tagInterracial LoveUsed Ch. 06

Used Ch. 06


Author's Note: Whew! This one took forever to get finished. But here it is, the final Used chapter. Hope you guys enjoy it. Major props to my super twin TangledinYou for helping me get a fresh perspective. You rock, chica! And now, without further ado, Nate and Jamie's story...

Sienna H.


Jamie woke to the sound of gulls crying out their morning song. Her eyes flew open and attempted to focus. The room was dim, the light streaks of early dawn visible in the still-night sky.

She flung a slender arm carelessly and was surprised when all she felt was emptiness. Jamie sat upright, clutching the sea-blue sheet to her body. Was it all just a dream, she wondered. A slight pang vibrated through her heart at the thought. Her eyes shut tightly, as if to keep the idea out her head. Please let him be here, she pleaded. Don't leave me Nate. Please don't leave me.

When a warm body slid in next to hers, she nearly jumped. "Don't worry darlin'. I'm not goin' anywhere." He kissed her on the shoulder before bringing back to rest in the crook of his arm as he sat against the headboard.

"What happened?" she asked.

Nate chuckled lightly. "I just had to use the bathroom, is all." His fingers twirled idly in her dark hair.

Jamie could feel her heartbeat slowly returning to normal. "Oh."

He tilted her face up to his. "I'd never leave you like that, Jamie. That's your job, remember?"

She winced involuntarily.

"Too soon?" he said.

"A little" she replied while trying to attempt a smile.

"Will an 'I love you' fix it?"

Her shoulders moved in a nonchalant shrug. "I suppose so."

Cupping her face in his tanned hands, he kissed her deeply. A little sigh escaped, signaling the small thrill that rang throughout his body every time he was blessed with the touch of her full lips to his. He could definitely get used to it.

"I love you, Jamie."

"I love you, Nate." She kissed his cheeks before tracing her tongue lightly over his stubble-lined jaw. "So very much."

He let out a low groan. "Darlin'. I need to feel you again."

Jamie moved to straddle him. Their lips connected once more as she guided his hard cock into her warm pussy. She let out a small whimper when he sat her down firmly, sliding in all the way.

"Fuck" he cursed, biting down on his bottom lip to keep from screaming out. She began to rock back and forth on his cock, squeezing him tightly inside her. His hands grasped at her hips, guiding them in a circular motion.

Jamie covered her mouth to suppress a moan. Her back arched when her thumb grazed over a dark nipple. Nate brought her closer, his mouth desperate for hers.

"You okay baby?" he breathed. His hips thrust into her powerfully. Jamie moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Yeah," she said. "You just feel so good, honey."

Nate smiled. It was the first time she had called him something like that. It was either Harlow or Nate. To hear something like that roll off her tongue made him feel incredibly warm inside. His fingers ran across the smooth, dark expanse of her back as he cradled her slender body to his.

She rode him hard, her eyes closed as her back arched with every stroke. Nate reveled in the way her body seemed to fit his. The curve of her body met perfectly with the muscle of his.

His fingers wound their way into her hair as he urged her on. Her whimpers turned into loud moans and he silenced them with his mouth. "Quiet, darlin'" he said softly. "You don't want to wake everyone else up, do you?"

Jamie buried her face into his neck as her hips rocked faster. "Shit," she cursed. She came hard, squeezing Nate's cock inside her almost painfully. With a low growl he joined her, his essence shooting deep inside her.

Nate slid down, still cradling her to his chest. Jamie chuckled softly. "You think they heard us?"

"Let's hope not." His breath caught in his throat as her finger lightly traced his flat nipple.

"You know what? I really couldn't care less." She smiled up at him. "I don't think I've ever felt this happy."

He kissed the top of her hair, inhaling the scent of her shampoo mixed with the sea air. "I know how you feel, darlin'. Like my heart's about to burst."

"Did you know I was going to be here?" " No," he replied. "But I was kind of hopin' you were."


"Yeah. It's crazy. I was still so mad at you, but it's like my heart was practically leapin' out of my chest when I saw you on the beach. You were lookin' so fine too."

Jamie smiled. "You don't look too bad yourself. All that southern sunshine does a body good."

Nate's eyes crinkled in a smile. Jamie noticed they were back to that loving sky blue color and all at once she realized how much she missed him. "It was more than sunshine, darlin'. I was spendin' so much time at the gym they might as well had donated a wing in my name. It was like workin' out was the only thing that helped get my mind off you."

