tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUsed & Abused Ch. 09

Used & Abused Ch. 09


In a sexual fog, I stumbled out of Rick's through the back corridor. My eyes hurt as I opened the back door and the bright sunlight glared off of the pebbles of the back parking lot. I was dripping with cum and my sundress was stained and disheveled. I was shivering with excitement even though it must have been about 80 degrees out.

I got into my car and started the engine. The sun had baked the interior of the car and it was hot, but I was too much in a hurry to open the windows or fiddle with the air conditioner. I just wanted to get out of there fast! I heard the pebbles thrown up by my tires as my car raced out of the parking lot and turned onto the main highway back into town.

As I watched Rick's Roadhouse fade in my rearview mirror, I breathed a sigh of relief. I turned on the radio. It was tuned to Marc's favorite country western station. I started tapping my fingers on the steering wheel and realized I was giggling nervously. My heart was pounding in my chest. It was as if I just pulled off a bank robbery. I felt so alive!

I realized that the car was beginning to smell like sex. It was hot, and I was dripping with cum and sweat. It was all over me and my dress. I put down all the windows and let the fresh air in. I realized I would have to make sure that the car didn't smell like this when Marc got in.

Without realizing it, my hand was up under my dress and started massaging my pussy. Oh my God I was such a slut! I couldn't believe what I was doing!

By this time, I had pulled into the outskirts of town and was heading for the stoplight at Main Street. I stopped. The country western music was playing and all the windows were open, airing out the smell of sex and cum.

As I turned my head, I realized that a car had pulled up next to me. It was Mr. Johnson, the owner of the hardware store where Marc and I often shopped. He gave me a warm smile. My hand was frozen under my sun dress. Could he tell I was frigging myself? Could he tell I had just given two blow jobs in the filthy bathroom at Rick's? Was there cum on my face – in my hair?

I felt bold, sexy and alive. I gave Mr. Johnson a warm smile and resumed frigging my cunt. He blushed and nodded his head. As I stared him right in the eye, I pushed two fingers into my sopping wet cunt.

Oh my God, I started to cum right there! Mr. Johnson gave me a polite nod just as the light turned green. He turned right and proceeded down Main Street toward his store. I continued straight ahead, my finger berried in my twat, hoping I wouldn't crash as small aftershocks rocked my already sex-satiated body.

I don't know whether I was high or what, but I was feeling like I was supergirl! It was as if I was proud that I had become such a cum-slut and wanted everyone to know! Good little Jessie, everybody's favorite teacher and wife. If they only knew what a slut I was - if they only knew my secret. I felt powerful and strong. It was like I could do nothing wrong and nothing could touch me.

As I pulled into the driveway I looked for signs that Marc might be home. I check my face in the mirror. Sure enough, there was cum in my hair right next to my right ear. I grabbed a napkin and wiped off as best I could. Then I unashamedly stuck the napkin under my dress and wiped off my dripping cunt. I opened my purse and applied some lipstick and just a touch of blush and headed into the house still humming the country western song.

"Marc, are you home?" I yelled in a happy and playful voice.

"In here babe." came the monotone reply.

Mark was sitting at the dining room table with some work spread out. His back was to me and he barely turned to acknowledge me.

Now you would think I would be happy that he was preoccupied after what I had just done, not a half-hour before. But no, not little cum slut, blow job whore Jes!

"How's my big guy?" I said in a sexy voice as both my hands reached down Marc's chest in a sexy come-on.

"Not now Jes" Marc wined, "I gotta finish this stuff up for work. Why don't you fix us something to eat?"

Marc twisted in his seat as my hands grabbed for his crotch and I began nibbling on his ear. I must have been nuts since just thirty minutes ago two guys came in my mouth and all over my face. But I was on a sex-high, I was brazen and I wanted more cock, even Marc's unremarkable one.

"What's the matter babe, too busy to play?" I said with a pout in my voice as I ran one of my hands around his crotch and the other into his shirt and started playing with his nipples.

