tagGroup SexUs and the Waitress, Again

Us and the Waitress, Again


Monday was an uneventful day. I went to work, came home, and relaxed with Sandy. No mention was made of the events from the previous day. We went to bed and drifted off to sleep in each other's arms. I was totally surprised by what was awaiting me at home on Tuesday.

"Baby, I'm home." I yelled that Tuesday afternoon.

"I'm in the bedroom." I heard Sandy reply. She sounded like she was out of breath.

I hurried to the bedroom fearing something was wrong with my big and beautiful wife. The sight of her on the bed blew me away. She was totally nude. All 5'7" of her gorgeous body was covered with sweat. Her 40DD breasts were jiggling to and fro as she struggled to catch her breath. The most surprising sight was the furious pace she was using to plunge the 8" dildo from her strap-on harness in and out of her gaped open and extremely wet pussy.

"Tiffany, Mikoli just got home." Sandy moaned into the phone which I had not noticed before. "I hope you are as close to cumming as I am. When I finish cumming with my "cock", Mikoli is going to give me the real thing." Sandy continued to say between gasps for breath.

I stripped my clothes off as quickly as I could. Needless to say the little guy was fully engorged and ready. I climbed upon the bed and got into position to follow Sandy's wishes. Sandy began her familiar grunts and moans that signal the beginning of her orgasm. She uttered one last grunt and went rigid as her orgasm overtook her.

"Now! Mikoli! Now! Shove your fat dick into my hot, wet pussy now!" Sandy exclaimed in her most excited voice.

I grabbed her legs and spread them to gain access to her honey hole. Beings how Sandy's "cock" was as close to my girth as Sandy could find, I didn't need to worry about her not being ready for my rigid member. I slammed my tumescent organ to the hilt into her pink center in one stroke. I knew Sandy had already came, so I started pounding her as hard and fast as possible.

"Is this what you want, bitch? Do you want me to pound my pussy until I fill it with my cum, slut?" I was yelling to Sandy as I fucked her.

"Yes! Yes! Pound your pussy! Make me cum on you fat dick. You're the only one that gets to fuck our pussy from now on!" Sandy exclaimed. Her voice was slightly below a yell in volume. Sandy had never screamed during our entire life together. "Tiffany, it feels so good! Mikoli's going to make me cum again!"

I pumped my turgid rod in and out of Sandy's body as hard and fast as I could for the next ten or fifteen minutes. Sandy had at least two more orgasms during that time. When I felt my scrotal sack tighten around my balls, I plunged into Sandy as deeply as I could and unloaded my steamy seed into her depths. Sandy had another full body orgasm triggered by my seed splashing against her vaginal walls. We both were gasping for breath as our mutual orgasmic bliss began to wane. I lay my head on Sandy's belly until my member had shrunken and fallen out of her. I picked up the phone as I dropped down beside my loving and still surprising wife.

"Tiffany are you still there?' I asked into the phone when I had sufficient air to do so.

"Yes! Oh, Mikoli that sounded so hot!" I heard Tiffany respond, hearing her out of breath state. "I wish I had been with you all!"

"You'll be here Sunday afternoon. I hope that will be soon enough for you." I answered her. "I'm going to hang up now, okay?"

"Okay, Mikoli! I'll see you all Sunday!" Tiffany told me. I hung up the phone and turned to Sandy.

"What was that all about?" I asked my sweet wife.

"Tiffany called and was horny! She wanted to come by and spent the afternoon in bed with me! I reminded her about the rules of our arrangement. I thought that this way would be okay." Sandy replied in her whiny, pouty voice.

"Yeah, baby. Phone sex with Tiffany is okay!" I said to Sandy with a gleeful tone to my voice. "I know you too well. If she had come by, you wouldn't have been able to keep your hands off of her body, right?"

"You're right, Mikoli! It took all my will power to turn her down!"

"Good, now you know how it feels!"

"What's that stupid grin for and what did you mean by that remark?" Sandy asked me with a twinge of anger in her tone.

"The grin is for you, my sweet yet still slightly naive wife! You didn't think women stopped coming on to me just because I'm married, did you? Now you know how it feels to turn someone down even though you really wanted them!"

"Mikoli, you've turned down strange pussy in the past? Why?"

"Yours was the only pussy I needed until recently and I wouldn't do anything to hurt you. I remember how much it hurt you when I fucked Katie that night. I wasn't going to do that to you again. The only reason I have been enjoying strange pussy now is because of you. You have really surprised me these last few months." I answered her as I kissed her face.

