tagSci-Fi & FantasyUrban Oddballs: 23

Urban Oddballs: 23


Urban Oddballs: And Be Transformed

Edited by Thegreat_pretender


After the defeat of Cheese Chariot, Palora departed from Helga and Poppy. Now, with the day being still pretty young, the bubble butt deer and her dog were now hanging out in Poppy's room.

"Jeez, are you sure I can have some of these?" Asked Helga, holding up one of Poppy's provocative shirts.

Poppy barked in agreement, wagging her tail as she laid on the bed.

"I mean jeez girl, your boobs really are huge. This shirt is more like a dress!" Helga said, astonished as she held up one of Poppy's lewd t-shirts against her slender frame.

Poppy cooed as she rolled onto her back, her fat belly lined with overdeveloped teats now in view.

Looking at the pudgy pet, Helga smiled and sat on the bed beside her, giving the pup's thick belly a scratch.

"Let me ask you something, girl," Helga cooed in a curious tone.

Poppy gave her an attentive glance, enjoying having her belly scratched.

"Are you in a transitioning phase at the moment?" Asked Helga.

Poppy looked at her, confused and unsure of how to react to the question.

"I mean, if you are leaning towards staying this way, maybe we should make more use out of your attire than just me taking it," Helga said as she got up from the bed, walking over to the closet.

Poppy looked on as Helga began rummaging around.

"For example, these pink pumps would be useless to me because, well, I have hooves. Your feet are huge in your other state, but we can sell these online," suggested Helga, holding up the pair of shoes.

Poppy was unresponsive to this, unsure what exactly to think about Helga's suggestion.

"We could sell your panties and bras, though Zoomen like us are a doubtful market for that kind of thing. But if you're thinking about staying a pet more than a regular person, then your own use for them will begin to diminish," Helga pointed out.

Poppy still appeared apprehensive about this, not really giving a response to Helga's thoughts on what to do with her apparel.

"I guess the next thing to go will be feminine stuff like lipstick and junk. You wear a lot of it so I bet we could make some profit off of it and use that to buy more useful things for you like chew toys and dog chow. I mean, being a plump pooch is more important than dolling yourself up, right?" Helga asked as she looked through more of Poppy's clothes.

Poppy then began to mull over some thoughts she had visited time and time again.

'This might be selfish...but she's kind of right. I mean, being an overfed pet isn't the worst thing in the world, though I have other people in my life that need me, so being this lax as a genuine way of life is not ideal. However, it is extremely sexy, and I don't think Rupert would be too upset if this was a decision I ended up making. Sis might be, though she's lost so much already. My choosing to be nothing more than a family pet might affect her and I cannot risk that. Helga might be trying to push me out of the picture to have Rupert all to herself, but in a way getting cuckolded like that is even more arousing...'

Helga glanced at Poppy salivating as she appeared to be thinking about something. 'Hehe, I guess she's thinking this over. Though it would be more advantageous for the both of us if she did just resign herself to being a fat pet. Rupert might love her, but is he really IN love with her? I don't think he would be opposed to keeping her around as a pet.' Helga thought as she pressed a skirt to her pelvis for comparison.


Sometime later across town, Poppy, Quiz, and Barso were waiting to see the OBGYN. The waiting room they occupied was a tad dingy, the low lighting and smell of cheap soap creating a strange atmosphere for the three.

"Baby, did you pick up some snacks for me? Ya know I really wanted that big bucket of fried chicken!" Quiz pointed as she played a game of 'Pin Poppers' on her phone.

"Uh, babe you ate the whole bucket on the way here..." Barso pointed out.

"So, speaking of which, you know you two fucked up right? Are you all even ready for children?" Poppy asked as she flipped through a medical magazine.

"Poppy, I assure you that your sister is in great hands. I will take full responsibility and father our child," Barso proclaimed.

"See sis, you don't have to be a bitch about it. My baby is the best," Quiz giggled.

"Yeah, but are you going to put a ring on her finger though?" Poppy asked Barso, raising her brow as she popped the question.

"Don't rush him, sis, of course we're going to be married!" Quiz snapped back.

"Well, I mean you sure were in a rush to fuck him without protection," Poppy giggled.

"Ah, you're the worst! You fuck your man unprotected all the time..." Quiz scoffed.

"Rupert wears a condom, so excuse you," Poppy snorted, rolling her eyes.

"Okay, okay look, we are getting married," Barso said, trying to diffuse the situation.

"REALLY?!" Quiz gasped, palming her cheeks with her hands.

"Yes, though proposing in a doctor's office with no engagement ring isn't ideal, don't you think, ladies?"