Mark started giggling and so did I. He tilted his head back and looked up at me with a smile. I don't know what got into me. I started kissing him passionately, sticking my tongue down his throat. Was this a subconscious attempt at getting him to taste the cum of the two men I had just felated!

I was so hot I started rubbing my cunt against the edge of Marc's wooden chair, literally humping it through my dress. God I was hot. I wanted cock, and I wanted it NOW!

Our tongues intertwined. If Marc tasted anything funny he didn't say anything. I grabbed both of his nipples and twisted them hard.

"Ouch, Jes! Cut it out, will ya!"

I let go and glowered at him. "OK, I said with disappointment in my voice, "I can see you're not feeling too frisky. I'm going to take a shower before I start cooking diner. Can you wait until then?"

The truth is, I really didn't give a shit what Marc answered. Fuck him! He was never horny, the bastard.

"Yeah Jes, that would be perfect! I need about forty-five minutes more."

'Yeah, great you shithead!' I thought to myself, as I stomped up the stairs. My insides were twisted in knots. I was scared at what I had just done, how I had thrown my infidelity right in my husband's face. I couldn't believe that I tongue kissed him. I fucking frenched him with the stench of cum all over me. Shit, what an asshole I was!

I looked down at my dress and saw the wet stains running down the side. Oh Shit! Good thing Marc had been sitting down and facing the other way!

I started stripping as soon as I got into the upstairs hall. I balled my dress, panties and bra into a ball and stuffed them down into the bottom of the hamper in the bathroom.

I turned on the water and the bathroom filled up with steam. I realized that I was shaking, why I didn't know. I wasn't THAT scared. I knew I had gotten away with it. But it was like I couldn't stop throwing it in Marc's face. Was I trying to get caught?

I shivered as I stepped into the shower and let the hot water wash over me. 'Wash away all the cum' I was thinking, "Wash away my sins'

I think I was more frightened of ME than I was of anything else. I was becoming a different person and it was exciting me but scaring me at the same time.

As I soaped up my breasts, I realized how much I needed some kind of sexual release. Again, my fingers found their way to my pussy and started rubbing. I eyed an impossibly thick bottle of shampoo in the corner of the shower. I took a gob of hair conditioner and crammed it up my cunt. Then I squatted in the shower and started working the shampoo bottle up my twat.

I could hear my breath become ragged. This is stupid, I was thinking, this is too big! I pushed harder. My clit began pushing into my pussy as I crammed the wide end of the bottle into me.

Although I was feeling pain, I was also feeling the most incredible pressure! I began to re-live my afternoon at Rick's in my mind. I saw Glenn's cock in front of me, its thick, veiny maleness called to me.

I squatted lower and pushed harder. The shampoo bottle slid in another inch and I could feel my nerves tingling like they were on fire. I had never felt like this before.

Pretty soon, my world telescoped down to that bottle and my pussy. I kept pushing and pushing and rubbed my clit furiously as I grabbed the neck of the bottle and pushed the oval bottom end up my cunt. I was stretched unmercilessly, beyond pain, beyond reason. I stopped frigging myself, squatted down as low as I could get in the shower, and began ramming the bottle up my cunt with two hands.

I started hyperventilating, I could barely breathe. I was cumming but it was a cum I had never felt before. It was as if a warmth was radiating, glowing out of my womb and filling my entire body with mind-numbing pleasure. My eyeballs went up into my head and I began to cum and cum. I remember thinking, what would happen if Marc suddenly ripped aside the shower curtain and caught me in this disgusting position? That just made me cum harder.

My face was beet red, the veins were popping out of my neck. I was cumming so hard my vision was blurry. And then there was the sight of this huge white shampoo bottle crammed up inside of me with only its thin, pump-neck obscenely sticking out of my cunt.

I was squatting as if trying to give birth to this monster bottle! I remember thinking what I slut I must be to crave this, to give in to this obscene lust, to cram this disgusting object up my cunt until it crushed my cervix.

At that moment I was in both heaven and hell at the same time.

Continued in Chapter 10

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