"Mikoli, stop! We need to talk." Sandy said to me as she pushed me away. "Put on some clothes and meet me in the living room."

Sandy got out of bed, grabbed a hand towel to catch our combined juices, and headed to the master bath. I grabbed the briefs I had worn to work and cleaned my dick with them. I went to the second bathroom in our house and finished cleaning myself. I pulled on a tee shirt and gym shorts and headed to the living room. As I expected, it was a good ten minutes before Sandy joined me. We sat on the couch, holding hands.

"What are we going to do about Tiffany?" Sandy began after we were settled. "She sounded so needy when she called me this afternoon. I think she is getting too emotionally attached to us. I'm afraid we are inadvertently going to hurt her. She started crying when I told her no. Mikoli, what have I done?"

"You haven't done anything. WE have maybe gotten involved in something we shouldn't have." I said trying to sound confident and reassuring. "You knew Tiffany was immature even though she's already twenty two. It sounds like she's a little like you were when we first met."

"What do you mean?"

"You hadn't turned eighteen yet when we got to together. You were very needy back then and were in a bad situation at home fighting with your mom all the time. I didn't know it then, but the situations you were in with Louie and George weren't good. They were basically sexually abusing you and you wouldn't admit it. Sometimes in the past I wondered if you latched on to me to get yourself out of those situations."

"NO! Mikoli, I loved you then and I love you even more now!" Sandy cried out in anguish. "I know how lucky I am. Most men would have been gone long before now. The dealing with all my medical problems would have been enough for most, but what I put you through with David would have been the final straw for the rest."

"Sandy, please we don't have to mention that last ever again. It's over with and done. It still hurts me to think about it. I forgave you and took you back. I love you as much if not more now than ever." I answered her fighting to not cry.

"Sandy, we will have to talk to Tiffany again Sunday that's all there is to it." I told her after regaining control of my emotions.

"Yes, I believe you're right."

"I was being honest before. Phone sex between the two of you is okay. I don't care if you see each other for lunch through the week if you obey the rules we discussed on Sunday. The no sex of any kind includes making out also, you know, right?"

"Yes, I know. That's why I don't think I can be near Tiffany alone. I don't think I'm as strong as you are, Mikoli. How did you resist other women coming onto you?"

"It wasn't easy. Whenever I got close to giving in, I would bring up the memory of you crying on our old couch the night I had sex with Katie. That image would be enough to give me the strength to walk away. You know Katie kept after me for a repeat, but I never told you about some of your other co-workers coming onto me. Evidently Katie let it slip that I was more than competent in bed." I told my beautiful wife.

"Why didn't you tell me that before now?" Sandy inquired of me starting to tear-up. "You promised no secrets!"

"Sandy, I'm sorry. I didn't want to cause trouble for you at work so I handled it on my own. I knew you wouldn't take it well. I saw how Katie acted around me after you tore into her. She was afraid to be near me. Didn't you ever noticed how she always disappeared if I came by and you both were working?"

"Yes, I noticed. I would get so giddy then. I knew she wanted you and it turned me on knowing she would never get what she wanted. We would have the best sex those nights when I got home."

"Back to Tiffany!" I interjected as sternly as I could. (This wasn't very stern I might add. Hearing the joy in Sandy's voice melted any hardness of my heart.)

"We both need to talk to her, not just me." I began again. "I enjoyed everything that happened last Sunday, but I don't want Tiffany to get hurt any more than you do. If she can't enjoy us without getting attached we need to end our arrangement now, agreed?"

"Yes, Mikoli. I agree." Sandy answered me as she looked directly into my eyes. "I only wanted to show her how good sex can be with the right partner. With you beside me, I think I can be strong enough to send her away Sunday if it comes to that."

"Let's hope it doesn't come to that. I would like to sink my dick into that hot, tight pussy Tiffany has a few more times." I told Sandy as my fore mentioned appendage began to stir.

"You didn't tell me she was tight. Is she tighter than I was at that age?" Sandy asked as I noticed her excited tone.

"I'm sorry to have to say this, but yes she is tighter than you were then. The only thing my dick's been in tighter than Tiffany's snatch was Maggie's ass."

"Enough talk! Take me to bed and fuck the shit out of me again! I see your dick's up for it!" Sandy purred at me.

