tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUsed & Abused Ch. 10

Used & Abused Ch. 10


Glen's After School Surprise

The next day, I was driving to school going over in my mind how my life had changed since Glen took those pictures of underage drinkers at our end-of-summer party. My 30-day subjugation to Glen would be over in just about a week. Then, Glen would have to destroy the incriminating photos that could get me fired from my high school teaching job, and probably arrested.

I thought back on the tasks that Glen put me through. I had orally serviced several of Glen's moron friends, some of them former high school students of mine. I had been gang-banged at Glen's college fraternity and had been fucked by my husband there even though he (and the other frat boys) didn't know my identity. I had been used and abused in a filthy men's toilet at a roadside bar on the outskirts of town and was orally raped by a stranger who walked in to pee.

My mind was spinning. I was glad my ordeal was almost over, but in a strange way, there was a sadness to it. In seven days I would no longer have the "excuse" that I was doing this to get the photos from Glen. After that happened, I would no longer have any reason to be Glen's slut, servicing him and any other man he commanded me to have sex with. To say I was feeling conflicted would be an understatement!

I began to wish that Glen would call me for some kinky assignment since I hadn't seen him in almost a week. Then I remembered that I was required to attend a dinner at school hosted by the vice-principal for the newer teachers, and my attendance was "mandatory".

As I was thinking on all these things, my phone rang.

"Hello, Jessie here."

"Hey!" an abrupt male voice responded. My heart leapt into my throat. It was Glen.

"I haven't heard from you in a while. When did you crawl out of your hole?" I said in an icy tone that disguised the tingling feeling I had between my legs.

"What's the matter sweet cheeks," Glen cooed in an evil voice. "miss my hard cock?"

"You disgust me!" I snorted into the phone as visions of Glen's magnificent penis appeared before my eyes.

"What are you doing tonight sweet cheeks?"

"I'm busy. I have to be at school until at least 10 PM."

"How interesting. Who are you fucking there? Or don't you know? Maybe you just give out tickets, bend over your lab desk and invite the faculty to take turns fucking you."

Now my pussy was getting wet, very wet. I hated Glen and his cocky, disgusting imagination, but there was no doubt that his words were having their desired effect.

"Listen," I said sarcastically. "I would love to chat with you Glen, but I'm on my way to school right now. What do you want?"

There was a long pause. My gut was wound tight like a spring. What did he want? What evil, kinky, mind blowing scheme had he cooked up for me now? I both dreaded and longed for his answer.

"Well sweet cheeks, being as our deal is up in a week and I AM a gentleman . . . "

"Ha!" I snorted into the phone as my heart beat out of my chest.

"I thought I would pick you up after your meeting tonight and we could, you know, party. You like to party don't you sweet cheeks?"

"I told you, I'm busy until 10 PM."

"Great! I'll pick you up at school just after 10 PM."

"But . . ." I stammered, as I heard the click of Glen hanging up.

"Bastard," I screamed out loud. "You fucking bastard!"

It was damage control time! I had visions of the vice-principal and my colleagues from school seeing Glen pick me up. I needed to find some way to make an excuse for Marc since he knew that the meeting was over at 10 PM. There were a lot of things I had to take care of before the end of the day if I wanted this thirty-day ordeal to end quietly and without repercussions.

I pulled into my assigned parking space and shut off the engine. "Shit, shit, shit!" I yelled as I banged on the steering wheel. I took three deep breaths and let the quiet of the car envelope me.

I began making mental lists.

"First, I will call Marc at lunchtime and tell him that the vice-principal wants to meet with me after the dinner. Then, I will call Glen at 4 PM after his last class and tell him that I will meet him at the bar outside of town and not here at school. OK, I can do this."

I thought to myself that I had made it for three weeks so far. Damn it, I can make it seven more days!

* * * * * *

The day flew by. It didn't hurt that it was Friday! In no time the bell signaling the end of the last period rang. I hustled off to the teacher's lounge and met with some of the newer teachers who were sticking around for the vice-principal's dinner party. It was 4:45 PM and dinner was scheduled to start at 5:30 PM with cocktails and then some presentations. We all took turns in the women's restroom inside the teacher's lounge, checking our make-up and chatting. Some of the newer teachers actually brought a change of clothes! What did they think this was, the Waldorf?

