tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUsed & Abused Ch. 11

Used & Abused Ch. 11


As I was watched the vice-principal's obscene display, I realized that Pruit had unfastened my jumper, opened my blouse and unfastened my bra. My pert little tits were shamefully exposed to all in the room. I could smell Ms. Smolen's arousal as she shameless rubbed her bald pussy and I knew that it was turning me on.

I felt Mr. Pruit's hands roughly grab my two nipples and pull them down towards the table. My tits were stretched to the breaking point as I lowered myself into the vice-principal's crotch. I was too ashamed to look her in the eyes, so I just fixed my gaze at her ripe pussy.

How was it that I came to be in this predicament? Just a few minutes before, I was with about 20 of my school's younger teachers in this very room. As they all left, Ms. Smolen had asked me and Steve Pruit, to stay behind.

Now, I was being forced by Glen to commit all kinds of perverse acts on my boss as Mr. Pruit assisted, forcing my head down into her lap. I remember thinking that I had never experimented sexually with another woman and how embarrassed I was that the handsome new gym teacher, Steve Pruit, would be a witness to my shame!

I closed my eyes and let the scent of Ms. Smolen's pussy guide me. I still remember her scent – pungent, sexual and wet! I knew that odor intimately since it was similar to my own smell when I get aroused. My lips found her smooth cunt. I began licking it like I was a mother cat cleaning her kitten. I heard Smolen moan and felt her mounting urgency as she bucked up her hips ever-so-slightly, urging my lips on.

I ran my tongue up her slit. When I reached the top, I forced the tip of my tongue under her clit-hood. I was becoming excited. My eyes were closed - shutting, off everything else in that room, including Glen and Steve Pruit. I was concentrating only at the task at hand, pleasuring Marian Smolen. I pushed my hands under her soft thighs and spread her legs further with my forearms. I could tell that her high-heeled sandals were now dangling just off the top of the board room table and her steaming pussy was pouting open under my assaulting mouth.

As I spread her legs, I roughly dove into her cunt, literally fucking her with my tongue. Her moans became even more insistent and her moisture turned into a slimy wetness that coated my cheeks. Although I had never eaten a woman's pussy before, I had dreamed of how I wanted it done to me many times.

I began thinking about how Glen had not called me for over a week and how Ms. Smolen must have stolen his attention from me. Now it was my turn to show this middle-aged cow how it feels when a real woman makes love to her! At that moment I lusted to be the hottest lover Glen ever witnessed. I wanted to pull orgasm after orgasm out of Smolen's body until she was a helpless mass of jelly puddled at Glen's feet.

Yes, she was my boss, she was the vice-principal of my school, but tonight she would be my slut and it would be plain little Ms. Bonham who would make her cum until she begged me to stop – and then begged me never to stop!

I opened my eyes. Her pussy lips opened like a flower in front of my face; they were engorged, wet, slippery and hot! My entire head and shoulders were moving, licking her, lapping her, stroking her, fucking her moist hole. As soon as she got used to one rhythm and began humping my face, I changed. First her pussy lips, then her sticky hole, then her clit, then her clit hood that I sucked deep into my mouth. Always changing, always looking for another sensation to send electric shocks up her spine. I worked like a women possessed!

I pushed her legs up and out so that she was obscenely splayed in front of me like a turkey waiting to be stuffed! Her cunt gaped open like a mouth pleading for pleasure. I gazed up at her face. Marian's eyes were slits, her face and neck were blush-red and mottled and her breathing was ragged. I defiantly fixed her gaze as my hands reached up to gather her mature breasts, spreading her creamy thighs even further. The smell of the vice-principal's sex filled the large board room.

I continued to brazenly stare into her eyes as I flicked her clit with my tongue. Without warning, I roughly grabbed hold of her eraser-like nipples and tugged at them as I sucked her clit down my throat. That was it. Ms. Smolen went into her first orgasm. Because of my arms and shoulders pinning up her legs, she had no choice but to cum in my mouth – and she came hard!


She grunted obscenely as she came, a thin nectar of female cum pooling in my mouth. Her stomach muscles rippled and she arched her back, presenting her sweet asshole to my gaze. Knowing that her clit was far too sensitive to lick, I began attacking her now slick asshole with my tongue. Simultaneously, my nose began fucking her cunt hole like a little prick. Her eyes rolled back into her head and another orgasm hit her! This time I could feel her cunt pulsing with her orgasm as her rosebud clamped down on my tongue. It was then that I heard it - a litany of the foulest words.

"Cum, you fucking slut. Cum in my mouth you cock-sucking whore. You filthy cum-slut!"

It was me, cursing at my boss, calling her every name in the book as I alternated between cursing and licking her from her asshole to her clit. I was like a mad woman, directing every once of energy I had to tongue-fucking this mature woman who was splayed out in front of me like a trussed-up pig.

It was about this time that I realized that someone had flipped up my jumper, moved my panties to the side and was preparing to fuck me. I assumed it was Steve Pruit, but at that point I really didn't care. The first thrust knocked the breath out of me. A pair of strong hands grabbed my hips. I could feel him bend his knees to get some purchase and then fuck into me like I was a bitch in heat.

I laid my head on Marian's shaved pussy mound and closed my eyes. The pungent smell of her arousal made me even hotter as I began pushing back at the cock fucking me. I could hear the slurping sound of my pussy as the cock assaulted it. The room echoed with the solitary slapping sound of hard male hips against wet female crotch. The sounds and smells of unbridled, promiscuous sex were swirling in my head.

