tagGay MaleUrinal Confessions Ch. 05

Urinal Confessions Ch. 05



The next day I took off early for lunch again and headed over to the office building wanting to see my friend. My friend... hell I didn't even know his name, and yet, yet I felt close to him. Traffic was surprisingly light and I got there a bit earlier than I had in the past. I considered just sitting in my car and waiting for the normal time I went up to the Men's Room, but instead I got out of my car and headed to the elevator.

Once in the elevator I rode up to the floor and stepped out into the corridor. Taking my time I slowly strolled back to the left and then opened the door into the Men's Room. Immediately I noticed the door to the stall at the end was closed, so I quietly moved over to one of the nearby urinals and then listened.

I could tell by the sound and the hushed voices there were two men in the stall. Turning slightly I could see in between the panels of the stall, so by moving around a bit I could see what they were doing. The best I could tell I saw my friend turned toward the toilet with another man behind him. It was strange because just yesterday my friend had told me he only did oral in the restroom there because of the noise and room.

By moving around some I could see a fair amount of what was happening. My friend had taken his pants off and was bent at the waist with his hands on the toilet. His legs were spread open while the man stood behind him, his pants at his ankles and his cock pushing in and out of my friend's ass. The man stood very close, with one hand reached around and stroking my friend's cock.

The man was moving slowly, easing his cock in and out of my friends asshole, moaning some as he moved. His hand moved in unison with his thrusts as my friend leaned back with each thrust. I watched as the two men began moving faster, and then suddenly my friend moaned and I saw his cock spurt his cum out over the toilet.

By then I had an erection so I pulled it out of my pants as I stood at the urinal and began stroking myself. Fortunately no one had stepped into the restroom, so I was free to watch and stroke unimpeded. As I watched I could hear one of the men moan and then the man arched his back, shoving his cock deep into my friend's ass as he came. I could see his balls tighten and then loosen as he held my friend's hips tight.

I then watched as he eased his cock out. He grabbed my friend by the shoulder and forcibly turned him around, pushing him down to his knees. My friend then grabbed the cock and pulled on it, milking out a few last droplets of cum. He then gingerly stuck out his tongue and licked up the cum from the tip of the man's cock.

Watching that final display I stopped stroking and slipped my cock back into my pants and zipped it up. The man pulled up his pants and fastened them as my friend grabbed his pants hanging on the back of the stall door but before he could put them on I saw the man reach to his shoulder and then said, "Okay, now."

Suddenly two men burst in the restroom door and shouted to me, "Get back." I moved past them over to the sinks and then stood motionless watching. The man in the stall with my friend opened the stall door and dragged my friend out, still holding his pants. The man reached into his coat pocked, pulled out a badge and said, "You are under arrest for prostitution. Now put your pants on."

My friend pulled on his pants and then one of the other men grabbed one hand and pulled it behind his back. He attached handcuffs to one hand and then grabbed the other hand and pulled it behind him. I saw my friend's face wince in pain as the cuffs were locked on him.

"Get him out of here," the cop who fucked my friend said, pointing to me. One of the men grabbed me and walked me straight to the elevator.

As we rode down in the elevator he said, "I know what you came in there for, but we're not hear after anyone but him. We don't care about the Johns, but you need to disappear, understand?"

I nodded and headed to my car. I quickly pulled out of the driveway as a news van pulled into the garage. Driving home I wondered if I would ever see my friend again, I mean, I didn't even know his name. There was no way to help him without simply calling up the police station and do something the police officer told me not to do.

Heading back to work I just disappeared.


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