tagNonHumanUrstain Finds Love in Lonely Atoll

Urstain Finds Love in Lonely Atoll


The little guy swam to one of the larger ones and back several times. The last time the big one followed to nudge and thank the longhaired, thin, sad young man. It did not know how to touch a human. The first few bumps pushed Urstain several feet in the chest deep water. In a minute or two, Urstain and the big animal touched, rubbed, lingered and went their separate ways.

As Urstain climbed onto the atoll to gather breakfast, he felt he was being watched but the waves were empty to the horizon in all directions.

For another week the perfect weather held. Diving for food fish, lobster, crabs and edible seaweeds was easy and fast. There was plenty of free time to search the tide pools and try to forget. Viet Nam had been tough on a sensitive nineteen year old. His mind would not forget and his training stayed sharp when he returned. He had married his high school sweetheart when he was discharged. She was perfect and beautiful. They were working on a family. They both had come from money. She jumped from behind a door to scare him one day and he almost killed her. He left when the doctors said she would be all right. Two years later he heard she had married someone safer.

Again, he felt he was being watched. Every day this feeling came and every day he searched but found nothing. The evening weather check said a squall would pass through tomorrow afternoon.

After his morning swim and looking for the watcher, Urstain made ready, raised anchor and moved the forty-foot Hunter about half mile from the atoll. He could still anchor normally there but he set sea anchors also. The feeling was so strong the entire time he was moving the boat that he limbed the mast to scan the water. He could see no one. Was some the craziness coming back in a different form?

The next day was beautiful again. The squall brought twelve-foot swells and lots of rain but only moderate winds. Urstain had the sailboat set back in place near the atoll when he spied a larger light green shape on the reef. He dove and swam as fast as he could. As he climbed out of the water and walked toward the shape all he could see was large flowing tail and crabs beginning to feed on it. A few more steps and he froze. This was a dream. These were only real in the fantasies of sailors who had been at sea to long.

But she was all too real. Her head was bleeding, she was lying in blood from cuts on her side, and she had gills under her arms that were almost dry. He could think and look later. With strength he seldom used, Urstain struggled with the limp body, trying not to hurt her more. He got her inside the atoll. All her blood would attract sharks. Maybe inside the atoll they would be safe for a while.

In a few minutes, the mermaid's eyes opened and focused on him. They were twice the size of his and full of fear. He held her stroking her hair and saying, "I will not hurt you pretty one. I will stay with you, take care of your wounds and protect you. Soon you can swim home." His brain said she understood.

She was so very weak and desperately needed to feed. He brought her crab but she could not chew. He got her small fish but there was not enough blood in them to help her. He took his knife, cut two inches above his right nipple, held her and she nursed blood from him. When it didn't flow fast enough her teeth slit his skin like razor blades. She went to sleep in the shallow water and he ran for the boat and the first aid kit. Blood was still running down his chest.

When she awoke, he fed her his blood again. This time from a six ounce glass. She went to sleep again while he held her and stroked her light green skin and darker green, long, fine hair.

Urstain began to treat this dangerous beauty's wounds and examine her. Her fingernails could easily rip him apart. Her teeth were designed to bite through fish. Her flukes were powerful enough to easily break his back with one slap. But she was so very lovely. She was soft, warm and very sensual. She had a long beautiful neck but no ears. Her breasts were perfect b sized short cones and her nipples always stood erect. She looked young. Her body was covered with millimeter long fine hair. Her lips said kiss me, so he did.

After a total of twenty stitches, he had finished with her really bad cuts. He washed all the scrapes and small cuts with fresh water and put waterproof antibiotic cream on them. He gave her a shot of antibiotics wondering what the proper dose was for a mermaid.

He knew he had to build some shade for her and get some things for himself so he could be on the reef next to her and guard her. First he had to do one more thing. He turned her and lowered his head to see her small pussy. It looked perfect and was in the right place, above where her legs should start. Urstain felt guilty touching the sleeping mermaid. Still he slipped his hands across her breast, rolled a nipple, trailed down her chest past her bellybutton and cupped her. He opened her. She had a clit. He pressed and rubbed it firmly. She was sick and hurting but she moaned as women have for thousands of years at that first touch. He brought his fingers to his mouth and tasted her. She was fresh and sweet. It had been a long time but he had work to do.

