tagGay MaleUrinal Confessions Ch. 03

Urinal Confessions Ch. 03



I don't know what it was but the next day I found myself coming back to the office building. I didn't have a meeting, I really didn't have any reason to be there and yet I had left my office and driven over, just as if I had a meeting. Needless to say, once I arrived I came into the building, rode the elevator up to the same floor and then walked to the Men's Room.

Pushing the door open I moved over to the urinal closest to the wall and pulled my cock out. While in the past I would then urinate, this time I couldn't because my cock was fully erect. All I did was stand there holding my cock as if I was going. The room was empty so as I remembered what had happened the day before I began slowly stroking myself. As I was replaying what happened in the stall behind me someone came into the restroom.

Glancing over I noticed a short, muscular man who paused in front of the mirror, ran his hand up to his shoulder and tugged on his shirt before heading to the urinals. He apparently didn't notice me when he first stepped in because he did a bit of a double take as he looked up. I didn't move continuing to watch him as he strutted up to the urinal immediately beside mine.

As he unzipped and pulled out his cock he glanced over at mine, obviously noticing I had an erection. He nodded and then began talking, "Yeah, I saw this babe at the gym this morning. I could tell she was watching me, each time I glanced toward her in the mirror she'd quickly turn her head away. Well, I see a woman checking me out, I do a bit of the same and she was fine, I mean perky breasts, not huge, but athletic like and the rest of her body was firm.

"She wasn't bulked up like some women there, just enough for a taut lean look. You know the look, while there's no real definition in the muscles, you can see it in the smooth lean lines. Know what I mean?"

"Yes," I answered, still holding my erect cock.

"Knowing I had to get something going, I went over to her and tried to strike up a conversation, I mean I take these things head on. I tell you, what a bitch she turned out to be, I mean after eyeing me all morning she said she wasn't watching me and then just headed into the locker room. What a fucking tease. I waited for her to come out, but when she did told me if I don't leave her alone she was going to complain to the manager.

"Hey, it's your loss bitch. I mean hey, look at my arms and chest, she'd have never known what took her. Okay, you gonna just stand there stroking that cock or are we gonna step into the stall or not?"

Startled as his abrupt shift I opened the door to the stall behind me and followed him in. His cock was already out so I reached up and began stroking it lightly to get it completely hard. It didn't stiffen right away so finally I moved my face toward his crotch and slipped the slightly hard cock into my mouth. It did seem to stiffen up some so I began sucking on the head.

The cock was shorter than my friend's from the day before, but it was thicker, a little bit harder to get my mouth around. Stretching my mouth, I sucked the head into my mouth and let my tongue slide back and forth over the top of it while I continued stroking his shaft. While I continued sucking him, he shifted his weight, to his other foot and put his hand on his waist.

I immediately began sucking harder while bobbing my head up and down while stroking him with my hand faster. He started pushing his hips forward and began to moan when suddenly he said sharply, "Come on, I got a meeting coming up."

Pumping his cock furiously I began twisting my head while sucking. Only then did his hands drop down and take a hold of my head. Once he had a hold of me, he began pumping his cock into mouth, while pulling me onto him. His cock was banging the back of my throat as I fought to keep from gagging. I took my hands and tried to push away, but he held me too firmly. Finally he shoved his cock deep in my throat and I felt his thick warm cum burning my throat as he spurted two, three times.

Pulling out of my mouth he said, "You call that a blowjob, shit." He tossed two five dollar bills at me and said "I fucking shouldn't pay you anything. Hell my wife does better than that shit!" He swung the stall door open damn near hitting another man standing there.

Looking up at him the short man said, "There you are. Where were you? I got a meeting and I have this Suzie Cue acting like this is morning tea, fuck." He pushed open the door and stormed out of the restroom.

I was left gagging over the toilet, spitting the cum into the water. Finally catching my breath I turned and saw my friend from my first two experiences there in the restroom. I smiled at seeing him, but he stepped into the stall, closed the door and grabbed the front of my shirt, pulling me up.

"Look, you come in here and I do you. I like it so it's cool, but you come in here and do this... I can't let you do that."

"Do what?"

"This isn't your place, it's mine."

"You mean they pay you?"

"A few of them do, some don't. I do it because I enjoy it but if some of these guys need to pay me so they can tell themselves they're not gay that's okay with me."

"So that guy..."

"That guy normally pays me fifty to prep him for a meeting. I suck him off as he talks about all the women he fucks, then he goes into the meeting relaxed and primed to fuck the men."

"I didn't know."

"Look, you come here and just wait for me. I was late so you filling in wasn't that bad, he's pissed but he got off, so he'll still fuck them. Just don't come here and do it with just anyone, not before talking to me okay?"

"I came here really to see you. He just came over and..."

"He started talking," he said.

"Yeah, he started talking about some woman in the gym."

"Look, there is more here than just sucking cock. These guys come for all different reasons, you suck their cock, coddle their balls, swallow their come and it's over for you. For them it's just beginning. They are risking everything doing this, their marriages, their jobs and their lives and yet they come back.

"They claim they're not gay and then risk everything they have for a few minutes in that stall with me or you. These are normal men, with wives, kids and mistresses. They fuck women and they come here too."

"But why?"

"Control, or perhaps just the opposite, it's just something that they need. Look I've got to get back to work," he said, reaching his hand out to me.

I took a hold of his hand and shook it. We both walked to the sinks and washed our hands. Following him out of the restroom I headed to the elevator, but paused and watched where he went. He slipped into an office where the sign read Dr. Hendrix, Psychologist.

Turning to the elevator, I pressed L and headed down.


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