Used Again


As suspected Master did have much worse installed for me. He told me to be ready at 8 pm and to be at his house kneeling on the front step wearing the tightest shortest dress I owned. Master bought all my clothes and told me every day what to wear even if I wasn't seeing him. I have lost a fair few jobs from the outrageous clothes he's had me wear but that's a small price to pay for Master and he always finds me another job so I'm very grateful.

I chose the white one as it's slightly see through and shows my nipples perfectly, it barely covers my ass and if I pull it lower my breasts pop out so it's a no win situation. I put on my spikey black heels as directed and nothing else. Master had a taxi pick me up and also gave me the instructions to 'be nice to the taxi driver' I knew what he meant.

I always think Master may be nice and send over a good looking taxi driver but he never has. I hear the horn beep to tell me the taxi is outside my flat, Master won't let me use the lift as he wants to make sure as many people as possible can see me, I'm sure he has camera's around my flat, I once was late and took the lift, my ass paid the price with 10 lashes from his cane.

I walk as quickly as my 6 inch heels will allow me while secretly hoping someone will see me but also praying no one will reach the front door and take a deep breath.

Confidently walk to the taxi as Master tells me I must walk proudly and ensure my posture is correct. I can already sense the taxi driver is not young and not good looking. I reach for the back door handle and hear 'Oh no sweat heart you're up front with me' I try not to show my disgust and smile sweetly like I know Master would want me to and take the slow walk around to the passenger side. I slide in as best I could but realize my dress has lifted up and my ass cheeks are on display, I quickly pull it down only to show my breasts.

"So he wasn't wrong, was he. The guy that booked me, he said you were a slutty tart and would try and tease me, he also said not to take any nonsense from you."

I turned and smiled and faced him for the first time, I hope my wide eyes in shock didn't get his attention, I'm sure he was too busy looking at my hard nipples poking out over my dress.

He was bald albeit a few wisps of hair and possibly only 4 teeth in his whole mouth, 3 day old stubble which looked like it had week's worth of food in and such bad breath. I said good evening and asked how his day was. The reply I got was "I'm not here to make chit chat, now get your mouth around my cock and suck it like the good little slut you are. Oh and don't think we're going the quick way to your Master, he's paying me extra to go the detour route" Why was I not surprised, but hearing him talk about my Master made me happy and I will do anything to please master.

He didn't need to say anymore I obediently bent over as best I could while conscious of my terribly short dress, I saw that his rancid dick was already out. Mass of pubic hair that I could smell from my seat, I tried to take a big breath but he had his hand on the back of my head before I could and forced my head to his lap. My face cushioned by his pubic hair before his tiny dick. At least it matched his personality, horrible, undeserving and characterless. Still I knew Master would hear all about it and I wanted to show him what i good girl I was, so I went to work on his cock.

I switch out in times like this and think about Master and his beautiful cock on the rare times I'm allowed it I make sure I savor every moment.

I feel his dick tensing and I'm so glad, it's only been a few minutes so I'm relieved to feel his cock twitching and balls tightening. What I'm not prepared for is the amount he unloads into my mouth. It's thick, creamy, lumpy and it just keeps coming and coming, he holds my head there and I struggle to breathe which makes him laugh and I hear him say don't worry slut that's just the first load, you didn't think I'd stop at one did you the whole journey my head was in his disgusting lap while he told me what I slut I was and while he spanked my bare ass, in all he came a total of 3 times and have no idea how I managed to keep it all in my mouth without it dribbling out. The amount was some thing I've never experienced before. Even Master doesn't cum that much but I won't tell him.

Eventually we got to Masters. The taxi driver abruptly stops and I fall forward, within a blink of an eye and I'm not sure how but I find myself on the curb side, face down bare ass in the air, I hear a laugh from the taxi and 'fuckin tart'.

I thankfully realize I'm at Master's house and rush to the front door, by this point I no longer care if there are people around. They can't judge me but I secretly hope they do. I assume the kneeling position instructed upon me and have my hands behind my back and head hung low. As I knew and expected I was kept waiting and 45 minutes later when I was stiff, cold and in pain the door was opened. I desperately wanted to look up but knew until I'd been told I mustn't, Master walked over me pushing me as he went and jangled his keys which I took to mean follow him. He opened the boot of his car and clicked his fingers for me to get in like a dog. Well I suppose I am. I'm his pet, his toy, his belonging. I am his. I obediently got in which was difficult due to the dress but I didn't make a fuss, I still didn't make eye contact I lay down and waited for him to shut the boot door.

I wondered where we would be going, Master went over every pot hole and bump and also a lot of turns, I had no idea where we were headed but I trusted him and even if I didn't I don't have a choice. I relinquished all that up along time ago.

When we arrived at our destination, Master opened the boot, we were in darkness, I didn't feel scared but I did feel anxious. Master has always installed my safety even when not there. A blindfold was thrown at me to which I hastily put on, he dragged me out by a combination of hair and nipples. It was difficult to balance and I'd given up all hope of trying to cover what little modesty I had left.

We walked a little bit before coming to a door, I couldn't work out or hear what Master was saying and had no idea if people were around, my sixth sense was telling me there wasn't but I knew there would be soon. My nipples started to get hard thinking what laid ahead and my heart began to beat rapidly.