She sighed, a low and heavy sound. "I know how you feel. My outlet was art."

"What kind of art?"

"Painting and sculpting, but sometimes it was just idle sketches." She sighed once more, only this time it was a happy one, as his fingers twirled through her hair once more. A small smile crept on her lips. He must like her hair that way.

"I didn't know you were an artist."

"Not a major one. I just do it as a stress reliever. My mom was the real artist."

This was the first time he had ever heard her mention her family. "Your mother?"

She nodded. "My mother. I do have a family, you know."

"Smartass. I know, it's just you never mentioned her before."

"Well, you and I weren't exactly close back in the day. It just seemed wrong to bring up my mother during sex."

He nodded. "Good point. So, does your mother still do art?"

Jamie was quiet for a moment. "Can we not talk about this right now?"

His fingers paused in her hair. He was sure she was trying to shut down again, but he didn't want to force it. "Sure, darlin'. Let's get some sleep, alright?"

Jamie kissed his chest. "Okay. I love you."

Nate yawned. "I love you too." ********

It was a beautiful Saturday on the boardwalk. Jamie could barely contain her excitement. She had never been to the beach before and all the kitschy shops on the boardwalk were a sight to behold.

Nate kept laughing at her. She was like a little kid in a toy store; she was wearing brown shorts and matching flip-flops with a sky blue tank top. Her hair was down and flowing and he was really starting to like it that way.

She kept tugging his hand, begging him to go into different stores. Nora smiled knowingly at them. Everyone had taken noticed of the change in their behavior, but thankfully no one mentioned anything.

"Jamie, you're like a kid on sugar" he remarked.

She smiled. "I can't help it! It's a gorgeous day and I've got a great guy on my arm. What could be better?"

Wrapping her arms around his waist, she brought him close for a gentle kiss.

Nate groaned happily before pulling away. "Whatever you're on, I definitely want some."

"You already have it," she said sweetly. "It's called love."

He laughed loudly. "That was corny darlin', even for you." She laughed along with him.

"Don't make fun because I'm serious. Now, let's go shopping."

They stayed on the boardwalk for quite some time, walking along the wooden planks and taking peeks inside the stores. They had decided to buy each other small gifts. Jamie bought a Nate a hemp bracelet with various colored beads and smooth sea glass woven in. She thought the blue in the bracelet matched his eyes perfectly. His present to her was silver necklace. The pendant was polished stone the color of the sea.

Jamie thought the day was perfect. After getting back from the boardwalk, they made frenzied love in the shower of Jamie's bathroom before joining everyone for a barbeque dinner on the beach. There was a silly grin on her face that was positively hard to get rid of. This, this feeling here was something she'd been longing to feel her entire life.

As she helped Lila bring the dishes from outside into the kitchen, Nora stopped her.

"My, don't we look goofy."

"I can't help it Nora. I am so fucking happy."

Nora grinned. "I'm happy for you Jay. I can't think of anyone more deserving."

"It's like I've been waiting my whole life to feel this good."

Nora rinsed the dishes and handed them to Jamie, who placed them in the dishwasher. "You love him?" she asked gingerly.

Jamie eyed her wistfully. "I do. I really do. And he loves me."

Nora hugged her best friend tightly. "I'm glad, Jay. I know how important this is for you. And I don't mean to burst your bubble...but what happens when he leaves tomorrow?"

She was thoughtful. "Fuck. I completely forgot about that. He was only here for the weekend." All at once it seemed like her good mood was rapidly deflating.

"Honey, no. Don't think about it that way. "

"Nora what am I going to do? I can't just let him leave but he has a life of his own to get back to." She slapped her hand to her forehead. "How the fuck was I expecting this to work?"

Nora grasped her friend's hands in hers. "If you two love each other as I know you do, then you can work it out. This s not the end of the world, Jay. You will figure it out."


She was biting down hard on the sheets, legs trembling almost violently as she willed herself to keep quiet. It was so hard to do, especially with him above her, his creamy hands on her dark hips, his hard cock plunging into her dewy folds.

Nate grabbed a handful of her hand and pulled her up from all fours to cup her neck.

"You gonna come for me darlin'?"

There were no words coming from her mouth, just heavy gasps of pleasure. She whimpered loudly when his fingers slid down her body, already coated with sweat to rub her clit. He circled the little button with his thumb before flicking it back and forth rapidly.

"N-nate," she heaved.

