sway slowly as his fingers probed her visibly trembling flesh.

The woman was responding, more and more, her lubricating juices coating his index finger; which was insinuated beneath the elastic of her panties, massaging her pussy with purpose. As the minutes passed her body began to respond more passionately to the manipulations; and it became obvious that she was having trouble standing, as her body began to slowly sway as the fingers worked their magic.

He stopped what he was doing for a moment, giving her some time to compose herself: in addition to helping to steady her. She looked down at him, as if to thank him; only to watch him move his hands to her burgundy lace panties; and then rolling them down over her thighs, knees, until the panties bunched at her ankles. Without hesitation she stepped out of from the lace panties, kicking them away to the side; her breathing becoming deeper as his hand returned to between her thighs. The massaging fingers advanced on her naked pussy lips, opening them so he could slip his index finger up inside, an action that caused her to rock on her feet at the invasion. The glistening dampness of her pussy made it easy for the finger to slide deeply inside her pussy; while a second finger began to massage her swollen clit.

The woman's body was in reaction mode, the pleasure etched on her face reflecting the erotic sensations racing through her responsive body. She was having a difficult time standing, more so now, as her body began to quiver and sway uncontrollably. Making it even more difficult, was the multitude of blinding flashes, causing her to move her hands to cover her eyes as the room was shrouded by brilliant white lights. The sudden removal of her hands caused her to release the skirt so that it slid downward momentarily, until the man's hand stopped its freefall. All the sudden movements: her hands, and his hands and his efforts to stop the skirt from falling caused her some problems with her balance. As she struggled to stand his hand returned to between her thighs; his fingers hidden from the cameras and the eyes of the captivated audience continued its unbridled manipulation of her pussy and ironically helped her regain her balance. Even though his depraved actions were covert there was no guesswork required as to what was happening beneath the skirt; as her tormentor and the other men in the room were enjoying her bounce around from the feverish manipulations happening beneath her skirt. She looked helpless and her breathing was deep and labored, as her arousal began to reveal itself. Beads of sweat inundated her brow and lips, her mouth opening wide to suck in air; as her knees bent and she arched backwards to meet the full impact of the orgasm ripping through her quivering body.

The man quickly removed his hand from beneath her skirt, and she flushed crimson at how shiny wet it glistened with her juices. The impact of her orgasm had an undeniably impact on her body as it was still quivering, and her legs showing signs of collapsing; she looked down at the man, her eyes imploring him for some kind of reprieve. Instead, he stood beside her and with his arm now around her waist waited patiently for her to gather her bearings; before guiding her towards the big leather chair facing the couches and the lusting audience and cameras.

The man helped her to sit down and get settled in the chair, then went to a desk and took something from the drawer. Then concealing it in his hand before slipping it into his jacket pocket, he walked back to the woman and stood in front of her, a knowing smile creased his lips; as he looked down at the woman in the chair, waiting as her breathing became calmer and her disposition more controlled.

The woman, although grappling with the aftermath of her exhibitionist performance; still managed to personify a natural and provocative beauty as she sat passively in the chair; and her skirt, did very little to hide her nylon-clad legs and offered her audience a slight glimpse of her soft white thighs.

The man just stood, obviously enjoying her for a moment, almost studying her as she sat so sensually poised in the big leather chair; before he spoke to her.

The woman obeyed immediately, and she grabbed the hem and pulled her skirt upwards; almost exposing the soft patch of black pubic hair nestled on her abdomen. She looked up at him, as if looking for his approval; again he spoke to her. Again the woman obeyed, only this time pulling the skirt upwards until it ended up around her waist and she was completely exposed to everyone. The room exploded in brilliant lights again as the camera's flashes were set off. The brilliance from the flashes accentuating every inch of her completely exposed white thighs above the nylon tops upwards to her perfectly trimmed black pubic hair.

The man began to give the woman more directions, pointing with a finger for her to move her leg over the arm of the chair. The audience sensing what was going to happening began scrambling for better a position, some almost on top of others as they moved in closer.

The woman seemed oblivious to the activity going on in front of her, her eyes focused only on the man; and without hesitating maneuvered one long leg up and over the arm of the chair, then her body sank back in the chair, her eyes reflecting a salacious haze, as she looked up at the man with an expectant and depraved expression on her face. She was obscenely posed, her curving thigh and the smooth white skin leading to the treasure between her loins, void of any pubic hair. The subtle swell of her mound and the way her flowering vaginal lips, ragged and flushed were beginning to swell and shape themselves in anticipatory readiness. Her entire vaginal slit was exposed, allowing a tantalizing view of the pink lining of her pussy walls that were already coated with her sexual juices. Her pelvis was rotating slowly, the gentle motion emphasizing the top of her vaginal slit; and the hardening nub of her clit protruding provocatively from beneath the protective hood.

