tagSci-Fi & FantasyUrban Oddballs: 18

Urban Oddballs: 18


Urban Oddballs: Ivory Manor

Edited by Thegreat_pretender

"Whew, okay, it's all put together. Here we go!" Annry said as she struggled to lift Oeno's left breast onto the rolling high-handled cart.

"Thanks for putting this together, Sarah. I'm not sure what we would have done if you weren't here," Oeno sighed as she grabbed onto the cart's handle.

"Oh, it's no problem, I just read the instructions," Sarah giggled, twitching her ears in glee.

"Hoo, okay, Sarah, could you pull her other breast onto the cart? You're strong," Annry wheezed.

"Sure, sure! Here we...go!" Sarah bleated, heaving the heavy, fat sack onto the steel cart.

"Ahh, thanks," Oeno mumbled, a little turned on from the stimulation.

"So, how is it, O-O?" Sarah asked Oeno.

"It's nice, it's not as cold as I thought it would be. Though these handles aren't great for my height," Oeno exclaimed.

"If you need it, I can lift the platform. The cart is supposed to hold over 1200 pounds at any height and I doubt you're that heavy," Annry explained giggling a bit.

"Could you crank it up a little bit so I don't have to bend over as much?" Oeno asked as she rubbed her back.

"Sure, just tell me when to stop, I don't want your breasts to block your vision," Annry said, turning the knob.

Once the platform was waist level, Oeno sighed.

"Whew, okay that's good."

The fat, billowing bags of flesh pooled over the surface of the cart, her large pink nipples buried under the masses of fat.

"Buying this was a good idea, I'm glad it came while we were out," Annry nodded, putting a palm on Oeno's pale flesh.

"Too bad the cart is wider than the room entrances though..." Oeno sighed as she tried to wheel into the kitchen.

"Ah, don't worry about that, I can do all that stuff for you," Annry smiled, pumping her arms.

"Well, I know, I just wanted to try doing stuff myself. I don't want to be a burden..." Oeno sighed.

"Oh no, you're fine, we're roomies now," Annry giggled.

"Well, Poppy went off for her date with her man, and you said Gaxi is going on some important date with Shawky's dad, so what do you all want to do? Oeno asked.

"Well Sarah, do you have to be at home? I don't want your mom and uncle to worry," Annry asked.

"No, no it's fine, I'll just call them and tell them I'm over here...but, um, do you all mind if I stay for the night?" Sarah asked with a bit of shyness.

"Nah, I don't mind," Annry shrugged.

"Yeah, yeah we could have a mini sleepover!" Oeno giggled.

"Okay, well let's get some popcorn and watch a movie!" Annry clapped.

"Oh, how about a RomCom?" Said Oeno with thoughtful interest.

"Bah! No, Slasher movie!" Sarah bleated.

"Well, what about a funny horror movie?" Annry shrugged.

"That works," Sarah giggled.

"Just as long as the bloody scenes aren't too scary," sighed Oeno.


Meanwhile in the opulent dressing room inside of Vicious's home.

"Well, don't you think this dress is a little tight?" Shawky cautioned as she sat cross-legged while watching Gaxi model the dress in Arthur's in-home fitting room.

"Well, I like it. The girls said it would be best if I don't wear any underwear, though," Gaxi giggled, excited about the pretty red garment.

'Oh jeez, Daddy, you gave her this to wear? Come on now, you're not even trying not to fuck her...' Shawky thought as she looked on with a pensive stare.

"Yeah, Shawna, don't be such a stick in the mud. You're invited to the dinner with Daddy too," said a fitter who was checking over Gaxi's dress.

"Don't call me that, Shavon!" Shawky hissed.

"Yeah, yeah, well get your fat ass up please, we have to get you fitted," Shavon sighed in a sultry manner.

"Do you at least have something in blue?" Shawky sighed.

"Oh yeah, Daddy's got all the fabrics in all the colors and we can make anything in record time. Ain't that right, Sally?" Shavon giggled to another blue-haired woman.