We went to bed, but I made slow easy love to her instead of the fast paced fuck from earlier. It was a good forty-five minutes later before we exited the bedroom in search of food. No, I didn't last that long. That was the total time from a tad of foreplay to our recovery.

The week progressed from there. We again moved date night to Friday to give us time to recover before Sunday. I knew even if we ended up sending Tiffany away my sexy wife would be ready for some action by then.

Tiffany arrived at our house a few minutes before one. I let her in and gave her a peck on the cheek. Tiffany tried for more, but I rebuffed her.

"Sandy and I want to talk to you Tiffany." I said to the young woman. I led her to the living room where Sandy was waiting.

Sandy gave Tiffany a small kiss on the lips and sat her down on the couch while I sat on the other side of her.

"Tiffany, Mikoli and I are worried you are getting too emotionally attached to us." Sandy began explaining to Tiffany. "We both enjoyed last Sunday, but what you did Tuesday made us begin to worry."

"What did I do?" Tiffany asked slightly above a whisper and with a whiny tone.

"You called wanting to spend the afternoon with me because you were horny." Sandy told Tiffany trying to remain calm. "You cried when I told you no. You know the rules, nothing sexual unless all three of us are together and no getting attached. I care about you Tiffany and don't want to hurt you, but I love Mikoli. He'll always be the only one to get my full devotion and love. I can enjoy sex with you, but I'll never love you the way I love him."

"The same goes for me." I said as I jumped in. "I can enjoy your young, beautiful body without falling in love with you. You understand that, don't you?"

"Yes." Tiffany answered me. I could hear the hurt in her voice. I couldn't resist the urge as I wrapped my arms around her in a hug. Sandy joined me in hugging Tiffany as we sat on the couch. We sat in silence for a few minutes. Sandy and I released Tiffany when she began to squirm between us.

"I guess you want me to leave?" Tiffany asked us with her head bowed.

"No, we don't, but we also don't want you getting hurt." I said taking the lead. "I know I would totally enjoy continuing your lessons and I'm sure Sandy would too. It all depends on you, Tiffany. Is it already too late? Are you already too attached to Sandy and me? Do you think you can continue and not get hurt? Remember be totally honest."

"Yes, I think it's already too late!" Tiffany told us as she started to cry. Sandy and I each took one of her hands and held them.

"I think I'm in love with both of you." Tiffany continued. "I keep remembering everything about last Sunday and I get that same feeling I had when I would remember my first boyfriend. I'm sure the feeling is love. I want to be with you all the time. I can't stop thinking about you both. I ache deep down inside."

"Man, we are in trouble because she is in love. That's exactly the way I feel about Sandy." I thought to myself.

"Tiffany, please excuse us for a minute." I said to her as I stood and reached my hand to Sandy. "Please, don't leave, okay?"

I led Sandy to our bedroom.

"We are in trouble, Sandy! She's already in love with us! What are we going to do?" I whispered to my, by now, equally upset wife.

"I don't know, Mikoli! What do you think we should do?" Sandy said to me. "We're going to hurt her, aren't we?"

"Yes, we probably are. With that being the case I think we should continue her lessons."

"No! Mikoli we can't use her like that!" Sandy exclaimed. "I think we should send her away now."

"But, Sandy she'll be devastated if we do that! Besides wouldn't you like to have her sexy body again? If she's going to get hurt anyway why can't it be later instead of sooner?"

"Oh, Mikoli! I think it's wrong. We shouldn't use her like that!"

"I have an idea, we'll let her decide, okay?" I said, hopefully.

"Okay, Mikoli, we'll let her decide." Sandy answered me but I could still see the anxiety in her face.

We rejoined Tiffany in the living room. Instead of sitting beside her, I sat in the floor at her feet while Sandy sat in my recliner behind me.

"Tiffany, Sandy and I both agree you have fallen in love. We also agree you are going to get hurt. What we can't agree on is when we are going to break your heart. Sandy wants to do it now, today. I think that if it's going to happen anyway, it could be later, after we use your body some more. That's really what we would be doing, Tiffany; using you for our own sexual gratifications. We decided to take the chicken way out. We are going to let you decide. You can leave or stay, your choice. IF you leave, it has to be a clean break. No phone calls. No coming around begging to be taken back. If you stay, Sandy and I will continue teaching you the ways of sex. Sandy and I are going to the bedroom to give you a little time to decide what you are going to do. If you decide to leave, leave. No goodbyes. No last hugs or kisses. It will be easier on all of us. If you decide to stay, take all your clothes off and join us in the bedroom." I explained to our inexperienced lover.

