tagSci-Fi & FantasyUpon a Savage Shore Ch. 06

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 06


Author's note: I was able to finish editing this chapter tonight. I do not know when I will be able to post the next chapter, but it will not be too much of a delay. For those who have been wondering about the length of the story, requesting I not leave my readers hanging and worrying that I will not complete the story, I want to assure you all that there should be at least fifteen chapters total and I am currently in the rough draft of chapter ten. I hope that removes any concerns.

I will update again when I can. Thank you all for reading and commenting.

Liam checked his chronometer. He was tired, but not particularly sleepy. He'd spent time on a variety of worlds with different cycles. Some had short days and others had incredibly long ones. It always took time for him to adjust. His internal clock was telling him the night ought to be ending, but it clearly wasn't. The strange double moons hung in the sky and the forest sounds held steady.

It was more than strange to him that only a day ago he had been at war with the three beings he now depended on for survival. It was true that they also depended on him, but that made it no less strange. He'd gone from trying to kill them to actually having sex with one of them. And he had liked it! Actually liked it! He shook his head.

"And you were ready to fuck the commander a while ago, too," he murmured to himself. He snorted at his predicament and the bizarre thoughts going through his head. "What will your folks think? Hell, what will your friends think? Shit, mom and dad will probably get over the shock in a few years and your friends will all think you're the baddest motherfucker in the galaxy."

He was still chuckling at himself when a shadow lunged up onto the giant log they were calling home. Liam reacted instantly, bringing up the fero-plas rifle and rising to his knee in a single smooth motion, the reaction of a veteran. The creature, roughly the size of a very large dog, paid him no mind at all. Instead it sniffed around the dead fire until it came to the remains of the meat on the spit. In a quick motion it snapped up everything, meat sticks and all, swallowed it and then was off into the forest again.

Liam's heart was still thumping in his chest when a cry of alarm sounded from the lower entrance. A fero-plas pistol cracked. Clotilda was in danger!

Liam turned and sprinted through the darkness of the hollowed out tree. By the time he got to where the nests were laid the two females were wide awake with weapons in their hands.

"I'll go to her!" he shouted on his way through. "Watch the other end!"

He did not wait for them to reply. He leapt the bedding and landed nearly at the lower opening due mostly to the downhill slope of the tree. His boot clamps automatically activated and he nearly killed himself as he tumbled head first, the clamps tearing great patches of wood from the rotted surface.

Liam tucked and rolled instinctively, ending his precipitous descent when he slammed into the flank of some kind of large animal. It snarled a startled protest, scrambled back to its feet and sprang away into the underbrush. A fero-plas pistol cracked menacingly nearby and another animal howled in pain. Liam came up into a fighting crouch and scanned about him in the darkness. Under the dense canopy of leaves there was not enough light for him to see and belatedly he thought to switch on his lowlight vision scope. It instantly revealed a scene from a nightmare.

Clotilda stood with her back to the entrance, her pistol at the ready. In front of her lay a creature like a bizarre mix of hyena and frog, thrashing through its death throes. Three more of the deadly looking beasts circled warily close by. One had turned on Liam, apparently unsettled by his sudden appearance. Liam didn't hesitate. He leveled his rifle and let fly a deadly bolt of charged fero-plastic. The weapon bucked hard against his shoulder and the creature's head snapped back, a smoking crater where its face had been. Clotilda fired another round into the chest of one of the remaining animals and Liam was lining up his next shot when the animal turned and darted into the night. But the excitement wasn't over yet.

From inside the tree sounded the boom of another fero-plas rifle. Liam turned and charged back into the tree, his lowlight scope showing him the two injured jZav'Etch laying prone, aiming their weapons up at the top of the tunnel. There a large body lay, limbs thrashing as it died. More creatures were outside and it was obvious they wanted in. From above his head came a sound as of taloned feet rapidly swarming over the outer trunk.

"We will hold them here," Commander M'pel E'kmel said urgently. "Defend the lower entrance! Hurry!"