The dinner was being held in the board room which was part of the administrative suite at our rather modern school building. We helped ourselves to wine and cheese that was set up on the side table in the board room and took our seats around the table. Shortly, Marian Smolen, the vice-principal called the meeting to order and Stephanie, the head of the guidance department gave a short presentation. I let my mind wander and found myself daydreaming rather than listening.

The talks dragged on for what seemed like forever. I was intrigued with Marian's outfit. It was rather racy for a vice-principal. She was wearing a fashionable, wool business suit but her long, shapely legs were quite visible since the skirt came up to the middle of her long, sexy thighs. I watched her prance in front of the board room in her sexy high heeled sandals.

As I admired her womanly figure, I realized that she was not wearing a bra under her camisole. During the school day the buttons on her business suit were discretely fastened, but now, the jacket was flapping open and it was obvious that her ripe, mature tits were unconstrained under the thin lace camisole.

As I watched Ms. Smolen I began wishing that I wasn't so short and dumpy. This woman was at least forty and she was obviously a knock-out! I thought that maybe she felt intimidated by so many young, single women and she dressed this way just to show them that she was still in the running.

As I looked around the room I studied the only two people who were not young women teachers. Arty Simon was new at our school but he wasn't young. He was thin as a scarecrow and balding. I couldn't look him in the face without being obsessed by the nose hairs that curled out of both nostrils! Uggh!

Then there was Steve Pruit the newest addition to our PE and coaching staff. Now there was a specimen of a man! Ruggedly handsome, square jaw finished off by just the hint of a cleft, Steve was lean, muscular and over six feet tall. There was no doubt that Steve was the heart throb of every woman in the school. It was disgusting how the young teachers hovered around him before the meeting, chirping like a flock of small birds.

I looked back at Ms. Smolen and began to suspect that maybe her open jacket was a ploy to get our new gym teacher to check her out. I looked back at Pruit. Sure enough, his eyes were following her breasts as they gently swayed underneath her camisole, first one nipple, then the other tracing circles that were visible every time her jacket opened.

I thought back to when vice-principal Smolen was first hired. There were rumors that she left a large school district on Long Island because of some kind of indiscretion. According to one version, some students of hers were parking late at night when they observed her in a nearby parked car engaging in some kind of illicit sexual activity which culminated in public urination.

The stories were vague and hardly believable but they did taint her with an air of mystery and sexuality. One thing was clear; Ms. Smolen left a very lucrative and desirable job for what must have been a much lower paying one.

Notwithstanding these rumors, her behavior for the last 2 years was exemplary and there was not even a hint of any indiscretion. I thought to myself how shameful it is the way unmarried women who are and not afraid of their sexuality quickly become the grist for the gossip mills!

I awoke from my daydreaming by polite applause around the board room table. The remarks were apparently at an end and the catered meal was being wheeled in by our competent cafeteria staff, hair nets and all. I was amused as these old biddies fussed over Mr. Pruit like he was some sort of celebrity.

The dinner was uneventful, and after a few remarks, vice-principal Smolen thanked the assembled teachers for their time, wished them a good year and brought the meeting to a close. I could feel my heart beating as I thought of Glen waiting for me at the roadhouse and Marc sitting home wondering how long I would be out.

I glanced at the clock on the wall and realized that Ms. Smolen had managed to finish off the night early - it was only 9:15 PM. I had called Marc at lunch and told him that the evening would end after 10:00 PM. I also warned him that I would be meeting with the vice-principal afterward and that he shouldn't wait up. I also knew that he was probably sitting in front of the boob tube watching the Spike channel and would no doubt be up when I got home. I reminded myself that I had only seven more days and screwed up my courage.

"Ms Bonham and Mr. Pruit?"

I jerked my head up and saw Ms. Smolen looking up from a stack of papers over her glasses as the other teachers hurried out of the room. Shit, what now!

"I do want a word with you both before you leave, so could you please stay for just a few minutes after the others leave?"

I could tell by Ms. Smolen's tone of voice that this was definitely NOT an invitation – it was a command and I knew immediately that something was up. Thoughts began cascading in my head. Had word gotten out about some of the things I did with Glen? Had the man that used me in the toilet at Rick's recognized me?

My heart was beating against my breast and my face was getting hot. The tops of my ears were burning and there was no doubt that my face was getting red. Steve Pruit gave me a gentle nod and a smile. I was uncomfortable.

"Gee, it's hot in here isn't it?" I said to Steve but really to nobody.