Sandy and I returned to the bedroom. I began kissing my beautiful wife's face, trying to ignore the sobs coming from the living room. Sandy was struggling with her own emotions. After ten minutes of kissing and caressing Sandy, she started to respond. I had achieved an erection even with the mixed emotions I was feeling. It was at that moment Sandy nudged me and pointed to the door. Tiffany was standing there in all of her naked glory.

"I don't care if you never love me! I don't care if you are just using me! I need you both! I'll do anything if you let me stay!" Tiffany said to us with determination in her voice.

"I'm glad you decided to stay." I said getting off the bed and dropping my shorts to the floor. "Come here and give me a blowjob."

Tiffany came to me and sank down to the floor in front of me. She started to kiss all over the bulbous head of my dick. I stopped her.

"No! Take as much of my dick in your mouth as you can and start bobbing your head up and down. Remember to keep a tight suction and be careful with your teeth." I ordered her.

Tiffany did as she was told as I felt Sandy kneeling behind me on the bed. She began rubbing my chest and belly. Tiffany was taking about half my length into her mouth.

"Work on taking more of me in your mouth! You need to be able to take all of me comfortably if you want me to fuck your face like I do Sandy's!" I coaxed her.

Tiffany started going farther down my shaft after I told her that. I could feel the back of her throat when she had three fourths of my hardness in her mouth. I heard her gag when she got to that point.

"You're doing good Tiffany. You don't have to try and take it all today! Speed up and use a little more suction so I can finish! Remember, you only have to swallow if you want to!" I said to my new lover getting closer to my completion.

Tiffany followed my instructions completely. Soon she was bobbing her head up and down my shaft at a very rapid pace. I was enjoying her ministrations immensely. It was only a few minutes before I warned her I was cumming. She kept her mouth on my turgid member as I blasted my seed into it and I saw her swallow a couple of times. As soon as she had milked me of my last drop of sperm, she jumped up and kissed Sandy. I knew they were sharing my seed in their kiss. I waited till they broke their kiss before grabbing Tiffany's head and planting my own tongue wrestling kiss on her. I heard her moan into my mouth.

"This afternoon you're all Sandy's." I whispered into Tiffany's ear. "I'm going to watch from that chair in the corner. I won't join in until Sandy tells me to so don't beg for me to join you all, okay?"

Tiffany nodded her head yes. I lightly swatted her ass as she climbed on the bed with Sandy. The two big, but beautiful women began kissing on the bed. I retreated to my chair and admired the tandem of female flesh on our bed. Sandy's 5'7", wears a size 20 in clothes and has those magnificent 40DD breasts. Her brown hair is short and cut to frame her round yet beautiful face. Tiffany's 5'4" tall, wore a size 18 in clothes (I looked at the labels), and had 34DD breasts (I looked at her bra label). Sandy had a small paunch were Tiffany had a bigger belly. Most of Sandy's size was in her breasts and ass. Most of Tiffany's was in her belly.

"Suck on my neck, Tiffany." I heard Sandy tell her new lover. "Stop when I tell you to!"

Tiffany was sucking on Sandy's neck. Sandy began to squirm after a couple of minutes.

"Stop! Kiss your way down to my tits! Suck and lick on them until I tell you to stop!" Sandy instructed her young pupil. Sandy was breathing slightly faster at that point.

Tiffany obeyed Sandy's instructions. She was licking all around the areola of Sandy's right breast. She had taken the left nipple in her right forefinger and thumb without being told. She sucked Sandy's right nipple as she tweaked the left with her fingers. Again without being told, she switched from one nipple to the other one with her mouth. I watched her drop her right hand to her own sex and begin to rub herself. Sandy was really squirming and moaning by now. I heard her say stop with a gasp for air.

"Kiss your way down to my pussy, Tiffany." Sandy ordered our new sex toy. "Suck and lick the outer lips until I tell you to do something different!"

I had to give Tiffany credit. She obeyed orders very well. She was licking and sucking Sandy's outer lips like a pro. Sandy was writhing all over the bed at that instance, but Tiffany stayed right to her task.

"Eat me, now! Suck my pussy! Suck my clit! Make me cum, my little slut! Mikoli and I might have to keep you forever! You'll be too much of a little slut for one person when we are finished with you!" Sandy exclaimed in as loud of a voice as she ever used.

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