tagLoving WivesUsing A Twenty-Seven Year Old Free Card

Using A Twenty-Seven Year Old Free Card


Gullible? That is one word I never would have used to describe me, maybe hard ass, but never gullible. My kids, my friends and especially my business associates all know what a fair and level headed person I am, especially in a crisis. None of them would ever suspect that I've been damaged on the inside while I maintain my normal outer shell, but for how long. Though now that I think about it, I guess the word gullible is pretty accurate.

You'd think after twenty-seven years of marriage, you'd heard, seen and done it all. Two kids, Randi and John, almost out of college, five years left on a home mortgage and a consulting business that almost runs itself, you'd think I had it all; well I did up until a couple of months ago.

I won't bore you with the details of my life other than to tell you I'm pushing fifty, have the a start of a spare tire around my middle, still have all my teeth and most of my hair. You can call me Steve, but not gullible, naïve, stupid or any of a dozen adjectives that now fit.

My wife, Victoria, is about ten months younger than me and for her age she still looks like a thirty year old. We met in high school and were married shortly after I turned twenty-one. She's an aerobic instructor at our local gym and that should tell you what type of shape she's in. Are we happily married? Were, is the word that comes to mind but I still love her or I think I still do, how could you not after twenty-seven years? If you asked a woman if this dilemma was my fault most would say yes and maybe even a few guys would agree; but most guys would say she should have gotten over it years ago. The 'it' being an incident that happened even before we got married.

Like I said, we met in high school. Neither one of us were jocks or cheerleaders but we had a lot of friends. We became girlfriend and boyfriend somewhere in the first part of our senior year. We just kind of drifted into each other and I guess it stuck. There weren't any agreements, I just thought, or expected, we were totally exclusive.

We both started at the local two-year college and for the first time I was planning for our future. As I said, we had a lot of friends and usually hung out as a group. My math test was coming up and I needed an 'A' to keep my G.P.A. at 3.75 to maintain my Bright Futures Scholarship. It was Friday night and I begged off going out so I could pull an all-nighter to just make sure I had it all down pat. I figured that if I ran into something I could finish up or review on Saturday or Sunday. I guess I knew the stuff better than I'd thought, because by just after nine I was done and was feeling pretty damn good about it. I still had time to catch the group at the college so I headed out.

I struck out at the first two places but recognized two buddies' cars in the parking lot of the third place. It was dark and it took a couple of minutes for my eyes to get totally adjusted. I went up to the bar and got a coke and started my search for Vicki, that's what I liked to call her.

I finally saw the table of my friends, but no Vicki. Two minutes later I found her on the dance floor with some strange guy. When the song ended I finished my coke put down my empty can and turned to go get her when the music started again. The guy pulled her in close and they started swaying to the music. I was ok with it for all of thirty seconds. That was until his hand moved too far south and Vicki didn't move it. The rest was kind of a blur.

I ran up, pulled him off her and took my best shot, yelling for him to get his fucking hands off my girl. The force of my blow pushed him back but he was far from down. We exchanged punches and I got the worst of it, like I said, I wasn't a jock. Everyone had circled around us and even though Vicki was yelling for me to stop I heard nothing but my heart beating out of my chest. What seemed like a twenty-minute drag-out brawl turned out to be all of two minutes before the bouncers grabbed us and kicked us both out.

"Steve, what is your problem?" Vicki yelled at me once we were all outside.

"He had his hands all over you for Christ's sake."

"I'm a big girl and can take care of myself," was her flip reply.

"Well then, why weren't you? And who the hell was that guy?" I shouted maybe a little too loudly.

"He's in my psychology class and we're friends."

"Vicki, friends don't fuck with another guys girl and the way you two were going at it, I thought I'd have to hose the two of you off." I suppose that wasn't the smartest thing to say since it escalated into a full-blown argument. Things were said on both sides that shouldn't have been said and she ended up throwing my class ring at me and I replied that she could shove it up her ass as I stormed off.

