tagSci-Fi & FantasyUrban Oddballs: 11

Urban Oddballs: 11


Urban Oddballs: Farmy pt 01

Edited by Thegreat_pretender

Three days had passed since the group had their sleep over. Now, however, three of the crew members met in Shawky and Gaxi's house to discuss what missions they would be tackling today.

"Okay, well I guess it's just us and Miss Poppy today," Gaxi shrugged as she looked at her phone.

"Yeah, Quizzy and the little mouse girl went to some food thing in Uptown," Poppy said, leaning back on Shawky's plush couch.

"What about Sarah and Oeno?" Gaxi asked.

"Sarah Girl is taking the day to spend with mom, and it's Wednesday, so Oeno Girl is doing her weekly rituals at church," Shawky answered as she sat a tray of coffee down on the table.

"So, what are you girls up for doing today?" Poppy asked as she sipped her coffee.

"Hmmm, what about this one? There's a Flop Goblin troop that have procured some valuables from some estate."

"That sounds like fun, you girls wanna do that?" Gaxi asked, excited.

"I'm down for it! Hold on!" Poppy smiled as she snapped a photo.

'Coffee with the team #Go Trustees' Poppy typed into her phone before posting.

"What app is that?" Shawky asked, peeking at Poppy's phone.

"Oh, this is 'Thicker', it's a social media app where you post photos of your 'gifts'," Poppy winked, pushing up her uppermost set of breasts.

"I see, do you get likes or thumbs or whatever?" Shawky asked, eyes lowered.

"Yeah, yeah you do. I think you two should sign up, you definitely have the stuff to get likes," Poppy giggled as she grabbed a handful of Gaxi's ass.

"Oh, stop it, you're too much," Gaxi giggled.

"Oh, speaking of which, thank you for the milk you gave out at the slumber party some nights ago," Shawky smiled as she took another sip of her coffee.

"Hey, I knew I tasted something familiar, you used it as creamer in this didn't you?" Poppy smiled, flattered.

"Yes! It really is quite delicious, you make a high quality product!" Shawky giggled.

"Well, thanks to Nana's coaxing, I think I'll be milking myself more often. It's such a soothing process," Poppy exclaimed, rubbing her cheek in blissful recollection.

"I would imagine so, I've done it a few times myself when I was popping out babies. That time has long passed, though," Shawky cooed.

"Oh, wait that's right, you had a daughter that's a dairy cow now, right?" Poppy questioned.

"Yes, yes, my baby Wilkie is a bit of a boob blimp now, haha," Shawky giggled.

"Right, how is she? Have you talked to her recently?" asked Poppy.

"No, but I've made plans to visit her soon," Shawky said, tapping her chin.

"Well, we don't have to do a mission today, we could go visit now!" Gaxi giggled.

"I guess we are good on finances at the moment...what do you think, Poppy Girl?" Shawky asked, reconsidering her plans.

"Oh, I'm cool with it, I've never been to a milk farm before," Poppy said, smiling in agreement.

"Hmm, I don't think we're allowed to use Zeba Girl's car at the moment. Do you have a vehicle, Poppy Girl?" Shawky asked, pondering on how they would get out to the country.

"No, but I think I might know someone who does," Poppy winked, dialing on her phone.


"Well, M'ladies, thank you for calling me to be your source of you all's transportation," said Rupert, bowing before his audience.

"Thanks babe!" Poppy squealed as she gave her sweaty friend a peck on the cheek.

"Oh boy," Rupert mumbled as he touched his cheek in disbelief.

"Hiya Mister, I'm Gaxi!" Gaxi said, waving upward to the rotund man.

"Oh!" Rupert blushed.

"Yes, and I'm Shawky, pleasure to meet you. What is your name?" Shawky asked as she offered the man her soft, tattooed hand.

'What a vision of womanhood! She looks like she's about to pop with that belly button pushed out so far. Fuck, her other supple hand is resting on her belly,' Rupert thought in the moments of Shawky offering her hand in greeting.

"Oh, yes, I'm Rupert, I'm an acquaintance of Ms. Poppy's," Rupert mumbled while shaking Shawky's hand.

"Hey, I didn't get a handshake!" Gaxi pouted, punching Rupert in the knee.

"Oh, I'm sorry little Miblin. Gaxi, right? Pleasure to meet you as well!" Rupert said with glee as his eyes were transfixed on Gaxi's enormous ass.

"So, I'll be the one giving you directions from here on out, sound good?" Shawky asked Rupert as she climbed into his four-door sedan.

"Yes, that'll be fine, sit up front with me if you would," Rupert said as his breath became shallow.

"Poppy Girl, would you mind holding Gaxi Girl in your lap? Rupert Boy lacks a car seat and I don't want her getting hurt," Shawky asked.