A grin spread across Steve's rugged jaw. He said nothing. His eyes sparkled! God that man is handsome! I began to feel very self-conscious. Why didn't I bring a change of clothes like some of the newer teachers had? I had on my same old jumper and white blouse which I must have worn a hundred times before. I need to freshen up my wardrobe.

That's when I heard it, that unmistakable voice.

"Hey babe!"

My head shot around as if I were slapped across the face. It was Glen! He was walking in the room with that swagger of his - strutting in the door as if everyone could tell that he had a thick, eight inch cock in those tight jeans of his!

I was mortified! He came to my SCHOOL! In front of my vice-principal - my BOSS. I was done for, ruined!

Glen sauntered right past me as if I didn't exist! I realized that he was not talking to me. I followed his eyes and saw Ms. Smolen's face brighten into a sunny grin.

"Glen, darling, you're here. Perfect timing!"

Ignoring me, Glen sauntered up to Ms. Smolen, took her into his arms and began kissing her passionately. I practically fainted as I saw their tongues dueling unashamedly in each other's mouth. I watched with rising jealousy as Glen's hand began to ride up into Ms. Smolen's jacket and caress her swollen breast. As they kissed, he began gently pulling on her right nipple which had quickly hardened through the silk of her camisole into the shape of an eraser.

I must tell you that this was truly an out of body experience for me. I could not feel my feet on the floor. There was a ringing in my ears as I stared at this young stud, my Glen, mauling the teats of my 40-plus year old vice-principal right in front of my eyes! The blood was pounding up into my brain as I realized that just minutes ago, this room was filled with my fellow teachers. Now, the man who owned my body, the man who turned me into an unabashed cum-slut, was feeling up my boss and fucking her mouth with his tongue as she moaned like a slut. I truly thought that I was about to pass out. Nothing was making any sense. My knees began to weaken and I began to shake as I watched them.

At that moment, I felt two strong arms envelope my waist from behind. A distinct hardness pressed up against my buttocks. It was Mr. Pruit, the new gym teacher. I smelt his masculine cologne as he began to nuzzle my neck. I felt myself melt into him in total surrender as he began kissing my earlobe.

I'm sure all this happened in less than a five seconds, but it felt like hours. Everything was happening in slow motion at the time.

Finally, Glen and Marian separated and stared at me with a shared look of amusement. For some strange reason, I felt self-conscious. Here I was, in front of my boss, the vice-principal of my school, as the new gym teacher was grinding his obviously hard penis into my tush! My face went beet red and my ears were now so hot they were smoking!

"So Glen, tonight you will put your little married slut through her paces for me?" Ms. Smolen said in a voice husky with desire.

"Oh, baby," hissed Glen as he continued his assault on the vice-principal's nipple, "you won't believe what that little slut will do for me."

A deep chuckle rose up in Marian Smolen's throat as she hiked herself up onto the edge of the board room table in front of me. I watched as her wool skirt rode up high above the tops of her hold-up stockings and revealed that she was wearing a garter belt underneath. As she lifted her high-heeled sandals onto the shiny table top, she began to spread her legs obscenely.

I felt Mr. Pruit's hands begin to weigh my breasts as I stared transfixed at Ms. Smolen's panty-less crotch. She slowly opened up her legs, revealing to my riveted eyes, the ripest, peach-like shaved pussy I had ever seen!

She smirked at me knowingly that I was unable to divert my gaze from her swollen pussy. Both her hands were now between her legs and her skirt was bunched up around her waist. She began to obscenely spread the lips of her ripe, mature pussy, revealing the glistening moisture within.

As she did this, she sensuously threw back her head and shook her unfastened mane of chestnut hair. Glen leaned into her and again began to kiss her again as she unashamedly stroked her engorged pussy lips before my eyes.

As they broke their sensuous kiss, Ms. Smolen's eyes sparkled as she looked at me.

"Make her lick my pussy Glen." She said in a wicked voice.

"I want you to put her through her paces. I want you to let me use her like the little slut that she is!"

Glen leered at me through heavy, lidded eyes as Steve began to slowly undress me.

"Worship her pussy my little slut. Make her cum for me."

I felt Mr. Pruit's hands gently but firmly pushing me down to Ms. Smolen's glistening pussy. Too shocked to say or do anything, I began to comply with their command like a lamb being led to the slaughter.

Continued in Chapter 11

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