tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUsed & Abused Ch. 12

Used & Abused Ch. 12


Glen's warm hand left my back as he bounded up onto the large boardroom table. He stood over me with his bare feet flat on its polished top. I felt him crouch down as his hard, muscular thighs pressed against my hips. Then I felt the bulbous head of his beautiful cock begin to probe at my exposed and upturned asshole.

I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth, expecting the worst. Marian held my chin in her hand and gazed into my eyes. I was shaking with anticipation and lust. Her face drifted closer to mine. I felt pressure on my sphincter from Glen's cock-head as Mr. Pruit lay motionless underneath me.

Marian began kissing me, tentatively at first. I was a bundle of conflicting emotions. I had never kissed a woman in a sexual way before. Not only that, but Ms. Smolen had just minutes before been physically and emotionally abusive to me, spitting at me and calling me a slut and a whore. The fact that she was the school vice-principal and my boss made me even more apprehensive.

As she began kissing me more passionately, she held my head in her two hands. Glen pushed slowly and inexorably. My asshole relaxed and I slowly began to open to him. Marian's tongue snaked into my mouth and her hands gently cradled my head stroking my hair. Slowly, she disengaged from our passionate kissing. I longed for her kisses and opened my eyes in confusion. I saw her face, her eyes blazing with lust, staring at me, a cruel grin on her face.

"Give it to her! Fuck the slut!

She grasped my hair firmly as both men pushed into me, Pruit from underneath and Glen on top. I felt as if a telephone pole was jammed up inside of me! My eyes must have widened in shock, then in pain. Marian again kissed me but I could not kiss back. The sensations were too much, as I groaned into Marian Smolen's mouth.

Again her tongue slithered into my mouth which by now was wide open in a silent scream. That seemed to calm me. I felt both men begin to get a rhythm, first Glen in my ass and then Pruit in my pussy. The sensations suddenly began to feel pleasurable as each man alternated fucking me; one cock entering me as the next cock vacated my other hole.

Gradually, I began to feel the familiar sensations of a building orgasm. I thought about my predicament. I was naked on the high school board room's conference table. The new gym teacher, the heart-throb of all the female teachers, was on his back, fucking me with his thick, deformed cock in my pussy. My boyfriend, Glen, was fucking me in the ass, taking my anal cherry for the first time. My boss and the school's vice principal, Marian Smolen, was holding my head in her hands and leering at me, reveling in my slutty behavior and her obscene opportunity to witness it first hand - up front and personal.

As the sensations built up in my body, my vision again became blurry. Ms. Smolen's face, just inches from mine, was going in and out of focus. I could hear myself grunting like a sex-pig, urging the two men fucking me to use me like a slut. Marian was still forcibly holding my head by my pony tail and smiling at me wickedly.

I saw her lips move. Her voice was like a snake hissing at me:

"You dirty married slut! You cheating little pig of a whore. Look at you, you obscene slut! Being fucked like the bitch you are! Your husband sure would be proud of you if he could see what you've become, you little cum-slut."

"Two cocks, my little cum-slut! Two cocks fucking your two holes! You little whore – you are an insatiable slut!"

My mind was in another place. I was totally helpless to control my thoughts. 'Yes,' I thought, 'I am a slut. I am a little married whore.' I felt so ashamed, so open, and so vulnerable. For a split second I thought of my poor, unsuspecting husband, sitting home in front of our TV waiting for me to return home and even more shame and disgust welled up inside of me.

Yet, notwithstanding my shame and disgust, my orgasm was steadily building and I couldn't, no I wouldn't, stop thrusting back on the two cocks that were using me as their little fuck-doll. I heard Smolen cackle as she grabbed my head with two hands, squeezing my cheeks together.

"Open your mouth, you little slut! OPEN UP!"

I obeyed the vice principal's command and opened my mouth as if to receive yet another cock. She spit obscenely into my mouth. At this point, I didn't care how much she abused me. In fact, I secretly wanted to be degraded by her. I wanted her to prove to me how low I was, what a slut I had become. At that moment, nothing could be too extreme for me to accept now that she knew; now that they all knew - Ms. Smolen, Mr. Pruit, the whole school for all I was aware. I was a shameless married slut, willing to be used by any man or woman who glanced my way. I was a sex-pig, a human dishrag, to be used and discarded like an old tissue.

"Together boys, fuck her together. Fill her with cock till it comes out her throat. FUCK THE LITTLE WHORE TILL SHE BLEEDS!"