"Oh, sure Shawky, I'm on it!" Poppy giggled as she patted her lap once settled into the back seat.

Before long the group was on the road, making their way out of the city and onto the highway.

"Wow, your body is so comfy, Miss Poppy!" Gaxi said as she snuggled into the copious amounts of breast fat that hung from Poppy's frame.

"Hehe, don't get too comfortable, I might not be able to find you later," Poppy laughed, looking down at the smaller woman with a bit of difficulty.

"Hey, Shawky?" Gaxi summoned.

"Yes, Gaxi Girl?" Shawky called back

"I forgot to tell you that on the way to rescuing Zeba we saw a milk farm, where all the girls were really big like water balloons! Though I think Annry said that those kinds of girls might pop if they strain themselves," Gaxi said, ending with sadness in her voice.

"Well, what Annry Girl said is true, it is sad, but some girls who just don't stretch along with their new expansions are prone to be at risk of bursting."

"Well, if I might be so bold to ask, but, if it's just the breasts that pop, wouldn't the woman still be able to come out of things fairly okay after some treatments and therapy?" Asked Rupert.

"Not in cases like these. Explosions of that force tend to rip the body apart, as women that are of that lifestyle tend to be more tender and supple than your average woman," Shawky pointed out.

"Well, doesn't that make you afraid for your child's well-being?" Poppy asked, a bit frightened by the news she'd just heard.

"Not really, I have faith that she'll be alright. The ranchers haven't had a burster in over two decades, so she's in good hands," Shawky assured Poppy.

"Isn't bringing someone with the name 'Poppy' kind of bad luck, though?" Gaxi asked.

"Oh, don't be silly, Gaxi Girl, that's ridiculous," Shawky scolded.

"Gaxi, that was uncalled for," Poppy pouted.

"Oh, it was silly of me to say something like that, I'm sorry..." Gaxi frowned.

"No, its okay, I know you didn't mean it, you're never mean," smiled Poppy as she licked Gaxi's face.

"Haha, thanks Poppy," Gaxi giggled, her face full of doggy kisses.

"So, how far into the country is the farm, 'cuz we might have to stop somewhere for gas, m'ladies," Rupert cautioned.

"It's some ways out, but there are gas stations on the way so we're good. I'll fill up your car, Rupert Boy," Shawky stated.

'Wow, she's hot and really considerate! This must be a dream come true. My god, she smells like lavender and honey!" Rupert thought, before uttering "Oh yeah, thank you!"


Meanwhile, in a popular arcade in town.

"So, you're really committing to your new look, huh?" Quiz said as she walked up to her lounging friend, carrying a huge platter of nachos.

"Well, you and your sister don't wear shoes, and it's become a popular Zoomen fashion style not to wear pants, so I guess I'm being trendy," Annry shrugged, crossing one large brown thigh over the other.

"'Zoomen?' Look at you being all politically correct, I haven't heard that term in reference to animal people in a while," Quiz giggled, setting the large platter down on the booth's table.

"Ah, stop busting my ovaries, Quiz," Annry laughed.

"So, I like the new hairdo. Going back to the bob, huh?" Quiz pointed out, her mouth now dripping with nacho cheese and black olives.

"Oh yeah, I really didn't care for the long blonde locks so I went for my old bob cut and I dyed my hair burgundy," Annry giggled, taking a few chips into her mouth.

"I've been meaning to ask you this, and I hope you don't take it the wrong way, but how do you feel about your new body?" Quiz asked, heavy hesitation in her voice.

"No, no it's fine. Umm, well at first I thought I was just a stupid fat bitch like most rodent mothers turn out to be. Though after watching you and Gaxi and how comfortable you all are with your huge assets, I settled in and started to love my new body. So thank you, I guess," Annry said in a solemn tone.

"Well, just so you know, I understand how you feel. I too didn't choose to turn out this way. I mean, I know I look like a fuck-doll..." Quiz sighed.

"No you don't, Quiz," Annry said, grasping for her hand.

"No, no, and if you had preconceived notions about me I don't blame you, honestly. I've grown used to that over the years, 'cuz, you know, looking like a cartoon character brings a lot of unwanted attention one's way," Quiz sighed.

"You're beautiful, Quiz," Annry reached out.

"Thanks. I appreciate that, I really do, but I understand if you have a hard time taking me seriously. I mean, if I saw someone with a child's face on a body like this I would second guess them myself," Quiz laughed, looking away in embarrassment.

"Hey you don't gain any weight really though, so that's good, right?" Annry said, trying to find a silver lining.

"That's true. I love to eat, but I'm afraid that kind of adds to me being objectified further due to all of the fat that just accumulates in my tits and ass," Quiz said as she stood up to gesture to herself.

"Well your stockings are cute, and so is that belt!" Annry clapped, looking up and down at Quiz.

