tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUsed & Abused Ch. 05

Used & Abused Ch. 05


Chapter 5 "The Frat Party"

All the next week, my mind was in constant turmoil, knowing that Glen could call at any minute and "use" me. I had three weekends left until our deal was over and then the digital pictures of the underage drinking at our party would be destroyed and I would be free of Glen's hold on me. Until then, I had to be cool and make sure that Mark didn't find out what I was doing.

I justified my two episodes with Glen and his friends by convincing myself that the alternative, having him expose the underage drinking on the team website, would jeopardize my job as a high school teacher and our family's economic well being. I was determined to see this through and to show Glen that I could take whatever he could dish out.

I knew that Glen would probably plan something over the weekend so I began to hint to Mark that I would likely be out on Friday or Saturday night. Mark was busy with work and, in his free time, planning the line-up for next year's baseball team. Truthfully, he was not very interested in what I was doing that next weekend.

Every time the phone would ring my heart would stop, thinking it was Glen. He really knew how to torture a girl and made me wait until Wednesday night before he called again!

We had just finished diner and I was cleaning up. Mark was going outside to work on a garden project since it was still light out, when the phone rang. I jumped up and made a big deal of yelling "I got it!" I waited until Mark left for the back yard before I spoke:


"BJ Queen! Is that you?"

"Glen, why did you call at night when Mark is here!" I whispered into the receiver looking around to make sure that my husband didn't return to the kitchen.

"Just want to keep you on your toes, sweet-tits."

"What do you want?"

"Well, my fraternity is having a party Friday night and I promised that I would supply the entertainment."

I knew that Glen had gotten into my husband's fraternity at the local college because Mark had sponsored him. Although I didn't know many of the current fraternity brothers, I had attended several parties at the Frat House when Mark was a member and knew that they were often pretty wild.

"So, what do you want from me?" I asked with trepidation.

"Well, you and Susie Allen are going to be the ‘entertainment' along with a keg of beer."

"I can't do that!" I responded in a voice full of panic. "Someone may recognize me!"

Glen seemed angry at my response.

"What do you think I am, stupid?" He shot back angrily. "I have it all worked out. No one will ever recognize you, in fact, I promise you that no one will even see your face."

I knew he could hear me sigh in relief, then he said in a more controlled but sinister voice:

"Anyway, I can't force you to do anything you don't want to do. If you want to give-in now, then just tell me and our deal is off."

As Glen spoke, my mind wandered to the two encounters I had in his living room on Sunday. As scared and angry as I was, I felt my pussy beginning to swell and getting puffy. I was confused and resentful. I was not going to give up now, since by the time of the party, I would be one-quarter through with my month of servitude to Glen and his stupid friends. Besides, I figured I could quit any time I wanted. I would at least find out what he planned.

"Tell me what you want, but make it quick."

"Just be at the Frat House back door about 6:00 on Friday night. Bring a change of clothes and don't wear anything you won't mind loosing. I'll go over the whole plan with you then. I think you will find it a "ball" if you get my drift."

Glen snickered into the telephone and my blood ran cold.

"I'll be there!" I answered with a growl.

"That's Jessie, my little slut-whore. I'll be waiting for you. And you know something little sweet-tits, I'll bet you will be creaming in your panties until Friday thinking about the paces I will put you through. Oh, and another thing, wear clean underwear!"

With that I heard a click. "That prick" I muttered under my breath.

My heart was racing and I didn't know what to do. I dried my hands on my apron and looked out the window. I watched Mark on the other side of the yard digging up a bush that had died. Suddenly, I had an uncontrollable urge to cum. I lifted my right leg up onto the counter and stuck my hands up my shorts. As I watched my husband's thigh muscles ripple I began playing with my cunt. I was getting hotter and hotter. My head dropped down and I stared into the sink as my fingers rubbed my clit and pussy lips, making my cunt-hole leak with precum.

I was starting to feel desperate. I grabbed the black phone off its receiver and began shoving the earpiece up my soaking cunt. It was so nasty. I thought about Mark making a phone call and smelling my cunt on the handpiece and it drove me even crazier with lust. I couldn't see what I was doing, but by this time the earpiece portion of the phone was fully into my distended cunt.

