She was sitting on the bar stool, slowly sipping her Long Island Ice Tea, feeling the burn of the liquor mixed with the coolness of the ice slide down her throat. It had been a long day and she deserved this drink. Her black pencil skirt was riding up her thighs from the smoothness of her silk stockings and the way she was forced to sit on the tall bar stool, her lilac silk shirt clung to her body and showed off her well-maintained form. Just by looking at her, you can tell she works out. Her 2 inch black heels were laying on the floor under her stool and her pedicured toes were curled around the bottom rung of the stool. Her long red hair was pulled up in a bun, with a few loose tendrils shadowing her ivory face, her almond shaped blue eyes looked like deep pools of water, and her petite small pink lips looked as if they constantly stayed moist. She was a vision.

On the stool next to her was her large over-sized purse. Her cell phone was ringing, she took it out, looked at it, and rolled her eyes, flipping open her phone with a loud sigh she said, "yes Phillip? What is it that couldn't wait until morning?" She tapped her fingers on the bar top while listening to Phillip on the phone, she stopped tapping her fingers, took a deep drink and glared into the mirror. "WHAT did you just say?" She screamed into the phone. She grabbed her purse, threw some money on the bar and said, "I am on my way. Tell Jones to unlock the gate." She slammed her phone shut, threw it in her purse and stomped out of the bar. She crawled into her jet black Mercedes, put the key in the ignition and closed her eyes while she started the car. Her mercedes was the one joy she had in life and just turning it on, she got wet.

She pulled into the gate outside work, parked in her slot and turned her car off. Grabbing her purse, she started to get out of the car when someone threw a cloth over her mouth and drug her backwards. She was flailing her arms and trying to get free, but whoever had her, wasn't letting her go. She then heard a voice say, "hold her still." A hand came in front of her face and then it went black as she was blindfolded and gagged. Each man grabbed an arm and pulled her further from her car.

After they had drug her for awhile, one let go of her arm and she felt a rope go around her wrist and felt it get tight, she then felt her arm being pulled above her head. The same was done with her other arm, she was dangling. She had no idea who had taken her or how many was there.

She felt a hand run up her leg and under her skirt, she tried to kick them away, then she felt two different hands grab her ankles and hold her still as the other person continues to run up her skirt. Then, another hand was on her other leg and before she knew it, she felt her skirt being ripped off her. She felt exposed, her t-back undies were the same shade as her shirt. She felt hands grab her shirt and RIPPPPPPPP her shirt was tore off her as well. She heard several men laughing and saying, "man, she is HOT! Look at those tits!" Fear ripped through her, she struggled to get free, she knew it was useless, but she had to try.

She felt a hand touch her face, then heard him whisper, "you and me, we are gonna dance. You are gonna give me what you have been teasing me with for years." The man then slapped her tits with a downward motion, causing her whole body to jerk, he yelled, "bring me my knife!"

She gulped, she did not know what this person had in store for her with a knife, soon she felt the coldness of the blade against her chest. The blade slide between her breasts and she felt him pull on the knife, he cut her bra off her, letting her breast spill out into the cold night air. The men whooped and yelled. She started to cry.

she heard the men walking around her, once in awhile, one would touch her. Soon, she felt the blade of the knife between her panties and right hip, he pulled on the knife and her panties fell off. The men were cheering loudly by now.

She then felt fingers rubbing on her clit, fingers rubbing her ass, one nipple was being played with, while the other one was being suckled. She was sobbing under the gag now, she had no idea how many men were there.

The men played with her and teased her until she thought she was going to loose her mind. One man told the others to step back, "time to give this bitch an attitude adjustment." The men mumbled something and she could hear them moving back. She listened in the silence for what was coming up, nothing could have prepared her............. SWAT........ SWAT........ SWAT!!!!! "Bitch! You have been teasing ALL of us for months, what with your (SWAT) short skirts and your (SWAT) low cut tops. You are lucky it is us that got you and not the security guards!". He gave her several more swats on her body, then she heard one of them move closer to her, she felt hands on her hips and then felt a hard dick press against her pussy lips, she shook her head back and forth, he pushed deep into her, moaning and grunting. She then felt a man behind her, she was thinking, "no please, not in my ass. Please no!" She was shaking her head as the man behind her pushed his dick into her ass, he pumped into her a few times and then pulled her down onto him, planting himself deep in her. The man that was deep in her pussy, started fucking her with such force and deep hard strokes, she could feel him all the way through her body. The man in her ass started to move in and out, the friction they were causing, was enough to send her over the edge. She came so hard on them, that just fueled them more. They fucked her deeper and harder, two other men grabbed a nipple a piece and were sucking and pulling on her nipples with their mouths, she came again.

The men shot their loads deep in her and pulled out. And two more were in her before she could realize it. The men all had their turns in both her holes. Her breast were sore as was her pussy and ass. Sometime during the fucking, they took her down and one guy would lay on ground while another would lower her onto him and then he would plow deep into her pussy. Her arms were still tied. The blindfold was still on, but the gag was gone and she was being force fed one cock after another.

Sometime between cocks being rammed in her mouth, one of the guys whispered in her ear, "you like this, don't you whore? Tell us you like it.". She yelled out, "I love riding your cocks and sucking on them! I love being your whore, please teach me a lesson."

Once she said that, the men were filled within re-newed vigor, they started fucking her harder and deeper. She moaned and begged for more.

Then.......she was alone and empty. She listened for some time and realized no one was around, she slowly pulled the blindfold off her eyes and saw that she was been fucked so hard and deep on the front lawn of the building where she worked. She was hoping that the men would want her again and again. She slowly got up and walked to her car, there was a note on her windshield, she opened it. "Tomorrow, don't wear panties to work, we will cum visit you throughout the day."

She smiled and drove home, looking forward to work.

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