"Ahh, I knew my pussy was creamin' for me," he whispered wickedly. "That's right, my pussy. You're all mine, Jamie Kincaid."

"Oh," she moaned. "Fuck!" She came in a shuddering explosion, her limbs almost growing rigid. Nate bit down almost painfully on her shoulder as his orgasm hit. She fell to the bed, stretching out on her stomach. He followed suit, the creamy tan of his body covering the golden caramel glow of hers.

"Jesus," he breathed. "I don't think I'll ever get enough of you."

She was still trembling underneath. He thought it was just from pleasure until he heard the sniffling.

"Jamie? Darlin' are you alright?" He slid out of her before turning her to face him. His callused thumbs brushed away the large tears now spilling from her cheeks. It was amazing; he had never seen her cry before and now it was breaking his heart.

Nate gathered her in his arms. "Jamie'" he said, his voice breaking a little. "Please tell me what's wrong."

Jamie sobbed into his shoulder. "I...It's nothing."

"Don't tell me it's nothing when I know damn well something's up."

Jamie felt like her heart was breaking. "I can't do this anymore, Nate." She felt his arms stiffen around her. Suddenly she felt herself being shaken by the shoulders.

"Goddammit, Jamie!" he cursed. "You can't keep doin' this. I thought we moved past this." He felt the anger surge in his chest. This cannot be happenin', he thought angrily. Not again.

She sobbed harder, the tears falling freely now. "We have, you jackass! That's the problem."

"What are you talkin' about?"

"You're going to leave me tomorrow!" She wrenched away from his grasp, bringing her knees up to her chest.

Nate stared at her incredulously. Did she really believe he would leave her like that, after everything they shared? "Jamie," he said softly, the anger draining from his words. "Honey look at me."

Jamie turned reluctantly to face him.

"I have to go back. I have a life in Nashville and as much as I am so glad you and I worked things out, I have to take care of things back home."

She sniffed loudly. "So, was I just your vacation fuck?"

His blue eyes turned icy and she almost regretted the words. "You know, if I didn't love you so much I just might strangle you. Jamie, you are more than just a vacation fuck and you know that."

She sighed. "I know. It's just..." her sentence trailed off.

"What? What is it?"

Jamie sighed. The words were trying to come out, but it felt like thee was an invisible wall blocking her. "It's nothing. I'm sorry for getting so upset."

Nate gritted his teeth; she was lying and he knew it. But he didn't want to push the subject because tonight was supposed to be special. "Don't worry about it baby. Let's just make this night memorable. We can worry about what happens next when the sun comes up."


It was early Sunday morning. Jamie sat on the edge of the bed in Nate's room, watching him stuff his clothes in a dark green duffel bag. "Do you even know how to fold clothes?" she asked.

Nate shrugged. "Why fold 'em? I just gotta wash them when I get back home." He walked to the adjoining bathroom and grabbed his toothbrush and shower stuff. "You gonna come see me off at the airport?"

"Isn't that going to make it harder?"

He tossed his toothbrush in his duffel and crouched down to meet her eyes. She was already fighting the tears. Don't do this again, she willed herself.

"Baby, seein' you like this is already hard enough. If you don't want to come I will definitely understand." His hand went out to hers, stroking the soft brown skin.

Jamie chewed her bottom lip. "I'm gonna miss you."

"Me too. Now where's the sarcasm? I miss my old Jamie." His hand started to reach under her flouncy white skirt.

"Hey!" she exclaimed as she slapped his hand away. "Old Jamie says you're not getting any right now. Why don't you hit on some southern skank when you get back to Nashville, Rascal Flatts?"

Nate grinned devilishly. "Nah son," he said in a thick Northern accent. "I don't like them Southern girls." He pushed her back on the bed as he slid up her body. "I want that sweet Yankee brown sugar." Jamie giggled as he kissed her neck. "Mmm, sweet and spicy, that's how I like my skanks."

"Shut up," she squealed, trying to push him off her. "I'm not your skank."

"My ho? My girl?" His blue eyes twinkled. "My shawty?"

They both burst out laughing.

"Get out of here before you miss your plane, jackass."

His thumb ran soft circles around her nipple. "One more for the road?" he asked.

Jamie sighed. "Nate, I'm so tired. I think six times in one day may be my limit." Even as she protested, her dark legs began to spread slowly, her skirt rising up. Her hips began to involuntarily grind against his, the friction making both of them breathe heavier.

Nate groaned. "Are you sure about that? His hand snaked under her skirt as he slid a finger inside her soaking pussy. "Mmm, feels like you're up for it."

