tagFetishUp Roxanne's Sleeve

Up Roxanne's Sleeve


Roxanne's tan and black dress was bunched down around her waist, the rumpled garment acting perhaps as a shield from my wandering hands, but the middle aged woman with the reddish brown hair need not have worried. I was content with what we doing now, at least for the present time.

Roxanne's expression had changed so many times in the hour or so we had been on my couch that I would loved to have watched a time-lapse film of all of the looks the librarian had expressed.

First there was the tentative look, as we began to make out a little bit, and then her expression had changed to a passionate one, as she responded to my kisses with some of her own, practically pinning me against the back of the sofa.

Roxanne had then showed signs of nervousness, as she realized that our harmless little after work drink was turning into something a little more as my hands began working. At first my hands went to the areas that a woman her age likely was used to.

I had given her breasts the attention they deserved, at first massaging the full globes through the two layers of clothing and then through her bra after I had coaxed down the two-toned dress with the tiny sleeves that did little more than cap her creamy white shoulders.

She was a surprisingly busty lady, her conservative clothing successful in hiding what now appeared to be a very large pair of breasts encased in a decidedly non-provocative brassiere that was designed for heavy duty, and while she probably hadn't expected to be getting undressed when she woke up that morning, that was just fine by me.

The look Roxanne gave me when my hands strayed from kneading her breasts through the bra was one of shock, and it was one that I didn't want and tried to get rid of with word and deed.

"I know," I told Roxanne after her startled look and instinctive reaction followed my hand sliding under her slightly raised arm which she had around my neck.

"I wasn't - wasn't expecting to be - you know - like this," Roxanne mumbled nervously.

My fingers were gently stroking the tiny wisp of hair nestled in the warm, moist hollow of her fleshy armpit, enjoying the silky softness of the long sparse hairs while I nuzzled into Roxanne's neck.

"You would have shaved, I assume?" I suggested after brushing off what sounded like an apology on the way.

"I don't know," Roxanne began to answer. "You see..."

"And that would have been wrong," I assured her. "At least as far as I'm concerned. You see, it's what attracted me to you from the start - not that you aren't a wonderful woman. It's just that when I happened to catch a glimpse up your sleeve the other day, well, that got me started.

"I didn't know it was visible," Roxanne said, her face still a bit red but a bit more relaxed, and whether she knew it or not she had kept her hand around my neck, which allowed me to continue stroking her armpit. "But I'm glad now it was."

"Just like in this dress, it isn't really visible unless somebody is looking for it, like I was," I confessed. "I always peek up under a woman's sleeve when I find her attractive, although these days all I usually see is smooth skin. That's why seeing you natural like this really got my attention. May I?"

Without waiting for an answer, I leaned Roxanne back into the sofa and took her right wrist gently in my hand and slowly raised her right arm. She put up only token resistance, and before she knew it I had placed her hand up behind her head.

"So pretty," I sighed as I looked at the modest wisp of light brown hair that graced the center of her pale underarm.

"My husband is - was," Roxanne said softly after a deep intake of breath through her teeth, having already told me about the passing of her long-time spouse. "I mean, you sound like him."

"He liked you natural?" I asked, and Roxanne nodded.

"Back in the 70's it wasn't as unusual," Roxanne said. "You should have seen me back then. I was a lot more hairy than I am today. I guess as you get older it starts to go away."

"I'm sure I would have enjoyed you then, but I'm infatuated with what I see now," I said, letting my hand softly stroke the long hands with the backs of my fingers while leaning forward, rustling up an intoxicating aroma from her underarm.

"I hope my scent!" Roxanne suddenly gasped. "I must - I mean, I've been at work all day."

"No," I insisted, savoring the scent that I had stirred up with my touch. "You smell wonderful."

There was only a slight hint of the deodorant remaining after a day's activity, and what remained was only faintly floral blended provocatively with Roxanne's natural scent and perspiration, the cocktail of scents combining to nearly make me swoon.

Now my face was inches away from her armpit, and when I moved even closer I could feel the scented hairs against my nose. I kissed the spray of hairs, lightly at first and then leaning into Roxanne as I pressed my lips to her skin.

"Did your husband do that?" I asked, glancing over at Roxanne, whose eyes were a bit glassy, and when she nodded I smiled.

"Then he must have also done this," I concluded, lowering my face and letting my tongue press against the soft moist skin down at the bottom of the gentle slope of Roxanne's armpit before letting my tongue make a slow and serpentine trip all the way through her underarm, licking the tiny nest of hairs and continuing until I was licking the inside of her bicep.

