Use Your Sisters Instead


"Fine," Michael said. He walked over to the fridge and pouted loudly as he looked. "Ooo, looks like Chastity is back in the rotation."

"There you go."

A few minutes later, dinner was done, and Mary called for the kids to eat. Hope and Tabitha appeared immediately, but neither Chastity nor Michael showed up.

"It shouldn't take so long," Mary said.

"I'm sure that Michael is just doing what he needs to, Mom," Hope said, "We should try to be respectful of their privacy."

Mary gave the girls their meals, but she couldn't stop worrying that something might be wrong. Finally, she gave up and went upstairs. Michael had asked for her help after all - she wasn't snooping, just being supportive.

She found the siblings in Chastity's room. The blonde lay back in front of her brother, but he was just standing between her legs. Mary waited by the doorway. She didn't want to interrupt them unless she needed to.

Michael clearly had one hand on his cock (Mary had decided to use his word for it from then on), but his other was squeezing his sister's ample breasts. He slid from one to the other - cupping, squeezing, pinching at the nipple.

Chastity smiled hungrily up at her brother. Her hands were down at her sex and she was moving them in a way that suggested she was... Oh no. This wouldn't do. It would not do at all.

Mary burst into the room. "Chastity! I've finally got Michael in order and now you're doing the same thing? Come on now dear, you know better than that."

Both siblings froze and stared at their mother. The scent of Chastity's sex filled Mary's nose. The doting mother immediately felt uncomfortable, like she'd done something wrong. But then Mary's righteous anger took over. Why did they all have to act so ill-behaved?

"Well?" Mary asked, "I'm waiting for an explanation."

"We. That is. I mean, Mom," Michael said. His penis slowly deflated in his hand.

"It's my fault," Chastity said.

"Well, obviously," Mary said.

"No no. What I mean is, Michael came in here all good and ready like you taught him. But when he tried to put it in me it, like, wouldn't go. You know?"

Mary gave her daughter a look that said that, clearly, she did not know. Everything had slid in so easily before. What was different this time?

"I was, ummm. God, Mom, I can't believe you're making me say this. I wasn't w... I mean, I lacked lubrication. As Tabitha might put it."

"Yes, Mom," Michael said, "That's exactly what happened. I tried to put it in Chastity but she was dry and so we couldn't."

"Right, so I said, let me get myself ready for you," Chastity said, "That's all we were doing."

"Oh honey," Mary said, her heart suddenly aching for her children, "Of course I understand. It's natural that you're not going to be ready for your brother all the time. But you can't rub yourself like that, dear."

"But it was really painful for both of us," Chastity said. "Maybe if my stupid brother's stupid dick wasn't so big it'd be easier, but what can we do?"

"You need to let Michael do it for you," Mary said, "He should get you ready before he puts it in you."

"Oh yes!" Chastity said, "Mom, that's a great idea."

"Just make sure you show him what to do, first," Mary said

"Right. Don't just squeeze my tit, you big dope. You're not milking me. Reach down and put your finger here," Chastity said. She dragged her brother's hand down below her blonde pubes. "Yes, there you go. That feels... OH!"

"Sounds like you're more than wet enough," Mary said. She saw the look on the siblings' faces and decided to step away. They needed to adjust to doing this on their own. Still, she waited by the door, leaving it open a crack to listen, just in case anything went wrong.

"I'm going to put it in you now, sis," she heard Michael say.

"Yes. OK," Chastity said, "Just keep rubbing there. Yes. That way I don't, ummmm, get dry again all the sudden."

"S... sure thing," Michael said. "Feel good now?"

"Y... yeah. I feel it. Feel myself getting... Rub faster."

Mary heard squelching sounds as Michael worked at his sister. If Chastity was really having this much trouble, it might be a medical issue, she thought. Or perhaps maybe she should buy some lube. All three sisters might need it at some point.

"Give it to me," Chastity said, "Faster... ah... ah... OH! OH FUCK!"

Mary peeked into the door and saw her son shaking as he came. Her daughter was trembling, too. Her body seemed to judder with every one of Michael's ejaculations. Back arched. Blonde hair hanging down. Large breasts shaking. Mouth open in a silent scream. Then, Chastity's body relaxed and she dropped back to the bed.

Chastity looked so pretty in that moment, Mary thought, her chest shiny with sweat. Michael stared down at his sister, gasping. Chastity smiled and reached up, patted him on the cheek.

