tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUsing Jill Ch. 04

Using Jill Ch. 04


When Jill reached the car she looked at Bo and slurred, "Take me home!" At this point Jill realized the extent of the effects of her having smoked weed and drunk beer. She was completely unaware that there was an aphrodisiac in the marijuana cigarette that was contributing to her lack of sexual inhibitions. She just knew that when the john was fucking her that her pussy had been on fire! Much to her shame, Jill still felt extremely hot, sexually, even as her heart pounded in fear.

Bo opened the car door and Jill nearly tumbled into the car before Bo caught her and guided her down into the bench seat between DeAndre and him. He noticed that her eyes were glassy and that she stared nervously out the front windshield of the car at Nia and the man across the street. Her hands were shaking slightly and Bo used this excuse to put a cold beer in her hand.

"Here, baby," he said. "Drink this. It'll calm your nerves."

Without thinking, Jill put the bottle to her lips and took a long drink. Her big blue eyes were very wide as she watched what was transpiring across the street. She was completely unaware that Bo was looking at her.

He watched the soft features of the beautiful, young blonde. He felt his penis stiffen under his pants. Her full breasts rose and fell with her every breath and her legs were slightly parted as she was oblivious to anything but what was happening between Nia and the john who had just fucked her. Bo wanted to bang her pussy in the worst way, but he knew that he was not going to be able to do anything without DeAndre's okay. He couldn't resist putting his hand between her legs and feeling the soft flesh of her inner thigh. She didn't resist and hardly seemed to notice.

Nia and the john were in the middle of an intense argument but the voluptuous black woman began to walk across the street, even as the john continued to yell at her. Nia got into DeAndre's car and he started his car just as a police car pulled up to the drunken john's car. As the police officer got out of his car and approached the john, DeAndre saw the man who had just fucked Jill gesturing towards his car. The officer looked at DeAndre's car and flashed his flashlight's beam at it, clearly in an effort to get DeAndre to stay put.

Jill's heart moved into her throat and the scene unfolding before her eyes had a sobering effect on her. She was the one who had fucked the man even though it had not been her choice. If the cops stopped their car, would she be arrested as a prostitute, she wondered? For the first time since she smoked the weed, Jill looked down at herself and saw the small triangle of the tiny purple thong as the only item between her soft thighs just barely covering her genitals! And, the coat top had fallen open and her large breasts hung nakedly from her chest, the pink nipples erect and exposed for all to see! She self-consciously pulled the jacket closed over her sensitive tits.

But no one in the car was looking at Jill except Bo. Everyone's attention was on the cop's car. Getting arrested was on no one's agenda. "Fuck," DeAndre said as he began to slowly pull away. He knew the cop wasn't going to stop him without backup so getting away was easy so long as he did it before another officer arrived. "The heat gonna be out here now. Let's get home," he said in his very deep voice.

Jill sat silently beside the black giant as he drove from the scene. She prayed they'd get away and felt as afraid as if she had robbed a bank. As DeAndre turned the corner, Jill looked back and saw that the cop was still talking to the john. She wanted to yell at DeAndre to speed up but she knew better than to say anything.

As they drove in the night, Nia handed DeAndre the money that the john had given her to fuck Jill. He counted it as he drove.

He slowly separated a couple of the bills, folded them and reached between Jill's thighs for her panties. Knowing better than to fight the man, Jill spread her lush legs and watched the dark hand as it gently pushed the bills into her panties. DeAndre let his fingers linger under her panties and between her shapely thighs.

"You done good," was all he said in a very deep voice apparently not knowing, not caring, or mistakenly believing Jill to be a whore.

Jill saw the rest of the cash get wadded in his large hand and stuffed in his pocket. After several minutes, DeAndre pulled into the complex parking lot. Silently, the four people got out of the car and began to walk towards the apartment. The complex seemed more alive now, in the middle of the night, than when they had first arrived. Black men and women were out talking and laughing and music blared from several apartments. Jill was more steady on her feet but still terrified over the police car showing up.

Although many eyes followed the beautiful blonde woman as she walked through the complex, she realized that DeAndre's presence indicated to the people that she was one of his girls. She wondered if they could have envisioned her fucking the john on the side of a road just minutes before. She felt completely humiliated walking through the complex dressed so clearly as a slut as she was. The men stared openly at her gorgeous legs and ass as she was paraded through the complex.

