tagSci-Fi & FantasyUrasiel Files Ch. 01

Urasiel Files Ch. 01


This story is not for everyone. It is full of rough sex, bondage, domination and submission. If you are not into these things you may not like it. Next time I will cater to a wider crowd, but I had to stay true to myself this once and do something completely from my heart- something that really did it for me. And here is the result. Let me know what you thought of it.


Edraine woke to the chill of metal beneath her naked body and harsh chains cutting into her wrists and ankles as well as her neck, holding her close to the ground, her dark wine colored wings draped over her form. She lifted her ruby red eyes to the darkness around her, showing her glimmering white fangs as she spied the strong, masculine form a few feet from the cage, staring in at her. She heard a chuckle and lunged, crying out in anger as the chains jerked her back down to the floor. They only had about a foot range from the ground. Her breath was a hiss as he stepped forward, showing a bare, muscular chest.

"Keep baring those fangs, precious, and I'll be putting a ball-gag in that mouth of yours. I truly would rather not, though, I have better uses for it." His arms were crossed over his chest, tight black pants clinging to the lower half of his body. A large bulge could be easily seen even in the dim light. His cock had begun to swell even before his prey had awakened from her forced slumber. It had taken nothing more than imagining what he would do to her as he let his eyes move over her naked body. He had indulged in the sight of her large breasts, extremely large D-cups with delicious ripe nipples pink with a round raised nub. She had a slender waist and a firm, round ass. Naturally barren of any body hair she was graced with long pale silver locks that complimented her dark tan skin. He watched her now as she moved the little that she could, ruby eyes glaring up at him. "If you promise to be a good girl I might let you out of that cage."

His answer came in the form of growl as she spit at him. He opened the cage door and stepped in, taking a ball gag from where it hung at the top of the cage and roughly gagging the succubus. He straddled her back as he reached down and unchained one wrist, then the other, once again roughly tying them behind her back and moving to do the same to her feet. She kicked at him as he worked his way silently through the process. When he had finished he stood back and admired his handy work for a few moments before leaning forward and removing the gag, throwing it across the room so that it slid across the marble floor before hitting the wall. He had no more that taken it off when she had sunk her teeth into his forearm. As he yelled he grabbed her hair, his knee falling to the center of her back and pinning her down.

"You had best let go before I break your neck, girl. It is nothing more than your body and what I desire to do to it that has kept you alive this far but I can do just the same to you once you are dead. Reanimation is a spell much handy to me these days." The demon hunter slammed the flat of his hand into the back of her head and she let go with a cry. He pulled his arm away from her, looking at the blood that dripped from it. He wiped it on his pants as he rolled her over, looking down at her as he straddled her waist. He was quite large, easily 6'3" and greatly muscled. Being a demon hunter he had trained himself to both ignore the sensation of pain as well as to master his anger and use it to his advantage.

"Tell me," the she-devil hissed beneath him, his blood dripping from a tainted fang, "do you defile each of your prey before you kill them?"

He laughed, "How do you defile an already vile creature. You are succubus, bitch, you have slept with millions of men and women in your time- and killed them soon after for the power of their blood and the pleasant sensation of their flesh filling your belly." He moved his hands down her body as he spoke, running his thumb over one of her nipples and watching it harden even more. Succubus constantly carried the illusion of erotic pleasure, their nipples erect at all times, their pussies ready for a large cock to fill them. Even though this was true her nipple still jumped to a much more pronounced state of erection and he saw and felt the way she writhed beneath him as the tiny shock moved through her body. "In any case, the answer to your question is no, I do not force most of them into physical pleasure. I get enough enjoyment just from knowing the world is rid of one more disgusting leech. You, though, you are something else. You I can not deny. I must indulge in the pleasure of making one with such fire in her blood beg not only for her life but for the ecstasy of sexual ritual."