I then did what every bruised ego, twenty year old dreamed about doing; I found someone to buy me a case of beer and screwed the first girl who would say yes to me. I spent Friday night, most of Saturday and Sunday morning drunk; well sick would be a better word for it. I puked my guts out at least four times. I think I saw my liver and spleen go down the toilet when I flushed the last time. The second worst thing about that weekend was that I went into Monday's test not quite all there and got a low B, I was pissed mostly at myself.

Word of my weekend got back to Victoria and she refused to even talk to me. She said we were through and to leave her the hell alone. It took me a month before she'd even talk to me and that was after bribing all her girl friends to plead my case. We met on neutral ground at the college student union. I pleaded, hell, I begged for another chance.

"Steve, you slept with Becky," she shouted at me.

"I know, but would you believe I don't even remember it happening?"

"Likely story," she shot back at me.

"It's true. I don't remember much of Friday night or Saturday, and I'm still trying to forget Sunday morning, puking in the bathroom, my mom yelling at me," I said trying to get her to feel sorry for me. "I guess I went a little nuts when I saw him with his hands all over your body."

"So now this whole thing is my fault?"

"Look, if his hands were where they were suppose to be, none of this would have happened."

"Steve, if you wouldn't have gone nuts and slept with Becky we'd still be together."

"Vicki, did you sleep with him?" She saw red with that statement.

"Unlike some people, I have a little self control," she yelled standing up.

"Well, your good buddy says he did. He's telling everyone he kicked my ass and fucked my girl."

"You're lying," she said sitting down.

"Ask your classmates, they'll tell you."

We spent the next half hour not saying much of anything. I kept saying I was sorry and she finally stopped calling me an asshole. Vicki said that she probably shouldn't have let him put his hand on her behind, but that didn't excuse my actions. It took the better part of the week groveling to get her to almost forgive me. She agreed to go out the following weekend, but said we weren't back together. It took another two months to get her to finally agree to be my girl again.

"You owe me," is how she put it. "If I ever, and I do mean ever, fuck up, I get a free pass; is that understood?"

Hell, I would have said or agreed to anything to get her back and figured I was safe; at least unless I screwed up again, which I'm proud to say never happened again.

We got married two years later and moved into an apartment over her parent's garage. We both finished college and got entry-level jobs and started our lives together.

She was a virgin on our wedding night and I wasn't a whole lot more experienced. We muddled through that first night and eventually found what we both liked and were comfortable with. I can remember many a night, a bottle of wine and a lot of giggling as we experimented with this or that especially when I brought home a porno movie or two. She was intrigued by the threesomes, but not the two girl one guy ones; she said that was never going to happen in her lifetime. However, I said the same thing about the two guys and one girl ones when she wondered what it would feel like. I guess you could say we were the typical, middle class couple who loved each other and were happy and content. And life went on that way for twenty plus years.

Life was good, that's the best way I can describe it. We were in a groove and when Vicki wanted to quit work and become an aerobics instructor I didn't have a problem with it. She and her friend Sue taught four classes each a week and she said proudly that she was in the best shape of her life; and to me she was.

You'd think after over twenty-five years I'd be kind of bored making love to the same woman night after night well, I wasn't. I guess it wasn't night after night anymore and we'd slowed up a lot over the years, but I still found her hot. Sweaty or not, I'd try an attack her when she came home it that spandex outfit. To me she was still the girl I'd fallen in love with.

"Steve, back off so I can get changed," she said fighting me off most nights. "If you want dinner you're going to have to let me get changed."

"Let's skip dinner, hit the shower and go to bed. We use to live on love," I told her.

"And I used to have twenty year old boobs that didn't sag. I'm hungry and there is no way I'm skipping dinner. Maybe if you're lucky we have a little fun later, but right now I'm hungry and you know how I get if I don't eat," she said prying me off her body.

She was right. Vicki, like our daughter, got cranky if they didn't get fed or went too long without food. Must be a women thing. I didn't have any problem skipping a meal but nothing was going to happen tonight if she didn't get fed, I started the grill.

Dinner was good. As always and I had a beer with dinner while she had crystal light. I suggested a glass of wine before bed but Vicki said she'd already flossed and brushed, so much for my wine and candles.