Ms. Smolen was yelling like a bitch. I felt two of her fingers in my mouth and I began sucking on them as she thrust them roughly into my opened mouth. The bitch was finger-fucking my mouth as I was being ass and pussy fucked by two huge cocks!

Then I felt it. The orgasm was building in my toes as well as in my nipples as they rubbed against Mr. Pruit's hairy chest. It spread slowly, as if in slow motion. I wanted to spit out Smolen's fingers and cry out in lust. I wanted to urge the two men to fuck me harder, to use me like their bitch!

I felt Ms. Smolen release my head. Her fingers left my mouth. Now I could concentrate! I could concentrate on my building cum! I looked down at Steve Pruit's handsome face. His brown eyes were wide with lust as he fucked up into me. I felt Glen grab my pony tail as he rode me like a rodeo rider, thrusting his cock into my willing asshole as he grunted like an animal.

My orgasm was building. I could feel it like electricity - first connecting my two nipples and, at the same time, building from my toes and advancing up my calves. I thrust back even harder on the two cocks fucking me. Oblivious now to everything in the room, the only thing that mattered was my orgasm. It was like I was riding on a galloping chestnut steed that was propelling me toward an orgasm that was just out of my reach.

Despite Glen's hold on my pony tail, I pulled my chin down and stared at Mr. Pruit, hoping that the realization that I was fucking this hunk would trigger my orgasm. I could feel the invisible electrical string connecting my nipples tingle as the orgasm built-up in my chest. My toes were curling and I was waiting for that delicious moment when the lightning bolts would launch from my toes and my nipples and strike together like a thunderclap, in unison, at my clit.

I closed my eyes for a brief moment to concentrate on these collecting sensations, hoping against hope that my orgasm would launch and send me into orbit. I tried to concentrate on the two cocks, separated only by a thin membrane, now thrusting together into my body, filling me deliciously and then leaving me empty, only to thrust into me again with a renewed passion.

As I opened my eyes I looked down again at Mr. Pruit. I was startled to see that his eyes were gazing up and back toward the remainder of the board table. He had a look of apprehension on his face. I was puzzled, and for a moment forgot about my struggle to reach my orgasm.

I followed Mr. Pruit's gaze up as Glen tugged at my hair, pulling my head parallel with the smooth surface of the board table. There in front of me I saw what had captured Pruit's interest. Ms. Smolen was standing on the table in front of the three of us. I will never forget that erotic sight as long as I live! She was naked except for her high-heeled sandals, black hold-up stockings, garter belt and see through camisole. Here knees were bent and she was holding open the puffy, distended lips of her shaved pussy. At first I thought she was frigging herself as she watched the two men use me as their fuck-doll.

My eyes briefly focused on her impossibly swollen clit. Then I heard her grunt as she bent her knees obscenely and pulled apart her pussy lips. With a maniacal grin, she looked into my eyes and spoke:

"Take this you little piss-slut whore!"

A stream of hot, steaming piss arched out of her distended pussy and splashed over my face, dripping on Steve Pruit as it cascaded off me. As the she peed on my face she hissed:

"Open that slut mouth of yours, you little cum-slut! Drink my piss you whore!"

Inexplicably, I opened my mouth, obeying her degenerate and obscene command. Piss splashed over my face and hair. I began to sputter, but the two men never stopped fucking me.

I was now totally and utterly degraded. Fucked, spit upon, pissed upon, called every degenerate name by my superior. My ego was smashed. All that was left was my orgasm now building to an incredible crescendo. The room now smelled like a whore-house bathroom and I was the star, right in the center.

I looked down and saw Mr. Pruit. His eyes were closed and his face wet with Marian Smolen's piss. He was grunting as he fucked up into me. He too was her sex toy, hers to use and abuse. My heart opened to this handsome man under me who, in a sense, had suffered my fate as well. I began to furiously kiss him like a woman on fire. Our tongues met and despite the taste of Marion's pungent piss, we kissed away each other's shame.

Then lighting struck! I felt like I was being electrocuted as wave after wave traveled the length of my body to my clit and then bounced back to my furthest extremities. I ground down onto Steve Pruit's cone-shaped cock and stretched my pussy on its last inch as if I were giving birth. The bottom of his cock was so thick that my clit was pushed down into my cunt, an effort that I assisted trying to put out the flames of my lust.

I couldn't breath - I was gasping for breath. My two holes were full and I could feel two pairs of balls pressing up into me, as if both men were trying to crawl inside me! As my orgasm subsided I felt Glen's huge organ swell even larger and then begin to pulse. One, two, three – his hot cum coursed into my bowels, flooding me with his nectar and quenching my sexual hunger. Just a second later I felt Steve Pruit's cock spraying its seed along the inside walls of my pussy as if it were a fountain, the thick plug of his cock sealing off any escape of his essential fluids.