Liam bounded away once more. The two jZav'Etch were well placed to hold off any attack the creatures might make, but Clotilda was alone and exposed. Even as he came out of the tree he saw a blocky, fanged head dipping down, its nose questing for the unsuspecting Pah'Tht. Liam shouted a warning and jammed the muzzle of his rifle into the beast's throat then pulled the trigger. The top of the creature's head vaporized into a glowing mist and the lifeless body tumbled to the earth. Clotilda had spun at Liam's warning. She now raised her weapon and fired. Another creature dropped next to its fellow. More bestial screams shook the night and more shots rang from within the tree.

Without thinking, Liam grabbed a handhold and began hoisting himself up onto the dead trunk. He came face to face with one of the animals and both froze for an instant. It cost the creature its life as Liam let loose another shot from his rifle at point blank range. The recoil was enough to throw the weapon from his one-handed grip, but he didn't wait to recover it. Up onto the tree he climbed and drew his pistols, thumbing their selectors over to wadcutter. Boot clamps biting chunks from the long dead bark, Liam advanced on the pack of animals. His EP 12's barked and creatures died, their bones and flesh torn apart by flat-nosed rounds. By the time he reached the upper entrance those that remained fled into the night, frightened and defeated. The stink of blood and offal hung in the air and Liam roared defiance at the sky.

"That's right you sorry sons of bitches!" he bellowed at the top of his lungs. "We ain't going down that easy! Come back for more! We'll be waiting! We'll be right here, motherfuckers!"

Behind him he heard Clotilda scream triumphantly in response to his words and from within the tree the wounded jZav'Etch added their voices.

Liam stood atop the log, adrenaline still pumping in his veins. He surveyed the area with all his sensors for several minutes. Many animals crouched in the darkness and many seemed interested in the carcasses of the fallen, but they smelled him and his mates and would not risk encroaching on his territory. Food could be gotten elsewhere at a less costly price.

Finally, when he was sure no other animal would dare come for them, Liam climbed down from the trunk and found Clotilda just inside the tree with her pistol still held ready to defend them. She grinned a fierce grin and purred when she saw him.

"Take!" she cried and leaped into his arms, nipping at his chin and wrapping her legs around his waist.

Liam staggered back a step and hugged her, glad to be alive and elated to be victorious. He kissed her fiercely, there was nothing like victory to inspirit a man and Liam desperately wanted to take Clotilda right there, but it was far too dangerous. He had to be sure they would all be safe throughout the night. Gently he pushed her back, set her on the ground and gave her another passion laden kiss.

"We can't," he said, breaking the kiss. "Dangerous."

Instantly she looked around and took hold of her weapon again.

"Predator," she said seriously and thumped her chest.

"Watch," he said and she nodded her assent.

Inside he found the two injured females laying where they had been and they grinned welcomingly as he approached. To his utter astonishment Tem'Ma'tel lay naked from the waist down and when he was nearer she rose onto her hands and knees, flicked her long tail up and said, "Take!"

Liam barked out a laugh and looked to M'pel E'kmel. She chuckled at him.

"Commander," he said, gesturing at Tem'Ma'tel. "It's too dangerous for me to do that."

"I know and so does she," M'pel E'kmel replied, still grinning. "She makes a traditional offer out of respect and... for other reasons. I would have also, but I am not so bound by my hormones."

He laughed at her boldness and shook his head. "Will she try to kill me if I don't accept?"

"Of course not," M'pel E'kmel said laughing. "Her offer is not meant to be taken seriously, Sergeant. Besides, she understands you must return to your watch. I think, though, you will find her more willing when the time is right."

"Damn," he said softly and grinned down on the still posing Tem'Ma'tel. His gaze lingered on her firm, round ass and he sighed, "I'm a lucky man."

"You know," M'pel E'kmel said teasingly. "If there were secure doors on this tree you could have whatever you liked."

"Doors?" he laughed. "Doors I will get to in the morning."

With that he leaned down and pinched Tem'Ma'tel on the rump causing her to yip, girlishly delighted. He felt her slap his butt as he strode purposefully to the upper opening. Once there he set about dragging the dead creatures out of his way, making their carcasses into a sort of barricade. If anything else came to attack them in the night, he would have some protection, at least.

Hours passed and nothing approached. Liam was still feeling good, but he was growing very tired from all his recent exertions. He was wondering how long it would be until dawn when Commander M'pel E'kmel joined him. She leaned heavily on the wall as she walked, but with his lowlight scope he could see that her leg was not troubling her nearly as much as it had been earlier. She was healing fast.

