tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUsed & Abused Ch. 02

Used & Abused Ch. 02


As I looked at Glen glaring at me angrily, all my resolve drained out of me and I believe I turned completely white. My mind went blank and everything I rehearsed on the way over left my mind. I realized Glen was hurting my arm he was grabbing it so tightly. I felt like a bug on the end of a long hatpin. I couldn't speak and I knew that this young man held all the cards.

Glen glared at me with a menacing look and pushed me toward the couch.

"My parents will be back from church in less than an hour, so I suggest that you get your act together. If you want those pictures removed from the web site, you better be willing to do what I say."

Suddenly, I realized why I was there. The pictures!

"All of them?"

"Why all?" Glen answered, a little puzzled.

"The beer . . " I blurted out without thinking.

"The beer? Oh yeah right, the BEER! Little teacher slut has been buying beer for her students hasn't she?" A twisted grin appeared on Glen's face.

"It has to be all of them!" I demanded, not wanting to pursue the issue.

"Ok. It will be all of them. But are you ready to do what I say – everything!"

Glen was licking his lips and looking at me with a wicked look.

"How do I know I can trust you?" I replied in a weak voice knowing he held all the cards.

"Seems to me, you don't have a choice. Anyway, a deal is a deal. You do what I want, and you get what you want. It's a win-win situation."

"What do I have to do?"

Glen's eyes bored into me and his face became very sensual. He replied in a quiet voice as he came toward me.

"You have to be my slut, to use as I wish."

Without thinking, I blurted out "For how long?"

"A month – 30 days from today you are free, the pictures are destroyed and we go on with our lives as if nothing happened."

"No deal. I want the pictures removed from the site NOW! " I answered bravely.

Glen began toying with my hair and stroking my face. I tried to remain rigid, but his eyes were captivating, I couldn't look away.

"That's no problem. I can disable the "party" link right now. You play along, and only you and me know about it. When the time is up they get destroyed. . . . unless you want something to remember me by!"

Now Glen was holding my chin and gazing into my eyes. I was captivated by him. I had never known a man so strong and forceful.

"Ok" I whispered, "what do you want?"

Glen looked at me. I knew he was toying with me. He looked like a kid on Christmas morning. His excitement was beginning to infect me.

"Show me your tits."

For some reason, this obscene demand seemed mild, even reasonable. I pulled up my sweatshirt and my breasts were exposed to him. He smiled and stared at his prize. I realized how much power my body had over this strong, aggressive man as he stood in front of me gazing longingly at my breasts.

Glen looked at his watch and then looked impatient.

"OK, here's the deal. You strip, sit on the couch and frig your cunt until you cum. You have less than twenty minutes to cum for me, get dressed and leave. If you are successful, I will immediately remove the link and we will proceed from there. If not, it stays where it is until you successfully complete a task I give you next. It's easy – a piece of cake for a slut like you."

I started to panic. I hardly ever cum when Mark makes love to me. What if I couldn't cum? As if he were reading my mind, Glen added:

"Oh, and don't try to fake it! I will know if you are playing with me and if you try something like that, I will remove the password instead of removing the link."

I stood there just looking at him. At this point my mind was blank, kind of numb really. He gave me an annoyed look and looked at his watch.

"Now you have only eighteen minutes. It's in your hands, or should I say fingers, now!"

Glen took a seat on the chair just opposite the couch. I immediately began removing my sweat suit. I was mortified that I had come to his house with no underwear on. What was I thinking? I'm sure that my face was beet red as I clumsily climbed out of my sweat pants and flopped onto the couch.

Suddenly I realized that I had to masturbate in front of this man! Being naked seemed almost tame compared to that. I had never masturbated in front of my husband, and even now the thought fills me with shame. I kept my legs together and put may hand over my vagina.

"No girl, not like that!"

Glen got up from his chair and grabbed me by my thighs. He lifted my feet onto the couch, opening my vagina obscenely.

"Now you got it!" he said with a chuckle and went back to his seat, obviously staring at my now moist pussy.

I closed my eyes and began to rub myself. I was embarrassed at how quickly I had become wet and how horny I was feeling splayed wantonly in front of this dominant man. I started to feel the pleasure warming up in my groin and the moisture leaking from my pussy. My fingers lightly thrummed my clit as my other hand opened up my vaginal lips to add the pressure I needed. I realized that I was showing this man my most intimate secrets, how I make myself cum. This thought brought urgency to my fingers. The feeling was more frantic than pleasurable. I wanted to come yes, but I also needed to come so that Glen would remove those horrible pictures from the eyes of all of our friends and neighbors. I felt stuck on a plateau, feeling immense pleasure but not being able to go over the top.

When I opened my eyes I saw that Glen was standing. He had his zipper open and his cock out. For some reason, this seemed even nastier to me than if he were actually naked. His cock seemed even bigger in person than in the picture I saw earlier that morning. The head was red and mean looking and the veins were engorged. He was slowly stroking his thick shaft as he gazed at my fingers feverishly rubbing my pussy.

I couldn't take my eyes off Glen's cock. At that moment, that manly shaft was the only thing in my world! I began to shove three fingers inside of me as I rubbed my clit mercilessly.

It was then that I felt it, an intense tightness in my belly as if there was a huge steel spring coiled inside of me. The feeling of tension was unbelievable, I needed release. I could hear the squishing sounds of my fingers as I pushed them deeper inside of me. Glen's hand was matching the rhythm of my plunging fingers, as my other hand was a blur over my clit.

Then I felt it. GOD, what a feeling. My legs rose up as I spread them as wide as I could. I didn't even think about what I slut I looked like, I just wanted my release. I felt a tingle start in my toes and then rush straight to my pussy. I must have yelled as I came, spouting all kinds of nasty words, like "fuck" and "shit". I shocked myself when I heard how nasty I was talking. My eyes were glazed and blurry as I stared at that huge cock-head only feet away from me. Then I heard Glen groan and a blast of semen roped out of his pee hole and splattered on me. That did it! My orgasm hit hard as his hot, wet cum splattered all over my breasts. My body began going into convulsions and for a few seconds I didn't know where I was.

Glen dropped to his knees and began roughly reaming out my cunt with his mouth. I began feeling several aftershocks of my orgasm as he did this. I was in heaven! I had never had such an experience, such an orgasm like that in my life! Finally, I had enough. I cradled Glen's head in my hands and we gazed into each other's eyes.

"Did I succeed?" I asked in a hoarse whisper.

"With flying colors my slut." Glen replied as he stood up.

He grabbed my top and pants and threw them at me as I sat like a rag doll on the sofa.

"Put them on and get out!" he commanded.

"But I'm all . . " Glen cut me off

"I have marked you this morning. You are to go home wearing my cum to show that you are now my married cum-slut."

As I dressed I meekly asked Glen about the pictures. He assured me that he would erase the link as soon as I left his house. Suddenly, I was fearful that is parents would pull into the driveway and see me exiting their house while his cum was all over me. I rushed to my car and began the drive home thinking that I had twenty-nine more days!

To be continued...

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