tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUsed & Abused Ch. 03

Used & Abused Ch. 03


I left hurriedly and jumped into my car, expecting to see Glen’s parents pull in the driveway any second. As I drove away, I had a strange sense of exhilaration, even excitement. I was smiling to myself, a smile of satisfaction. I had accomplished what I had set out to do. If Glen could be taken at his word, the pictures were already off the web site. I could do this! After thirty days this would all be over.

As I drove, I realized that the air conditioning was off and it was getting hot and stuffy in the car. I felt Glen’s ejaculate running down my breasts onto my stomach. The car began to smell like sex – not just from the earthy smell of Glen’s cum, but also from me! I realized that I smelled as if I just had sex - and in fact I had! I began reliving the eroticism of masturbating in front of Glen as I gazed at his beautiful cock.

I began wiping myself with my sweatsuit top as I drove to sop up the mess that was running down the front of my now sweating body. As I opened the windows to air out the car and let in some fresh air, I realized that I had written Mark that I was going out to the store. I was almost past the entrance to our local Seven-Eleven when I quickly pulled in and parked in front of the door. I ran in and began thinking about what I could bring home to convince Mark that my early morning trip was for shopping and nothing else. I headed to the refrigerated section and grabbed some half-and-half for Mark’s coffee and a box of crumb cake, since I know he loves that. I was feeling naughty, buying these treats for Mark so he wouldn’t figure out that I had really been visiting Glen.

As I paid for the stuff, I realized that the young man behind the counter was looking at me. I started blushing thinking that I still smelled of sex or that he knew what just happened at Glen’s house. I quickly grabbed my purchase, threw them on the front seat next to me and sped home.

It was just about 10:20 AM when I pulled into the driveway. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach but told myself that I had nothing to fear. Mark was probably still sleeping and, if not, I had my bag of groceries to prove where I was.

I hurried into the house expecting Mark to be in the kitchen but it was empty. I breathed a sigh of relief. I started unpacking the bag but thought that it would be better if I just left it on the table to prove that I had been to the store.

Suddenly I realized that the front of my body was covered with Glen’s cum and that it had mixed with my sweat. I smelled like a used whore! I stripped down and wiped myself with my sweatsuit as best I could and headed for the laundry room. I was just about to turn on the washing machine when I heard water running somewhere else in the house. Mark must be in the shower! Shit! That means that I can’t shower first before he wakes up! I closed the lid on the washer but didn’t turn it on since I knew that the water would change temperature as soon as it began to fill, alerting Mark to the fact that I was washing my clothes.

I rushed up the stairs trying to think what I would do. As I entered our bedroom, Mark emerged dripping from the shower with a smile on his face, no doubt caused by him viewing my naked body.

“Well, don’t you look delectable!” my husband purred.

Thinking fast I walked over to him and started stroking his chest in a sexy manner.

“I thought we might start the day off right!” I said in my sexiest voice as my hands began caressing Mark lower.

Mark began gently pushing me toward the bed. The only thing on my mind was how to get into the bathroom and take a shower before this got any further.

“Let me take a shower first, then we will really have some fun.” I said with a smile.

“I don’t think so.” Mark said in a nasty voice.

I began to worry that he suspected something, but as he pushed against me, his towel fell off and his erection poked me in the stomach. I couldn’t help looking at it and comparing it to Glen’s huge cock!

My husband began pushing me gently back toward our bed and began sucking on my nipples. I began to panic! Glen had just cum all over my breasts and although I wiped off with my sweatsuit, I was sure that Mark could still smell Glen’s cum all over me!

“Wow, you smell sexy Jes! I love the way you smell!” Mark moaned as he moved to the other nipple.

“I was sweating.” I murmured softly “thinking about making love to you.”

I was suddenly embarrassed by my lie. I closed my eyes, partly to hide the emotions that were welling up in me - guilt, fear, excitement and yes, sexual arousal.

I began thinking about the huge load of cum that Glean had sprayed on my tits just moments before. I thought about how my loving husband was licking up that sperm, cleaning off the cum that Glen just deposited. I remembered how Glen told me that he was “marking” me. He was right! I was marked! I felt as marked as if he had tattooed his name on each breast!