"Well I wasn't expecting you to do it here, dummy," Poppy snorted in a sarcastic tone.

"Oh shut up, sis, he's doing it. When he pops the question for realsies, I'm sure it'll be super romantic and shit!" Quiz giggled.

"Um, Ms. Testman? The doctor will see you now,"said a nurse as she stepped out of the door that lead to the doctor's operating room.


At the same time somewhere in the slums of low town, a ruckus was brewing.

"So, how long have you girls been a thing?" Asked Bobby as she punched a random goon in the face before throwing him across the room into a collection of broken down slot machines.

"Well, it's been what, a month Onion, right?" Annry asked Oeno as she shot a goon reaching for his gun.

"I think so...but wait, who are we looking for again?" Oeno asked as she looked through her phone.

"Onion, it's some guy named Gin-go. He's running some gambling circuit here in low town and its making some of the citizens here uneasy," Bobby said, crushing a defeated goon under the heel of her gladiator sandal.

"Oh okay, well where is he though?" Oeno asked.

"Huh, that's a good point babe. When we beat up all the goons the boss' hideout or room usually becomes clearer to distinguish," Annry thought aloud, looking around.

"Well, maybe they have some invisibility power?" Bobby wondered.

"Why do you think that?" Oeno asked.

"Probably cuz there's a heavy sweat streak being created along the wall over there..." Annry pointed out before shooting the origin of the streak.

"Gah, shit!" Yelled a grungy male voice as the body that it belonged to became visible for all to see.

"Haha, not bad, ya got 'em," Bobby laughed, patting Annry on the back.

"Ah shit, careful! You nearly knocked my back out!" Annry hissed as Bobby's congratulatory pat was a little harder than intended.

"Ah, my bad. Well, let's take the pic and get outta here," Bobby laughed.


Back at the doctor's office.

"Okay, I'm all stripped down, but man there's no hospital gown..." Quiz questioned as Barso helped her into the stirrup-equipped hospital bed.

"Well I mean there's nothing to be embarrassed about. I guess this is a private location with people, you know," Poppy mentioned.

"I don't walk around naked all the time like you seem to like to do, so don't talk to me like that," Quiz grumbled.

"Calm down babe, it'll be fine, but the lack of personal discretion is weird. Wait, what's with these monitors?" Barso asked, pointing to six monitors.

"Maybe they'll bring up images of sis's body or something?" Poppy suggested.

"Wait...these aren't the kind of monitors for that..." Quiz noticed.

"Oh yeah, you went to medical college, sis. So what kind of monitors are they?"

"Wait, you have a medical degree?" Asked Barso.

"No, babe, and yeah, these were used in observation studies for doctors who were aboard so they could observe a presentation...fuck, what is this shit then?" Quiz realized, coming to the realization that the three were being watched.

"Oh shit!" Barso said, covering his lover's nude body with his own form.

The three were then alerted by the doctor as she burst into the room, her white heels clacking against the linoleum floor of the room upon her entrance.

"Now now, no need to get worked up, we're just going to be doing a little investigating in the name of maternal science," The doctor said as she walked over to the startled trio.

"What the fuck is all of this?" Poppy barked.

"Weren't you listening? This is an investigation. Ms. Testman here signed up for this already, I don't know why you all are surprised," said the doctor.

"Ah shit...did you, Quiz?" Poppy asked, sighing as she gave her sister a disappointed look.

"No, I don't ever recall signing anything that would cause THIS to happen!" Quiz hissed, feeling as though she had been duped.

"Well it was in the online disclosure agreement that my assistant sent over when you called," said the doctor as she pulled out her phone to show the trio where Quiz had signed.

"Wait a minute, zoom in," Barso commanded.

"Certainly!" Said the doctor as she enlarged the area on the contract.

Barso took a moment to read the fine print of the contract, mulling over the the details.

"Shit babe...uh yeah, they kinda have free reign to explore you according to this statement here. They can't harm you, though, given the context of the wording here, which is super tiny. Ya' know, this does seem slimy..." Barso sighed, looking away from the contract.

"Well those are the breaks, I guess I'm strapped in for this..." Quiz sighed.

"Don't worry, sis, we'll be here with you the whole time," Poppy said, reassuring her little sister.

"Yeah, about that...this a very sensitive procedure for study and needs to be conducted amongst myself and my peers," said the doctor in a polite manner.

"Okay, so what does that mean?" Poppy barked.

"Ah, well how can I put this in a soft way...get out," the doctor said snapping her fingers which caused two goons to barge into the doctor's office.