He pinched the nipple and twisted it, watching the flesh show the effect as he released and the nipple jumped back into place. This time she took a hissing breath in as she forced herself not to arch her back, the stinging pleasure sending electricity through her body. It took very little to get a succubus going, but she would not make it easy on him. No matter the cost to her flesh. She tried to roll from beneath him but his free hand closed around her throat, holding her to the floor as he secured his knees on her wings, holding them down as well. She let out a growl and he slapped the nipple he had not yet tormented. She let out a small cry and her glowing eyes narrowed as he forced his weight down on her. He rolled her over again, putting piercing like cuffs on her wings and linking a chain from one wing to the other so they could not spread wide enough for her to effectively use them. His hand then came down on her ass hard, the sound ringing out through the barren chamber followed by her sharp cry.

"Lay still, wench, and take what I have to give you or I will kill you straight away." He stood her up, pulling her hands above her head and linking the thick rope to a hook and chain from the ceiling. This allowed him to force her back against a wall, loosening the chain from her wings now that he had her moved he forced her solidly back. He used his hips to hold her against the wall, his bulging cock pressed hard against her pelvic bone through the single layer of his pants. Both his hands now traveled over her breasts, squeezing them and pulling the nipples upward. As she squirmed and struggled against the wall he leaned down and pulled her nipple into his mouth, using his tongue to guide it between his teeth before he closed them upon it and pulled back- stretching the nipple and making her moan.

He continued to pleasure this nipple, sucking and biting on it as she struggled against him, his cock throbbing in the constraining trousers. As he pulled away from the first nipple he watched his saliva drip once from the now slick flesh before he moved to repeat the delicious procedure on the other nipple. After an equal amount of time he pulled away from her nipples, straightening himself and pulling her chin down to forcefully open her mouth. He slid his tongue over her lips and in between them to taste her tongue and the flesh of her mouth, moaning as he forced a kiss upon her.

When he pulled away again he made distance between their bodies, only enough to run his hand over the now slick, wet mound between her legs. He began to stroke the lips of her pussy with his fingers, letting them sink between the flesh as finding her clit. His cock jumped in his pants as she began to moan now, his fingers effectively working back and forth and around her clit until she was gasping in pleasure. Soon she was wet enough that he slipped two fingers deep inside of her with ease, still using the heel of his hand to press and grind into her clit. As he thrust his fingers in and out of her he added another, and another until there were four spread fingers and she was screaming in pleasure. When she began to cum he could feel her gush onto his hand, her cum flowing freely making the floor and her legs slick.

As her orgasm abated he pulled his hand from between her legs, looking into her fiery eyes as he licked the palm of his hand clean, forcing his fingers into her mouth, "Suck them clean, cunt. And if you bite me I will cut off your wings." Her eyes narrowed. There was nothing worse than a demon whose wings were removed. She began sucking and licking his fingers clean, and when he was satisfied he pulled them away, smirking.

Unbuttoning his pants he released his cock and moved forward once again, grabbing her ass and pulling her leg around his waist. With one hard, deep thrust he sank nine inches of cock into her cunt, making her scream in surprise and pleasure. His cock was thick enough that she could not have wrapped her hand around it, and it stretched her wide filling all of her, reaching to her cervix. She screamed as he thrust into her again, wasting no time he began a fast, hard pace. He wanted to hear her scream for him, he wanted to feel her pussy milk him as he grabbed her ass. His hand squeezed the round firm meat until, slowly, his fingers had found their way to her asshole and he had slipped a finger inside. As she moaned and thrust back onto the finger he added another, and a few moments later another.

His breath grew fast as he thrust into her again and again. She had begun to scream for him not to stop, to fuck her until she came on his cock; and this was the greatest pleasure for him. It was this that took him over the edge the first time. He pulled out an instant after he began to cum, watching his thick, white hot seed shoot over her cunt, stomach, legs and everything in between.

He laughed as he looked at her, panting, she looked both angry and terribly upset now, he had not let her cum upon his cock. He reached to a place by the wall where the chain was secured by a pulley. He gave the chain quite a bit of leave and the Edraine fell to her knees before him, her hands hitting the ground. He grabbed the back of her head and let his hand tangle in her hair as he forced her forward, thrusting his slick, leaking cock into her mouth.