When she woke toward evening, she was shaded by a gazebo-like structure and Urstain lay beside her on a mat watching. She examined her wounds.

He drained another small glass of his blood into the glass, slipped into the water and helped her drink. She raised her hands to help this time. Maybe she could eat. He had live fish for her in a pool ten feet away. She ate a few bites, held on to him and dozed off again.

Under the nearly full moon, he fed her fish several times that night. Each time she fell asleep in his arms.

The next morning, Urstain was amazed. Even the most severe scrapes were almost healed. The cuts showed no sign of infection and the stitches could come out in another day. She was looking at him. He had not talked to anyone in months and now he was talking to a mermaid. He was sure she could not understand.

"You had a close call, Beautiful. I think you are healing well and will be good as new in a couple of more days. I'll take out your stitches tomorrow."

He heard her answer but she made no sound, "Thank you for taking care of me."

This made no sense, "Have you been watching me over the last few weeks?"

"Yes, I've never seen a human before. I enjoy looking at you. Why do you have things covering your body?"

"My skin is much like yours, but I cannot dive deep to protect my skin from the sun. So I cover myself."

"I want to see your body with no coverings."

Urstain slipped his shirt and bathing suit off and lay back down next to this innocent beauty.

She reached out and touched his thighs and knees. Legs were new for her. Then reached up and closed her finger around his hardening cock. "I felt you touch me when you cared for me. Did you like how I felt?"

"Very much. I am attracted to you. Touching you makes my head swim but I have so many questions."

"So do I. Kiss me again."

Urstain leaned forward and kissed her. Her lips parted as his did. The kiss was exciting, demanding. She slipped her tongue out to tease and kiss. They had risked a few French kisses past her sharp teeth when she raised half out of the water and lowered her head to his now rock hard cock. He knew he was an instant away from death but he trusted her. She sucked and rubbed him gently. He touched her shoulder, "This is wonderful, I am close and will cum soon." She did not stop. He sat up as he came. She swallowed every drop, then laid back into the water and slept again.

When her big eyes opened again, she sat up easily and looked directly at the wiggling two-pound fish, Urstain had for her. "Tell me your name and it is yours."


He handed her the fish and she began to devour all except the head and tail. Blood ran down her breasts. Urstain slipped into the water beside her and washed the blood away while she ate. He rubbed her breasts and down her belly. When she had finished, he said, "May I touch and kiss you."


This time, he pushed her back, lowered his head to below her belly while stretching his body out over her flukes. He lifted her hips to just above the water and kissed and licked. Her fingers locked behind his head and pulled him tighter. When her hips began to move, he closed his lips over her clit and began to suck. "O yes, please do that." He did not stop until she pushed him away. Then he slipped slowly up her body kissing everything as he went. He tarried so long sucking her nipples that she pulled him higher to lick his face and kiss his lips.

As their mouths and tongues played, Urstain reached between their bodies and slipped his cock into her. Their movements were slow and deliberate. They wanted to be one; their bodies were different; there was much to learn; but both knew this was right. Sla's body was moving toward another climax but what she needed was to feel him flow into her.

He said, "I love you already, I want to stay with you, I want to put our baby inside you."

"Cum in me my tender lover. I want the same and I don't even know your name."

His body tightened and trembled. He said, "Urstain." The tip of his cock pressed against her dimpled cervix. They both felt the throbs as his seed pumped out directly into the mouth of her womb. Sla's body was full of her man; she pictured his sperm inside her invading her egg; her body came softly knowing it was being made complete.

The next day, while a serious Urstain worked to remove the stitches from a fully recovered, playful and ticklish Sla, he asked her, "Do you think a man and a mermaid can make a baby together?"

That brought her wiggles slightly under control. "I don't know. In ancient stories it happened. But only one morph is still alive here. No one talks to him and he is the only one who would know."

"What's a morph?"