"Good boy," Chastity said, "Giving me all your cum."

Mary had to agree. She wondered what had gotten into Chastity, acting so sweetly with her sibling.


Over dinner, Mary made sure that Chastity shared their new ground rules with the group.

"Lubrication is very important," Mary said, "I don't want any of you getting hurt by not following proper behaviors. Just remember to make sure Michael does it for you. Try to think about it as a kind of tit for tat."

"Oh I definitely have a tit for his tat," Chastity said.


The next morning as she walked past Hope's bedroom, Mary couldn't help but hear Michael talking to his sister.

"Like this?" he asked.

"Slower," Hope said, "And not so hard. You're rubbing my pussy not grinding a garlic clove."

"Chastity likes it this way," Michael said with a bit of a whine.

"Well Chastity's snatch must be made of steel or something cause that fucking hurts," Hope said.

"Sorry," Michael said.

"Oh, it's OK, Honey. I know you're just learning."

Mary carefully creaked Hope's door open a little more, so she could see what was going on. Hope was in the usual position on her back. Michael leaned over her. He had one hand on Hope's little breast, the other down at her juncture. His penis was practically forgotten.

"Up a little more," Hope said, "Yes. Feel that little nub there? It's my clitoris. It's what would be my cock if I was a boy. Just think of it as my magic pleasure button. Put your thumb right there and... OH! Little less pressing, but more rubbing. Side to side. Yes."

"Chastity was already going by now," Michael said.

"Good for Chastity."

Mary leaned into the room. Careful not to be noticed, anxious not to miss a moment. As much as she wanted to leave this project to her children, Mary found she was strangely disappointed whenever she missed one of their sessions.

"Oh, that's nice," Hope said.

"Is your brother doing a good job for you?" Michael asked.

"Ssssssooooo good."

"You think I can put it in you now, Hope-y?"


Michael took his hand off his sister's little breast, but Hope stopped him. "Here, let me get that for you," she said. Then she reached between her legs and aimed Michael's cock at her opening.

"Hmmmmm," Hope groaned and kind of giggled as her brother filled her. "Won't be long now."

Michael stroked in and out of his sister, then stiffened. Mary knew all the signs. Hope's chest flushed. Her legs tremored.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh... FUCK!" Hope cried out. Michael groaned and that was it. The two of them strained against each other in orgasmic bliss.

Michael stayed inside to his sister as they both came down. Hope stroked Michael's face. His arms. Lovingly.

Mary realized as she watched them - her children all seemed to be getting so much closer. It felt like they'd all been fighting forever. Especially after John died. But these little moments of kindness were happening more and more.

They really were acting like a family, now, and it made Mary swell with joy.


That evening, Mary came home from shopping to an empty house. She thought the kids must have all gone out. Then she heard voices coming from Tabitha's room. Mary felt a little frustrated. They knew they were supposed to come and greet her first thing when she got home

"Hey kids!" Mary said, opening the door. They all stared up at her, looking surprised and a bit embarrassed. Like they'd all been up to something. Tabitha lay back on her bed, completely naked. Michael stood over her, holding his cock. Well that was a normal sight. Mary had to laugh to herself - somehow they'd reached the point where this was perfectly normal

No, what made it so surprising was that Chastity and Hope were also in the room. Both girls were fully dressed, standing on either side of Tabitha's bed.

"Oh, hi Momma," Tabitha said, "We didn't hear you come home."

Mary sighed and stepped into the room. She closed the door behind her.

"We thought it would be a good idea to help," Hope said, "The whole lubrication thing. We wanted to make sure our baby sis was comfortable."

"We knew the two of them might screw up the screwing," Chastity said, "If you know what I mean."

"Well, I must say I'm very pleased," Mary said, "How supportive you are of your little sister. But I hope you aren't putting too much pressure on Michael."

"Oh no, I'm OK Mom," Michael said. His erection poked outward. "I know my sisters can take care of me."

"We were just about to get started," Chastity said, "You want to stay and help?"

"I'd just be in the way," Mary said and started to slowly back out.

"No, I want Momma to stay," Tabitha said with a bit of a little girl whine.

"Well, if it'll make you feel more comfortable," Mary said, "I'll just stand back here and let you girls take care of it."

"Right," Hope said, "Let's pick up where we left off. Michael you were about to start rubbing Tabitha's clitoris."

"He's got to find it first," Chastity said.