Once inside the apartment, Jill heard a low whistle coming from the corner of the darkened living room. DeAndre chuckled out loud and walked to the refrigerator and pulled out a beer. Jill stood in the middle of the room, conscious of her near nudity. She hoped that Bo would indicate that they should leave, but the fat man went to a small card table and sat on a chair.

DeAndre, who was immense, began to casually strip off his shirt. Bare chested, Jill could see how muscular the giant was. His arms were ripped and his chest was wide and thick. His torso looked like an inverted V since his waist was narrow and his abs were taut and lean. Jill had only seen six-packs like his in photographs. He kicked off his shoes as well when he opened the malt liquor. He grinned lasciviously at Jill and spoke.

"Get them boots off your feet, baby." He flashed a toothy grin at the woman.

Then, he sat on a filthy couch, his legs stretched wide.

Jill gingerly bent at the waist and began to take off her boots. When she did, she felt even more vulnerable, clad only in her thong and skimpy jacket, her legs and feet now completely bare.

"Come sit with 'Dre," he said, referring to himself in third person as he patted his thigh.

The young blonde very slowly began to walk towards him. She was terrified and her heart fluttered as it had not since she could remember. Even though music played in the room, it seemed dead quiet as the gorgeous woman fearfully made her way to him. She prayed to herself that everything would be okay. She hoped that the man had had his fun out on the streets watching her being taken.

Jill got to him and she knew that he wanted her on his lap. She sat on a very muscular thigh and felt his left arm go around her slender waist. As his hand fell to her hip she felt him pull her towards him and she had no choice but to lean her body into his torso. He was mammoth! Her own small left hand went to his, as if she could keep him from moving it. His ebony skin was warm against her own arm and shoulder. The contrast of her tanned skin against his black skin was shocking to the white young woman.

It was clear to Jill that DeAndre was very relaxed and acted as if he owned her. She wondered whether he did, in a way? Was she now a slave to this man that she had just met? Was she subject to his every whim and desire? He could kill her and no one would ever know what happened to her. She told herself to be strong. Her heart beat furiously and she felt the heat radiating from this man who so intimidated Bo.

"You done good," he said to Jill again as if it was a compliment. "Nia!" he said loudly, "Baby girl done good, huh?"

The black woman turned from her conversation with the other men in the darkness and responded.

"Uh-huh, she done real good!" Nia turned to the other men in the room and said, "Baby girl fucked that white man out the car!" The men laughed. "Bent o'er the trunk of dude's car, fuckin' him! Shit!" she said with emphasis.

Nia rose and walked a few feet to hand DeAndre a joint. Besides marijuana, it was filled with a hefty dose of an aphrodisiac. DeAndre put it to Jill's lips. Very reluctantly she opened her mouth. She told herself she would not inhale.

DeAndre reached behind his back and pulled the large handgun from his waistband. Jill shuddered when he toyed with it briefly before putting it on the table next to them.

Jill screwed up her courage. Very softly, she spoke. "Can Bo and I go?" she asked. "I really want to go home." She was almost afraid to speak. DeAndre's physical presence was just too much for her.

He reached a long arm in the direction of Nia and the men and retrieved a lighter. He knew that she would need a boost for her to do what he had in mind. This would certainly do that.

He lit the joint. "Take a long drag, baby girl."

She shook her head "no," but he nodded as if to say she had to, and she inhaled deeply.

"Nia, baby girl wanna go home!" he said almost mockingly.

Jill heard the woman's laugh. She exhaled and DeAndre put the joint to her lips again. It did not occur to her that she was the only person smoking this particular joint.

"Baby girl, what you think them men outside do to you if you go out there?" DeAndre asked. Jill understood the threat.

"You think you can handle all them mens?" he said with a laugh. He put the joint on an ashtray.

His hand went to the front of her jacket and unbuttoned the single button. His hand brushed the jacket off of Jill's shoulders and it fell to the floor. When Jill's arms crossed to cover her D-cup breasts, DeAndre simply took her arms by his hands and pulled them gently away from her body. Her big breasts swayed gently. He put her hands on his shoulders and looked her in the eyes. He could see the fear in the blonde's blue eyes.