I was led inside and I felt Master's arm slide across my back and down to be ass, Wow it felt so good to be touched by him, his other hand went straight to my breasts and pulled what little of the dress was covering them down so I was exposed. I didn't mind I just wanted to please him.

I suddenly become accustom to the noise, at first I can't may any sense of it but then when I strain it suddenly falls into place.

My heart sinks as I realize where we are, I've heard about this place and Master has told me small snippets of stories of things that go on here. The noise I've tuned into is of sex. We are at the adult cinema.

I can't say I blame him for bringing me here, the most dirtiest and horrible men congregate here. Master seems to want to degrade me more and more.

I feel a collar and lead put around my neck and I say thank you to Master when he does it, the lead is then tied to something which forces me to bend over. I'm left there for a while and hope this is all I have to endure but of course it's not, I hear voices but can't make it out, I hear moaning and can tell it's men enjoying the sight of my tits exposed and my bare ass showing. I hope they don't see the wetness of my pussy and I'm hoping the cinema is dimly lit. As much as I don't want to be touched I want something to happen. As much as I don't want to enjoy being here I am loving that Master has bought me here. What's wrong with me, I used to be such a good girl.

I sense people near me now and my heart is beating, little droplets of sweat are appearing on my brow and upper lip, I daren't wipe them away. I feel hands caressing my ass and finding their way to my breasts, not just one pair there's several, my legs are widened and arms pulled behind my back, I try to relax but it's difficult. My hair is grabbed and I feel a cock pushed up to my lips, its forced into my mouth and at the same time I feel fingers enter my ass hole, It's sore there's no lube and it hurts like hell and I wince in pain, which only gets me a slap to my face. I relax and try and enjoy the fingers circling around my ass, it feels like an inexperienced ass player and I feel disappointed. The cock in my mouth is a good size and I enjoy it. It's been a long time since I've enjoy a good size.

I hear Masters voice telling them to use me, and I feel a different cock thrust in to my mouth it's not as nice and not as big but I do what I can to enjoy it, my hands are released and 2 more cocks are pressed up against my hands which I greedily accept and start to wank, I'm being told what a slut I am which only increases to the wetness I'm having and fuels my eagerness to please these guys. I feel the fingers removed and a dick is pressed up against my opening, I feel his stomach first and I feel thankful I'm blindfolded so I can't see who they are or what they look like. He tries hard to get his cock to go in but its so tiny it doesn't so instead he comes round to the front and tell me to sort him out. I release the grip of the cock in my mouth and hold my tongue out to invite him in, He does so and face fucks me hard, luckily his dick feels only about 4 inches.

Quite pathetic I think. I feel another guy at the back but this time he has no problem getting it in, my ass hole is violated and I panic knowing that he has no condom on. Master will have surely checked they are all clean? Won't he? He grabs my hips and tells me to fuck his cock. I start to fuck it in time to the face fucking I'm receiving while also trying to wank the two cocks in each hand. I hope Master is happy I'm sure he is, I've never been gangbanged before and i hope I'm showing him what a good slut I am.

Fingers start to play with my pussy, pinching me and slapping me, the slaps getting more intense and I can feel an orgasm rising, I try to push it to the back of my mind as desperate as I want to cum I know I'm not allowed until Master says so. I feel a cock swapping over in my ass and he is stretching me to the point of tears I want to say stop, I want to go home but equally I know I must do what Master wants me to do and that's to be a slut for these guys. I don't know how many are there I don't really want to know but I know Master will tell me later. My breasts are being pinched grabbed and slapped and I've already had 4 loads of cum dumped into my mouth 5 if you include the horrible taxi driver. My blindfold is suddenly taken off me and the lead unhooked, my eyes adjust to the dimly lit room and I see I'm surrounded by a lot of men, old men, dirty old fat men, my heart sinks and I frantically look for Master but he isn't there.

They suddenly all then sit but not without grabbing me first and making me straddle the first guy on the seat in the cinema. He grabs both sides of my face and makes me stare him in the eye. He tells me to ride his cock which I do and hope this ordeal is over soon. He starts to quicken his fucking and lets out a huge cry as he dumps his nasty load in me, without giving me chance to get off, I'm dragged off by the guy next to me, his belly is that fat I have to hold the seat and grip him with my thighs, more insults are said to me while he pinches my nipples and spits at me. He cums quickly and I get passed to the next guy, I can feel my pussy is dripping wet which annoys me but equally thrills me, the third guy tells me to reverse cowgirl him so I do, he makes me spread my ass cheeks and he probes my ass hole with his fingers, as he's cumming he withdraws and shoves it in my ass, I feel disgusted as he empties his hot load in me.

This carries on for a total of 11 guys either cumming in my ass or my pussy. I'm spent and I'm exhausted. As quickly as it started it was over, I was pushed to the side and left cold and naked, my excuse for a dress had long been ripped off me. I'm cowering in the corner hoping it's over until I feel a warm hand on my back telling me to get up. It's Master, I recognize his warmth anywhere. I look up and I see he's smiling so I know I've done good. He covers me with a small jacket and we head outside. Who knows what he has installed next for me.

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You have a theme

Piss poor master that doesn't take care of his things. That's how nice things end up broken...or diseased...or dead.

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Needs more editing but a good concept

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