This is a work of complete fantasy and if you are offended by someone being forced to submit than you are in the wrong section. I love feedback and look forward to hearing all that you have to say. Please enjoy.

Edited by: licketysplit725


I want to walk into a bar full of men wearing only a short denim skirt that says touch me. My shirt would be really low cut and tight where if I bend over I would fall out. I want to be fondled and touched and taken advantage of. I want them to put their hands where they don't belong and have you make me allow them to. I would be forced to walk through the crowd and not defend myself. They could pull and prod me any way you saw fit.

I would turn and look at you and beg you with my eyes to stop this humiliation ... but you would just nod your head and say no, knowing I want it but just cannot admit it. One of the men would walk up to me and thrust his cock at me and you say "on your knees slut". Kneeling down talking him in my mouth you bend over and lift my skirt so that all can see that I am bare and that they can touch anything they see.

You now have to struggle to stay near me, because they all want some. I can feel rough hands pulling my ass cheeks apart, wanting what lies between. Grabbing my skirt, the men want to bury their cocks in my very unprotected holes. I pull my mouth off of the cock I am sucking and beg you to make them use protection.

Shaking your head you look at the cock, and I start sucking again, knowing that if I don't, much worse will happen. Pulling my ass to him after getting himself fully hard he slams his cock into my pussy dry ... making me cry out! He fucks harder, laughing because I am not fighting it and he starts pounding harder ... making me scream on the cock in my mouth.

"Please!" ... my mind is screaming!" Pulling my skirt you adjust it so that someone can get underneath me causing the cock in my pussy to lodge even deeper. The cock going down my throat makes me gag as I feel my nipples being sucked on, then bitten slightly so that I know that someone is there. They extend my nipples to have their way... anyway they want. After they pull and stretch my nipples farther than I had thought possible they move to my clit, not caring that I am being fucked.

One sucks my clit hard ... screaming, I start shaking in an orgasm that I was not aware was even coming. Everyone starts laughing that the slut is hot for cock! Someone else is now under me and my clit and nipples know no relief. As the cock fucking my face starts to explode, I try and pull away only to be held firm. He has his hands around my head forcing me to allow his cum to gush down my throat. Not having any other choice, I feel the cum slide down to my belly, only the first of many deposits! Holding on to my skirt the man fucking me starts to buck; slamming me against him, shooting his sperm deep within my unprotected pussy. Pulling me up, they dragged me to the table, throwing me on my back so that my head fell back and my butt was off the table. I am literally bending over both ends giving the cock at my mouth a great angle: straight down my throat.

I feel someone get on top of me, slap my tits around a little and then shove his cock between them and start to fuck my tits, holding them by nipples only, pulling to make it nice and tight for him, causing me to thrash around on the table. My hands are filled with two cocks unable for me to use to protect my tender tits. I don't know where you are any longer, as I am lost to my own need. I can feel my clit being pulled again; sucked, bitten, kissed. I am going crazy! It is too much; almost painful. I would never find release like this ... But they did not care; they are here for their own pleasure and they will use me however they see fit.

Pulling the sides of my pussy wide I could feel someone licking me clean, tonguing my cunt to clean out all of the juice and sperm; literally eating what is inside. It doesn't feel like a man's mouth; while not gentle it's not rough with stubble, smooth to my skin. I am so close I start to shudder, shaking with need for a release. My nipples burning, my throat filled yet again... I am so close too!

She is pulled away; forced to stop ... I cry out in frustrated desperation. Soon I am going to start begging these men to be fucked! Then I could feel it ... a cock is close to my pussy, throbbing and drooling. My legs are then pulled back, giving access to all that makes me a woman, opening my pussy wide, stretching ... slam! The largest cock I have ever felt just slammed into my now damp pussy... It feels like a jack hammer is fucking me! Then it happens ... I fucking explode, spraying cum all over him... It looks like I peed everywhere... only it tastes much nicer ... pulling the woman up they made her lick my cum up while he finished fucking me. It did not take him long to cum as my pussy is throbbing like never before. Sucking, milking his cock as if it was to give my cunt new life. Finally softening enough to where he can pull out, I am flipped over.

I look for you ... where are you? Now I am scared; what do they plan on? How much more of this will you allow? I see you standing off a little ways with your cock in your hand and a grin on your face and I know what you will allow.

No, I beg; I shake my head, pleading that you stop only to have you shake your head and tell me to take it. I know then you are mad at me. I have enjoyed this and you are going to punish me for my desires. I understand I can take it for you. I will show you what I will do for you.

My ass cheeks are spread as large hands from two different men hold me apart ... I feel so exposed, so violated, so ready to cum... I did not want what was going to happen to happen; that doesn't mean that I was not turned on. I was dripping. They shove fingers in my pussy; different hands all wanting to get in. I feel the first finger push in ... slowly, softly kind of and I thought for a split second that this was going to be pleasant and that it would not be so bad. When the finger pulled out of my ass only to shove three fingers in at one time!