"Yep, that's right Shavon, we can make anything!" Sally giggled as she picked some pins out of her bun of blue hair.

"Okay, it just better not be a night gown or something like that," Shawky sighed.

"Can you make some big girl heels for me?" Gaxi asked with a glimmer of excitement in her eye.

"We've already got those ready to go for tonight, wanna try them on?" Giggled Shavon as she bent down to Gaxi's level, addressing her like a child.

"Yes, please!" Gaxi clapped.

"Very good! Oh, and Shawky, you will not be embarrassing Daddy, so you'll be wearing heels as well," Sally hollered from the seamstress' room.

"Ah, come on, they're going to be murder on my feet," Shawky sighed.

"What, so you want to wear sandals? Pfft, what a skank," Shavon snorted.

"Maybe I shouldn't even go, this is getting to be a little much..." spoke Shawky as she rolled her eyes.

"No, I want you to come with me, Shawky mommy! It'll be super fun, like...big fun!" Gaxi pouted.

"Okay, okay, I'll go, but girls, please just don't make me look like a cheap slut," Shawky sighed, knowing that her 'sisters' were of a promiscuous nature.


After the movie had concluded back at Annry's little studio apartment Sarah expressed her distaste.

"Well, that wasn't bloody at all, boo!" Sarah pouted.

"Well, I did like the kiss at the end. The main hero guy was sweet," Oeno cooed.

"More like he had a sweet ass, wooo!" Laughed Annry.

"Oh, well that is true, but your ass is better," Oeno giggled.

"Oh, stop it you, I'm just a fatty now," Annry said, hushing Oeno.

"That's not true, Annry, not at all," said a blushing Oeno as she looked away from Annry.

"Well, thank you for the compliment, but maybe we should move on to another activity," Annry blushed.

"H-how about a milk drinking contest?" Sarah suggested.

"Someone's just greedy..." Annry giggled, poking Sarah's white belly.

"It's okay, I could use a draining anyway. So, you girls going to take from the tap? Or are we using the pumps?" Oeno asked.

"Tap, tap!" Sarah persisted.

Sometime later, the two of them were sprawled out on the floor, their stomachs distended to the point of being shiny orbs.

"Oh, you girls can really drink a lot!" Oeno giggled.

"Uh, I feel like I'm going to fucking pop..." Annry sighed.

"Bahhh," Sarah bleated as she slept.

"Psst, Oeno?" Annry whispered.

"Yes, Annry?" Oeno asked.

"Mind if we, uh, have a little adult fun?" Annry giggled.

"Will we wake the baby?" Oeno asked, looking over at Sarah.

"No, she's out cold. Here, let me help you roll into the bathroom for some extra privacy," Annry murmured in a sultry voice, guiding the meat-filled cart across the wooden floor.

Oeno blushed, overcome with giggles as she nodded and submitted to Annry, who led her like a farmhand would a cow.

"Okay, whew, we barely got you passed the door. You didn't get bigger in a few hours, now did ya?" Annry laughed as she closed the bathroom door behind her.

"Don't tease me, Annry, it's not nice," Oeno whimpered.

"You're right, I'm sorry. A farmer should care for her cow, hehe," Annry giggled, pressing her little caramel hand into Oeno's white breast flesh.

"Ahhh," Oeno wheezed, juices dripping from her plush white cunt.

"Oh, you're so sensitive, a little teasing and you're all flustered," Annry giggled, taking out her phone and filming Oeno's reaction.

"Hey, that's embarrassing!" Oeno pouted, turning her head.

"Oh, don't be like that, the light in here really brings out those blushing cheeks," Annry giggled.

"You're so bad, Annry," Oeno smiled, looking towards the camera with innocent blue eyes.

"Hehe, well, I can't help it. You're just so cute," Annry giggled.

"Oh, stop it," Oeno blushed.