I pulled it out and saw about six inches of the black plastic glistening with my pussy juice. I stuck it back in, moved it quickly in and out as my other hand rubbed my swollen clit. I pushed the phone up into my cunt as far as it would go and was imagining my husband walking in the house and seeing me in this position with only the 25 foot long black-coiled cord sticking out of my cunt. With that image in my mind I came and almost passed out practically falling into the sink as I did!

As I came to, I yanked the receiver out of my cunt, shuddered with the aftershocks of my orgasm and dropped it onto the floor. I grabbed onto the counter-top to steady myself. I could barely see, I came so hard.

As I gradually came to my senses, I heard the "beep, beep beep" tone sound of the phone as it lay on the floor. You know, the sound it makes when it has been off the hook too long. I began to think what would happen if Mark walked in at that moment, with the phone dripping with my pussy juice and obviously off the hook for quite a while.

I quickly picked it up and ran it under the faucet of the sink, wiped it with my dishtowel and placed it back onto the receiver. Then I wiped my cunt with the dishtowel and with a wicked smile, hung it up to dry in full view. As I was doing this I check to confirm that my husband was still outside and busy with his yard work.

***** That Friday I had everything arranged. I told my husband that I was leaving directly from work to have dinner with some teachers from school. Compouding the lie, I told him that we were all going to a Tupperware party after dinner at the house of a friend of one of the teachers a woman I didn't know. I figured that with this story, Mark would not try to reach me until I got home.

I stayed late after school to grade some papers and finally left about 4:30 PM. Since I wasn't supposed to meet Glen at the Frat House until 6 PM, I figured that I would stop somewhere to eat until it was time to show up.

I was nervous as I threw my books into my car and drove through town toward the local college. Although I was wearing my "teacher's clothes", I had taken Glen's advice and packed some old clothes - an old sweatsuit, some gym shorts and 2 tee shirts in a plastic bag in my trunk. Just in case, I stopped at a Burger King just outside of town and changed into my sweat suit in the bathroom.

That morning I had put on a sexy bra and panty set that I bought earlier that week in Wal-Mart. So even though I looked pretty plain in the sweat suit, I felt sexy knowing what I was wearing underneath. In planning for this party, I began trimming my pubic hair, a little bit each day. I figured that Mark wouldn't notice it so much if it got progressively more trimmed each time I stepped out of the shower. Actually, I was a little pissed that he didn't seem to notice that I had done anything, even though I made a point of undressing in front of him each morning! By Thursday night I had a "landing strip" where my pussy hair used to be and my pussy lips were as bald as a baby's head.

Although I bought a meal at Burger King, I just couldn't eat much. My stomach was in knots and my mind kept racing, thinking about what that pervert, Glen, was planning.

As I ate I thought about Sue Allen. Sue was in one of my classes several years ago. All us teachers were amazed when she graduated without getting pregnant. She had the reputation of being the "senior slut" in school, but I hadn't heard much about what happened to since she graduated about 2 years ago.

Finally, I dumped my tray and got into my car, heading to the Frat House near the local college. As I drove up, I saw Glen's car, and sure enough, he was there at the side door to the house waiting for me to show up. He looked almost as nervous as I was.

"How do you feel?"

"Nervous as hell. I hope you know what you are doing!"

"Yeah, I got it all mapped out."

Glen took out a key ring and opened the door and I followed him in. We were in the kitchen of the house. As I recalled, the entire first floor was almost one big room, or at least several rooms connected by large archways with no doors. It was a real "party house" since they could fit almost 100 people downstairs for a party, as long as most of them were standing up.

"This is the new-brother initiation night." said Glen. "The pledges who survived the initiation last year are formally welcomed in as equal brothers and taught the ropes on how they are to behave in front of all the new pledges we will get in September."

I looked around. The place was as dirty and dingy as I remember it when Mark was there. It had its signature stench of beer and cigarettes and (I always thought) a hint of male body odor and semen.

"This is the plan. Your pussy is going to be made available to all of our brothers from 8 until 10 tonight. We'll strap you to a table and tie your legs to each of the two table legs. The table will be put here."

With that Glen took my hand and brought me over to a small doorway to what seemed to be a butler's pantry between the kitchen and the rest of the house.