"Really? What the fuck?!" Poppy barked, propping her guard.

"Okay, so we scuffling now?" Barso said, eyebrow cocked as he cracked his knuckles.

"Hey, hey you two cut it out, it's fine," Quiz sighed.

"Baby, really?" Asked Barso, confused.

"Yeah, yeah, you too sis, I'll be fine. It won't be a big deal," said Quiz in a regretful tone of voice as she turned her head against the cushion of her chair.

"Well I guess we'll leave you here then?" Poppy said, confused.

"Yes, yes please come back in two hours or so. We promise the examination will be over by then," said the doctor, clapping her gloved hands with enthusiasm.


Back at the Vicious manor, in the in the mechanics room.

"Wow, this cute mutton chop broke her limbs?" Said a robust woman whose body was overflowing out of her overalls.

"Yeah. Season, we can help her, can't we?" Soja asked.

"We sure can. We'll patch you up, little lamb, but we need to get you weighed and fitted first."

"Bah- what happened?" Sarah asked, confused.

"What do you mean, little sheepy?" Soja asked.

"I was small before but now I'm biggerer?" Sarah belated, her voice oozing with unintentional implications of sex.

"Well, hmm I don't know much about that there fixing lab, but we'll do what we can to fix you up," Season giggled, her robust body jiggling.

"Hmm, let's get you on the scale," Soja said, moving the thick-bodied sheep with some difficulty.

"Bah, be?" Sarah bleated, confused at Soja's struggle.

"Whew, you're a plump one!" Soja sighed, sitting Sarah on a glass-like scale with a plop.

"Okay, so my phone read out from the scale gots you at 150. Mostly tits, I'm thinking," Season giggled.

"I mean talk about sheep's milk, these things are huge!" Soja laughed, smacking Sarah's breasts with playful candor.

"Hey, bah, no that's mean!" Sarah bleated, confused by the sexual stimulus surging through her body.

"Hey hey, now, we aren't going to go all in on her like that, little Soja," Season laughed as she looked over the results of Sarah's measurements on her phone.

"Woah, 44HH 36-28-46, that is a lot of titty!" Soja giggled.

"Yeah, yeah it is, which is a little eh, but I ain't judging, haha," season laughed.

"Bah, bah?" Sarah bleated.


Elsewhere in the mansion, Gaxi, now free from being played with by Sally, was looking for Shay.

"I wonder where little mommy went?" Gaxi asked herself as she walked through the marbled halls, only to stopped by a loud grumble.

"Woah what was..oh wait," Gaxi giggled, poking her chubby tummy. She stood around and pondered for a moment.

"Hmmm...I wonder where the kitchen is," Gaxi thought, looking down at her tummy while pinching her fat in anguish.

Then, in her time of despair, a melodic voice struck her ear.

"Oh hiya, you're Shawky's little green baby, right?" Said a woman who looked like Shawky, though she was heavier set and her ocean of blue hair was formed into long cascading dreadlocks that covered her ample pale bosom.

"Yes, do you know where the kitchen is? I seem to have lost my way and I haven't seen anyone in a while..." Gaxi pouted.

"No worries, little booty girl, I'll take you to the kitchen and whip you up something with flavor!" Giggled the woman.

"Really? Thank you, miss, um..." Gaxi mumbled, waddling behind the woman as she made her way down the hall.

"Oh haha, there are a lot of us. I'm Spice," The woman said, smiling as she and Gaxi proceeded to the kitchen.


Elsewhere across town, two blocks away from Quiz's doctor's office, Barso and Poppy were sitting down for lunch at a grill-style restaurant.

"So, you said this place had good steak, right?" Poppy asked, looking at the menu.

"Yeah, yeah it's top notch I promise!" Barso laughed.

"What do you usually get then?" Poppy asked, her green eyes observing the island theme décor adorning the walls of the establishment.

"Uh, well I usually have the pepper steak with rice and some house drink they have," Barso mentioned, perplexed by Poppy's rapid eye movement.

"Alright, um...do you see that girl over there?" Poppy whispered, covering her muzzle with the menu as to not attract her onlookers attention.

"Uh yeah, she's kinda creepy ain't she?" Barso said as he gave the girl a casual glance as the waitress approached their table.

"Hiya folks!" Said the waitress. She was dressed in tribal garb, her ample chest contained by a coconut-style bra.

"Yes hello, wow I like your flowers," Poppy mentioned to the waitress while keeping an eye on the strange observer.

"Oh thanks, they're part of the uniform. So what will you two be having?" Smiled the waitress, patting her crown of plastic flowers.