"Hehe, mind if ask how much my cow weighs?" Annry smiled.

"Oh, livestock role play? Hmmmf, okay, just don't get weird. You know how I feel about this sort of stuff," Oeno cautioned.

"Oh it won't, don't worry," Annry said, pecking Oeno on the cheek before she retrieved the glass plated scale from the space adjacent to the vanity.

"Okay, so am I just going to step back as you slide it under me?" Oeno asked, laying her arms atop her breasts.

"That's right little cow, one foot at a time," Annry said with a cheery voice, winking to the camera while pointing down to Oeno's pedicured orange lacquered feet.

*Pit, pat* was the sound of soft feet as their plush soles mushed against the glass surface of the scale.

"Soft, well-kept feet are a sign of good health for cows, are they not?" Annry giggled as she filmed Oeno's feet.

"Oh, stop it, Annry, you're embarrassing me," Oeno giggled.

"Wow, 580 pounds, all that extra breast weight really shows, huh?" Annry giggled.

"280 pounds of boob?" Oeno mumbled, rubbing the tops of her breasts with her hands.

"Nah, you're a bit too slim for your body to be 300 pounds, so it's probably more like 200 pounds of you and 300 pounds of boobs," Annry giggled, pointing the camera towards the scale's read-out before panning up Oeno's plump ass.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I guess they have become heavier than my body in such a short amount of time," Oeno sighed, rubbing her left breast.

"Well, I'll pull this scale away and give you a little treat," Annry giggled.

"Oh, o-okay?" Oeno stuttered as she stepped off the scale.

"Hehe, alright, let me just get this little number out," Annry laughed as she opened the vanity's cabinet.

"What is...ah..." Oeno sighed as Annry began to finger her chubby cunt.

"That's it, girl, just relax," Annry cooed as she spread Oeno's feminine folds.

"Ehh? Ahhh!" Oeno moaned as a studded black dildo loitered around the entrance of her love tunnel.

'This fat beauty will give a read out of her vaginal depth and calf yield' Annry thought as she teased Oeno's pussy with the phallic intruder.

"Gahh!" Oeno squealed as the bumpy battering ram broke into the fleshy pink walls of her sopping cunt, gyrating in a lewd fashion as it entered.

On the base of this device was a waterproof screen that began to flash once inserted. A digitalized display of a uterus then appeared on its screen. Beside it were two symbols, one being the silhouette of a baby and the other being that of a Q-tip. Numbers began to scramble next to the symbols as the dildo wiggled around within Oeno's cunt.

'Okay, so she's 15 centimeters deep, 6 centimeters wide, and if given the proper care and feeding she'll be able to have at least 40 children. Wow, that's crazy!' Annry thought, holding the camera up to the dildo's read out.

"Ahh, aww..." Oeno moaned, fainting from being overstimulated.

"Oh no, my little Onion, are you okay?" Annry gasped, rushing to Oeno's aid.

Oeno lay there, limp and held up by the mass of her breasts atop the cart, now sleeping.

"Oh, good, you're just sleeping. Well, this should be enough proof for certification. Sorry I didn't tell you what was going on, but I think you'll understand later," Annry giggled, giving Oeno a kiss on the cheek.

"Yeah, hurry up in there, I have to pee!" Sarah bleated, banging on the bathroom door.

"See, that's what you get for being greedy!" Annry giggled back.


Later at Rupert's apartment complex.

"I'm a little early, but I figured he wouldn't mind if I get ready at his house," Poppy giggled, carrying her dress in a cleaner's bag in one hand, and her shoes and makeup in the other.

"Oh, M'lady, you're early. Did you want to go for a walk before our departure?" Rupert asked with innocent stupidity.

"I suppose we could...but I actually came here early to get ready so that we can just leave together," Poppy said with an annoyed but patient tone in her voice.

"Oh, oh, my mistake, yes, come in, come in!" Rupert said, embarrassed by his own stupidity.

"Thanks babe, mind if I use your shower?" Poppy giggled.