"With the table in the doorway, no one will be able to get into the Butler's Pantry since it will completely block the door and, as added protection, we will nail it in place so no one can push it through. What with all the humping and bumping, we don't want you and the table pushed into the room. The door on the other side will be kept locked and only I have the key. "

Glen picked up a purplish crushed velour material and handed it to me as he continued.

"To finish it off, we will hang these heavy drapes on both the outside wall and the inside wall of the doorway. These will cover everything but your naked ass, pussy and legs. Even if someone lifts up the drapes in this room (which they won't) they will still not be able to see you shoulders and head. It will be like your pussy is in one world and your head is in another."

Glen continued talking, handing me a large plastic bag.

"To further disguise you sweet-tits, I bought you these little presents."

With that, Glen reached into the bag and began a cruel show-and –tell.

"These are the platform shoes you will be wearing. These Lucite beauties should keep you legs at just the right height so that you will be stretched out but comfortable. These stockings and garter belts complete the slut outfit."

"This, is a waterproof fake tattoo we will put on your ass." Glen held up a piece of paper with she-devil tattoo that read "SLUT" underneath.

"And this tattoo, we put across you backbone right over you butt, just in case anyone has seen you in a bathing suit, which, by the way, a lot of these guys have at your last team barbeque."

Glen laughed as what he just told me sunk into my jittery brain. I was going to be a masturbation toy for a bunch of adolescent college students who were going to walk right up to me all night and fuck me as they pleased. My legs and stomach muscles started to shiver and I tried to do my best to act composed.

"And this, is hair dye. Just to make sure, you are going to die your mousey brown pussy hair a bright red so that everyone thinks that you're a redhead."

"But what about when I get home to Mark? I gasped in disbelief!

"You will have to figure that one out sweet-tits. I can't think of everything. Shave your pussy! You'll think of something, I'm sure. You're a smart girl! Tell him you wanted to play act in bed and you always wanted to be a redhead. I don't give a fuck what you tell him."

My shaking was getting more pronounced. I was truly in a daze and thought I was going to vomit the food I just ate all over the floor. Glen began leading me up the stairs.

"You can get ready in one of the upstairs bedrooms. I put some stuff in the bathroom you should use after you finish dying your pussy hair."

Glen was holding my arm and pushing me into the grungy bathroom in the upstairs hall. On top of the toilet was a huge bottle of personal lubricant, three fleet enema boxes and what looked like a butt plug.

"What the hell is this for?" I moaned as I began inspecting the flared end of the large, red-rubber butt plug and held it in front of Glen's face.

"Well, too bad for you, your butt is off limits tonight. I am saving that for myself. I want to be the first to take your anal cherry. Even though the brothers have been told not to fuck your ass, this plug makes sure no one "slips" into the wrong hole, if you know what I mean."

As perverse as these words seemed, they actually comforted me at the time. I remember thinking that at least I will not be fucked in the ass as I am tied down and lewdly displayed in front of all Glen's fraternity brothers. I had never had anal sex before, and wasn't about to try it out for the first time at this party.

"Well, are you with the program or do you want to call it quits right now and lose our little wager?" Glen whispered in a sinister voice.

I remember thinking that I could do this! It was only for 2 hours. No one could possibly know who I was with all the precautions that Glen had taken. After all, I was a married woman and wasn't a virgin. Mark had fucked me plenty of times, once or twice doggy style, which I didn't really mind.

I was impressed by how impersonal it would be. They would mount me anonymously, doggy style, like a common bitch in heat. I was becoming more and more determined that I could do this. In reality, my pussy was already leaking juices. Subconsciously I wanted this. I wanted to be used as a cheap whore, used like a meat-hole slut - as a cum dump for these horny frat boys. "There's a bottle of Jack D in the bedroom over there if you need to calm down a little. Don't drink too much – I don't want you puking all over yourself. When you get done in the john, you can wait in the bedroom until we are ready to mount you on the table before everyone arrives."

Glen's voice yanked me back to reality. I was still holding the butt plug in my hand.

"Anyway, Paul is here to help with the table and the curtains. I gotta leave you alone for now. You got any questions."