She chuckled. "Speak for yourself. That thing is poking me in the stomach."

"Aww, don't be cruel darlin'. You'll hurt his feelings."

Her hand moved between them, unzipping his khaki shorts and diving into them. She pumped him slowly, enjoying the way his face scrunched in pleasure. The way he bit his lip to suppress the manly moan dying to break free was so erotic. She knew now, more than ever it was going to be hard to let him go again.

"Fuck," he growled. His cheek grazed hers and she trembled from the sensation of his stubble.

"Nate, when I see you next I want your hair to be longer," she whispered sweetly, her hand still fisting his rock hard cock.

"Whatever you say, baby" he moaned. He would agree to anything at this point. "Just don't fucking stop."

Her hand left his member for a moment before she was positioning him at her entrance. Her hips thrust powerfully, connecting them and she whimpered loudly.

Nate rammed into her, making both of them. He fucked her hard, in the middle of his bed, slamming into her pussy. He was reminded of that time on the beach; somehow this felt the same. He was leaving her and he was pretty miffed. But he had to get back to work, and try to sort out his life.

Jamie's legs wrapped around his waist, her heels pressing into his ass. Her head was tilted back, the only sound a series of heavy breaths. "I'm gonna come," he groaned. He went over the edge, coming in a wave of almost blinding white. He felt her shuddering climax as he kissed her softly.

"Now that was a goodbye," he said, his mega-watt grin practically contagious.

Jamie scoffed. "Goodbye? No, that was definitely not a goodbye; more like 'until then'."


She walked back into the kitchen to see Danny and Nora covered in flour. They were supposed to be baking cookies but the batter lay forgotten in a bowl on the counter as they kissed each other softly.

Jamie sighed. She missed Nate. It had been only yesterday when Matt dropped him off at the airport. He called her when his plane landed and when he got back to his house. She excused herself from the dinner table and locked her door when their conversation turned steamy.

A slight blush crept into her face. She had never been this insatiable. Nora joked that they had over two years of good lovin' to make up.

"Oh eww, you two" she said, making a dramatic face. "No one wants to see that."

Nora pulled away from Danny and shot her friend a look. "Yeah? Well no one wanted to hear you and Nate hump like bunnies all weekend, but I guess we can't always get what we want."

"Yeah, Jay" Danny chimed in. "It was just like being back at ATO."

Jamie rolled her eyes. "Whatever guys. What happened was your fault, meddlin' with people."

Nora raised a blonde eyebrow in amusement. "Meddlin', huh? Seems like Nate's rubbed off on you more than we thought."

"Oh...that's just wrong Nora," she said grinning.

"How you holding up?" Matt asked as he entered the kitchen.

"I'm fine, guys. Stop worrying about me." She tried to force a smile. Things weren't fine. She missed Nate way too much, and that bothered her. "Nora, you wouldn't mind if I took off a little early, do you?"

Nora glanced at her, a worried expression crossing her pretty features. "What's wrong, Jamie?"

"Nothing. I just...I really need to get some perspective."

Nora opened her mouth as if in protest, but Danny stopped her. "No worries, Jamie. I'll drive you back up. Nora can chill out here with Matt and Lila."

Jamie smiled, relief coursing through her veins. She knew where she wanted to go, the one place that always made her feel absolutely amazing.


It had been two days of solid driving since Danny dropped her off at her car. Two days filled with burger wrappers and Styrofoam cups of cappuccino. Nora had called several times just to check in on her. She talked to her briefly, wanting to get back to her music and her solitude. Though she didn't want to admit it, her thoughts were driving her crazy. Too much time to think things over was making her paranoid.

She had made of elaborate fantasies of Nate with other women, their limbs entwined intimately as he did the things she liked. Stop it, she urged herself. He loves you.

Maybe...maybe not, the little voice whispered nastily. Or maybe he'll just leave like all the others.

Jamie gripped the steering wheel tightly as she turned onto a narrow dirt road. All at once she felt her bad mood slowly ebb. Being here always made her feel so good. She made a sharp left turn and started up a dirt driveway before pulling up to a modest brick house with a white wraparound porch. A white wicker swing sat in a corner of the porch which had many large potted plants and flowers placed haphazardly.

Turning off the car, she got out and stretched languidly. She closed her eyes and tilted her face towards the afternoon. She breathed deeply and smiled, the warm Georgia air caressing her skin.

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