"This is my sister's collar. I have a twelve-inch waist, if you haven't noticed. Look, wrap your hand around it," Quiz offered, gesturing to Annry.

"Uh, no, I don't think I..." Annry was then interrupted by Quiz's grasp.

"See, feeling is believing," Quiz said as Annry's hands managed to cup around Quiz's waist.

'Fuck, this is hotter than I expected...I should be jealous, but I kind of feel bad for her, having a body like this would definitely someone labels,' Annry thought as she met Quiz's gaze.

"I think you're pretty, Quiz," Annry said with a soft tone, patting the soft tube that was Quiz's waist.

"I think you are too, Annry, thank you for coming around and accepting yourself. I know that journey mustn't have been easy, because it surely wasn't easy for me," Quiz said, taking her seat back at the booth.

"Well, it helps to have friends like you girls to show me the way," Annry said as she took a handful of nachos and dumped them in her mouth.

"You're sweet," Quiz answered back as she too took a handful of nachos and downed them.

"So, can I ask you something, Quiz?" Annry said in a curious tone.

"Wha?" Quiz answered in response.

"What do you think of Shawky?" Annry asked, licking cheese off her front teeth.

"Well, at first I thought she was kind of creepy, to be honest," Quiz said, laughing.

"Really, why's that?" Annry asked.

"Well, I mean being pregnant with the dead is pretty ghoulish, though once I got to know her she's an alright gal, very dependable," Quiz said in a thoughtful tone.

"I think she is too, though I think at the start she didn't like me much...can I confess something to you?" Annry asked with a heavy breath.

"Sure, we're both sharing here," Quiz smiled, her gills wiggling.

"I was planning on tapping into her recorder to sell her on the black market," Annry mumbled.

There was silence for a moment.

"That's fucked, but it's kind of hot at the same time," Quiz said, blushing.

"Excuse me?" Annry blurted out, perplexed.

"I mean, it's a terrible thing to do, but on a roleplaying side it has some spice to it," Quiz giggled.

"Didn't really pin you for a sadist," Annry squeaked out, a little taken aback.

"Hmm, well I wouldn't say that I am, I just have kinks," shrugged Quiz with a naughty flair.

"Would you like to try something a little risqué with me?" Annry asked, some timidity in her voice.

"Well, I'm up for it, let's test it out!" Quiz said with optimism.


Meanwhile, Gaxi and the gang arrived at the farm.

"Heavy Sacks Farm, that's a bit on the nose, don't you think?" Poppy giggled.

"Well, it is a bit to the point, but I like it," Rupert laughed.

"Let's go inside, let's go inside!" Gaxi clapped.

"Ha-ha yes, let's!" Shawky agreed.

The four stepped through the gates of the farm, soon to be greeted by a busty farm-hand.

"Well hi there, Ms. Shawky, we got your call and have been expecting you!" Laughed the female farm-hand.

"Yes, Bebe, thank you, is Wilkie ready?" Shawky asked.

"Oh yes, she was granted the day off thanks to your visit. She's in her dorm over the hill. Y'all can board the tractor with me to go visit her, or take a wander around the land," Bebe giggled.

"I wanna go see Wilkie!" Gaxi cheered.

"Well, I've got a party of one, what about you two?" Shawky asked.

"I think Rupert and I are going to explore for a bit, what do you say, Rupert?" Poppy smirked.

'Alone with this dark canine goddess, yes oh gods you have answered my cries, thank you!' Rupert thought as he nodded at Poppy.

"Well, let's hit it girls!" Bebe yelled as she signaled Gaxi and Shawky to follow her to the tractor.

"Let's just start walking, I guess," shrugged Poppy.

"Sure, want to head towards the farm house over there, or should we go towards the barn?" Asked Rupert, fanning himself with his trebly.

"Hmm, let's just walk into the field space and see who we find lounging around," Poppy giggled.

"Alright, sounds good," Rupert agreed, walking behind Poppy while staring with great glee at her fat ass.

"Hehe, enjoying the view there?" Poppy asked, turning her head.

"Oh, um, I wasn't..." Rupert stuttered.

"Oh, hush, if you like it that much, I'll just take my clothes off," Poppy giggled as she pulled her shirt over her head.

"Woah, you sure?" Rupert mumbled.

"Oh please, we're on a farm where everyone's naked. Besides, pantlessness is an in thing for animal girls these days," Poppy giggled, kicking off her yoga pants.

"I'll keep these for ya," Rupert offered.

"You're a sweetheart, now let's go!" Poppy giggled, pressing forward.


Quiz and Annry were now in the privacy of Annry's studio apartment.

"Wow, I like the red and white color scheme you've got going on!" Quiz smiled.

"Aw, thanks. Well, are you ready to try out what I have in store?" Annry asked with considerate caution.