"Be supportive, dear," Mary said. Chastity just shook her head with disdain.

"Don't forget to put your hand on my breast," Tabitha said. Michael reached with his left hand and found Tabitha's tit.

"Don't be afraid to give it a good squeeze," Chastity said.

"Just not too hard," Hope said, "Good, now reach down and find that little knot of nerves. Just like I showed you. Don't get frustrated if it takes you a little bit. It can be a bit tricky."

"Maybe with your itty bitty clitty it can," Chastity said, "Me? You can't miss it."

Tabitha gasped.

"I think he found the right spot," Hope said.

"Definitely," Tabitha said, "Now what?"

"Just sort of rub it back and forth," Hope said, "Michael, try different speeds and patterns till you find something that works."

"Remember," Mary said, "You're just trying to make sure Tabitha is wet enough to take Michael's cock."

"Uh huh," Chastity said, "Don't forget about her tits, doofus."

Tabitha groaned. "That feels really good. But now I think I want something inside me, too."

"OK, Michael that's your cue," Hope said. Michael took his hand off Tabitha's clitoris and reached for his penis. Tabitha's crotch bucked and she cursed.

"Don't stop!"

"Sorry," Michael said, "I was just..."

"As always, I have to do everything," Chastity said. The blonde girl reached over and grabbed her brother's cock. Then she fed it into her baby sister's sex. "There you go," she said, and patted Michael's ass. "Give it to her good."

"Yes," Tabitha said, her voice just a breath, "Give it to me."

It was not unlike rubbing his belly while patting his head, Mary reflected. Michael had to run his hand side-to-side on his sister while pushing himself back and forth.

"Oh..." Tabitha said, "Oh fuck! I f... I feel. Something's building. I think I need to stop."

"It's OK, Tabby Cat," Hope said. She reached down and ran her fingers through Tabitha's hair. "He's almost there."

"Trust me," Chastity said, "Building is a good thing."

"N... Not like this. I feel like this kind of pressure," Tabitha said, "I think I'm going to pee."

Michael looked over at his sisters. His eyes questioning. But he didn't stop sliding in and out of his sister.

"Oh God," Tabitha said, head rolling back and forth. "Feels so good. Don't want him to stop but I..."

"Maybe we should..."

"Oh no!" Tabitha cried. A splash of almost-clear fluid shot out of her vagina and splattered on her brother's bare chest.

"Oh YES!" Michael groaned and let his own liquid loose into his younger sister. The siblings seemed to be matching each other, blast for blast. Tabitha's eyes rolled back into her head. Her breasts wobbled and she howled her pleasure.


Finally, Tabitha's screams started to subside. The two of them slowly straightened.

"Wow," Chastity said.

"Oh Michael I'm so sorry," Tabitha said, "I just lost control."

"It's OK," Michael said, "Kind of neat, actually."

"I can't believe I peed on you," Tabitha said. She really seemed upset.

"I don't think that was urine," Hope said.

"You're a squirter!" Chastity said.

"What's that?" Mary asked. She was concerned for her baby girl now. If she had some sort of strange condition.

"I've seen it online," Chastity said, "I mean, I've read about it. Some women produce liquid when they orgasm. It's a totally natural thing, I promise."

"I'll have to look that up," Tabitha said, her intellectual curiosity overtaking her embarrassment.

"I'll send you some sites," Chastity said, "Real educational stuff."

"Well I think you both should clean off," Mary said, "And then come down to supper."


After dinner, Mary enlisted Michael to help her do the dishes. They both stood over the sink - Mary washed while Michael dried. It was an old routine she used to do with her husband and now sharing it with Michael felt very comforting. Domestic.

Since it was just the two of them, Michael felt able to confide in his Mother. "You were right," he told her, "What you said before - my sisters really are stunning."

"I'm glad you agree," Mary said. She handed him a dripping bowl and he toweled it off.

"Tabitha's soooo beautiful. But now that Chastity's being nice to me, I'm finding that she's really fun to be around. And Hope, I don't know, I saw her as this authority figure. But she's become more like a best friend. Like I could trust her with anything."

"I'm glad to hear that," Mary said, and she was.

"Like you said, I'm a lucky guy." He handed her the dish towel. She looked up at him confused.

"We're only half done," Mary said.

"Got to go," Michael said, "All this talking about my sisters - I think it's time for me to 'use' one of them. If you get my meaning."