The man was pleased with her, smiling wickedly as she lounged back in the chair; then the sway increased in tempo, rolling the mound seductively as he enjoyed her lewd actions. The woman couldn't hide her own spreading wanton smile on her beautiful face as his eyes feasted on her exposed cunt, and he pointed with his finger at her other leg. Again she obeyed immediately, quickly swinging the knee over the opposite arm of the chair; balancing naked buttocks on the edge of the cushion. Her eyes radiating with a feral lust as they focused on the glistening sheen of her love juices smothering her totally exposed cunt between her wide open thighs.

The man was taking deep breathes as if to slow down his own arousal; while the camera flashes were constantly illuminating her degenerate and shameless vulnerability. He reached down with his finger and probed at her moist vagina, moving the thick digit in and around her slowly grinding mound. Then looking directly into the woman's eyes his finger teasingly massaged her clit, before slipping inside her receptive channel and beginning a gently rhythm of finger fucking her.

The voyeuristic men in the room were now moving closer to the action, and for a moment there were no flashes going off, just the men jockeying for better positions. The man immediately stopped his manipulation of the woman's cunt, and turned to the audience; his hands indicating that they should move back to the couches. The look of disappointment evident on their faces; were nothing compared to the sexual anguish on the woman's.

When the man was satisfied that his instructions were followed by the men, he returned his attention to the woman who reflected a look of frustration at the delay in the activities. The man appeared stolid and unperturbed by the woman's sexual torment; and took his time before resuming his next level of humiliation of her. Then he put his hand in his pocket and finally revealed the thing he had taken out of the draw and kept concealed from her; smirking he moved his hand towards her and handed her an incredibly realistic rubber cock; the dildo was made of a ribbed-textured purple rubber, long and thick. He pushed two buttons on the bottom of the rubber toy and the thing leaped to life in his hand, vigorously vibrating as half of the shaft began sliding back and forth, like a rigidly erect penis in a sheath.

The woman let her head roll back, and her eyes started to close. A lewd smile crept tentatively across her face; and the man smiled at her as he stepped between her wide-spread legs. He held the vibrating sliding end on the inside of one sleek thigh, near her wetly gaping vagina. The woman's mouth instantly forming a perfect circle; her thin lips puckered with the sudden pleasurable sensation being generated by the probing toy.

The man and his toy were eliciting such immoral sensations on her mind and body, her body's capitulation clearly reflecting her acceptance to his lewd depravity. The man looked down at her, smiling as her eye's glared with incited arousal: and her hands unconsciously caressing and fondling her breasts, her fingers diligently searching for and tweaking at the hardening nipples beneath her clothes. The man tilted his head back, laughing; his enjoyment at her impious frustration was only surpassed by the ominous look in his sinister eyes as he handed the magic cock dildo to her.

Then the man moved away from her, his movement allowing the voyeuristic audience an unobstructed view of the woman sitting obscenely vulnerable in the chair. He scanned the audience, the barrage of flashes, other than a few her and there, had stopped; as the men were more intent on watching the show about to unfold before them. Then turning his eyes back to the raven-haired woman, his eyes and body language reflecting complete satisfaction as he saw the woman turn the vibrator on; and then slowly let it slide all over her stomach and down into her pubic hair.

The woman was laying back in the leather chair and her dress practically hidden from view; the inner plain of her opulent thighs and pelvic mound revealed, except for her thigh top nylons she was completely naked from the waist down. Seductively she adjusted her position slightly, sprawling her legs over the arms of the chair and she let her head rest on the back of the chair. Her delicate fingers of her free hand slid down and roamed in her sparse pubic hair, impelling her hips to slowly roll and pump in an obscene gyration; as her free hand continued it journey downward to the moist, engorged lips of her quivering cunt. Her mouth went slack and her lips partly opened as her thumb and forefingers spread the swollen pussy lips and revealed the pink inner walls of her cunt; and a clear and unrestricted path to her white buttocks and its deep tight crevice.