My head began to reel. I propped myself up against the dirty bathroom doorjamb. I could feel Glen's muscular arms begin to encircle me and my legs began to weaken. He had at least one day of stubble on his cheeks and he reeked of "male". He began kissing me hard. Our tongues danced in each other's mouths.

What was the hold this man had on me? Why was I willing to prostitute myself at his whim and do things that only a week ago I couldn't even conceive of, let alone allow myself to do? Things I wouldn't do for my husband in a million years!

I looked into Glen's eyes and saw a passion burning in them. I felt as though he possessed my very soul. I knew that I would do anything he asked at that moment. Anything.

"So," Glen whispered just inches from my lips, "any questions?"

I thought for a second. "Yes, Sue Allen. What part does she play in the entertainment tonight?"

Glen's lip curled in an evil smile.

"That fucking slut? She's the fluffer and the clean-up girl. I thought the guys would get a kick out of seeing how low she can go. Anything else?"

While I really didn't understand exactly what Glen meant about Sue, all kinds of evil images began playing in my mind. It was true that Sue was a cheap slut but she was very pretty and had a knock-out figure, which she always displayed to all the males in her vicinity.

I heard hammering coming from downstairs as Glen abruptly turned and disappeared down the wide staircase. I decided to use the bathroom first. I entered and locked the door behind me. The floor seemed so dirty that I kept my sandals on even after I stripped off all my clothes.

First I used the red dye and changed my ‘landing strip' to a bright red strip of cunt hair. Next, I decided to use the fleet enemas. I used one on my pussy, to make sure it was clean. Looking at the large jar of lubricant and thinking about how many cocks would enter me this night, I decided that there was no such thing as "too much" of that stuff. I put a glob on my finger and tried to force it up my pussy but it was a slow process and most of it stayed on my outer lips.

Then I got a novel idea. I opened up the empty ‘fleet' bottle and started pumping the lubricant into it until it was full. Then I sat naked on the toilet seat, spread my legs as far as they would go, inserted the small nozzle up my cunt and squeezed the entire contents into my pussy. It was cool and gooey and I couldn't help but start to frig myself as I was squeezing the jelly up inside of me. I felt dirty and obscene with one sandaled foot on the sink and my other on the edge of the filthy bathtub as I masturbated furiously. I imagined that the frat brothers were all staring through the bathroom door at my obscene show. With this picture in my mind, I had what was to be the first of an uncountable number of orgasms that night.

When I settled down, I took the butt plug in my hand. It was pretty thick at the middle but flared down to a thin tube at the bottom, capped by what looked like a suction cup. It was then that I realized what the other two fleet enema's were for. I used them in the conventional way and emptied my bowels until the water ran clear. Then I used the same trick with the lubricant, only this time sticking the fleet nozzle up my ass. When I thought I had forced enough jelly up my asshole, I lubed the plug and slowly forced it into my ass, past my anal ring.

I felt a sense of relief as my anal ring clamped down on the thinnest part of the plug. It felt mildly uncomfortable, but definitely erotic. Since this was the first time I had anything up my ass, I was eager to see how it would affect my efforts at masturbation. Again I spread my legs obscenely and started frigging myself. I heard myself let out little squeaks as I was getting closer and closer to my orgasm. I felt my anal ring clamping down around the butt plug.

Suddenly, I felt a tremendous vibration running up my colon, as if someone had started a big diesel truck parked in my ass! The butt plug had begun vibrating violently. I increased the velocity of my fingers strumming on my clit and began forcing four fingers into my sloppy wet cunt hole. My eyes were rolling in my head as I felt wave after wave of a tremendous orgasm well up from my ass and pussy and pulsate throughout my entire body! Just as one wave would stop, another would begin welling up again and my fingers would began their almost involuntary assault on my pussy.

I heard the sound of a key in the door, the handle shook and the door swung upon. There, with big grins on their faces, were Paul Janke and Glenn. Paul had what looked like a remote control in his hands and Glen was looking over his shoulders. They were both laughing at me, calling me a whore and a cum-slut. Although I was mortified at my embarrassing position, when the butt plug began vibrating again, my fingers again began frigging my cunt as if they too, were being controlled by the remote.

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