"Suck it clean, bitch. I want it completely hard again, I'm going to plant it deep in your ass." His head fell back as she moaned around his cock, choking for a moment as he thrust it all the way into her throat. She began working it with her tongue nearly instantly, milking any leftover cum from it as she cleaned her own warm juices from the flesh. Her mouth gave the best suction ever, her fangs snuggly hugging the width of his cock and increasing every sensation as the moved from the base of his shaft over the ridge of the mushroom shaped head. He moaned as she swallowed around his cock, her tits brushing his thighs as he used his grip upon her hair to move her at a pace and depth he wanted at all times. His desire for her grew as he watched her tits bounce and sway with the movements.

It wasn't long before he pulled her away from his cock, moving behind her quickly and throwing onto her hands and knees. He knelt behind her, grabbing her full hips and pulling her back hard onto his cock. He used the lubrication of his cum mixed with hers to guide his cock deep into her even tighter ass, moaning as she cried out.

"Tell me you want it." His voice was harsh.

"I want your cock." She moaned the words in her sensual voice, her ass clenching.

"I don't believe you, you aren't convincing enough," he slapped her ass hard, making her scream. "Try it again, and make me believe it."

"I want your cock in my ass! I want you to ream me. I want you to fuck me until I can't take any more." This time her words were more than a moan, a bit shrill and desperate.

He laughed, "Beg bitch, Beg for your Master's cock." He felt a thrill go through him as this mighty creature of damnation gave into the most raw and instinctual of her needs.

"Oh fucking flames of Gehenna! Fuck me in the ass! Please! Rip me in half with your massive cock! Please! Do it now! FUCK ME! I can't take it anymore!" She was screaming now as he began to thrust back and forth. He was only teasing, moving slow, and shallow.

"You forgot something." He reached forward and grabbed her hair again, pulling her head back and growling in her ear, "I want to hear you acknowledge your place as my slave, you fucking slut!"

This time she screamed as she tried to thrust back on his cock. He had anticipated this and pulled back with equal force and speed so that she could plant herself no further onto his cock, "Please, Demon Master, fuck my unholy ass until it BLEEDS! Make Me scream, Demon Master! Make me scream for more!!!"

Now he thrust deep into her ass, taking the entire thing and making her scream like she had not yet screamed. He began to thrust hard, though still at a slow pace, "Do you like this, Bitch?" He growled the words, keeping her head craned back as he sodomized her.

"AHHHH! YES!! I like your cock in my ass!!! I love the way it stretches my flesh in painful ecstasy!!!! The way it makes me WRITHE beneath you!" Just as she had said she was writhing beneath him, her tits bouncing hard with every thrust of his powerful hips.

"Tell me you need to submit to me. Tell me you need my cock, whore"

"FUCK YO-!" She screamed harshly as her ass clenched around his cock and he yanked her head back further and harder to get his point across, "Fucking HELL! I need to submit to you, Demon Master! Without your cock throbbing deep in my tight ass I would not be able to survive!! DON'T STOP!! Don't FUCKING STOP" She screamed louder with each word.

He laughed at the irony of her words, "No, you wouldn't." He began to trust fast now gripping both her wings firmly and using them for leverage as he thrust into her, a hand beneath her grinding into her clit. She began to scream in pleasure now as he let her be, thrusting with the sole intention of his own pleasure. It was not long before she came again, and soon after that she came a third time- one orgasm stacked upon another leaving a pool of cum at her knees, his balls slapping her pussy again and again before tightening and finally leaving a thick load of cum deep in her red hot ass.

He panted as he pulled out of her, letting her collapse to the floor. He stayed on his knees for a few moments, then stood, zipping his pants and looking down at her.

"Perhaps," his voice was gruff, "I will let you survive a bit longer. A body like yours I could use again." He laughed, "But next time you will be pleasing me without the chains. Next time you will have to show your submission in a completely different way."

She hissed as she sat up some, baring her fangs, "Fuck you, MASTER of demons . ." He laughed again as he left the room, the door shutting heavily behind him and the locks falling into place as she collapsed to the floor, laying in a pool of her own cum.

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