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UPS Special Delivery


My wife works as a mail clerk for a support contractor to NASA. Janis comes from a very conservative background, raised our kids, been a great wife and although she's never complained about our sex life, on occasion has subtly hinted around about her erotic fantasies. When I press her on the subject she just laughs it off saying it's just make believe.

Janis, in her mid 50's, is still a very sexy, alluring woman. Thanks to working out on a regular basis and eating properly, she has maintained that youthful, sexy figure although her belly bulge is a little more pronounced, and her luscious 36C boobs are beginning to sag just a little. She turns heads with her medium height, shoulder length blonde hair, a still sexy body and oh those melons. I love to watch other guys giving her an eye especially when she's innocently showing off with a plunging neckline or tight fitting blouse. I'll admit a twinge of jealousy but also some stirring in my loins.

I know she has always been faithful but also, I myself, fantasize about her with another man.

One day while out walking a UPS truck drove by. Janis recognized the black driver and waved yelling out "Hi Marcus" in her outgoing way.

Kiddingly, I teased her about all her boyfriends. She laughed and then mentioned that Marcus does have a bit of a reputation with some of her fellow female employees. Seems those who are lonely and willing to donate a $100 tip, can obtain his services for an hour or so.

She went on to say he was young and happily married but also realized he had a real gift - an abnormally large 'package' that women find very 'fulfilling'.

"How about you? Is he one of your fantasizes?"

"I admit I do sometimes fantasize about Marcus, but that's all. Just like I know you think of other women. Besides you know you totally satisfy me."

I knew those UPS drivers were busy but did not realize how busy! Marcus really has a good thing going but has to be a master coordinator and very efficient not to mention a superman!

That evening with Janis in the tub, I answered the phone.

"Hello, this is UPS. I'm calling Janis about a special delivery tomorrow and wanted to verify she would be at her office to sign in the package."

Janis came out of tub with only a towel poorly hiding her charms that I never tire of.

After handing her the phone I left the room- then discretely picked up our phone in the other room.

"Janis this is Marcus. I was......"

Janis immediately interrupted, "Marcus, what are doing calling me at home? What would my husband think? We'll talk tomorrow."

"Ok, understand my lady. I'll talk to you around 1 PM about my special delivery."

Neither of us mentioned the call but I knew something was up. Janis had a very strict lunch schedule and could not meet someone just anywhere. Our nearby house was her only option. She would not chance receiving "that special delivery" at our house unless she knew I wasn't going to be there and tomorrow is the day, since I do volunteer work from noon till dinner.

Sure enough, she ask me about my volunteering. I told her how fulfilling it was and had a very busy and long day planned tomorrow and would be leaving around noon. A big smile followed and I knew that finalized her rendezvous with Marcus.

In the morning I informed my volunteer group I would not be available to help out that afternoon then parked my car in an empty driveway down the street, returned to our house and waited. Janis only worked 2 minutes from the house. Upon her arrival I hid into my walk-in closet and waited.

Quickly my desirous wife was obviously readying herself in front of our mirror. Makeup, very red lip stick, and Passion perfume met she wasn't expecting to lunch alone. Suddenly she was down to her bikini undies, braless and a full length blue silk lounging wrap. Next came some KY jelly so I knew this was going to be a very exciting dining in. Janis knew there wasn't much time for pre-lims as both she and Marcus were on a tight schedule.

Then a knock at the door.

"Special UPS delivery for the lady of the house."

Marcus smiled approvingly at my wife standing seductively in the doorway. He gave her the once over, visualizing what lies under that silk wrap.

"Hi Marcus, so good of you to deliver this special package personally."

He was a handsome black man with a classic face; not tall, a slender but muscular body; and dark curly hair all of which alone would attract women but add his "gift......

"Would you mind stepping in while I examine the package before accepting," Janis purred.

From a hidden vantage point my heart was pounding as they played out this sex fantasy greeting.

With Marcus now inside and the door closed, Janis looked down at his obviously expanding bulge, smiled and asked that he "open" the package for a closer inspection.

His response was to slowly touch himself, unziped his fly, then quickly removed his UPS short pants and shirt leaving his huge bulging manhood barely contained by his jockey briefs.

"Is this close enough for my blond beauty?"

"I made need to see some more details," she added.

Still visually devouring her voluptuous body and seductive attire, Marcus said looking directly into her eyes, "Janis, you really look soooo good. I can't wait to show you what I got and make a special delivery that you will never forget.... I knew you would be desirable but baby, you are so much more."

"Oh, Marcus. The other girls told me how good you are and I need it so bad!"

With that the handsome young black stud slipped off his briefs exposing the biggest cock I have ever seen hanging between his legs but growing in anticipation about what was to 'cum'. Marcus was not a big man except between his legs.

It was beyond description, looking to be about 8 inches long in its flaccid state, very thick and even then was a cunt or mouth full.

Janis gasp in disbelief. "That's going in me? I think I just changed my mind."

"If you do you'll be the first and as you know all my previous customers were well satisfied."

That seemed to convince Janis. She slowly untied her wrap and let it fall to the floor.

"Now that we have dispensed with the preliminary inspections."

With that Marcus was obviously lusting at her exposed oversized tits, her mini see-through panties and a hint of that now moist pussy. He drew Janis close, first cupping her hot breasts and aroused nipples, then guiding her lips to his.

I'm sure Janis had never kissed a black man before but obviously she adjusted quickly. Their tongues sought each other's mouth and their bodies pressed together as one. His hands found her ass under her panties and pressed her even closer. Janis moaned with pleasure and began breathing heavily as she ground her body against his.