I could feel my pussy leaking as visions of Mark cleaning up Glen’s cum from my tits invaded my thoughts. I held his head and urged him to suck more, in my mind telling him to lick up all of Glen’s cum and not miss a bit!

I had never felt this nasty or turned on before with Mark! Something was happening to my body and to my mind that I couldn’t understand. I felt like I was made for sex and wanted it NOW! I moved back to the bed and plopped down on my back leaving Mark standing in front of me. I lewdly grabbed my thighs with each hand and spread my legs like a wanton whore. I couldn’t believe that I was behaving like that - displaying myself to Mark like a bitch in heat, offering my pussy to him like some kind of slut.

“Eat me” I moaned in a guttural voice.

When I heard the words come out of my mouth I was shocked. I never spoke like that to Mark. I almost closed my legs in shame at my aggressive behavior, but Mark was down on his knees with his face in my pussy before I could change my mind.

Mark began to slowly lick up and down my cunt lips. I was lost in another world. I closed my eyes and all I could see was Glen’s large cock being stroked in front of my face. The scene changed and I imagined that Glen had ejaculated into my pussy and the Mark was licking it out of me. That was it! I went over the edge with that thought in my mind. My body spasmed as Mark licked my pussy lips and flicked my clit with his tongue. This was my second orgasm in an hour and I was still not satisfied!

When Mark saw that I came, his head came up and he looked at me expectantly. But I wasn’t ready yet for his cock. The images in my mind were still there and I didn’t want my husband so close to me, looking me in the eyes.

“More” I moaned, as I pushed his face back down into my wet pussy.

Mark, being the good husband that he is, complied immediately and went back to licking up and down my slit. The feelings again began welling up inside me, this time much stronger.

Now I never had more than one orgasm with Mark. That was usually enough. But this morning I was insatiable. I began hunching into Marks face. It felt as though I was using his face to masturbate myself. I reached down and began rubbing my clit, not caring if Mark saw me or not. My orgasm was building up inside me and I was raising my hips higher, egging Mark on to stick his tongue into my pussy hole as I furiously rubbed my clit. For some reason, I felt nasty and raised my hips even higher presenting my tight little rosebud to his mouth. I could sense that Mark was hesitant, so I pushed his head into my asshole and began moving my hips against his mouth. Without speaking Mark got the message.

Oh, that felt so nasty. I was 33 years old and never had my asshole licked, and I loved it. My finger was a blur as I abused my clit and opened my asshole to Marks tongue. By this time, my hubby was really into it and he had gone from rimming me to sticking his tongue in as far as my tight rosebud would let him. As his tongue fought to violate my asshole, I lost it. I came like crazy, squirting feminine juices all over my husband’s hair. He must have thought I was peeing, so much cum shot out of my pussy. I realized that I was screaming in ecstasy at the force of this orgasm. As I came down, Mark was staring at me sheepishly, wet from my female ejaculation.

“Wow” he said. “What got into you today?”

“You lover” I cooed as I pulled him up to my face and began licking my juices off of his lips and face. Mark entered me immediately and began pumping furiously like a dog in heat. He only lasted a minute before he came and collapsed on top of me.


As I exited the shower later that morning, the phone rang. I ran to the bedroom and picked up the receiver after one ring. It was Glen.

“Hey babe, what’s up?” It was Glen’s all too familiar voice.

“What do you want?” I hissed in an angry whisper as I looked to the bedroom door for signs of my husband.

“Just wanted to tell you to be at my house tonight. We’re having a little get together and you are the entertainment.”

”Wasn’t this morning enough?”

“Remember our deal - thirty days. I kept my part of the bargain, now you keep yours.”

“What about Mark?” I whispered in a worried voice.

“You’ll think of something to tell him.” Mark chuckled.

“Eight o’clock sharp. Don’t be late.”

The phone went dead. My head started reeling. What was I going to do? How would I get out without my husband knowing what was going on? What was in store for me tonight? I clenched the towel around my body and sat on the bed, my head whirling with thoughts and feelings that I couldn’t control.

Continued in Part 4

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