"Oh, you sure can! I could wash you!" Rupert mumbled.

"Yes! And yeah, before you ask, I'll become a dog. It'll be faster anyway," Poppy said, smiling a knowing smile.

"Nice!" Rupert air pumped.

With that, Poppy lay her dress and other essentials on Rupert's couch and shifted, causing the blue maternity dress she was wearing to flood around her canine body.

"Alright, girl, let's get you cleaned up!" Rupert laughed, pulling the dress off of his plump bitch.


Back at the Vicious Manor, an hour before the party.

"Come on, Shawky, let us see!" Gaxi yelled.

"No, those two made me look like a dumb slut!" Shawky cried.

"Could you just come on, we're going to be late if you keep this up."

"Fine! Damn bitches, giving me this stupid ass Mohawk with that damn maker..." Shawky sighed as she stepped out of the dressing room.

"Shawky, you look so pretty!" Gaxi clapped.

Blue cushion-cut diamonds hung from her ears and atop Shawky's head was a plumage of blue hair styled in that of an upper-class Mohawk, with the sides of her head remaining shaved. Her maternal body was dressed in a navy blue lingerie-like gown, sheer sleeves shrouded her arms while the trunk of her body was given a full display, emphasizing the beauty of her pregnant belly and swollen breasts. Her legs were alluded to by the drapes of sheer below her belly, which led to her entire body being prompted up by a pair of high-heeled matching sandals.

"You're so pretty, Shawky!" Gaxi marveled, looking up at her friend.

"Thanks, Gaxi Girl! I feel so itchy in these clothes and this hair, ugh," Shawky sighed.

"Well, you look great, Shawky Girl," Arthur smiled.

"Oh, shut up, you, look what you have Gaxi girl wearing," Shawky said, gesturing to Gaxi.

"What? She has a big ass, why hide that?" Arthur shrugged.

"There's just no shame with you, is there?" Shawky sighed.

"Well, isn't that a bit hypocritical of you, Shawky Girl? You do walk around in the buff..." Arthur grinned.

"Whatever, are we leaving or what?" Shawky sighed.

"Why yes, it's a little ways to Ivory Manor, but we'll be there on time," Arthur assured the women.

"What's that place?" Gaxi asked.

"Eh, it's the estate owned by Empyreal," Arthur sighed.

"Who's that?" Gaxi asked.

"Some asshole that owns a lot of dairy farms and invented the float sticker things," Arthur shrugged.

"Oh, yeah, I read about him in a magazine once," Shawky awed in remembrance.

"Yeah, yeah, he's great, whatever. Everyone get in the car," Arthur grunted.


Elsewhere, at a mansion of eastern styling in the city of Spades.

"Ah, fuck y'all rich ass bitches," Tahlri scoffed at Kassie and Echiko.

"Ah, T, don't be like that. I mean, our parents are going, and it's a boring thing anyway," Kassie tried explaining.

"Could you lower your voice, its most unbecoming," Echiko sighed.

"Alright, bat, catch me outside!" Tahlri roared.

Just then, an older woman entered the foyer where the young women were talking to see what all the fuss was about.

"Now, now, little pink dumpling, don't be sad. Here, have a plate of strawberry mochi," said the older bat woman dressed in a lovely white kimono.

"Thanks, Miss Omo," Tahlri mumbled, taking the plate.

"Oh daughter, you have such lovely little friends," Miss Omo laughed.

"So, are we leaving now?" Echiko asked, straightening out her kimono as she stood.

"Yes, and young Kassie, your parents will be meeting us at Ivory manor, yes?" Miss Omo asked.

"Well, Dad, will. Mom is doing some sort of charity thing abroad," Kassie shrugged.

"Oh, speaking of which, it's weir to see you not in that Girl Scout uniform, skunk," Tahlri mumbled in reference to Kassie, her mouth stuffed with mochis.

"Thanks!" Kassie shrugged.