"Sure, I'm ready!" Quiz said with a giggle.

"Okay, well, could you please strip?" Annry asked.

"Sure!" Quiz complied, removing her toeless stockings and mesh apparel.

"Okay, now just rest there on the bed while I go get something," Annry smiled.

"Oh, sure," Quiz giggled as she sat on the round bed that rested near the south end of the spacious room.

'I wonder what she has in store? I hope it's a little sexy, being made to sit in waiting like this is getting me a little hot,' Quiz thought, giggling to herself as her gills wiggled in tandem.

"I'm back...with this!" Annry announced as she presented a separator marker to Quiz.

"Oh, you're naughty! I used these back in college, they're great!" Quiz moaned in recollection.

"Could you kneel on your hands and knees please?" Annry asked.

Quiz proceeded to do so, her large white breasts pooling against the wood floor as she did. Annry then kneeled down next to Quiz and began to knead the copious white flesh of her left breast.

"That's nice..." Quiz cooed as her doughy flesh rolled through Annry's fingers.

"They're heavier than they look," giggled Annry as she tugged at Quiz's areola.

"Hehe, well you're free to use that marker if you wanna feel how heavy they are to carry," Quiz laughed.

"Just so you know, this is a super strength marker, so its affects last a little longer than your average one," Annry cautioned.

"That's alright, I love that you got something a little stronger for our fun," Quiz giggled.

"Would you mind if I put you in a trance state with this marking method I saw on the internet?" Annry asked, popping the cap off.

"I trust, you Annry, you can do with me as you will," Quiz smiled.

"Okay, could you lie on your back please?" Annry asked

Quiz complied and lay down on her back, her hands folded over her fat chest. Annry then drew a 'Z' on Quiz's forehead. Within seconds Quiz was entranced, her eyes open but her mind fast asleep.

"Well, not to be mean about this, but I guess this will be akin to dissecting a frog," Annry giggled as she scanned over Quiz's vulnerable body. Then, with careful precision, she drew a dotted line around Quiz's thin neck, followed by the small effort of a simple tug it took to make her head pop out from the end of neck.

"Okay, I have to be careful, she is in my care," Annry muttered to herself as she placed Quiz's head on her bed.

Now hovering over the voluptuous body of Quiz, Annry drew a dotted line from the top of Quiz's neck to the bottom of her navel. The line responded, though, with the skin supporting the space in between the two hefty breasts now gone, their heavy masses flopping to her sides.

"Woah, well that makes sense, these things must weigh a ton! Let's see how much, though," Annry pondered aloud as she drew a dotted line around Quiz's left breast.

Without effort, the breast fell free of the body's trunk and rolled on to the floor, settling in its own weight like an overfilled water balloon. Its sister acted the same once it too was freed. Out of curiosity, Annry went to her bathroom and retrieved her glass scale to determine how heavy these white sacks of flesh were. After some difficulty, Annry managed to plop the left blubbery sack on the scale.

"Oh gods, the left one is twelve pounds!" She blurted out, shocked that so much weight could be possessed by one breast.

Doing the same to the other she found that its sister weighed eleven pounds. Intrigued by how fat these appendages were, she tried picking one up.

"Whew, I knew what I was in for, but this is crazy! I wonder, is her head lighter than her tits?" Annry heaved as she held the mound of fat and gland next to her pussy.

To test this theory, she dropped the breast on the floor, which fell with a heavy wet smack. Stepping over the trunk of her body, Annry went to her bed to grab Quiz's head. Head in hand, she placed it on the scale and was shocked to see what the results were.

"Her head is only seven pounds? No, her body doesn't make sense!" She shrieked.

Looking over at her body she began to wonder. Then, after checking her phone for some instructions that she once intended for someone else, she flipped Quiz's body over and began to draw on her back. The markings drawn glowed a vibrant pink and blue, much to Annry's shock.

'She's a CDG! The pink light on her nape is where her recall chip is, and the blue light in the small of her back must be where the recorder is,' Annry thought, shaken by the discovery.

'She did entrust me with her body during this period, but...would it hurt to explore this new finding? But wait, in order for her to be like this, her mother must have been one as well. So, from what Gaxi told me about that boss we fought being her dad, must not have been entirely true.'

With a heavy heart, she pulled out her phone and loaded the recorder modder app that she'd bought off an elusive seller.

"I know this is a bit of a cruel prank to play on someone like her, but let's just try this," Annry muttered.

Looking down at her phone to a silhouette of Quiz's body, she tapped the area of Quiz's breasts. A size slider appeared before the silhouette. Moving the nob on the slider, the disembodied breasts of Quiz began to fill up with fat. Above the slider was a letter denoting what cup size the breasts were. Annry stopped the slider once it reached QQ.

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