I usually don't cum by being fucked unless I rub my clit, but this time I could feel my toes start to curl and my orgasm began welling up inside my belly like a spring. The sights, the smells and the sounds began to cascade into a cacophony of sensations as that cock pounded me with animal intensity. I heard my voice croak as each pounding slap knocked the breath out of me:

"Oh, my God, Fuck me! FUUUCCCK MEEEEE!"

The slapping sound of our mating grew even more pronounced as I felt his balls swing up against my clit with each thrust. My vision was blurry. I was in another world. I saw Smolen's lips move then I heard her voice:

"Fuck the little whore, fuck the bitch! That's it, she likes it rough. Fuck her cunt hard!"

Marian spat out the words like she was a demon! She grabbed my hair and yanked my head up as I gently cradled her tits in my two hands. She forced me to look into her eyes as I was pounded from behind. My eyes were unfocused and all I could do was dumbly look at her as she abused me. She gave me a look of contempt and spit right into my face, aiming for my mouth.

I was shocked into a boiling anger so intense I thought I was going to burst.

"You cunt! You dirty bitch!" I yelled as I squirmed between her thighs. But her grip on my hair was too tight.

"Phewit" she spit at me again with contempt. Instinctively, I spit back at her. She slapped my face hard. Whoever was fucking me began to slap my ass hard. Then it happened. I came like a freight train!

"OHHH SHIT! I yelled as the orgasm ripped through my body. My eyes rolled up into my head and I think I must have passed out for just a few seconds. * * * * *

When I regained my senses, I heard Ms. Smolen's authoritative voice calling out orders:

"That's it Pruit, up on the table – onto your back. Get the little cowgirl on top, I want her to never forget the fucking ride she is going to get tonight!"

Though my half-closed eyes, I saw Steve Pruit naked, climbing onto the table where Marian Smolen was just laying. I noticed the shiny wet spot at the end of the table where her pussy had just been. Realizing that Mr. Pruit was now naked in front of me, I glanced curiously to see what his cock looked like. I almost fainted!

Pruit's cock was not big, in fact, it looked small. It had a conical shape like a pine cone. The circumcised head looked way too small for the body of the cock. It was perched on top of a short cone-shaped penis about the size and girth of a coke can. But what Steve Pruit didn't have in length, he made up in thickness. I was amazed at how his narrow cock-head sat on his short, squat, hairy stub of a penis! I wondered what it would feel like as Pruit stuffed the last few inches of his thick, tapered cock into a girl's pussy.

I must admit that I was in a daze as I stood there waiting for Mr. Pruit to obey the vice-principal's orders. Aside from his ugly, almost deformed cock, Pruit was quite handsome and had a tanned, ripped body that you would expect from a young, gym instructor. I watched as he rolled on his back and his stubby cock pointed at the ceiling like an artillery shell.

"Get the slut mounted on 'little stubby'" Smolen ordered.

Little stubby! I began to giggle. I would never be able to look at Pruit again without thinking of "little stubby".

Glen pushed me up onto the table and I dutifully crawled between, and then over Pruit's legs, and poised myself nervously over his stubby cock. Then I looked down at his face. His blue eyes sparkled. Wow, this guy is handsome! If you didn't look at his cock, you would think he was a god!

"Wait until you feel this thing you little slut." Ms. Smolen intoned.

Marian had taken hold of Pruit's stubby cock and was rubbing it against my parted pussy lips. I could feel Pruit gently raising his hips to get some of it into me, but I kept myself just high enough so that only the cock-head parted the lips of my cunt. I could hear the slurping sound my leaking pussy made as Smolen roughly rubbed Pruit's dick back and forth along my wet slit, making sure to tease my clit with each stroke.

As I felt Glen's strong arms encircle my waist, Smolen gave both men a wicked nod. Simultaneously, Glen pushed down on my waist and Pruit heaved his ass up. I was impaled with one movement onto Purit's thick cock. It bottomed out and I felt my pussy lips stretch impossibly even though there seemed to be nothing up in the depths of my cunt. As, I gasped in pleasure and pain, I heard Smolen's wicked laugh.

"Don't worry, you'll get used to it sweetie. I hope there's enough room in there for two though!"

Glen held me in his muscular arms as Pruit fucked up at my cunt with his blunt weapon. I gazed down at Pruit's handsome face, the thick sinews in his neck straining as he pounded upward, overwhelmed with blind lust - lust for me! I thought of how all the other female teachers were fawning over him just a short while ago in this very room. A sense of pride came over me. It was me, Jessie, who he had chosen to fuck. It was my cunt that was being stretched to the limit as the last, thick inch of his cock spread my poor pussy lips to the breaking point.

Glen released his grasp around my waist only to push me down onto Pruit with a strong hand on my back. I felt someone separate my ass cheeks. I knew it was Ms. Smolen since I felt her long nails digging into the fleshy globes of my ass. I heard her spit and felt the wetness on my asshole as the cool air chilled it to a hardened knot of flesh.

A digit roughly prodded my nether hole. Every time Pruit would thrust up, the finger would massage his engorged cock through the thin membrane separating both canals.

"That's enough prep." Smolen announced as she wiped her finger on my ass cheeks.

"Now its time for our little married slut to experience two cocks at once. Glen, mount the little whore and dog-fuck her ass like the little bitch that she is!"

Glen's warm hand left my back as he bounded up onto the large boardroom table. He stood over me with his feet flat on its polished top. I felt him crouch down as his hard, muscular thighs pressed against my hips. Then I felt the bulbous head of his beautiful cock begin to probe at my exposed and upturned asshole.

I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth, expecting the worst.

Continued in Chapter 12

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