tagGay MaleUrinal Confessions Ch. 02

Urinal Confessions Ch. 02


Several weeks after my first encounter in the restroom I had another meeting scheduled at that same office building so I was a little distracted going there. I was a bit nervous about running into the guy I talked to, the guy that sucked my cock in the restroom there. It would have been especially uncomfortable for me if suddenly he showed up at my meeting or something.

I'm not gay, so what happened there was just a fluke, not something I planned to repeat. I figured if I needed to go to the restroom I could always go to a different floor. Anyway, I tried not to let the prospect of running into this guy bother me too much, but even as I rode the elevator up, what happened there last time was on my mind.

Admittedly it was a better blowjob than I had ever had before, but when I think about it, I guess a guy might really know exactly what to do, simply from his own experience. It is obviously something you don't bring up with your wife or girlfriend, her lack of technique in oral sex. Usually it is such a rare occurrence that you simply settle for what you can get. It was satisfying to feel and see him swallow.

Almost missing my floor, I caught the elevator door as it was just shutting again and slipped out onto the corridor. I didn't look around any, instead I headed straight for the office where my meeting was. Once in the meeting I found my worries about running into the fellow were ill-founded and things went as normal. The meeting took a couple of hours and just as it was breaking up, I stepped out to head to the restroom.

I figured I'd find the stairs, go down one floor and stop in there before heading out. Unfortunately, as I stepped out of the office someone called my name and he began talking about something we discussed in the meeting. He basically walked with me down the hall and to the restroom, where I stepped inside. (I didn't figure I could come up with a logical excuse to run down a flight of stairs just to go to the bathroom).

Once inside we finished our conversation he stepped over and washed his hands as I headed to the urinal. Of course I had just started when my friend finished washing and left. Now I was alone in the restroom, standing at the very same urinal that I had the last time I was here.

Before I could finish, the door opened and I saw a familiar face and when he stepped up to the urinal next to me, I saw a familiar cock. Feeling uncomfortable now I tried to hurry but couldn't, once again I had too many diet beverages while at the meeting. Since I had planned to stop off at another restroom, I really didn't pay attention to what I drank.

"I see you're back. Have you been thinking of me?"

"Yes, but not in the way you think," I replied.

"But you're back."

"This was not really my idea, I mean, I told you I wasn't gay."

"But neither am I, just like looking..."

"...and touching and sucking," I interrupted.

"You seemed to enjoy it."

"It was the best blowjob I ever had, but I don't..."

He turned to me, holding his cock like before. Partially hard, I looked at the bluish head and then let my eyes travel down his shaft, over the thick vein on top, back to the thick stand of pubic hair. I moved closer to him and touched my cock to his. Both our cocks then seemed to twitch to life.

"This time do you want to do the honors?" he asked me, nodding at the toilet stall.

Reaching out and grabbing his arms I gently guided him backwards into the stall. I kneeled down and grabbed his cock in my hand and began to stroke him. Of course as many times as I stroked my cock I knew what I was doing, it's just that I wasn't used to doing it facing the cock.

"You've never done this before?" he asked.

I shook my head, "No."

Well, just do the things you remember you enjoyed when someone did this to you. It will take getting used to, but as far as actual technique, I'm sure you have some ideas," he said.

I did have some ideas so I opened my mouth and slowly slid it over the head of his cock. Remembering how much I enjoyed the suction over all my cock, I leaned forward, taking him a bit further into my mouth and began sucking hard. Reaching up with my right hand I began stroking his shaft, while my left hand dropped down to my own cock, which I began to stroke.

"Oh yes, that's good," he said, "but if you start coming please point it away from my legs, doesn't look good with cum all over your pants and shoes."

Thinking to myself that this guy certainly knows the pits and pratfalls of toilet stall sex, I noticed him spread his feet out wider, so I could come onto the floor without getting anything on him. I quickened the pace of my stroking and began to run my tongue over and around the head of his cock. Soon I began moving my head back and forth a bit in unison with the pumping of my hand.

"Yes, that's it, just like that," he moaned, as he began thrusting his hips forward.

After nearly gagging a couple of times when he rammed himself into me unexpectedly, I got to where I could respond to his thrusts and after that I did fine. I stopped stroking my cock and reached up and began to play with his balls while continuing to suck and stroke his cock. I cold see him tensing up so I prepared myself for his orgasm.

I thought I was prepared, but when suddenly his cock spurted in my mouth I didn't swallow immediately, so he spurted again. With my mouth full of his cock and now his cum, I swallowed but some spilled out of my mouth and ran down my face. The taste was a bit salty, but somewhat bland, but its thick consistency made it hard to swallow.

He was watching me and quickly reached down and wiped the cum with his hand so it didn't spill onto my clothes. I swallowed several more times and then squeezed him with my hand milking out the last few droplets. I then took my tongue and ran it over the tip of his cock, licking up the last of the cum.

I stood up, quickly zipped up my zipper and watched as he did the same. Looking at his face I wanted to say something, but then remained silent. Finally, he broke the silence saying, "You did pretty good for your first time."

"Thanks," I said, smiling. I then backed out of the stall and watched as he walked out and headed for the restroom door.

"See you later," was all that he said before stepping out into the corridor.

I watched the door closing behind him before answering quietly, "Yes, later."

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