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Used By My Boss


I'm Nick and this is my story of how not to behave with your hot boss. There are consequences, especially if she enjoys femdom.

I had recently started work in a cinema, one of the big chain brands. It was a smaller outlet though with just five or six halls and only needed about five staff at any one time. Over the years the threat of closure had loomed and noises had been made by management about cost cutting and restructuring, closing two of the halls and reducing hours. But thanks to an improving local economy and a new manager business picked up and as part of a move to bring in new blood and ideas, I was given a job. I met the new manager, Stacy, the day I arrived.

She was an attractive late twenties redhead, with subtly good looks that you noticed more and more. She wore a teasing perfume and was dressed tastefully but with enough on show to make me blush slightly as we spoke. I would be in many ways her assistant, working on tickets and catering but also in her office, helping her to organise and make the set up more efficient.

For the first few days after our brief introduction I saw little of her, as I worked tirelessly on the ticket sales. While I had been taken in by her when we met, my mind was elsewhere on work and had put to one side my hot new boss, for the time being. I rarely entered the office either.

At the end of the week though I had to dash into the office to get some files. Stacy had left early and put me in charge. It was a quiet evening and I had started closing up gradually, before time, it had been a long hard week and I wanted to get away early.

I searched carefully for the files with no luck. Then I accidentally knocked some pens onto the floor, and I reached down to retrieve them. As I did so, I spotted a pair of Stacy's shoes. She had left them behind or maybe only wore them for work, either way they were hers and they were right in front of me. I longed to sniff them, to lick the insides. I have always had a bit of a foot fetish, but this was a rare chance to indulge it.

I picked them up and pressed my nose into them, smelling the scent of her feet and the sweat that was dry after a day at her desk and running around the building. I imagined her crossing her toned legs and twirling her shoe on her lovely foot as I sniffed and licked the insides. My cock grew and I felt a heady buzz of sexual pleasure and the illicit thrill of sniffing my fit colleague's feet, without her knowing.

Eventually I got back to work, resisting my urges to keep at it. I finally found the files and went back down stairs. Then it hit me. Were there cameras? And if so were they in the office or just in the foyer. I felt queasy at the idea of being caught and humiliated, how could I have been so careless? Frustrated and nervous I drove home, wondering how it would play out. Would she find footage? Did she check the cameras often? If there were any? I felt anxious at the thought of her reacting badly and me losing my job just a few weeks in. A cheap, naughty thrill could land me in trouble.

The next day I went into work fearfully, expecting the worst. In my head I had an image of everyone watching a CCTV monitor and either laughing or tutting. Fortunately when I arrived all seemed normal.

Even so, making my way into the office was done with baited breath. She wasn't there. That made the suspense worse, at least if she had been I would maybe know where I was at. If I had been caught or not. I made a move towards the door, to get some files from downstairs. It clicked open in front of me and in came Stacy. I gulped and tried to stay calm.

"Hi, Nickl," She said cheerily, with her sweet smile.

"Uh, hi Stacy," I replied quite strongly. I sensed I may be OK.

I started off to the door again, feeling safer than I had done. Making my way downstairs I felt more confident about things, maybe there was no way in which I could be caught. The rest of the morning presented no issues. My break came and went too, quiet as normal. No scandals. I reckoned I was in the clear.

At about nine in the evening I was packing up alone in the office, tired and looking forward to a night's rest. Out of curiosity I checked her desk again for the shoes and smiled when I saw them. The temptation was there but I resisted the urge to sniff again.

Stacy came in at this point and asked for help with clearing some stuff out her desk. I agreed and she began to pass boxes to me, telling me to open them and sort the contents into colours. I did so and realised they were full of her used high heels, loafers and other kinds of shoes all smelling and worn. I looked at her bewildered. She grinned back with a glint in her eye. I knew I had been caught.

I gasped an apology but she was already on top of me, pouring box after box of her stinky, dirty shoes onto me and straddling my waist. Soon I was flat on my back, covered in shoes and with Stacy on top of me, forcing a stiletto over my nose. As I lay there dazed she leapt up and opened a drawer, bringing out a pair of handcuffs and forcing them around my wrists. Her attempts at being angry were being outdone by her laughter as she stood over me, helplessly covered in shoes and now handcuffed.

Her next move was to tie my legs up with some rope, again from her drawer. She was prepared and I dreaded to think what else was in there. Once my legs were tied she walked out, leaving me there on the floor in a heap, tied up and helpless. Then she locked the door from the outside. I was trapped and at her mercy, she would come back at the end of the night, but what happened then was anyone's guess. A mix of humiliation, guilt and excitement washed over me as I settled down for the wait.