He casually took her breasts in his hands and began to swirl Jill's nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Jill looked down at her titties and despite the fact that she had large breasts, DeAndre's hands covered them and made them look small. Jill wished that her tits weren't so sensitive to touch but they were and the marihuana just heightened the electricity that began to shoot through her body. She felt her nipples stiffen into little eraser buds. She looked down and saw them sticking straight out and at attention! Seeing them like this made her realize that her pussy was moistening! Still she told herself to not betray any feeling and so she tried to sit completely still despite the stroking of her tits.

Again, the joint went to Jill's lips and she inhaled. Jill's body felt fuzzy and warm. She realized that the heat was mainly in her loins, and hips and pussy.

It was as if DeAndre was in no rush at all. He weighed Jill's breasts, kneaded them and stroked them gently. She did not expect this from the huge pimp and she swallowed hard trying to maintain her cool composure. The electricity from her nipples was causing her cunt to become awash with her juices. Jill tried to hide the heat by crossing her legs but that only intensified the feeling. "What is wrong with me," she wondered.

The big man could tell he was having an effect on the gorgeous woman despite her attempt to maintain control. Little tell-tale signs gave her distress away. First her hands adjusted themselves on his shoulders. Then he watched as her eyes closed and her head fell slightly downward. Her long, blonde hair now was between their bodies, slightly covering his probing hands. He kept gently tugging on her rubbery nipples.

"Oooooh!" she said.

Jill's little pink tongue peeked out from between her full lips and she wet them before she pulled it back in and began to bit her lower lip. When her head fell back slightly and her lips parted with a nearly silent moan, DeAndre knew that she was being overcome with sexual excitement.

"Ohhhh," she moaned very quietly. Jill self-consciously turned her head in the direction of Nia and the men on the couch. They stared at her intently, watching the pimp massage her naked breasts. The full, womanly flesh of her titties seemed to be putty in his hands and there was nothing that she could do to keep him from enjoying her most intimate secrets.

DeAndre put the joint to her lips and she finished it off. He knew that the sexy blonde would have little control over her body for the rest of the night.

She had no idea why he said, "good girl" when she puffed the last of the joint.

Jill's pussy was more than just moist now -- she was very, very wet. The heat between her thighs was nearly too much for her to bear but she still resisted showing more sexual submission to the pimp. She wondered whether he could feel the heat from her thighs on his leg! Her mind was crying out in shame. This man had no right to her body! But she was nearly at the breaking point!

DeAndre let one of her big titties fall from his hand and pulled her to her feet just slightly. With his free hand, he tugged her wispy thong down the columns of her thighs revealing the thin, blonde landing strip of pubic hair that was neatly trimmed above her pussy.

Jill finally resisted.

"No!" she said without thinking and she tried to pull away.

DeAndre grabbed her wrist as she twisted. She was not nearly strong enough to get away and she looked at Bo with pleading eyes.

"Please help me," she asked pitifully.

Bo did not react at all.

Despite her twisting and turning, Jill could feel the wispy cloth of her thong going down her thighs to her knees and then to her calves. Her long blonde hair flew around her head in the struggle. Her gorgeous face was contorted but she could not escape the man's grasp. As she continued an intense, but silent struggle -- she knew screaming would do no good and perhaps get her slapped -- she heard Nia and the others laughing.

She was completely humiliated! No matter how furiously she twisted to try to get away, DeAndre's grasp of her wrist was firm but not painful. It was as if DeAndre was breaking the will of the beautiful white woman. As she moved her legs she felt DeAndre's free hand move between her soft thighs and begin to cup her pussy. His fingers probed for the opening to her vagina as she struggled and much to her surprise he seemed more concerned with getting a finger in her pussy than in her getting out of his grasp.

As close as she was to him, DeAndre had no trouble getting his big hand between her thighs. And, once there, it was but a few seconds before he was able to get his middle finger to his second knuckle into her cunt. Jill didn't know if her struggle slowed because of her tiring or because she felt his finger enter her pussy lips and begin to probe the wet walls of her tight vagina. Even slowing the struggle for an instance seemed to give DeAndre the time to break her will. Then she felt his finger slip even further into her. Whatever it was, her efforts slowed and then nearly stopped. Her breathing was labored and she was too tired and defeated to keep fighting. "It's no use," she thought to herself in abject submission!