I scream and scream until someone shouts that I need my mouth filled again. Mid-scream a cock lodged into my throat causing me to choke, gag, cough on the cock ... whoever it was had been so turned on that he shot down my throat only seconds after he is down my throat bringing on more chocking and gagging. I am not able to recover because another cock is shoved into my mouth and the hand that is forcing its fingers up my ass are being pulled, but five others are eager to take its place, causing pinching and stretching and so much pain. Then all of it was gone, nothing touched my ass.

Then I feel her again. They make her clean my ass with her tongue, stating that they did not want to get their cocks dirty. They forced her face deep in my crack ordering her to clean me out so they could fuck me. Crying, I feel her slowly stick her tongue in my tender hole, it is so soothing after their hands and fingers... I feel for her but it feels so damn good. She is slow and tender at first not wanting to do what they are making her do but getting into it all the same. Bringing her hand up I feel her touch my clit, causing me to shudder with need. I don't want her to stop; what she is doing feels so good. Her tongue slips past my ring into my ass driving me crazy all the while stroking my clit.

I am so close, so close even the cock in my mouth feels good - I am enjoying my face being fucked ... nothing ... they pull her off of me again! So fucking close I start screaming, wanting, needing an orgasm, only to have my stomach filled again. The cock in my mouth could not stand the vibrations of my screams; I gag on him as he shoots his load. Needing a sec. as he pulled out, I tuck my head. I was so tired from NOT being able to cum ... I just wanted to cum.

That was when I felt it ... the head of the first cock to enter my virgin ass. I was not ready; I was not wet enough there! NO, NO! I started thrashing only to be held down, forced to take it. Forced to submit. They pulled my cheeks apart again and I could feel the head of the cock at my entrance pushing in, pushing past the natural barrier stretching me wider than I had ever remember being before, so tight because he was not wet and I was barley lubed. I felt every slip as he forced his way into my bowels; as soon as he was in he pulled out just as slowly causing me to feel everything, oh the pain... My wrist over my head was pulled up and my hands were pulled out. I was not to get a reprieve as my ass was being abused.

Cocks went everywhere, mouth, hands, even two cocks played for my mouth, each one trying to find its way in at the same time. My ass ... oooh ... he was moving faster now, enjoying the feel; I could hear him breathing, grunting, his hands went to my hips throwing off the other hand that held me. Grabbing an anchor so he could thrust harder... faster - I did not think I could bear it any longer. I felt I was going to burst from the pain when he shot so hard, I could feel it blasting deep inside me coating me with his seed, soothing my pain and allowing me to relax. As his thrust slowed he was forcibly removed and another took his place, not giving me any break.

I did feel her hands though as she slid under me under the table, forgotten but wanting to give me a moment of pleasure. I felt her hands on my clit stroking it, restoring the fire that was just banked but not gone. Oh! I felt myself start to enjoy it; everything: the sensations, the abuse, I was writhing, shuddering and spasming in the strongest orgasm yet! OH! I felt good, but nobody was happy with her as I set off every cock within my touch just by sheer force! The cocks in my hand were squeezed so hard cum shot on my back like a fountain, the one in my mouth again filled my belly, and the one in my ass was the one that had it the worst ... My muscles clenched down pulling everything out of him that he had to give and then some. I could hear him scream as I clamped him within me. Trying to fight back he fucked me hard using every bit of strength he had to fuck me through the orgasm increasing the pleasure for both of us. Finally he was pulled away and I was so weak; they pulled me up and I saw the pride in your eyes.

I knew you were happy with me and that I had done well. For you I would be able to do anything. You walked over to me and pulled me off of the table, telling me I had done a good job, but that you had just one more thing for me to do before I could rest. I looked at you and knew what you wanted to happen ... I knew because "I" wanted it to happen; I had just not realized it yet. You sat me down and gave me a glass of water and told me to wait. You walked around the room of men in various stages of hard-ons and you looked for what you wanted until you found them; two of the largest thickest men there. You wanted them to fuck me at the same time.

Pulling me over to the pool table the largest of the two laid down and I crawled on top, eager for his cock to be inside me. I was so wet and wanted this so much. Guiding his cock into my pussy willingly for the first time that night I realized something: you really did know me better then I knew myself, I loved being forced to do this. Suck cock and take it up the ass! I gladly slid down his cock enjoying being stretched in every way, filling me up so full. I laid down on him only to have the other man push me flat and spread me. He needed to be inside now, so long had he waited for this, grabbing his cock he drove it deep into my ass again, filling me so fucking full, for a moment I could not move due to the pain ... OH! my God the pain! Then they started to move and the pain slipped into pleasure, allowing me to enjoy being filled and held. It was crazy - all of us want to move, to thrust, to move. Finally I realized I was moving even if I was not; I just felt allowing the need to build up to make me fly. I was so close as these two men moved within me causing me great pleasure I could feel it, looking up at you I whispered, "Thank you." and exploded! While the two men stroked to catch up I shuddered again and met then with another orgasm when they went off causing us all to spasm with need!

After a few minutes, you strut up to the pool table and assist me down, kissing me, hugging me and telling me what a great job I did! I feel so loved and proud! I am so thankful! You turn and thank the men in the bar and apologize if not everyone was able to participate but that we would be coming back!

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