"Steve, you don't have to pry me with wine and candles or get me drunk, that is unless you have something new on your mind that you know I won't like."

"Hon, would I do something like that?"

"In a heartbeat," she said smiling. "You forget, I know you."

She was right, we knew each other too well sometimes. However, every once in a while I did a few things that even surprised her. They were few and far between lately but I always tried to throw in a curve now and then.

"No matter how hard I work out I can't get rid of the flab on my hips. I'm thinking of getting liposuction to smooth them out," she said looking at the mirror. "Sue had it done last year and was back teaching class within four days. Do you think I should do it?"

"Babes, you're perfect," I said patting the bed next to me trying to get her to come to bed.

"Steve, really. I could have a little lipo here and here and maybe get these lifted a bit," she said picking up her small breasts.

"Hon, no matter how many nips and tucks you get, you're not going to have the body of a twenty year old again. To me you look fantastic and are the hottest woman I've had in my bedroom all week."

"Steve, I'm the only woman that you've had in this bedroom for the last twenty years," she said with her hands on her hips.

"So much the better. Now get your flabby ass in this bed so I can make you feel better about yourself." She did, and I did my best to make her feel like the woman of my dreams.

It was our typical session. A lot of kissing with a little tongue play and I gave her breasts enough attentions to show them I still thought they looked great. My tongue was hard at this point and I did my best to make sure her clit felt loved also. I licked and sucked on it until it was at full attention and Vicki was telling me enough teasing as she climaxed the first time. Even though I liked doing it with the lights on, I entered her in the dark and after a few minutes I was pounding her as she played with my nipples before we both climaxed. Tonight I didn't want to pull out so I continued to move in and out of her as everything dripped out of her pussy onto the bed. Lucky for me we were on her side of the bed.

"Why do I always get the wet spot on my side of the bed. Next time we finish up on your side of the bed," she said pushing me to the side and raced off to the bathroom.

"If you come back here, I'll make you smile again," I called out to her as she did her thing in the bathroom.

"Once is fine for me," she said wiping our wet spot with a dry wash cloth.

"I guess we'll have to cuddle on my side of the bed all night."

"In your dreams. You get too hot and twitch when you're asleep; and don't get me started on your snoring."

"Anything else you want to complain about?" I asked reaching for her.

"Nope, that's about it," she said grabbing her book off the nightstand.

"Babes, why don't we cuddle and go to sleep for a change?"

"Steve, I'm just going to read for a few minutes. Go to sleep she said kissing me on the forehead and do something about your breath, you smell like me."

"And what's wrong with that? Maybe I won't wash my face and I'll go to work like that. Then everyone will know what we did last night."

"Yeah right. After twelve hours you'll be good and ripe. Do you think anyone else wants to know what my vagina smells like?"

I'd lost again so I went in the bathroom, washed my face with soap, swished around some mouthwash and climbed into bed.

"Last chance," I said looking like a forlorn puppy.

Vicki gave me a peck on the lips, told me I smelled much better and went back to her book. I turned over, fluffed up my pillow and fell asleep. That my friend is how it normally went. Every once in a while I could talk her into a second session but those nights were few and far between. Was I unhappy, hell no. At my age, I was happy with what I was getting; I knew some guys who were lucky to get even a whiff every other week.

"Steve, Sue and I are going to Tampa next weekend to get recertified," she said over supper the other night. "I'm going to try and get certified to teach Pilates and Sue is looking at getting into spinning. We're leaving Friday afternoon and will probably be home late on Sunday. It's not going to be cheap, but I don't have a choice."

"You want me to come with?" I asked all ready knowing her response.

"You want to sit around while we go to classes during the day?"

"Well babes, at least we could have dinner together."

"Steve, we'll probably have dinner with the rest of the group, but if you want to come with, you're more than welcome."

"Let's see, a bachelor weekend or driving a couple of hours to watch a bunch of hard body instructors strutting their stuff," I said rubbing my chin. "Decisions', decisions, decisions," I said playing it up as much as I dared. "Are they going to be wearing lingerie while working out?" At that point Vicki threw her napkin at me calling me an asshole. "Have fun and I'll see you on Sunday."