Marcus, with hands on her shoulders, pushed her downward until she was resting on her knees facing his enlarging mega cock.

"Make it totally hard" he commanded.

With that Janis took "it" into her hand and began stroking. Now her other hand joined in as Marcus was becoming aroused.

With his hand pressure on the back of her head, Janis leaned forward and began licking the pre-cum covered cock tip, then tonguing the sides. Now her tongue found his black well hung balls, holding them in her hands while licking and sucking each. She was obviously intoxicated with pleasure and tried to consume this large cock but only could handle part of his knob. She then looked up, smiled, licked her lips, and with a slight gag, managed another inch or two.

Marcus groaned "Oh so good baby. You know really know how to suck good- but we'd better stop or I'll lose it too soon. Your mouth is too much a turn on."

His penis left her mouth with a distinct popping sound.

"Okay Marcus, now fuck me long and hard. I want it different ways".

Marcus eyed the living room couch and had Janice bend over its stuffed arm with her head on the seat cushion, ass pointed up, and her cunt covered panties fully exposed between her spread legs.

By now I was totally hard myself and had a great view of her luscious backside.

Marcus, on his knees, pushed her panties aside and explored her ass and pussy with his tongue as she wiggled suggestively against his face. Standing behind her now with legs slightly flexed for the right angle, he placed his pulsing mega cock between her legs and worked it against her ass crack, pussy, and inner thighs.

Janis really tensed up in anticipation of his huge tool penetrating her cunt and the possible resulting pain – but it never came.

Now he deftly removed those soaked panties, guided his shaft to the mouth of her swollen pussy, and started working it around slowly and into her love tunnel.

"Oh Marcus, it's sooo big and thick, I don't know if I can take it in. Please be slow."

Then he was a couple of inches in, as her pussy adjusted to its girth.

"Ahhhh, yes oh yes oh my black lover", Janis cried out in a state of euphoria.

As he slid his mammoth penis deeper and deeper into her cunt, Janis cooed, "Yes Marcus, so good. I feel totally filled with your beautiful big cock".

Holding on to her hips, Marcus began slowly than vigorously pumping his manhood in and out of her expanded pussy as his balls slapped against her with each inward thrust.

Very soon Janis cried out as she climaxed again and again. "Yes, oh yes, please give me all you got, soo goood. Please fuck me more, more."

Suddenly Marcus pulled his glistening cock from her soppy hole and said "where's the bedroom?"

From my vantage point behind our louvered folding bedroom doors I knew Act 2 was about to began.

On the bed, with Janis on all fours, he hovered over her, then took her doggy style. Janis's creamy pussy had now adjusted to his oversized cock as it buried itself deep into her.

With her tits swinging wildly, moans and gasps coming from her lips, and that smacking sound of his cock plunging in and out of her oozing pussy, Janis was there. She shuttered, screamed in ecstasy, and enjoyed a total body multiple orgasm that I'm sure she had never experienced before.

Marcus was like a super man. How he could continue on at this pace and not lose it was beyond me. He now turned my wanton wife over on her back, legs spread, and her juicy cunt totally exposed to his next invasion.

The black man toyed with his cock at the entrance of her now very swollen pussy then slowly began easing it in again.

"Oh Marcus, this is too much, it's, it's wonderful! Fill me up again. Make me cum my black stud."

Now he began pumping harder and harder. With her legs wrapped around him for maximum penetration, they were both perspiring and losing all control. His cock rammed home again and again to my wife's delight and passion.

Janis suddenly tensed up, shuttered and climaxed big time again.

Marcus at last was at 'that point' and began to speed up even more however Janis had other ideas.

She had him pull out with that "pop" and guided him up on her chest.

"I have never been titty fucked. Please oh please finish that way."

Marcus, with a big grin, guided his huge manhood between her melons and began to slide his slimy cock in and out of her cleavage as Janis squeezed her hot orbs closer together for maximum contact.

His long shaft had no problem "kissing" her lips on each forward thrust. Suddenly he tensed, thrust forward, closed his eyes, cried out, jerked his manhood and shot the biggest load of cum I've ever seen into my wife's eager waiting mouth He continued pumping until every drop possible had spurted onto her tongue.

Janis was totally intoxicated with this climatic act. She quickly switched positions with him, impounded herself on his still hard cock, then sealed her cum full mouth on his, sharing his sweet nectar. They were both obviously savoring the moment. All I heard was slurping and moaning and "you taste so good."

For Marcus, sharing your own cum with your just fucked lover is the ultimate sexual act. Nothing compares.

This scene totally blew me away. My cocked spewed forth a flood of jism into my hand.

All I could do was lick it off and wish I was sharing with Janis.

Janis began riding him harder and harder till at last she came again and finally he too experienced that ultimate 2nd orgasm.

After Janis tongue cleaned him off they rested a few minutes as both came back to their senses. Marcus dressed quickly gave my dreamy eyed wife a peck on the cheek, told her any time again, no tip necessary, and was out the door. Lunch was over!

Janis quickly cleaned herself off, gargled, dressed for work and was off in 10 minutes- not missing a beat. Lunch hour finished.

Me, I too had to cleanup the results of my ballistic climax and having to remember to restrain myself when Janis comes home from work. I can't wait to devour that just fucked pussy and fantasize about what she will say- if anything. She really experienced the ultimate fuck! Marcus will be a hard act to follow.

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