The man watched with a lecherous fascination; as her body reacted in obscene delight to her self-indulgence; her hips twisting and thrusting forward so that her buttocks mushroomed on the edge of the chair, teasingly exposing and hiding the bud of her puckering anus. He saw her head bob forward and that she was staring down at her writhing loins; and her moist quivering cunt tilting upwards as she ran the long thick vibrator up and down the slit. Her eyelids fluttering and her cheeks puffed outward as her arousal ravaged her body each time she stopped moving the dildo to let it massage her hardening clit.

The man suddenly made his way around her as she slumped in the chair, her pose was shameless and wanton, her legs even stretching wider over each arm of the chair; exposing her gaping cunt as she maneuvered the vigorously vibrating dildo in and around her moist receptive vaginal channel. Her face strained and contorted as she fought to control her deep and labored breathing.

The man now directly standing behind reached down and began unbuttoning the front of her blouse; pulling the fronts off to the sides to reveal her small firm breasts nestled inside a flimsy half-bra. He helped them free of the almost burgundy half-bra and smiled at the way they quivered and gelled, and then his huge hands each cupped a pert mound and began kneading the white resilient flesh. She arched her body causing her head to wedge against the back of the chair and forced her chin downward, pushing into her chest giving her a clear view down over her naked breasts and to the big purple rubber cock vibrating between her legs. He saw her spreading her cunt slit and then her thumb worked the erect nub of her throbbing clit; as the rubber cock quivered its way deeper into her wildly pulsing cunt. He could see her body wantonly shuddering with pleasure as the erratic vibration was enflaming her sense.

The woman opened her lust glazed eyes as his fingers were tweaking and rolling her already erect nipples; causing her to unconsciously begin rapidly thrusting the thick dildo in and out of her saturated clasping pussy. Her eyes closed slowly from the intense assault of his fingers and the oscillating dildo; her head thrashed from side to side as she increased the tempo of her hips pumping up against the thick purple, toy cock.

The man moved from behind her chair, his mouth twisted open as he watched her pull the dildo from her cunt and held it hard against her clit. He saw her eyes were clenched shut, her face contorting in fervent arousal that her body was experiencing; as her hips and taut stomach rolled and undulated while the glistening lips of her cunt flowering to the vibrating dildo relentlessly assailed her clit. He could see the signs, her body was nearing an orgasm, her actions becoming more frantic and erratic as her free hand worked her breasts, pulling at her turgid nipples as she hooked her legs even tighter over the arms of the chair, thrusting her hips and naked groin outward and upward even more, spreading the lips of her wetly trembling cunt as she ran the vibrating rubber cock in a determined rhythm. She was gasping for air, panting with lewd passion, her hips rolling and lewdly causing her buttocks to lift from the cushion; the cheeks of her ass shook and contracted, her tightly puckered anus coated with the copious moisture escaping from her cunt and settling in the crevice of her buttocks.

The woman's body suddenly jerked and her body arched violently; and she was suspended in mid air for a moment until her exhausted body collapsed down into the chair. She was the perfect picture of a satisfied woman as she sprawled obscenely; the rubber weapon lay harmlessly on the carpet.

Amid the onslaught of flashes and the men moving forward to take close ups of the sprawling and spent woman, the man was ignored as he moved across the room to flip a switch by the desk; however the sudden voice infiltrating the room sparked an immediate and silent obedience.

"Gentleman I hope that you enjoyed the first instalment of this evening's entertainment?" Boomed the powerful voice of Mason Dawson as it echoed from the hidden speakers.: "Now if I could have your attention for the next few minutes while I explain the rules for the balance of this evening's program. Firstly, Mr. Choi Liu you already know, but let me introduce your hostess for the evening; Gentlemen meet Mrs. Sharon Morris, although you couldn't tell from her performance, this is Sharon's first time attending one of my soiree's so she doesn't fully understand the implications," he paused allowing the audience to snicker at his comment, before continuing. "As with all new inductee's and initiations, your presence for the next part is not necessary and you will kindly retire to the entertainment room where refreshments will be served. Mrs. Morris, once the gentlemen leave, please go and take a shower, Choi will show you where; and don't bother to get dressed after, just go into the bedroom and wait for Choi. Mrs. Morris when you take your shower, the gentleman will be watching your exhibition on the monitors; so a display of erotic foreplay while showering would be appreciated. Now as for the rest of the rules: Choi will be the first to fuck Mrs. Morris and there is no time limit on his indulgence. When Choi is finished, Mrs. Morris will again shower and will then be taken to the studio where you gentlemen have unrestricted access to her." Dawson again paused to read the reaction of his captive audience; but there were none, not even from Sharon.

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