They were talking like old friends now. Easily with no stress or pressure. All that was missing was darkness and a campfire, as Sla began her story.

"A fable I heard when I was a child, went: Once upon a time, gentle men fled from religious wars and lived on the seas. The men were lonely and mated with God's special green sea creatures, like the little one you saved. The female creatures had children called morphs. The children were half human and half green creatures but they had no souls. As they grew, they envied their parents and wanted to be close to God. When ships sank, the morphs learned to hold on to drowning sailors to capture their souls as they slipped away.

"The story goes on to tell that this was not good, the mothers were very sad. The sailors were all men and most were hard and mean. The female creatures went to God and pleaded for their children. God saw the mothers' love and agreed that all newborns would have souls and would lead normal lives, get old and die.

"Then, God gathered all the morphs in the sea and told them they had two choices. They could capture men with mean souls and live life again as morphs, using the mean souls and upper bodies of the men they captured. Each morph could live forever that way. Capturing another mean soul every time the body got old.

"God said, "But the good kind, soles are special and will change you. If you capture one of those, for one long, full, happy life the body will become a merman. You can be inside and feel his bliss and good soul. You will learn love and gentleness. But when the body grows old and dies, you have to leave the sea forever and come to heaven with the soul and live with me.

"Over the centuries, most morphs gave up immortality, chose to capture a good soul, learn to love and go to heaven. A few are still in the sea, capturing mean souls because they are afraid of death."

Urstain was fascinated. You said, "One still lives here?"

"Merpeople say he is a morph. I know where he lives but I have never seen him. All are afraid of him. There are about a hundred regular families here, but there are not enough mermen. We live in this atoll for safety and never venture out. The whales say that in warm waters, there are other groups of us around the world."

"No one ever ventures out?"

"No. We are taught to fear man every day of our lives and we have no defense against sharks."

"But you watched me?"

"I swam close to you often. I knew you were kind and not like I've been told. I watched you bathe and pee and eat and play with yourself for pleasure. Who was Maria?"

"Sha, many men are bad and mean. They fight, kill and convince themselves that what they are doing is right. I was afraid, fought and killed years ago. My memories haunt me to this day. Maria was my wife for a short time when I returned from war. My mind was full of fear. I had to leave her so she could be happy."

Sha sensed how he was struggling, "Now you have come to my atoll, so we can be happy. Swim with me."

Even with fins, Urstain's swimming was a laughable failure compared to Sha's effortless moves. Still they played, laughed, enjoyed touching. Day after day passed. He often put his life into her hands. Sometimes when they made love, in ecstasy, she would dive with him holding tight, buried deep in her. Only she could save him. She always did. He always secretly wished he could keep her cuming and free her from thoughts of stopping.

One day, about a month later, Sha followed Urstain's little zodiac to a hundred yard wide island about a mile away. He spread out a blanket, carried her out of the water and lay her on the blanket. Even keeping her wet, she could only be comfortable maybe twenty minutes out of the water. "I want to make love to you on the land. I want you to feel my weight and strength in my world."

Here he was stronger. Here he could push her down, pin her, kiss her, lick her, fuck her and make her cum at his will. He stripped and sat across her stomach, held her hands over her head, pressed them into the sand and kissed her passionately. He was going to take her when she knew she could not flip her tail and slip away.

He kissed and licked her neck and shoulders, under her arms and around her big eyes. He pulled her hands across the sand as he worked to lick her gills and suck her nipples. She said one word, "Harder." Urstain sucked very hard, nursing like a baby before he started to lick and move lower. He licked her belly and tickled her a little with his tongue over her ovaries. He slipped a hand around where her thighs would be and he started on her wet swollen wanting pussy. She would not stop him this time. He inserted a finger to her g-spot and rubbed while sucking her clit. She came quickly but not as he wanted. She was sensitive and wanted to push him away but he held her tight and continued to rub her inside. He had never heard a sound from her but she squealed like a porpoise and kept squealing as she squirted from her cunt once then twice more. He drank from her.

Urstain knew time was slipping away. He moved up nose to nose with her, pushed into her still quivering pussy and laid his weight full length on his green goddess.