Roxanne had leaned up and backward as my tongue made what I thought and hoped had been a sensuous journey, and her body's reaction wasn't an effort to get away but more a case of her riding my tongue along the way.

Proving Roxanne wasn't offended, her left hand was back where it was a while ago, only now she wasn't massaging the bulge in my pants but was taking down the zipper and reaching inside.

It wasn't tough to find, and it was hard and pulsating when she fished it out of my briefs, and after expressing what I hoped was satisfaction with what she had pulled out of the gooey sanctuary my underwear had become, was stroking my member, her fist wrapped tightly around my thick cock while I continued to lick Roxanne's underarm.

Almost beside myself with lust, I leaned across Roxanne, kissing my way over to her other side. Preparing to lift her other hand up behind her head, I was pleasantly surprised when she raised it for me, placing her hand behind her head and exposing her other armpit.

This caused her to let go of my cock, but that was fine with me because it was all I could do to keep from ejaculating all over us, so excited was I by what I was doing. My excitement was amplified by Roxanne's reaction, which was not one of scorn or ridicule, but instead much different.

Maybe she was reliving old memories of being with her late husband, or perhaps she had a bit of an armpit fetish of her own, but whatever the reason, Roxanne's reaction to my leaning over and lavishing the same attention on her newly exposed armpit was one of pleasure.

"Nice," Roxanne gasped as I leaned across her massive bosom and began licking the sweet and salty hairs under her other arm.

I reached my arm around her neck and put my hand on the fleshy back of her shoulder. Squeezing with a gentle firmness, I clenched the soft skin in my hand, and this pressure had the desired effect, changing the slight hollow of her armpit into a raised mound and lifting the tuft of hair up to make it easier to get to.

Now I was licking, nibbling and even chewing the light brown wisp of hair, and while my behavior was getting a bit crazed, Roxanne was outdoing me. I hadn't noticed exactly what she was doing, but when I glanced down she was rubbing her thighs together, squirming as if she was trying to get herself off without use of hands.

Roxanne was arching herself into the back of the couch, her head looking up to the ceiling when she cried out and her body shuddered. I continued to lick her underarm as her body quaked, her free hand clenching the back of my head as she kept my face buried under her arm.

Then, as quickly as it had begun, her orgasm waned, until I felt her warm body go limp under me. I allowed my oral affection to slow down until finally I raised my face up to look at her.

Roxanne looked dazed, her face flushed and sweat dripping down from her forehead. She seemed a little flustered at first but quickly realized that she had nothing to be ashamed of in the least.

"What you must lick of me," Roxanne finally said, her voice weak and breathy sounding.

"You can't tell?" I asked, letting out a breath through my puckered mouth that made the moist hairs under her arm flutter in the breeze.

"Guess we know each other's little secrets now," Roxanne said with a smile.

"You've learned my Kryptonite, that's for sure," I admitted.

"Well then, Superman," Roxanne said, straightening herself up on the couch, but only for a minute. "You deserve something for your efforts."

Roxanne eased herself down onto the floor between my legs and worked my trousers down to the carpet. My fat, swollen cock was sticking out from the fly of my shorts, and Roxanne gently worked my briefs around the beet-red organ, sending them down to the floor as well.

Biting her lower lip, she coaxed me down until my butt was hanging on the edge of the cushion. Leaning toward me, Roxanne enveloped my cock with her breasts, easing the fleshy globes around my throbbing cock until it disappeared into her moist cavernous cleavage.

"You like?" Roxanne asked with a mischievous grin, and when I nodded she took her pendulous globes in her hands and squeezed them together while moving her huge breasts up and down.

"So nice," I gasped, catching a glimpse of the head of my dick each time she lowered her bosom.

"I know something you might like even more than this," Roxanne suggested, letting go of her breasts and leaning closer.

Fluffing and drying her left underarm with my briefs, Roxanne moved closer as she took my cock in hand, and with her face flushed with embarrassment, pushed the head of my cock under her arm.

"OMIGOD!" I gasped.

"Wasn't sure," Roxanne said, leaning away and using gentle pressure to just let the tip of my dick graze the wisp of hair as she used my cock like it was a roll-on deodorant, sweeping up and down her armpit with long strokes.

"My husband," Roxanne said, stopping before continuing. "My husband used to enjoy this."

"He was a lucky man," I managed to get out as I watched pre-cum dribbling out into her underarm, leaving a milky rope in the light brown fur. "Harder - gotta cum."

"Can't have that," Roxanne declared, suddenly using less pressure and slowing down the stroking. "That's half the fun - making you wait."