Mary certainly did. She sighed and finished the dishes by herself.


Finally, it seemed that they'd settled into a regular routine. A few days went by without Mary seeing or hearing much of anything. It was almost as if Michael had stopped entirely, though Mary was pretty sure that was impossible. More likely, the siblings were finally starting to learn to keep things quieter.

Then one morning Mary was making breakfast and she heard shouting coming from the dining room.

"Well maybe that's because he likes me better," Chastity said.

"That's ridiculous," Hope said.

Mary stepped back from the stove and walked into the other room. Both girls were still in their matching plaid pajamas. Chastity leaned back in her chair looking pleased with herself. Hope was standing, hands down heavy on the table.

"We both know he comes to me more often," Chastity said, "Cums more, too. Maybe we should start calling you 'Nope.'"

"Last night he was drooling all over my tits, not yours," Hope said

"I'll bet," Chastity said, "With your little boobs he was probably starving for more."

Hope shrieked and leapt around the table. She grabbed Chastity's pajama shirt by the lapels and lifted her sister up out of the chair, snarling.

"Girls!" Mary cried out before she even realized she was ready to speak, "What in the Lord's name are you two doing?"

"Chastity's saying that Michael likes her better," Hope said. She still had her sister by the shirt. Her knuckles white.

"It's not my fault I have the better body," Chastity said.

"Well, I'm definitely better than you at making him happy," Hope said, "He knows when he needs someone to take care of him, I'm the one to go to."

"And when he wants a good fuck," Chastity said, "He goes to me."

Hope growled and pulled tighter. Chastity screamed and reached for Hope's hair.

"Both of you stop it this instant!" Mary said. She stood there fuming till the girls let go of each other. They slinked back to their sides of the table, glaring each other down.

"First of all," Mary said, "No one is fucking anyone. Understood? You're helping your brother. Just sticking a dick in you for a minute is not having sex. Trust me."

Both girls nodded. Mary could see the muscles in Hope's arm slowly start to relax.

"Second," Mary said, "Michael loves both of you very much. Chastity, I know that Michael goes to you when he needs a pal, someone to laugh with or watch a movie. But Hope, you and I both know that when Michael wants to be comforted, or if he really needs advice, he turns to you. That doesn't mean he loves either of you less. Just different."

"But Moooom," Hope said, "Michael really does go to Chastity more than me."

"I'm sure it feels that way, but I bet if we really looked it'd be equal. Plus, Hope, you just had your fertile time last week, so Michael was probably avoiding you a bit more. As he should. And don't forget, you both also need to share with Tabitha. Now, I want this to be the last time I hear of this. Understood?"

Both girls nodded sullenly. Mary went back into the kitchen to finish cooking. Later in the day, though, she took Michael aside and talked to him. They agreed that he needed to do a better job of spreading the wealth. And Mary knew that he would honor that. He really did love his sisters too much to intentionally hurt their feelings.


Mary was wrong about one thing, though. The siblings were graduating to full on sex. It wasn't an immediate change over. Not at first. But Mary kept getting hints - from hearing and watching and just from the way they all talked. Michael was spending less time getting himself ready and more just going in to his sister's rooms to get his relief.

It was natural, Mary supposed. Why resort to a fist when a perfectly good vagina was waiting? In some ways, Mary was glad. Michael was learning not to masturbate but, rather, to look for an actual woman. So she didn't exactly discourage the behavior as it became more common.

Everyone still acted under the pretense that Michael was rubbing himself to almost-orgasm, then finding a sibling. It was just that 'almost' was getting a wider and wider definition. Then, the inevitable happened.

Mary was downstairs doing the laundry when she heard Tabitha call out. She walked up and called back. "Tabitha, honey, what's wrong?"

"Momma, Michael's fucking Hope!" she shouted. Mary marched down the hall and swung open the bedroom door. There was Michael, between his oldest sister's long legs, just sawing back and forth. Tabitha stood to the side, gesturing like a ringmaster at the sibling's performance. Wide eyed at what was happening.

"Oh my," Mary said. Michael grunted, but he didn't slow his pace one bit. He was totally naked. His toned bottom jiggled slightly with every push. Michael's hands gripped his sister's hips. Hope rocked back and forth on the bed. Her brown hair went everywhere. She made a little grunt each time her brother bottomed out in her.

"You said he was supposed to only do the end part," Hope said, "But he came in here and just stuck it in me."

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