"Between that meat and the pain suppressors I am feeling much more myself, Sergeant," she said, stopping next to him. "Go and get some sleep. I will watch until you are ready to start working on the doors."

"Is that a hint, Commander?" he asked wryly.

"It is," she said, a merry gleam in her eyes. "It's also what I would council you to do."

"In that case," he said rising. "I will go and get some sleep."

"That's if Clot'ilda will let you," she said with a broad, knowing smile.

Liam left her the rifle and made his way down into the tree. At the lower opening he saw Clotilda and Tem'Ma'tel deep in conversation. They glanced his way and then turned back to each other. It sounded to Liam as though they were snickering.

He powered down his sensors, pulled off his armor and boots and lay down on the mat of leaves and twigs, sighing with relief. It had been too long of a day, and he was just as glad to have some peace and quiet. Only moments after he lay his head down he was fast asleep.


"You could go to him now," Clot'ilda said, happily.

"He sleeps!" protested Tem'Ma'tel. "My leg is not healed. And he has not formally made Ka' chasck."

The two females had been discussing SarJ'ant for quite some time, since shortly after the creatures had attacked their camp, in fact. Both had been far too excited by the fight to rest and Tem'Ma'tel had taken the opportunity to speak with Clot'ilda about him.

"You could be careful," suggested the little Pah'Tht. "And you could offer Chisq' Kah'."

"I am unfit, and it would be wrong of me to offer Chisq' Kah' until I could fully participate," Tem'Ma'el countered. "And it would give him the wrong idea. He must make Ka' chasck."

Clot'ilda wanted to argue, but what her friend said was true. Until Tem'Ma'tel was healed, mating had to be put off.

"You said he is big," Tem'Ma'tel said, leaning closer at the last word.

"Oh! He is!" Clot'ilda giggled, glad her friend was interested, and eager to describe the pleasure her mate had given her. "But it is good. He is not long and there are no points on his phallus. It is smooth! It is wonderful."

"Smooth?" asked Tem'Ma'tel, consumed with curiosity now that she had made her decision to accept SarJ'ant's demand as a willing mate, rather than out of necessity. "And how big is he?"

"He is smooth and the skin is soft, though he is not," Clot'ilda said with a wide, happy leer. She glanced at Liam's nest and made a shushing gesture to her friend, then darted over to the supplies. She returned to the opening a moment later and held out a hand lamp.

"Why do you give me this?" Tem'Ma'tel asked. It seemed a strange thing to do.

"Liam is bigger than this," said Clot'ilda, her hand covering her mouth as though she spoke a secret.

Tem'Ma'tel took the hand lamp and stared at it. The thing was at least twice as thick as a male jZav'Etch's phallus would be. She had only seen a few and had never had one inside her, though she had agreed to touch her cousin's to answer a dare.

"And his fits?" she asked Clot'ilda. "It seems very short, too."

"Liam is longer than that!" Clot'ilda giggled. "I didn't think it would fit when I saw it. I didn't know what to do! Commander M'pel E'kmel said that babies are larger than that, though, so it would go in. She said Liam would have to be careful to not hurt me. She told me to tell him so."

"And he did not hurt you?" asked Tem'Ma'tel.

"He did not," the little Pah'Tht said with a reassuring smile. Then she patted her friend on the arm and said, "He will not hurt you either. I will go with you when the time is right. I will tell him not to hurt you. He will take you and be pleased. And then you will feel so much better!"

"It is not proper his First should be there!" Tem'Ma'tel said, scandalized. "Even if you should leave immediately, it would not be proper!"

"Then I will tell him before you go to him," Clot'ida said, wanting to help her friend.

"I wish I spoke enough of the Human tongue to tell him myself," grumbled Tem'Ma'tel. "That would be much better. The mating should be a surprise to the male. And he was courteous to not insist I accept before I am fit. He was courteous to the commander, also."

"I think he likes her very much," Clot'ilda said, glancing at the upper opening where Commander M'pel E'kmel was silhouetted against the forest night. "They speak often."

"She is fluent in his tongue," Tem'Ma'tel said with a twitch of her ears. "He tried to teach me a few words when he roasted the meat."

"What words?" Clot'ilda asked suspiciously.