This flood of male fluids began a wave of small aftershocks in my pussy. I felt my womb clench as my sphincter muscle tried to expel Glen's cock from my ass. I was a puddle – a formless lump of melted Jell-O. I was exhausted and couldn't move a muscle. Moreover, since I was sandwiched between two strong men and skewered on their two cocks like a stuck pig, I was physically immobilized.

From my vulnerable position, I heard the "click, click, click" of Marian Smolen's heels on the polished board room table. She bent over and displayed her pussy and asshole to me as she picked up the receiver of the phone sitting askew at the other end of the table.

"Clem. Marian Smolen. We need a clean-up here in the boardroom. Bring the mop and bucket, will you. And hurry!"

Despite my total lethargy, my near death physical condition, my heart began to beat quickly and I began to squirm between the two men. Clem was the old black janitor who had worked at our school for over 30 years. Tall, gangling and soft spoken, he was a fixture at the school and was known and loved by everyone. He always wore the same dark green work pants and shirt and a matching baseball cap. He always had a gentle smile for every teacher and would be sure to go out of his way if we ever needed anything.

That bitch Marion Smolen had called Clem up to the boardroom so that he could be a witness my shame! She wanted him to see me stark naked, with cum dripping out of both of my holes and stinking of her piss! He would now know that smiling Mrs. Bonham, little goody two shoes, is an unadulterated slut and a whore.

I must have turned a bright red. I could feel Glen's grip on my pony tail tighten as if to warn me that I shouldn't move, that it's not over yet; that my shame is just beginning!

I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die. Yet inexplicably, amid my shame and degradation, I was turned on! I was ready for more! If the school basketball team had entered the room I would have rolled over, spread my legs and invited them all to fuck me right there! I had become an insatiable slut. I couldn't deny it any longer. The prim Jessica Bonham that had once been me had disappeared and a voracious, sexually insatiable woman had taken her place.

I watched in a stupor as Marian Smolen slid off the table, strutting half-naked around the room. She grabbed her smart wool skirt and began to put it on. Then she quickly threw her suit jacket over her shoulders. In seconds, she turned from a half-naked piss-slut to a demure vice-principal, while I was still lying like a stuck pig on top of the boardroom table stinking of piss and with two quickly deflating cocks in each of my holes.

I stopped struggling and became resigned to my fate. It was as if I was high on drugs; the sex, the shame, the degradation was mind-numbing. I heard the door open and the squeak of the mop-bucket as it was wheeled into the room.

"Oh, oh, oh. Tsk, tsk. What have we hear Missy Marian. My, but you folks have made a mess of this here board room. My, my! Lookie here! Dat you Miss Jessie? Oh, my! Just look at you little girl!"

I was so mortified I could have died! I felt so small I could have been an ant. Clem had wheeled his bucket right up to the edge of the boardroom table. His eyes were bloodshot and his work clothes were soiled and wrinkled and reeking of sweat. He peered closely at me as he leaned on the mop, wrinkling up his nose at the obvious smell of urine and cum. His green cap was slightly askew as he pushed the brim up and slowly scratched his bald head.

Glen stood up over me. As his cock left my asshole you could hear a distinct plopping sound as a river of cum ran out and down over Pruit's balls. I could feel a blast of cold air invade my gaping asshole.

"Let me help you up Miss Jessie. My, but just look at you missy."

Clem extended his black calloused hand toward me. Then he noticed that the new gym teacher, Steve Pruit, was lying under me, his hair drenched in a puddle of Marian Smolen's piss.

Clem pulled back his hand. His bloodshot eyes widened at the sight of the two of us on top of the boardroom table. He scrunched up his nose as the smell of urine wafted up from our sweaty bodies.

"You white folk sure are sumptin! Old Clem has seen a lot of strange shit in his day but I ain't never seen anything like this. Hot damn! Never!"

I heard Marian Smolen chuckle from the other side of the table. I was mortified. I never felt so low in all my life.

"Clem, you ever get a blow job from one of our teachers?" asked the vice-principal in a crude but authoritative voice.

Clem's eyes left mine and looked over to where Ms. Smolen was standing.

"Can't say that I have now, Miss Marian, can't say that I have."

A smile slowly crept over Clem's face. As his eyes returned to my naked and exposed body, he began to ravage me with leering eyes. I watched dumbfounded as he subconsciously pulled at the lump forming in the crotch of his stained work pants.

Continued in Chapter 13

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