The weight was a wonderful surprise for Sha. She loved it. She loved how he could take her and make her surrender. She could not get away. She loved the long firm strokes. She loved how her body had to absorb the shock from his thrusts. Her clit was flying from the friction across the top of his cock. She was drying in the sun, breathing was difficult but she could not stop her own pleasure or say ‘stop' to Urstain.

Neither lover gave any signal but they came together, collapsed and felt their hearts beating in perfect time together. Sha tasted blood. She had bit Urstain's shoulder when she came. She hoped she had not maimed him but the pleasure of their bodies was too good to move and look.

Sha would have happily died under his weight but Urstain realized, they had taken a little too long; Sha was starting to labor for oxygen. He lifted himself off her and heard, "Help me, Urstain."

He took her into his arms and walked into the water. He held her until her whispered, "Thank you for making love to me in your world. It was fantastic and so different. All the extra friction, you took me to heaven. When we do it again, I may do better in the surf. On land, I felt so helpless and dependent on your strength. But I trusted you."

"Every time you dive with me, I am like that Sla. You are a hundred times stronger and more agile than me in the water. But I trust you. You have taken me to the edge of death a few times but you have always saved me."

Sha flicked her tail and effortlessly pushed them through the water in a sweeping circle. They kissed, touched and felt their love rise to a new height. Just as he close his lips on her left nipple, she said, "You are going to be a Daddy in six months."

She felt his arms tighten around her, warm tears drop onto her breasts and heard him say, "Thank you. Thank you. My wonderful wife. You have made me complete. I love you and will do all I can to be good for you and our child."

Over the next few weeks, Urstain build a house half in and half out of the water inside the atoll. The sides were re-bar and wire that he used as ballast on the boat. He moved everything from the boat. He built a bed in the house. It slopped into the water to Sla's specifications. For fun she had to try out several positions during construction. The bed looked like a ramp and Sla quickly learned to slide completely out of the water on it and roll back when she wanted.

One day she said, "For our next trick, I want us to start making love in the water; when I'm ready I want to turn over on my back with you on top, then swim up the ramp so you can pound the daylights out of me on land."

The bars on the side of the house weren't deep enough but they proved to be an inspiration too. Urstain built a deep wall for no other reason than for him to pin her or for her to pin him in the standing position with just heads out of the water. They could really get the entire wall rattling and shaking. Little fish scattered in terror.

The only negative Urstain could find with Sla was that at least once a week, when she climaxed, she did like to bite and drink a little of his blood. He was getting quite a set of scars, but they seemed to heal fast. The bites hurt just right, he did not mind at all. Well, except for once when she bit into his nipple and breast. He yelped and she felt so bad, he had to kid her, "I love being bitten by you. But keep your bites in non-lethal areas or I'll have to be careful not to turn you on. Just take my pleasure and quit."

Her reply was garbled; she wouldn't repeat it, but he thought she said, "Like hell you will leave me out. Make me cum or I'll really bite you." He had never been this happy and playful.

Another few months and Sla was craving shrimp. Urstain found some old nets on the boat, doubled them to make them finer and learned to catch a few, both early in the morning and late at night from the zodiac. Sla could feed an army in five minutes of fishing, but she stayed quiet and appreciated all his efforts for her.

In the evenings, he would feed her live wiggly shrimp, kiss and rub her belly and then press lightly against the baby. Sha could feel kicks and pushes to make Dad move his hand. Urstain would move his hand, wait and do it again. This game always resulted in laughter, hugs and the two of them making love on the ramp and rolling into the warm water.

Urstain had moved the ships bell into the water so it could be struck as a signal if Sla were away visiting. It had never been used, except in test. None of her village would risk coming to see him but they all said they were so very happy for him and Sla.

He kept asking her to quiz her entire village concerning any clues about their child. One evening he asked, "Beautiful, I am very worried that I might not be a good Father for our child. I am so limited in your world. If I get to be a burden to you, disappoint you or cannot take care of you and our child, promise me you will find a young healthy merman to care for you."

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