"Well I'm having the pepper steak, so how about it? Ya' wanna have what I'm having?" Barso said to Poppy.

"Yeah, sure, with the house drink you mentioned," Poppy replied back.

"Alright, so two pepper steaks and two Chief's Strength drinks?" Said the waitress, tapping the entries on her phone.

"Yes, thank you!" Barso confirmed.

"So, she's still staring...and that waitress is pregnant, like three months along," Poppy whispered.

"How did you even know that?" Barso asked

"Well I've been looking at the weird girl this whole time," Poppy responded.

"No, I mean the waitress," Barso waved away.

"I'm a dog...I smelled it," Poppy sighed at her having to state the obvious.

"How was I even supposed to know that though?" Barso shrugged.

"Wait...what was that?" Poppy said, holding her head in confusion.

"What was what?"Barso asked, looking over at the weird girl sitting across the room from them, who was wiping her eyes.

"Her eyes flashed, I saw them. They flashed pink and now I feel so...hot," Poppy panted as she began to enter an intense sexual heat.

"What the hell are you talking...ah shit," Barso muttered as he too was captured by the odd woman's flashing eyes.

"Ah, mmm, B...B...Barso?" Poppy mumbled, her panties beginning to drip with feminine waters.

"Uh...whew, yeah?" Barso mumbled as the table shook a bit, his erection bumping its underside.

"Could you come with me to the bathroom for a moment?" Poppy huffed, her heat rising.

"S...sure," Barso murmured.

"Haha, that was the Outter Poppy from Trustee and her boyfriend, I guess. Now while they're fucking in the bathroom, the 'Looking Lovers' of the Tarot gang, can dine and dash!" Cackled the woman to herself while onlookers gave her worried glances.


Back at the mansion, in Spice's private kitchen.

"Woah little baby, you ate so much, I hope you're full!" Spice giggled, poking Gaxi's taut belly that was stuffed to the point of jutting out farther than she was tall.

Gaxi, full from the meal she just had, was fast asleep in the cushiony restaurant-style booth where she had her meal.

"Hehe, my cooking sure did a number on you, little baby. But since I have you right now, I want to know something," Spice giggled, propping the sleeping Gaxi up and removing her t-shirt and panties.

Spice looked the tiny woman over, admiring her bloated form. She ran her hands along the rubbery surface of Gaxi's smooth skin with fascination.

"She's so soft...I barely even feel any muscle on her!" Spice giggled.

Then, an idea struck in the blue haired woman's mind. Using her own special marker that was for playtime with the other girls, she drew dotted lines around each one of her limbs, causing them to pop off with a harmless pluck.

"Oh look, now you are a perfectly prepared Mibby snack! I have to snap some pictures, but first let's top this off by covering up your face for privacy!" Spice suggested, putting sunglasses and a shower cap on the sleeping Miblin.

Propping the sleeping Gaxi up on the counter, she began to snap pictures of her body from all angles. Due to her ass being so large, it acted as a natural stand for propping up her sleeping form, counterweighted by her distended belly.

"I know Daddy will be mad if he knew this was you, so that's why covering up your face was so important. Now once I upload this to 'Meat Me' I can get an appraisal on you for curiosity's sake! First I should oil you down in some coconut oil to make you look more appetizing...though now that I think about it the shower is going to be a dead give away that I'm not serious and no one will comment on you...wait, I know!" Spice giggled. Removing the shower cap, she began to draw dots at various points around Gaxi's scalp.

"Wow, it worked so quickly! Now all that messy pink hair is gone and no one will know it's you!" Spice giggled, looking at Gaxi's now bald head. Spice was taken aback as she gazed upon the glistening bloated Miblin, who was sleeping with whispers of breath as her body was modified and extorted.


Elsewhere, in the handicap stall of the woman's bathroom.

"Fuck, you're so big!" Poppy moaned as Barso struck her feminine walls with his chocolate spear.

"So soft...your legs are so fucking soft!" Barso murmured as he plunged deeper into Poppy.

"Whoooo!" Poppy howled, her multiple breasts jumping to the rhythm of Barso's plunges.

"So fucking tight!" Barso said, gritting his teeth as his member charged deeper into Poppy's walls.

"Gah, oh ah!" Poppy stammered, feeling that Barso's bullet train had reached its stop at the end of her womb.

"I must have more, it's so fucking good!" Barso grumbled, pushing even further into Poppy, the thrust hitting something that she did not know she had.

"Ah wah!" Poopy moaned as the aforementioned spot was jabbed again and again.

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