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Urinal Confessions


It was early afternoon when the meeting ended and I was heading back to my office. During the course of the meeting I drank several diet beverages and needed to visit the restroom before heading to the parking garage and my car. I walked toward the elevator and on my way passed a Ladies Room so I figured if I passed the elevator lobby I'd find the Men's Room.

Sure enough, just past the elevators I saw the restroom and pushing the door open walked in, placed my notebook on a small counter and walked over to the urinal nearest the far wall. There had been no one else in the restroom when I stepped in, but as I unzipped my zipper I heard the door open and saw a tall, thin man step inside. I glanced away from him, not making eye contact and began to urinate.

As I was going, he came towards the urinals passing four empty urinals to stand in front of the one immediately next to mine. I felt a bit uncomfortable but knew I could step away in just a few moments when I finished. Hearing him unzip his pants I continued to concentrate my attention to the sparking splashes occurring in my urinal, but I couldn't help but notice when he glanced down over the urinal screen and took a long look at my cock.

I was almost finished when I heard him say, "I don't normally do this."

Feeling a bit uneasy I tried to hurry up, but it wasn't anything I could stop immediately without making a mess. I ignored his comment, acting as if he hadn't spoken.

"I said I don't normally do this, but you have such a nice cock," he said in a very mild tone.

"I heard you the first time," I replied, "but I'm not interested."

"I don't normally do this."

"That's fine, we aren't doing anything here."


I finally finished and shook off my cock and was about to zip up my zipper when he turned to me.

"Look..." I started when he interrupted.

"No you look, because I don't normally do this sort of thing."

I glanced down at his hand and saw he was holding his cock. Stepping back, I felt my back hit the wall and I said, "Look, I'm not gay, I'm just not interested." I continued to stare at his partially erect cock.

"You seem interested."

Suddenly something came over me and it was as if I was watching myself as I reached out my hand and lightly touched his cock. Initially I pulled my hand away immediately, but then I touched it again, this time letting my fingers run along the length of it. I heard myself say, "It's so smooth."

"May I see yours again?"

I reached back into my pants and pulled out my flaccid cock. He reached out and held his fingers just inches away from my cock. Looking up at his face I watched his lips move, "May I?"

I could only nod and watch as his fingers slid over me, moving up over the head. My cock responded to his touch and it began to grow. His finger continued lightly running over me until I was completely hard.

"You see, I like to look at them," he said, wrapping his fingers around my erection. "I go to restrooms and look at them, all so different and yet, all the very same." Still holding my cock with one hand, he used his other hand to guide me into one of the stalls, closing the door behind him.

"But I'm not gay," I said, enjoying the feel of his fingers on me.

"Don't worry, neither am I," he said, kneeling down in front of me. He opened his mouth, moved his head forward and took my cock into his mouth. Feeling the warmth close around me and then the wonderful sensation as he began sucking, I pushed my hips forward, giving my cock entirely to him.

He moved a hand to my shaft and began stroking as he continues sucking me while running his tongue over the head of my cock. The feeling was intense, the strength of his sucking actual had my body swaying back and forth. It was the best blow job I had ever received and in no time I felt the pleasure overtake me and I came, spurting my cum into his mouth, which he immediately swallowed.

I watched as he backed away a bit and my cock slipped out of his mouth. Still holding it with one hand, he gently milked the last few droplets of cum from my cock and then licked it up. Then, still holding my cock he stood up.

I reached out and wrapped my fingers around his cock, but he pulled away, quickly tucking his cock back into his pants.

"But I want to do the same to you," I said.

"I'm sorry, I'm here on my break, which officially ended just as you started coming in my mouth," he replied, zipping up his zipper. He then reached to open the stall door, but I reached out and grabbed his hand.

"But I want to..."

"If you want to, come back tomorrow at the same time."

"But I don't work in this building..."

"That's okay, you can park in the garage, I'll even try to bring some parking validation stickers so you can park for free." He then opened the stall door, turned to his left and exited the restroom.

Quickly zipping up my zipper, I moved quickly but as I barged out into the hallway, he wasn't around. All I could do was head to the elevators and then drive my car back to the office, all the while thinking of the incredible blow job I had just received.

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by Anonymous02/23/19


This is how it starts.....I had many encounters like this where gay "cruisers" like trolling for cock at the urinals. One guy whipped out his cock, pretending to piss, but told me he just wanted to jackmore...

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