Jill shamefully stood before the black man as he finger fucked her deeply. Her full breasts rose and fell on her chest with each breath. DeAndre's finger was the length and thickness of most penises she thought. She wanted to cry out but did not. What use would it do, she wondered? And, she didn't want to get hit or worse. While she tried to move her succulent ass away from DeAndre's hand, she looked to everyone else to have begun pumping her pussy on his hand. That certainly was not the case from her point of view, but the comments of those in the room seemed to think she was.

"That's it baby girl," Jill heard Nia say. "Give that pussy to Dre."

Soon she realized that his hand was gone from her wrist and the hand that had held her now stroked the soft flesh of one of her naked ass cheeks and leg while he fingered her. Even though she stood there unwillingly, her hips seemed to have a mind of their own and they pumped almost imperceptibly on his hand. His long finger reached deep into her wet vagina. She felt his other hand cupping the silky smooth flesh of her naked buttock.

She knew it was no use. Looking almost wild-eyed at the giant black man sitting calmly before her, she wanted to scream, or hit him or run, but there really was no use. She was as helpless as a snared animal.

Jill bent slightly and grabbed DeAndre's wrist. She didn't try to pull it away from her body. She didn't protest his finger moving back and forth within her silky smooth vagina. Her pussy was bathing his finger in her juices and there was no help for her. She felt completely hopeless. But out of nowhere she simply whispered, "No, please, no!"

Her pitiful words had no effect on DeAndre. He continued to finger fuck the gorgeous blonde.

Within seconds of her pitiful plea, Jill felt her hips begin to pump on his probing finger. It seemed to be so deep inside her! And the smooth walls of her pussy could not handle the thick finger without giving in somewhat!

"That pussy of yours sure sayin' something different," was all he replied with a chuckle.

Nia stood up and walked over to DeAndre and Nia. She stepped out of her shoes and stood behind Jill. Jill felt Nia's breath on her naked back, the black woman was so close. She could not see, however, that Nia effortlessly pulled her clothes off and was as naked as Jill. The first indication that Nia was nude was when Jill felt her naked flesh cover Jill's back and Nia's hands reach around to grab Jill's jiggling tits!

"Eeeeiiiiieeeee!" Jill screamed in surprise! Jill felt the voluptuous black woman dirty dancing behind her and Nia's pelvis bounced against Jill's ass cheeks even as DeAndre fingered the white woman. Jill looked down and saw Nia's thighs surrounding Jill's hips and the black woman ground her own hips into the more narrow hips of Jill all while pulling at the terrified captive's pink nipples. Jill looked at the woman's black hands covering her firm tits and pulling on her nipples. The womanly flesh seemed to stretch and her nipples, despite being rubbery, stretched with the tits.

Jill was lucky to maintain her balance. She heard the laughter from the men in the room and knew that she was on a shameful display for them.

Nia took Jill's left arm and wrapped it around her dark neck. Jill felt Nia's warm skin and hair fall over her forearm and hand. It helped to balance her but seemed to put her in a position of actually being involved in the dirty dance. Nia buried her head into Jill's neck and began to sensuously kiss her tanned skin.

"You a hot baby girl," Jill heard Nia whisper. "You and me gonna be doin' some good fuckin' tonight, girl."

"Ooooooo," was the only cry of despair from Jill.

DeAndre pulled his finger from Jill's wet cunt, brought it to his nose, took a deep breath, and then wiped the moisture on his finger on her smooth inner thighs. He leaned back into his chair and watched the succulent flesh of his newest slut. He especially liked the neatly groomed blonde landing strip of pubic hair that Jill had obviously carefully groomed. His groin tightened in anticipation. He knew that he would fuck her several times before dawn. His question was whether he would let any other man fuck her on this night.

He had seen these high-class white women before and knew that he would have to knock her down a peg or two before she really opened up to being fucked by a black pimp. But he would work her good and hard tonight, he thought. Yep, he'd work that lily-white pussy real good and hard and make her know who was boss. DeAndre thought that this was the only way to break in a new girl -- certainly a high class bitch like Jill!

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