tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUp The Ass With Force Ch. 01

Up The Ass With Force Ch. 01


The night was a disaster from the very beginning. I should have never gone to that club. Right after we arrived there with my girlfriend, we started arguing. Anne hated the music and smoke, and I hated her attitude. After five short minutes, she walked out on me.

You can imagine my mood for the rest of the night. I was just standing at the bar, pissed off and ready to jump in a fight. I soon had the chance.

I was sipping my drink when I felt a hand grabbing my butt and a rough whispering voice by my era “Hey kid, how about coming in the bathroom with me? I’ll give you a dink far better than that vodka of yours…” I was astonished…First of all, I wasn’t a kid. I was eighteen since last midnight. Secondly, I suspected I would have to take that drink straight from its long meaty bottle…

I turned around and was faced by a man in his mid forties, tall and well built, with a black pony tail. Behind him, was another man, dressed in hackey sweats. He was taller and stronger and looked at me with a look that easily translated: “Boy, your ass is mine…”

I knew I couldn’t take them up on their challenge, so I told them I would call security if they didn’t leave me alone. They looked at each other, laughed and left.

I was angry. Right there in the club, they had tried to fuck me! I went to the manager and reported it. He told me I was right being angry, and that I should file a report with the security. He took me to a nice office and told me to wait for the security officer.

After a couple of minutes, the two men came in smiling. “So you want to file a report, eh? And I thought you had changed your mind about that drink” the black haired man said locking the door. They started stripping and I began to shout for help. “Scream your lungs out bitch, I love boys who yell when getting fucked. Besides, the room is soundproof. Nobody will hear you crying when I rip your ass”.

I panicked. They were naked now, two big throbbing cocks hanging out eager to fuck my brains out.

The blond one approached and knocked me in the stomach, cutting my breath. He ordered me to strip. I obeyed and stood there naked and ready to get sodomized. I was a bit plump, but my body was tight and beautiful. Black hair and green eyes, my looks were hardly those of a sixteen year old. And these two weren’t the first to want to split my tight globes. I had heard much dirty talk, but never even considered homosexual relations.

He went behind me and started playing with my ass, slapping my buttocks and fingering my anus. I sobbed and begged for mercy…They laughed and then he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me on my knees. The other came right in front of my face. He had a 17cm dripping rod that he wanted to shove in my mouth. I kept my lips sealed, filling his precum covering them as he rubbed his dick across them.

The blond one grabbed my head and kept it still, while my lips were getting forced open by his friend. With force, he parted my lips and shoved it all the way to my tonsils gagging me. I tried getting away but they kept me steady. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I couldn’t breath. He grabbed my ears, using them as handles and started fucking my face. He was pumping my mouth with long forceful moves, and I was gagging each time.

Meanwhile, the blond wasn’t holding me anymore. He had taken a digicam and recorded the rape, his manrod hard and standing up, 18cm of meat that I would soon take all the way up my boyish ass.

That first face fuck lasted about five minutes. The man with the pony tail was very horny and soon gave me a taste of the drink he had saved for me all night. It was thick and milky, and I was forced to swallow it all. He wouldn’t let me move. He kept me still and flooded my mouth. I tried swallowing to avoid drowning, and took almost everything in. I gulped and they both laughed. He held me until I had licked him dry and left the floor to his friend, taking the camera.

The blond wanted me to blow him. I refused and he told me I better start licking if I wanted my teeth. He held the top of my head and I went down on his shaft. I licked good and long and he couldn’t stop moaning. His friend took close ups of my mouth deepthroating the blonde’s shaft and my tongue curling around his tight balls.

“You are a natural, boy…I bet that lame girlfriend of yours isn’t half as good…”I think he was right. Fear had beaten my disgust and I didn’t mind the taste and smell. I got used to them and gave him head like I was used to having a cock in my mouth. I was licking his peephole when he shouted he was cumming. I backed off, but he didn’t mind. It was my face he wanted to splatter, not my throat. He held my hair and aimed straight to my eyes. He had hit my left eye before I could shut them. It hurt but he kept shooting like a water hose. He covered my young face with hot sticky sperm that started sliding down my cheeks and dripping on my chest. The man with the camera was moaning and I knew he was hard again. “You look great frosted boy” he said.

He zoomed at my splattered face and ordered me to look at the camera and say I loved cumshots on my young face. I did.

He lifted me up and took me to the desk. Turning me around he made me bend over it and spread my legs. “No, not that!!!!” I screamed and tried turning around. He pushed me back down and asked his friend to help him. The blonde came from around the desk and grabbed my hands keeping me down. My virgin asshole was at there mercy.

The man with the pony tail parted my globes and placed his rod along my crack, fucking it slowly. I was crying of humiliation and despair, tears mixing up with sperm on my nicely coated face.

Suddenly he pulled my hair a bit and leaning forward told me “Had you taken my original offer, I would have used some lube to break you in…As it is, it will be raw and burning”. With that his cockhead touched my tender anus, and the sodomy began.

He was too big for my boyish hole, and I was too tense. Regardless, he kept pushing hard and started entering my rectum inch by inch. It was like I was forced to sit on a pole and I screamed like hell. It turned him on “Scream boy, scream for mercy…”he laughed and kept shoving his meatpole in my rectum.

It burned and I could feel my anal walls getting ripped. He was destroying my ass, making a slut out of me. I stretched and sweated and looked up to the blond one with a silent plead for mercy. His eyes told me he would soon be taking his friend’s place.

When his pubic haired were shoved up my stretched asshole, he stopped.

I could hardly breathe and moving was painful. He praised my tight rectum and said I was a great fuck. With that, he pulled back halfway and thrusted the whole thing in again, making me shout in pain.

After that, it was pure, hard fuck. Rapid, long thrusts, breaking me in forever. I felt my blood coming down my legs and soon my rectum gave no resistance at all. The blonde let my hands fall and grabbed his hard cock, shoving it in my warm mouth. He fucked my face hard and deep, holding my head up. I was holding the edge of the desk, trying not to choke on the blonde’s cock whenever my fucker shoved his cock in my rectum.

And then my bowels were filled with cum. He had given a last push and filled my rectum with his manseed. He came for a long time and just stayed in my butthole until he became soft. He retracted with a plop and his cum dripped on my legs along with blood.

The blond left my mouth empty and dragged me to an armchair. He sat and ordered me to sit on his throbbing cock. I cried that I couldn’t. My ass was hurting and cum was still pouring out of it. He was furious. He got up, Made me kneel and got me on all fours on the floor. He shoved his cock in my ass without any care for my shouting and fucked my eyes out of their sockets. It was short and brutal and he came all over my back.

I fell on the floor exhausted. They stood right above me, smiling and shaking hands. They looked back at me and started peeing all over my tormented young body….

I want you to feed me back with loads of dirty feed back…I need it…

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/13/18


I really enjoyed this! Write some more. Needs a little Ass to Mouth and forced rimming to top it off.

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by Spadger202/13/18

Anal Wreckers.

From my opinion, I think that any sexual act should be by mutual consent.
As for the manager, he seemed to be aiding and abetting the anal abuse by the so-called security officers.
Maybe the author willmore...

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by Anonymous10/08/17

Fucking Hot

Great story, it her me hard and yearning to be the one getting fucked.A17E

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by Anonymous08/22/17

Part two please

Can't wait for the next story, got me nice and hard

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