"Did it have to be a green dress though? I mean, aren't you always wearing green?" Echiko asked.

"Well duh, it had to be. Green is, like, the best color," Kassie stated, much to the agreement of the fairies who sat on her shoulders.

"Okay, whatever, is the car ready, mother?" Echiko asked Miss Omo.

"Yes, dear, it should be. Let's get going," Miss Omo nodded.

"Oh, uh, don't worry, Miss O, I'll take care of that thing you asked," Tahlri mumbled, waving the group goodbye.


"Wow, M'lady, you sure do look nice!' Rupert said as he gazed at Poppy in her evening wear.

"Well thank you, baby, you don't look so bad yourself, all dapper in your suit. Well, shall we be going? You mentioned a car, right?" Poppy thought out loud.

"Oh yes, our driver should be just outside to take us to the manor," Rupert explained.

"The manor?" Poppy questioned, following Rupert out the door.

"Yes, one of my father's friends is hosting a dinner party of sorts and I've been invited," Rupert said in a matter of fact kind of way.

"Oh wow, I'm meeting your parents? This, this is all so soon!" Poppy blushed.

"Not at all, M'lady, they'll love you. Now please step in," Rupert smiled, opening the limousine's door for Poppy.

"Why thank you, babe, such a gentleman!" Poppy giggled.


"So, all of that was to get some sort of license?" Oeno asked.

"Yeah, sorry that I rough handled you a bit with the dildo, but yeah, it was just to show that you were fertile and deep. Important aspects for those looking to breed you," Annry nodded.

"Wait, what?" Oeno exclaimed.

"I mean, that little porno was for us to be a fully functional independent dairy farm, though showing that your body was fit to bear sergeants is good for business," Annry pointed out.

"Don't give me that, who says I wanted to get knocked up?" Oeno scoffed.

"Look, it was just an advertisement, you may not even have to, okay?" Annry exclaimed.

"Alright, then I guess I wouldn't mind being a cow then. We've been running out of places to store all of this left over milk," Oeno sighed.

"Right, why waste such a delicious drink?" Annry smiled, licking her lips and giving Oeno a sultry glance as she kneaded some of immobile cyclops's white breast flesh.

"Ah, so, when will you know you're approved?" Oeno sighed as a trickle of milk dribbled out her breast.

"I should be getting an email in a few hours, then we will be able to sell your milk along with selling your womb. If you want to, of course," Annry giggled.

"You're not going to give that up, are you?" Oeno sighed.

"Well, it's still up to you, Onion," Annry giggled.


"Wow, this house is huge!" Gaxi yelled, looking upon the visage of the well-lit alabaster structure in the distance as the car carrying the party drove towards the sprawling road that led to the hill top upon which it sat.

"Yeah, that blowhard likes to show off..." Arthur sighed, unenthused by the gaudiness of it all.

"Why haven't you ever taken me to one of these parties, Daddy?" Shawky asked, curious as to why her exposure to this side of the man who owned her for the bulk of her life was omitted from her.

"Well, it just didn't seem 'right' to bring you as a set piece to one of these things," Arthur explained.

"So, why did you invite Gaxi Girl?" Shawky asked, confused on Arthur's position.

"Her ass is fat and she's a little cutie," Arthur stated with a straight face.

"That's it?" Shawky asked, expecting this to be the punch line to a joke.

"Yes..." Arthur stated with zero hesitation.

"Yeah! Big Booty is the winner for a chicken dinner!" Gaxi clapped.

"Gaxi Girl..." Shawky sighed.

"Yeah, and stuff like that is adorable," Arthur smiled, thumbing to Gaxi bouncing in her seat.

"Ugh, whatever," Shawky sighed, looking out the window as the trio ascended the hill.


"So, here we are, M'lady!" Rupert said with a joyful bounciness to his voice.

"Wow, I ain't ever seen a house this big, like holy shit..." Poppy gasped as Rupert helped her out of the car.

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