"Fire, meat, good," Tem'Ma'tel said in English, being careful to pronounce the words as she had learned them.

Clot'ilda blinked at her and then smiled. The words were simple and might be useful. How very wise of her new mate to be so practical. She felt a little guilt at having suspected Liam of having other motives. And yet, was that not the proper attitude of a male? He was healthy and vigorous, after all. As long as she approved of any female he chose, she need not be concerned. And she did approve of both Tem'Ma'tel and the commander. They would make fine members of her family. And it would be an honorable household, given their lineage.

"I will teach you more of their words," Clot'ilda said, taking her language study guide from her pocket. "Teaching you will help me learn more quickly. So said my instructor."

The two set to the task in earnest, beginning with simple words that would be useful in their situation. Tem'Ma'tel did not have the affinity for language either M'pel E'kmel or Clot'ilda had, but she was intelligent and determined.


Something soft brushed Liam's cheek and he stirred from his dreaming, but did not wake. The dream had been good and his mind rebelled against leaving it. The softness brushed his face again, coaxing him back to the real world, but he resisted. When he felt something at his belt buckle he roused to a bleary sort of wakefulness and looked down. The tree was filled with a predawn grey and he could see Clotilda crouching over him, pulling at the fastenings of his fatigues. She glanced at him, her eyes twinkling.

"Take now," she whispered. "I take you now, Liam."

He levered himself up onto his elbows, groggy but more wakeful than a moment ago. Clotilda opened the front of his fatigues and pulled them off his hips, freeing his manhood. She sighed and her purring was a low, throaty buzz in the air that drummed softly on his desire. The air was once again filled with the wild scent of her and he was more than merely willing.

Clotilda leaned down over his growing erection and licked it gently, causing him to become fully hard. Her purring increased in volume and her lips parted as she ran her sharp teeth over the head. Liam arched his back at the sensation. He sighed, wanting more and she gave it to him. Her head dropped and her warm mouth closed over his shaft. She sucked softly and took more of him into her mouth.

Sleep was a thing of the past now and Liam reached out his hand to cup her firm rump. He kneaded the flesh through her fatigues and decided it wasn't enough. With his left hand he opened the snaps at the back of her trousers then gave her rump a light swat to encourage her to let him open the front.

Clotilda shot him a playful glance from the corner of her eye as she pushed her mouth down over his shaft with slow, deliberate force. Her tongue sent electric shivers through him as it glided smoothly over his flesh. A few more strokes and she rose onto her knees, finally allowing him to get to the front fastenings of her trousers.

Liam's fingers found the clasps and snaps and her trousers were loose enough to slide to her knees. She did not stop her stimulation, though, so he slid his hand to the inside of her thigh and up inside the leg of her shorts. His fingers probed until they found the diamond shape of her exposed sex. It was firm and slick as he caressed it and she arced her back, her mouth coming away from his manhood as her eyes closed and her purr turned into a sigh of pleasure. Her little hand continued to stroke him as he continued to finger her. Finally she relented and rolled onto her hip, allowing him to pull her trousers and shorts clear of her legs.

Liam wasn't satisfied, though. Before Clotilda could return to her ministrations he dragged her onto his chest so that she straddled his face. She was confused at first, but when his tongue found her wetness her purr thrummed in the close air of the old dead tree. No male ever did this. It was as females gave each other pleasure. And she loved it! Her mother would never approve of this either.

Liam ran his tongue over the firm, softness of Clotilda's sex with a deliberately languid ease, feeling her push herself down onto his mouth. The heat of her body was stimulating, rather than oppressive and he wanted more of her. Clotilda's purring changed as he felt her take his manhood in her mouth again, and with greater vigor she engulfed him. He paused in his attention to place his index finger in his mouth, covering it with saliva and then plied it to her other opening. Clotida jumped as the tip slipped in. She drew away from the head of his shaft and shot him a wide-eyed look over her shoulder.

"Males never do that!" she said excitedly, though he did not understand. It was true. Even males in long term relationships never gave pleasure in that way and females only did it with other females they knew very well.

He eased his finger a little deeper and then a little deeper. She seemed undecided for a moment and he wondered if he had just screwed up again, but then her purring resumed, louder than before. She pressed her sex back to his mouth and her hand pulled on his shaft with increased force.

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