And wait she did, because for the next five - ten - who knows how many minutes, Roxanne continued to let the head of my cock slide ever-so-softly through her silky armpit hair. Occasionally pinning my cock under her arm, and squeezing it in the hot fold, my surprisingly kinky new lover made me crazy as she continued with this sweet torture.

"Oh my," Roxanne said as she let my cock slap back onto my belly. "Your cock looks angry."

"You can make him happy," I said. "All you have to do is..."

"Patience," Roxanne said with a smile, and then dried her left underarm just like she had her right.

"You have more," I grunted as Roxanne started to stroke my cock under her left underarm. "More hair in your left armpit than your right."

"I know. Maybe it's because I'm left-handed. Which do you like better?"

"The one I get off in," I said. "That is, if you're going to let me."

"Of course, babe," Roxanne said. "Matter-of-fact, I think it might be time right now. Wotcha think?"

I nodded briskly, and at that Roxanne leaned over and licked the dripping tip of my cock before rubbing it hard under her arm. IT felt like my entire body was tingling as my orgasm surged through my body like an electric shock.

My cock erupted, spurting jet after jet of my seed into her armpit, coating the tuft of hair and the surrounding flesh with what looked like an absurd amount of cum, and Roxanne didn't stop until my purplish cock went limp in her hand.

"Wow!" Roxanne exclaimed as she looked over at her underarm, the semen dangling like garland in her armpit hair, and with a twinkle in her eye she leaned over and licked her armpit, my seed captured by her tongue.

I pulled Roxanne up to the couch and kissed her, tasting my seed and her pheromones as our tongues dueled briefly as I felt Roxanne unbuttoning my shirt. The light blue garment was soaked with sweat, and while I was happy to get it off me, I was even more delighted that our night was not over.

"Mmm," Roxanne cooed as her hands raked though the hair on my chest. "Now let me see you."

Roxanne climbed up so that she was straddling my tight, and I could feel her wet panties on my leg as she grabbed my hands and brought them back over my head.

"Believe it or not, my pits used to be as hairy as yours are," Roxanne said, biting her lower lip as her fingers kneaded the dense pockets of fur.

"Could use a shower about now," I said as I sensed the aroma coming from my armpits, and while it wasn't raunchy it was clear that my deodorant had worn off.

"No way," Roxanne said, her hips grinding her crotch into my thigh. "I'll get you clean though."

With that, Roxanne fell forward and buried her face under my arm, attacking my armpit with a ferocity that made my efforts pale in comparison. It was as if the aroma and taste of me was driving her crazy, and while it might have seemed weird to the average person, the sight of this middle aged librarian humping my leg while she licked and chewed my armpit.

Her knee was pressed against my balls and the underside of my cock, which was acting half its age, gradually coming to life as I watched my co-worker's face embedded under my arm.

I actually came first, a mild orgasm by comparison to my first one, helped along by my had giving it a few strokes, and then Roxanne came, her wails muffled by her face still buried under my arm as her body convulsed uncontrollably.

"I haven't had a night like this since - a long-long time," Roxanne admitted.

"I used to think I was a bit of a pervert," I said.

"Until you found out about me?" Roxanne suggested.

"No, it's just that..."

"You thought that only men have fetishes?" Roxanne asked.

"I guess," I answered. "Think I guessed wrong."

"I was always attracted to the smell of a man, even my father when I was young, although that wasn't sexual," Roxanne confessed. "Not a raunchy stink of somebody that never bathed, but the taste and aroma of a man's fresh sweat has always tripped my trigger."

"Me? I just like a natural woman," I admitted. "The sight of a woman's unshaven armpit does it for me every time, although I guess that there's something about the pheromones and everything else that helps."

"And now we've found each other," Roxanne said. "What now?"

"On our next date, maybe we'll end up getting all of our clothes off," I suggested, looking at the tangle of soggy clothes that were dangling off us.

"Maybe that won't be as good for you," Roxanne said.

"Oh, I don't think that at all."

"Well, how do you feel about - " Roxanne said, hesitating before leaning over and whispering. "How do you feel about a really hairy pussy? Unlike my pits, I haven't lost a hair down there. It's like a jungle."

"I think you might lose a few," I replied, suggesting that I had no problem letting a few stray hairs get captured by my teeth.

"The only thing that night be tough is at work," Roxanne said as she started to get her clothes arranged on her.

"We get off at 5 tomorrow night," I said, enjoying the flashing Roxanne gave me when she lifted her dress, exposing the full cut white panties that still weren't able to contain all of the hair between her thighs."

"With the commute time, I think we'll be getting off a second time around 6 then," Roxanne said. "I live closer to work, so we'll use my place, okay?"



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