After an hour or so, closing time arrived and Stacy came back upstairs, opening the door and getting her belongings together.

"Please Stacy, I..." I started but remembered she hadn't actually accused me of sniffing her shoe. To apologise would be to admit to it.

Her response was to laugh cruelly at me and put one foot menacingly onto my balls.

"Listen footboy. I know what you did and now I'm going to use it against you. I'm going to use it to control you and torment you and abuse you, and there is nothing you can do to stop me."

With that she pressed hard on my nuts, an evil grin spreading across her gorgeous face. Her heel dug in horribly, causing me to cry out.

"Shut the fuck up!" She hissed and reached back onto her desk for some tape, that she slapped onto my lips, holding them shut. She leaned in and kissed the tape, using her hand to squeeze my balls. I moaned as she gripped them tightly and her nails cut into me. Her response was to spit on my face and laugh cruelly at my pain.

Now she picked up a pair of bright pink, really sharp killer heels and started to stab them into my crotch, barley concealing her amusement. She laughed sexily in my face as I writhed in pain.

"What should I do with you?" She smiled sweetly at me.

"I think you should learn your lesson the hard way," she emphasised the word 'hard', which concerned me. At this she strutted out of the room and was gone for ten minutes or so, during which I feared the worst, that she had left me in the building for the night.

However upon her return I soon realised, that being left alone for the night would have been far easier than what she had planned for me.

"You know, I'm a kinky bitch. Its my little secret, I love torturing men, its what gets me hot. But i never have the chance. All my boyfriends have been too vanilla. So its nice to meet a fucked up loser like you, who I can dominate." She looked like the cat that got the cream, grinning down at me.

She slipped on the pink killer heels and stepped menacingly towards my crotch, prodding them on the insides of my legs. Turned on and scared, I watched fearfully; the heels were really sharp, only just possible to walk in at the best of times. I had no idea where her fantasies lay either, if she was as kinky as she said, I was in trouble.

She pressed hard on my balls, the heel probing right into them, her smile widened as my pain grew, I groaned and begged her to stop but that only spurred her on, digging the lethal yet sexy shoe into my nuts. She stopped at last, and proceeded to sit her pert ass on my crotch and shove the heels in my face instead.

"Suck on them slave, I want them clean!" I was now her slave, it seemed.

I licked and sucked dutifully, for fear of upsetting my boss, who was thoroughly enjoying herself. I was in two minds, a mix between being turned on and wanting to get away.

She slipped off the heels and forced her sweaty pantyhose into my mouth. Now I wanted to stay, my cock fully hard and wanting to cum at the scent and taste of her perfect arched feet in pantyhose. She smacked my cheeks and thrust them in and out of my mouth, making my tongue dry and my face sore.

I could now hear her panting and moaning with pleasure, starting to get herself off to her capture of me. My cock raged at the sounds of her pleasure.

Now she pulled off the pantyhose and stuffed it in my mouth. She moved up and rammed her moist crotch into my face, making me breath in the juices in her panties. I sniffed and sucked at the thin layer of fabric between my face and her pussy, my strained efforts making her laugh and become even more turned on.

She turned, putting her ass over my nose and mouth, then thrusting my pants down and putting her luscious feet all over my hard on. She started to pat them on my balls, as she smothered my face.l

I felt myself getting close, as she rubbed, getting herself off at the same time as her feet stroked me. I got very near and started to moan, sue responded by changing position again, burying my face in her slick pussy and leaving my erect cock with no release.

She rode my face, slapping my head and letting me lick her pussy as she neared climax. She growled with pleasure as she got close, pushing my head further in, making it hard to breathe anything other than her thick scent. I felt her spasm and then reach a raucous climax, moaning and grinding her crotch on me, making her juices run all over my face. As she came she smacked my cock repeatedly, laughing sadistically.

She straightened up and stood over me, smiling sweetly again.

"That was a perfect way to end the day slave. I think I'll be adding it to your duties in the office."

She leant down to examine my cock.

"Do you want to cum too?" She asked with a sly look. I nodded.

With that she used her feet to get me to the edge of orgasm. Then she picked up one of the pink heels and used it to stroke me off, thrusting my cock inside of it. I exploded, spurting on the inside of the shoe.

"Now lick it up." She said bluntly, pushing the shoe onto my mouth and scratching me when i resisted. I grimaced as my own cum trickled down my throat.

"How does it feel to be force-fed your own filth?" She laughed, not after an answer.

With that she stood up and made for the door.

"Please, untie me!" I cried. She looked back at me, and with a wink, turned out the light and shut the door.

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