I was hoping for a good session either Wednesday or Thursday before she left but I was busy Wednesday and she was still packing and running around on Thursday. I pouted a little. She told me to get over it and I'd live until she got back.

"Make sure you call me Friday when you get there and touch base with me on the weekend."

"Don't worry but I'll probably call you early because I don't know when we'll get back in at night. Since we don't have to drive anywhere, Sue wants to party hearty this weekend."

"I can see it now, a couple of middle aged women trying to keep up with the young ones," I said but soon regretted it.

"What do you mean by that? You think I'm old and ready for a walker? I can still party with the best of them, and don't you forget it," I was told in no uncertain terms.

She called me before they left on Friday and soon after they arrived and got settled in. The hotel was just across from the convention center and she said that there were hundreds of people and she was really glad they went.

"I'll call you Saturday sometime during the day. If I miss you, I'll leave you a message. Love you," is how we ended it. Now what the hell do I do until Sunday night?

I busied myself with work on Friday night and made plans with Sue's husband Tim to have dinner with him Saturday night.

"No use both of us sitting at home while our wives party down," I thought to myself. We ate at Hooters and even hit another bar before calling it a night just before eleven o'clock. There was a message from Vicky on the home phone and said she'd call me Sunday before they left.

I slept just ok on Saturday night. After sleeping with someone for so many years, it was strange being alone in our big bed. More than once I reached over to find only an empty side. At least I'll have her next to me tomorrow; I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

I never heard from Vicki until almost four o'clock.

"We're on our way back, I'll see you in a couple of hours, love you," was about all she said. I was going to ask how she liked it, but I figured that could wait until she got back.

I got out a couple of steaks, cleaned two white potatoes and threw together a mixed salad as I kept an eye on the time. I had the potatoes in the oven, the table set and was just taking the salad out of the refrigerator when she walked in. She came over, gave me a big kiss and said she was going to unpack, take a quick shower and would be down in about twenty minutes.

Perfect, that would be just enough time to do up the steaks on the grill before the potatoes were done. I got out a bottle of wine, opened it and poured each of us a glass. I drank my first glass while doing the steaks and with everything done I finished up the table just in time before Vicki came back down.

"Everything looks great," she said sitting down and taking a sip of wine and dishing herself out a salad.

She told me that she got recertified for aerobics and for palates but that Sue had decided against going for spinning. She said they were on the move all day going to either lectures or hands on training.

"Sounds like you guys had a good time, did you close the bars on Friday and Saturday nights?"

"Sue did, but not me," she said looking at me while working on her steak.

"Don't tell me you were too tired?"

"Nope, I just did other things," she said grabbing another glass of wine.

For the next two hours we talked in general about what she did and finally what I'd done for the entire weekend, including my dinner at Hooters. It was close to nine-thirty when we headed upstairs to bed. I grabbed a quick shower to get the BBQ smell off me and was just finishing up brushing when I noticed Vicki already in bed. "I'm going to get lucky tonight," I said to myself as I started to hurry myself along.

I didn't even bother with boxers as they were going to come right off anyway. I snuggled up to her and was just getting hard when I felt her hand on my dick stroking me as we kissed.

"Let me give you a blowjob tonight instead," she said pulling back the covers and moving down on me.

"Hell, it wasn't even my birthday," I thought to myself as I reached for her.

"That's enough babes, I'm so horny that I won't last another ten seconds if you keep that up," I said pulling her up and laying her back on the pillows. "Besides, it's your turn for a little oral action," I told her spreading her legs and moving in between them. The bedside light made me squint as I thought Vicki wanted to finish with the lights on. I'm sorry to say that wasn't the reason.

"Steve, we need to talk for a minute," she said sitting up on the bed.

"Now?" I said loudly. "Can't this wait until we finish?"

"We need to do it now," she said looking at me.

"Well hurry up, it's been a while and I don't want to lose the mood," I said smiling at her but she didn't smile back.

"I used my free pass this weekend," she said waiting for my reply.

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